If I stay

Life is more than just a game.

I've learnt that fun is not the same

When faced with such a thorny choice,

I close my eyes and hear a voice…

It tells me what to do and say

When to go and when to stay.

When it's time to run away,

But it won't tell me this.

But still why me? I ask you why?

Why must I choose to live or die?

To this I can't turn a blind eye;

I've done that far too much.

So many reasons say 'don't go'

I'd want to stay but I don't know

When love itself is lost from earth

Should I still walk on it's soft hearth?

Is there yet a space for me?

Is there still someone I might be?

Can I stay here on my own?

Can I face the world alone?

Some say dying is just a step,

That life is one and this the next,

But can I watch life blow away?

And what will happen

If I stay?