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Chapter 11: Side Effects

Arabella/Hermione's POV

I started to reach for my wand when my captor spoke.

"Arabella, please stop fighting me." He whispered. I knew that voice and immediately calmed.

He released his hand from my mouth and turned me around. With one hand on my hip and the other gently caressing my cheek, he looked into my eyes. 'Those blue eyes will be the death of me!' I thought to myself. He leaned forward and kissed me softly. This kiss was so gentle yet passionate. When we both had to come up for air, I pulled back a little.

"Draco, what if someone finds us!" I whispered.

"Who is going to know? Everyone went back to their common rooms except for Ginny and Blaise." He retorted with a laugh.

"Yes, and Potter stayed behind with Slughorn. He has a stupid map that knows where everyone is at all times. If he brought it with him, which I believe he did because he's been following you with it, then it's only a matter of time before he finds us." I quickly stated. I was surprised because I called him "Potter" and not "Harry."

"Well, then maybe I should take you prisoner. It would give me a reason to torture him." He smirked, wrapping both of his arms around my waist.

I giggled, "If you did, then I would have to hex you, sweetie," I said playfully, "We'll be together soon enough. I better go before Harry gets back. I'll see you on Saturday."

I leaned up and kissed him again. This time the kiss was a little more urgent. I ran my hands up his arms and around his neck. His left hand snaked down my thigh to behind my knee and he pulled it up around his waist. He turned us around so that my back was pressed up against the wall. I lifted my other leg around his waist. Somewhere in the back of my head I knew this wasn't right. But this felt right; I was meant to be with Draco. We fit together perfectly. His mouth left my lips and I moaned at the loss of contact. He trailed kisses down my jaw line to my neck making me whimper and causing him to growl against my neck. It turned me on even more. I reached up and grabbed his hair, tugging on it lightly and his head went back slightly. I kissed down his neck, nipped at his ear, and bit it playfully. This elicited a moan from him and he squeezed my ass. I stopped kissing him and rested my forehead against his, panting. I wanted to keep going, but if Harry brought that bloody map of his then he was going to find us and I didn't want to have to kill him. 'Where did that come from? He is my best friend, why would I want to kill him? I guess I'll figure it out later.'

"I have to go." I whispered, and he slid my legs back down, slowly. His touch sent chills down my spine.

"Bella, I'll see you on Saturday. Please be careful." He said kissing once more, "And good luck."

I rested my palm on his chest and said, "I'll see you then. Be careful on your way back to the dungeons. Harry might try and follow you. Thank you." I turned to walk back to the dorms.

I am going to have to tell Harry and Ron that I was adopted and soon, because I need to sneak away more often to see Drake.

I made it back to the common room without incident; Ginny was waiting up for me. She told me that Harry had asked about me, but went up to bed. He was probably staring at that bloody map again.


It has been 2 days since Slughorn's little dinner. I didn't have fun watching him ask questions about everyone's families, especially mine. For Merlin's sake, I didn't really even know who my family was. I couldn't just say, "Oh my mum's name is Isabel, and she is married to my dad, Tom Riddle," really how well would that have gone? I mean, honestly, who in the world cares what our parents do. Ugh!

Today is the day of the big Slytherin/Gryffindor game. This is also my very first Quidditch match. I was so nervous and I had the longest week ever. Last Saturday, I found out I was the daughter of the Dark Lord, Draco Malfoy and I were secretly dating,(as were Ginny and Blaise), and to top it off I had made the Gryffindor Quidditch team surprising everyone one at Hogwarts except Ginny, Blaise, and Draco. Harry and Ron seemed to be suspicious of me, but I ignored their questions all week. Tonight after the game I was going to tell them that I was adopted, and that I was going to look for my parents.

I woke up earlier than normal, because I couldn't sleep. I quickly went to take a shower, got dressed, and came back up to the dorm to wait for Ginny to do the same. When she was ready, we made our way down to the Great Hall for Breakfast. I was too nervous to eat. I sat there with Ginny, she was talking about what a great kisser Blaise was, and she kept bugging me about what happened between Draco and me. I told her everything, but she thought there was more to my story than I was telling.

We were about ready to leave the Great Hall, when an owl swooped in everyone's eyes were locked on the beautiful Black and Grey bird. She was carrying a large, long package. I looked at Ginny and she shrugged. The owl dropped the package right in front of me. I reached out to take the package. I untied the three strings and was shocked to see a brand new broom. It was the new Firebolt 3000. I noticed a letter under the handle and quickly put it in my pocket before turning to Ginny.

"Gin, let's get out of here before everyone starts asking questions," I whispered and she agreed.

I grabbed the broom and we ran as fast as we could out of the Great Hall. We kept checking over our shoulders and looked around to make sure no one was following us. We ran all the way up to the Room of Requirement before we stopped to catch our breath. I handed Ginny my broom once we were safely inside.

"Bella, what does the letter say?" Ginny asked.

"Hold on, let me read it." I said as I pulled the letter out of my pocket.

Dear A.M.R.,

I'm sorry your father and I have not written back to you but we had some things to take care of. Congratulations on making the house team, though I know you would rather be on Slytherin. I am so sorry that we left you with them for so long; we never intended to do so. We couldn't risk the ministry or the order finding you sweetie. I am so happy that you could find it in your heart to forgive us. I know you feel angry. You get that from your father. It will take a while to control it. Please be careful, as your powers settle in you may have some side effects. Don't let your anger get the best of you! I don't know exactly what those side effects are and I wish I did sweetheart. We'll speak more over Christmas Break. I love you sweetheart. Be safe!



"Ugh, this is so infuriating! It doesn't explain anything! How am I supposed to know how to control my anger and keep the side effects hidden if I don't know what they are?" I ranted to Ginny.

"B-Hermione, calm down. We'll talk to the boys and figure out side effects as they come. Okay?" Ginny said calmly and all I could do was nod my head.

"But I don't know how to do this, Gin. I didn't tell you this Thursday, but when I was with Drake, I got upset that Potter might catch us and I threatened to kill him in my head. And look I just did it again I called him 'Potter' not 'Harry'. How could I think about him like that he's my best friend?" I looked up from my mother's letter and when my eyes met Ginny's, she gasped.

"Mione, I think I just found out one of the side effects of your anger." She stated slowly.

"What? What is it, Gin?" I questioned.

"Um… your eyes… they um… they are…red." She said.

"WHAT!" I yelled. I ran as fast as I could out of the Room of Requirement. I wanted to get to a mirror, but didn't make it very far because I ran into something, or someone very solid. I knew it wasn't a wall because two strong arms wrapped around my waist before I could fall on the ground.

"Watch…" I looked up and thankfully, my eyes were met with bright blue ones. Draco was staring at me, apparently too shocked to speak.

"Draco, I'm sorry. I need to go. I'll…" but he cut me off.

He whispered, "Bella, your eyes, they are so blue! How did you do that?"

"I… I don't know. And don't call me that here. I just found out some… some stuff. I'll explain tonight." I turned and ran back toward the Gryffindor common room and I stayed there until it was time for the game.

I checked my refection once more before changing into my uniform and heading down to the Quidditch pitch. I had told Ginny to go down a while ago because I needed time to think. I had spent the rest of the morning reading, trying to calm myself down. After about two and a half hours my eyes were back to chocolate brown and I was relieved. I didn't know if I could explain to everyone why my eyes were changing colors.

I walked into the Gryffindor changing rooms and sat down next to Ginny while Potter talked about everything we needed to know and do during the game. Then it was time for the game to begin. I could hear everyone cheering and booing. I started to get butterflies in my stomach. I turned to Ginny and she pushed me to the floor.

"Oof… Gin…" I started but she covered my mouth.

"Hermione, what's wrong?" she whispered only loud enough for me to hear, "Your eyes… they're green."

"Oh merlin, I'll be right back." I got up and walked to the restrooms, much to Potter's displeasure.

"Oi, Mione where…" Ginny shut him up real quick though.

"Back off!" she gritted through her teeth.

When I came back, my eyes were brown and the team was lined up to take the field. The announcer, who sounded like it might be Luna, started calling off the Slytherin team's names. Zabini, Vaisey, Urquhart, Crabbe, Goyle, Bletchley, and Malfoy, a smile tugged on my lips at the sound of Draco's name. I quickly wiped it off my face. Then Luna started calling the Gryffindor team names, Granger, Weasley, Robins, Peakes, Coote, Weasley, and Potter.

We mounted our brooms and took off into the sky.

The first thing I noticed as we hovered about the pitch was that I felt no fear on my new broom, nor did I feel the need to control it too much or panic. I just felt right and carefree. The second thing I noticed, was a strange warmth was radiating through me, as if being in the air was making me more powerful or something.

I shrugged off the feeling though as all the players took their positions and Madame Hooch stepped out with the Quaffle and the box that held the Bludgers and Snitch. I pulled the broom up and stopped beside Ginny, but my eyes never left Draco. As Hooch announced her safety guidelines, Draco looked up and caught my eye and shot me a swift wink and sly grin, causing me to smile almost wickedly and bit my lip as heat bloomed within me, igniting my veins.

Hooch threw up the Quaffle and released the other balls, indicating the game was on and I swooped in to catch it. I grabbed the Quaffle and tucked it securely under my arm as I raced around the pitch towards our hoops, but lost it as Blaise came up next to me and "stole" it from me, but really I let him take it.

Slytherin got the first point as Ron got slammed by a bludger, dropping him to the ground, and leaving the Gryffindor goal unprotected. I looked down to see a very angry red-head rubbing his back and looking for his broom. I guess the git is ok. I thought to myself. And I can admit that though I am amazing at this, my heart wasn't in the game, so I didn't try to be that involved, and neither did Gin. We both zoomed around the pitch, making it seem as though we were actually playing, but we weren't.

Every now and then I'd see a glimmer of gold and then a blur of black hair and platinum hair. I watched Draco as he executed all sorts of tricks to get the Snitch and I was disappointed to see Potter knew every one of those maneuvers as well. Every pull forward that Draco made, Potter pulled forward even more, every dive my Draco made, Potter dove down lower and sharper. It was infuriating.

I once again saw that quick flash of gold and my eyes immediately locked on the blonde chasing after it, observing every muscle flex and the look of pure determination on his face as he inched closer to it. Potter came up next to Drake and tried to push him aside, but Drake pushed back albeit a little too hard and sent Potter to the ground. Draco stuck out his hand and before I could even blink the game was over and Luna was announcing that Slytherin had won the match.

The next time we were alone, I was definitely giving my boyfriend a congratulatory kiss.


As we walked back to the common room, Potter and Weasley were talking about the loss and how they thought the Slytherin's were cheating. I just wanted to get back to the common room and grab a book and read by the fire, but their incessant ranting was giving me a migraine. I tried to walk ahead of them and Ginny matched my pace. I still couldn't take it especially when they started put down Draco.

"… and did you see Malfoy, he was totally cheating that stupid git. I don't know how he did it but he…" I heard Harry speak, but then I cut him off.

"I really think that's enough, you two," I half yelled spinning around to face them. "It's over. There is nothing we can do about it now! Get over it!"

They just stared at me, wide-eyed. 'Great', I mentally hit myself in the head. 'I wonder what color my eyes are that made them go so quiet.'

"Her…mione, w-what's wrong w-with your e-eyes?" Ron finally sputtered out.

"Nothing, I-I mean, I…" I turned around and looked at Ginny.

"Hermione, what's going on? Don't lie to us." Harry spoke.

"Nothing is wrong." I told them over my shoulder, hoping they would drop it.

"Tell us Mione." Ron said.

I turned around to face them, "Nothing is wrong. I'm going to the common room, are you coming?"

"What's wrong with your eyes and quit changing the subject!" Ron yelled at me.

"Don't you dare yell at me Ronald Weasley," I was getting mad now, I could feel it. I knew my eyes were betraying me.

"Mione, please calm down. Please." Ginny said putting her hand on my shoulder.

"Tell us what the hell is going on!" Harry yelled.

"I WAS ADOPTED!" I yelled back, turned, and walked the rest of the way to the common room. I didn't care if anyone followed me or not.