I know I haven't posted anything in... about two months now? I think? But I won't bother with excuses. The important part is that I'm back at school, I'm back to writing, and I've actually posted something again. This is a new story that I was thinking about, I haven't put too much planning into it, but it's mostly at the idea stage right now. This is the first chapter, 13 pages long, which is a bit longer than my normal 10, but at least I didn't continue it like I had been planning and turn it into 20 or something!

I know some (a lot) of people are going to say SOMETHING about Sora's personality and that it's so OOC, but he ain't an ass, alright you guys? He's actually pretty smart in this story and he won't be the stereotypical hyper, brain-dead, and constantly happy guy. Does anyone else remember Anti-Sora? Yeah, Sora got a dark-side, too. So I just want to ask you guys to not freak out about how he acts for about the first half of this first chapter, he is still a very kind and considerate person, it's just something that is going to be seen over time. So, without further ado...


"Honestly, it had never been my intention to push him in the fountain, I mean, yeah, I don't like him, yeah, I did have a motive for it and, yeah, I did say I wished someone would beat some reasoning into him. But, and this is the big 'but' that you're supposed to listen to when someone gives it, I didn't mean for that 'someone' to be me.

"More like I meant for it to be Riku, however, with the results of my note passing and strong hinting and the lack of action from him, I'd assume he was making a point of ignoring my plan of him beating the shit outta that guy so that I can still call myself a pacifist… Because a pacifist is just someone who isn't violent, right? I mean, I can still support violence… right? It's not like it's all the time! Only when WWE is on at Riku's house, or when some bitch pisses Kairi off and she takes them down with the stuff she learned from WWE at Riku's house, or when someone bugs me a little too much and I convince either Riku or Kairi to take care of them…

"That still makes me a pacifist, right? Maybe I should actually look that word up…

"Oh, but yeah, me being a pacifist (maybe) and all, I totally didn't mean to shove Roxas into the fountain… It was self-defense… somehow. Wait, gimme a second to think of how… Uh, alright! So, you know that stupid plan he's developing with the school administrators and stuff? You know, that dumb Advisory shit he's trying to convince us to go to, where we all get assigned a small group of students and a teacher, then sit around in a circle and talk about things like our feelings, bullying, and other emo-shit? Yeah, he heard about it at some other school and now is making it start at our school.

"Just… What the fuck is wrong with this kid, anyways? Senior year, the year we're supposed to coast through and sit on top of all the other kids, and he's making us sit around in an AA Meeting? It's not like he's just doing this out of the blue, though, I guess, we've been seeing those signs since freshmen year. You know the signs, being top of the class, having the principal's number on speed-dial, being vice-president on the Student Council, being the leader of the 'Tree-Hugger's' program (or whatever it is that it's actually called), and somehow managing to also fit in being one of the best at some wimpy-ass sport… like cheerleading, or tennis… He was one of those, although, for the sake of his manliness, I actually hope he's on cheerleading, then he can at least have the excuse of looking up girl's skirts, or something.

"But, yeah, so pushing him in the fountain was, like, a delayed self-defense. Obviously, someone like me has much better things to do than to sit around in a circle and be told to stop drinking… oh, I mean, to be nicer to people (I forgot it wasn't an actual AA Meeting, sorry). And, yeah, so when I saw him, you know, I just kinda shoved before I thought. And, in my defense, I didn't realize that the fountain was behind him, it kinda just didn't register that he would fall in there and not on the ground. So it ain't my fault his uniform is all wet now.

"I'm sorry his uniform got wet because of me. I will throw it in my dryer, alright?"

The principal sat across from the brunette boy seated in front of her desk, glowering at the seemingly sweet and innocent boy as he finished what was just about the longest, and the worst, apology she had ever heard from a high school senior, (honestly, didn't most seniors just kind of lay low so they wouldn't get held back in their last year, so she wasn't expecting this, and she was starting to wish she had recorded it to laugh about with her husband later) and speaking of how long that had taken… It would seem that he decided to cause trouble for her after-school plans, also.

He just had to go and push Roxas in a fountain at the end of school, now she couldn't get the hell out of here and have dinner with her husband, that just pisses her off, why couldn't students just start shit at the beginning of the day? Then she could watch them beat the shit out of each other while she has to be here, and get the fuck out after it's done and she can leave. What bull shit.

Her large emerald eyes darted over to the annoyed stance of the prized honor student at her school, Roxas Casey, dressed in his PE clothes with a scowl on his pale, flawless face. She did like this kid though, not only was he smart enough to graduate from here with excellent marks and get into an excellent college, but he also participated in enough school activities that he was rapidly building up the school's reputation and making her look like the best principal ever. Plus, he wasn't some nerdy little snot either; he wasn't painful to look at. So she'd like to keep him around at least until he graduated.

On the other hand… there was the "bully" in this scenario, Sora Evans. She actually didn't have much against this kid either, she really liked his style, even though she was more of a straight-up kind of person and he was more manipulative than that, but there had to be something impressive to say about someone who has managed to live 18 years of their life getting almost everything they want by using the people around him. Except, now, she had to make a choice of who she liked more at the moment, and because Roxas obviously benefits her more in this situation, Sora had to be punished…

"Alright. Sora, you're a royal douche, bad boy. Pay to have Roxas's uniform dry-cleaned. Good? Good. No get outta here, I wanna go home."

Roxas's eyes narrowed in anger as Sora's grin spread across his face, turning his attention to the principal staring at the clock on her computer before taking out a compact to check out her make-up. Principal Larxene Gardener, probably the worst principal you would ever meet, but Roxas liked the reputation of the school as a whole, and the programs they had here, so he had no choice but to put up with her… Even so, "Ms. Gardener, is that really it?"

Larxene's eyes rolled in annoyance as she spun her chair around and continued inspecting her make-up away from them, "Fine, fine, and, uh, a week of detention, alright? Just tell my secretary out front and leave, I'm busy."

"Yes, ma'am!" Sora hopped up, roughly grabbing Roxas's arm and half dragging him out of the room, stopping as soon as the door shut to glare at him, "Thanks, douche, you just had to add the detention in there, didn't you? Isn't getting your uniform dry-cleaned good enough?"

Roxas glared back at him, "Are you serious? You pushed me in a fountain!"

"Yeah! It's not like I pushed you down a hill or something! All that was hurt was your uniform, what are you complaining about?"

"Are you just thick, or are you really retarded?" Roxas sneered back at him, then continued before Sora could snap back, "You didn't just get my uniform wet! You wounded my pride, my reputation, and not to mention the humiliation I felt from having to walk around in my PE clothes!"

Sora scoffed and walked down the hall, muttering something along the lines of "pussy," but Roxas just decided to be the mature one and ignore him. They walked towards the secretary's desk to get out of school already, grabbing the plastic bag with Roxas's wet uniform in it and passing by; Sora was going to enter the waiting room when he heard Roxas whispering to the man at the desk, "His punishment is dry-cleaning my uniform and 3 weeks of detention."

"3? It's 1 she said!" Sora spun around and snapped, Roxas glaring back at him, but the secretary just glanced between the two and sighed.

Xaldin Dilan, a very big, very dread-locked, very side-burned man who did not look like a secretary from any angle whatsoever, looked between the two before speaking in his deep baritone, "He pushed you in a fountain, right?" Roxas just nodded in confirmation, making the man grunt and type something, "Dry-clean uniform and 1 week of detention."

Sora's face lit-up, "HA!"

Roxas pouted however, giving a pathetic puppy-dog betrayed look at the secretary, but Xaldin just shook his head, "Roxas, in life, there will be many people who will try to push you into fountains."

The two blinked for a moment before Sora's head fell to the side in confusion, "Uh, literally or metaphorically?"

Roxas scoffed and folded his arms, glowering at the brunette, "Metaphorically, obviously, there's not as many people in this world with such an unadulterated stupidity as you."

"Both metaphorically and literally. There have been many who have tried to take me down…" Xaldin suddenly shot out of his seat, a fierce look being focused on the two, short, now quivering, boys in front of him, "But none have succeeded! Build yourself like a wall and block all of your opponents attempts! And-"

"OKAY," Sora latched onto Roxas's wrist before nearly sprinting out of the door and back into the waiting room, "It was nice talking to you, dude, thanks for the advice, see ya later!"

The door slamming shut behind them, Roxas scowled and snatched his wrist back from the other's hot hand, rubbing it as if to rub away the feeling of the other's hand tingling against his skin, he turned his attention to see if his friends had waited for him. Luckily, Hayner and Olette had, but so had Riku and Kairi. The scene before him contained Hayner sizing up Riku, and seeming to try and puff out his chest a bit to compare, but Riku seemed to have slid down his seat to nap lazily, and Olette glaring at Kairi and her uniform, looking critically at the way she had unbuttoned one too many buttons on the blouse and had her skirt a little too high, but the redhead didn't seem to notice as she rapidly texted on her phone.

Surprisingly, Kairi finally seemed to notice Olette's searing gaze and turned her attention to it, elbowing Riku and making the silver-haired teen wake-up and glance at her amused expression at the brunette girl. Her eyes went from Olette's feet, covered in new plain dress shoes, to her extra long skirt, to her blouse that was even buttoned at the neck, and her curly brown hair, and then smirked. Now, Roxas wasn't exactly fluent in girl, but he knew enough that he could say he was pretty sure that translated to, "BURN BITCH."

Olette glared harder, a weak comeback, but a mature one, and Roxas would have to approve of that rather than the much more satisfying approach, going against someone like Kairi would be pointless. But it seems like Kairi wasn't satisfied with having a constant glare on her, so she ignored her phone, with its screen lighting up continuously with all the texts she was missing, and then smiled sweetly, "Sorry, hun, I know you want some of this, but I just ain't interested."

Riku howled with laughter as Sora snickered, Roxas bite his lip to keep it from rising in amusement, not from Olette's embarrassment, but more from the comeback, it was rather funny. But then his eyes focused on the hostile aura that seemed to radiate from his friends, and he decided it was time to leave, so he cleared his throat and caught their attention, motioning for them to go and leave Sora to his childish games.

The last thing he heard before the door closed and they begin exiting the school being Kairi automatically starting to question Sora about what happened with the principal, but instead of straining his ears a bit to just catch even the beginning of what Sora's reply would be, Olette repeated the same question to him. He placed a hand on his left shoulder and messaged it slightly, feeling a soreness that had developed there from the awkward way he landed in the fountain, "Uh, he has to dry-clean my uniform, and he got a week of detention."

Hayner scoffed and raised and looked back at him, "That's it? He should've gotten at least a month! Pence could probably hack into the computer and change it…"

"No, don't bother," Roxas quickly said, shaking his head a bit, "He had made a scene at Xaldin's desk about the amount of detention, so changing it now would just put too much suspicion on us." Besides, that felt like cheating, too, Roxas didn't want to play that way, he had wanted Sora to receive justice the proper way. It's just too bad that Larxene didn't like to play her role as the juror too well when she had a date with her husband soon.

He heard Olette's soft footsteps come up to walk at the same pace as him, whispering so as to not be heard as they headed for the front entrance to leave the school, "Maybe not that then, but Pence could also alter his grades so that he could be kicked out of the school altogether for having such horrible marks. Our school does have that rule, remember? If he even gets a single D, he's out."

Roxas scowled at that, feeling his irritation from not just his friends, but the entire day in general, finally starting to get to him, "No."

Olette sighed and stopped walking as they reached the front gates of the school, Hayner stopping next to her and making Roxas turn to look at them, Olette crossed her arms and smiled, "You're really are a nice person, Rox, and that's a good thing, but there is such a thing as being too nice. If you don't do something about Sora, he'll end up harassing you for the rest of your time here. Remember last year? Wasn't he the one who spray-painted those rude words on your locker?"

Roxas felt his eyebrows furrow together and then turned away, "No, that Seifer guy did it, the one who graduated last year."

Hayner scoffed again at that, "That bastard, he was just doing it because Sora convinced him to, and probably because he didn't like you that much to begin with. Olette's right, Rox, this is our last year, after this we'll be going to college and you'll just find someone exactly like his there, you have to learn how to take care of this type of person so that you can focus on the more important things. This last year is our most important year, you have to take care of Sora for good or else he'll-"

"I will!" Roxas snapped back at them, then chewed on his lip as he thought it over, "I'll do it the right way though, I'm not going to do anything dirty like what you guys suggested. I want it to be done in a way that he will realize the way he's acting has been wrong this entire time."

Hearing footsteps behind them, Olette and Hayner looked over their shoulders to see the said person and his friends walking towards them, making them glare at him as he just passed and began walking off school grounds, all three ignoring their group all together. Olette sighed in unconcealed relief and looked back at Roxas with a worried gaze, "Well I just don't want you to keep having to deal with this trouble, I'm sorry. Just watch out for him, alright? You know how it is with those guys. I have to go to Student Council, you just take the day off, alright, Rox? Go home and think this over."

Hayner nodded to him also, seeming to have just shrugged the entire thing off, "I got Struggle practice, I'll see you later, man."

Roxas nodded and sighed as they began walking away, leaving him to turn and begin walking down the sidewalk towards his home. Most kids that went to their private school got picked up by chauffeurs, but he turned down his chauffeur's offers to pick him up, as he lived only a couple blocks from the school anyways. Vaguely, in the back of his head, he realized that Sora and his friends had walked down this way, but as long as he walked slow enough he probably wouldn't bump into them.

Shoving his hands in his pockets, he was grateful for one thing that resulted in being shoved in the fountain; it meant that with the visit to the nurse, the gym lockers to get clothes, and the principal's office, he missed his last two periods and didn't end up having any homework that needed to be done today, so he left his bag in his locker.

Turning the corner and glancing up, he practically winced as he saw Sora hopping out of a convenience store, sea-salt ice cream in hand and Riku and Kairi at his heals, Kairi with a red slurpee and Riku with a bag of chips. This moment gave him a minute to actually look over the three, realizing that while Kairi and Riku did dress a bit like the delinquents they were known as, they dressed at least more properly than Sora, the brunette boy looked like he would be a sweetheart, but it was contradicted with the way he dressed. He wasn't like Riku and Kairi who just didn't tuck their shirts in and let their ties hang loosely, but it was like he one-upped them somehow, of course he didn't tuck in his shirt, but he didn't even bother with a tie, and what with the studded belt he wore, the giant crown necklace along with a choker with dog-tags, and the studded wrist band he wore, he just over-all didn't look like he belonged to their private school…

It really made Roxas wonder just how the hell he managed to get in. But before he could really think on that subject, Sora's laughing reached his ears and made him realize he was still walking and they were still in front of the convenience store, meaning he would have to pass them. It wasn't that he was scared of them, really, but he just didn't feel like getting into anymore trouble today, he was much too tired. Crossing the street now would not only be J-walking, but it would probably just draw more attention to his avoidance of them when people would honk at him for cutting them off. The least suspicious thing to do would be just to keep walking and don't make eye-contact.

He stayed on the sidewalk, didn't glance at them, looked (more like glared) straight ahead, but started to sweat when he heard the three of them stop talking and laughing, then his vision of his safe trip home went blue. Or more like sapphire, a rather pretty sapphire, but still not the color he wanted at the moment, he didn't want any color, just his home. Blinking for a moment, he realized the sapphire color wasn't his entire vision, but rather, it was actually the color of Sora's eyes, Sora who had cut in front of him and made him stop walking with his body, and now they were so close that he could feel his breathing on his lips.

He jumped back at a speed that would impress his tennis coach (not cheerleading, sorry to disappoint you, Sora) and stared in shock at the grinning brunette in front of him, about to yell at him for surprising him like that when a heavy arm was thrown around his shoulders, making him stiffen as he glanced up to see Riku smirking down at him with mischievous eyes peering through long (against school code) platinum bangs. Kairi, seeming to decide to mostly stay out of the boy's play, stood off to the side and behind Sora, continuing to text rapidly on her phone.

Sora's grin didn't falter a bit, still seeming so utterly sweet even though Roxas knew that he was dealing with a nasty person deep down, "What do you want now? You'll get arrested for assault if you push me in a fountain off school grounds, you know."

Sora's laughter rang through the air again, making the blonde scowl at him but relax a bit, he really didn't sound malicious, and in all honesty, he was probably at least smart enough to not do anything to him in front of a convenience store (he did get into their private school somehow), besides, if he was going to get Riku to hurt him or something, then it would have happened already, Riku wasn't the kind of guy who wasted time on trivial things like someone else's life.

Sora's grin remained on his face as his intense blue eyes focused onto Roxas's baby blues, their gazes locking in a kind of show-down neither were about to back down out of, "Chill, Roxie, I ain't gonna hurt you… I'm a pacifist!"

"You don't even know the meaning of that word! A pacifist condemns all violence, you idiot! They don't do acts of violence, don't support violence, nothing!" Roxas snapped at him, brushing Riku's arm off his shoulders and walking forward to get around the annoying teen.

Sora blinked in surprise for a moment, then shrugged and smiled again, "Ah, so I guess I'm not a pacifist, but Roxie, you didn't have to be so mean! You're so much nicer when you're at school!" Roxas spun around to glare at the boy, then sighed deeply, crossing his arms as he tried to keep himself calm, ignoring how Sora's existence in itself just managed to irritate him so much, it was true, he never acted like this at school.

"Please stop calling me that. What do you want? I want to go home, shower, change, and then get back to school so I can attend the School Council meeting."

Sora's smile turned lazy as he brought his arms up and crossed them behind his head, making Roxas notice the plastic bag with his clothes in them still in his hand, "You just can't chill, can you? Really, Roxie, I was just gonna ask ya if ya wanna come to the Laundromat with me so you can get your uniform back now. We do have school tomorrow; after all, won't you need this?"

Roxas scowled as he heard the pet name again, but ignored it, arguing with Sora was a pointless idea, "I'm fine, I have spares at home, just please return it soon." He spun on his heel, leaving Sora behind to watch the blonde angrily walk away with a huff. He pouted, turning to look over at Riku, but the platinum blonde just smirked and shrugged at him, making him instead turn his pout to Kairi.

The redhead looked at him, then Roxas, then back at him with a raised eyebrow, "Why are you interested? He sounds like a total prick, probably a back-stabber, too, like his older sister," Sora sighed heavily, letting his arms drop like they were heavy, and slumping as he began meandering down the sidewalk again, making Kairi roll her eyes at his dramatic act, "I'm not gonna help you with him, Sor, I'm not getting involved with the Casey family again, just forget about him."

Riku cleared his throat, making both of the other teens turn their attention back to him, making him smirk vainly, "Well, you know, you could always talk to Axel. Roxas's sister is Naminé, right? She goes to the same university as Axe, and with them both being die-hard art students, there might be a good chance they know each other, or at least share a class."

"Really?" Sora's face lit up as Kairi glared in Riku's direction.

She put her hand on Sora's shoulder to draw his attention away from Riku, worry making her eyebrows come together, "Sora, I still think it's a bad idea to get involved in that family. Naminé was a backstabber, and Roxas seems like a douche, there are a lot more way better people to hang out with. Why are you so caught-up on Roxas, anyways?"

Sora thought for a moment, blinking up at the sky before looking back at her, "I honestly don't know. It's just that… he, well…"

"Whatever," Sora and Kairi looked over to the platinum blonde in surprise at his interruption, "There's no reason not to, right? After this year, we won't have to deal with them anymore, so why not?"

Kairi scowled angrily, but then crossed her arms and sighed heavily, "Fine, I guess there's no real harm when you put it that way, just… I don't know, be careful?" Sora smiled brightly at her, making her roll her eyes at him and look at the plastic bag in his hands, "You're going to Cid's for that, right? Might as well talk to Axel while you're there, but leave me out of this, I don't want to be involved with that family ever again."

Sora nodded quickly and looked out at the street, waiting for a free moment for them to dart across to get to the other side. Much farther down the sidewalk, Roxas jumped and spun around when he heard horns blaring, sighing in relief when he realized that Sora, Riku and Kairi had just cut off some car to run across the street. He ignored it and continued home quickly, forgetting about everything else annoying today and focusing on the issues he knew would be discussed at the meeting today, the meeting he was missing more and more of with every second he wasted.

Shoving his fists in his pockets again, he sighed in relief when he saw the gate to his home coming up, the mansion he lived in residing on the other side of it, and then realized something as a sinking sickening feeling settled in him…

His wallet, keys, and his cell phone had been in his uniform's pants.


Axel was a really tall, green eyed punk who had his hair dyed fire-engine-red and spiked like a hedgehog, with tattoos under his eyes that made him slightly resemble a clown. With two right eyebrow piercings and this labret that he would often use his tongue to play with when bored, his laugh was loud and would fill the room and make your ribcage vibrate with it, and even though he was practically a walking stickperson, he would great anyone close to him with this giant bear-hug that could lift people twice his weight off their feet. But it was for none of these reasons that Sora absolutely loved to hang out with this guy…

Axel was incredibly warm, not in body temperature, but in personality, he had this passion that would throw you over-board if you weren't hanging on tight enough, and a heart that would welcome anyone back in despite their past sins against him. Even though he acted like a tough guy and had a rough exterior that would scare most people off, Sora was mostly thankful for that. Normal people would probably take advantage of the guy if they knew he was actually so kind, but… then again, he should probably put more trust in Axel. He did make it 20 years without any major scars; he might just have a good judge of character.

He did work for Cid, after all, who also had an exterior that would make children cry but a heart that would give them a lollipop and teddy bear, then let them play with some blocks and coloring books he kept under the cash register's counter while their parents waited for their laundry to finish. Sora had met him in a similar manner, after having been adopted by his uncle Auron, he would often be brought to Cid's Laundromat with his cousin, Vanitas, to get their laundry done.

Sora almost wet himself the first time his gaze met with Cid's, but then he got a Jolly Rancher and some blocks, and figured he wasn't so bad. Having known Cid for most of his life, he had been surprised when the guy had actually decided to hire help, seeing as he was always too stubborn when Sora had offered to help him out, but he liked Axel. Now that he was older and going to such a good school, Cid always showed his affection in, not blocks and Jolly Ranchers (although, Sora would still accept those just as happily), but by letting him do his laundry here for free.

He stepped into the place, pulling on the collar of his dress shirt as he looked around for Axel. The place wasn't a run-down Laundromat or anything, Cid did some pretty good business and kept the place plenty clean, but they still couldn't afford AC, so all the windows were open, even though didn't help the heat any. He always thought that downtown, Hollow Bastion, felt hotter than uptown, Radiant Gardens, where the school was, for some reason.

Finally hearing a bang from the small room in the corner, where the register and coin-machine were, he smiled widely and jogged over to the area, peering through the window inside to see Axel rubbing his head on the floor, a chair tipped onto it's back under him. He always did have the tendency to fall asleep on the really hot days, but no one ever woke him up, instead, Sora, Cid, and Vanitas would usually make bets as to how long until his chair would tip over, like it just did.

Speaking of Cid, Sora saw no sight of him. Maybe he was out? Either way, he still had to get Roxas's uniform clean, and with the way the sunset was leaking in through the windows, it didn't look like he would make it home before dark, "Hey, Axel, have a nice nap?"

The redhead looked up in surprise before a cat-like grin spread over his face, he was off the floor in seconds, throwing open the door of the small room to come out and grab Sora off his feet. Sora laughed as he felt himself picked up, but hugged back anyways, he honestly didn't mind if it was Axel, who did something like picking him up out of affection, if it had been Riku, he would've probably shouted because it would've been teasing towards his height.

After finally being putting back down on his feet again, he smiled up at the redhead, "Hey, Axe, what's up?"

Axel grinned at him and reached in through the window, passing by a magazine opened to an advertisement to the Broken Hearts concert next month, to smack the register and let it pop open, grabbing the key ring from inside, "Not bad, Brownie, what do you need?"

"Brownie," short for "Brownie-Scout," it was Axel's nickname for him, as the first time they met, Axel had actually had a broken leg and was trying to get to Cid's but was stuck crossing the street with no crosswalk, so Sora had helped him out. Axel hadn't dropped that nickname still, but he had at least stopped asking to see all his "Scout Badges."

"Just one uniform, I'm actually supposed to get it dry-cleaned, but I'll iron it at home." He shrugged, holding up the plastic bag, the water from the uniform still inside apparent from the outside, making Axel scrunch up his nose.

"Don't you always do that anyways?" He asked, raising an eyebrow but walking over to one of the washing machines, sticking the key in and turning it on, "There you go."

Sora nodded gratefully and went to dump the entire bag into the machine, a vague wondering about if Roxas had put his underwear in the bag too was floating around in the back of his head, but he figured that even if they were wet, a guy like him wouldn't walk around without underwear. Tipping the bag over and letting the contents fall in, a bang resounded from inside that made Axel jump suddenly, causing Sora to snicker at his expense. The redhead ignored him, giving a weird look at the machine, "What the fuck was that?"

Sora bent over the machine to reach inside and pull all the clothes out again, first the white dress shirt, then the dark blue slacks, pausing when he felt like it was a little heavier than normal, he searched for the pockets and found a wallet in the back pocket, dropping the wet leather on the table next to the machine, then searched the other two front pockets to find a small keychain with a few keys and a cell phone. Roxas seriously forgot all that?

Axel snorted, chuckling lightly, "A little absent minded when dressing, Brownie? Why are your clothes all wet, anyways, you fall in a pond or something?"

Sora laughed, "Ah, no, today I pushed a guy from my school in a fountain, so now I have to clean his clothes. I guess he forgot his stuff in his pockets, though, didn't expect him to be that forgetful."

"Hey," Axel grumbled, scowling seriously at the shorter boy, "Don't be starting trouble at your school now, you get a delinquent record and you won't get hired anywhere, bosses check for that stuff you know, trust me."

"Yeah, I know, I know, it's a miracle that Cid isn't the kind of guy to give a shit if you threw eggs at the graduating class before you got kicked out of the school."

"Hey! I told you I was framed!"

Sora snickered again and looked down at the slacks in his hand before sighing, "Hey, Axe, do you know a Naminé Casey?"

The redhead paused at the sudden change of topic for a moment, then nodded a bit and moved around the teen to sit on the table, right next to the wet dress shirt, "Hm, Naminé? Uh, yeah, I've talked to her once or twice, small sweet girl in my Art History class." Sora nodded slowly for a moment, thinking, making Axel become slightly suspicious of the way he was acting, "Hey, now, what about this girl? You know her? Want to know her?"

Sora shrugged a bit, "Well, I know her younger brother, Roxas. It's just…" Sora stopped, looking down at the pants in his hands worriedly, "Well, don't think I'm a weird stalker or anything, but I thought that he had always looked really unhappy. He's always frowning, and he's so uptight that it looks a little painful, how tense he is. I was just wondering what his home life was like, if he was maybe under a lot of stress."

Axel's eyes widened as he reached over and gently ran his hand through the brunette's soft spikes, "Aw, hey, don't worry, I'll talk to Naminé for you, alright?"

Sora looked up quickly, his face slightly flushed as if he was really upset, looking up at Axel with a worried expression over his face, "Ah, but what if she gets worried over Roxas, too, and it just causes him more stress? I don't want to make it worse!"

Axel frowned thoughtfully for a moment, then sighed with a smile, "Alright, how about this? Saturday, I'll invite her to get coffee or something under the pretext that I want to talk about some stuff in out class and borrow some notes, you happen to show up and since we're friends, you sit with us. Then you get a chance to talk to her, that sound good?"

Sora let his face light up with a grin, nodding quickly in agreement and thanking the redhead before moving to put the clothes back in the washer. He paused as something white caught his eyes, reaching inside to pull out a pair of black and white checkered briefs, making Sora snicker again.

So, when they talked in front of the convenience store, he really was going commando the entire time. That's kind of hot.


After finishing his business at Cid's, carrying Roxas's clothes home with him in a new, dry, plastic bag, he smiled to himself. Honestly, he really did feel bad about manipulating Axel like that, but he didn't do it a lot. And besides, he got the feeling that most of the time, Axel knew he was being manipulated, but he would make it up to him.

There was still time to buy those Broken Hearts concert tickets, wasn't there? He knew Axel liked that band…

Finally reaching home, he pulled Roxas's cell phone from his pocket to see that it was 7 at night already. It really was a pain in the ass to walk between his home and school, as his school was in Radiant Gardens and his house was in Hollow Bastion, not that it could be helped, Radiant Gardens was more of a place for the rich, and Hollow Bastion was more of a place for those who didn't have the money to just throw around.

Pushing the door open, he dropped his school bag and plastic bag on the floor before glancing at the cell phone again, he didn't have one of his own, but he knew how to work one because he had borrowed Riku's every once in awhile when needed, and he knew Roxas was rich and everything, so a new cell phone probably isn't a big deal, but wouldn't he at least call it to get Sora to return his wallet and keys, too? He shrugged it off, though, he would just give it all back tomorrow, Roxas was probably just too embarrassed to call or something.

Walking past the kitchen and into the small living room, he glanced at Vanitas on the couch, the house phone pressed to his ear as the sounds of, who he assumed was Vanitas's boyfriend, was chatting through to him, but the teen had his full attention on the TV in front of him, when he noticed his cousin walk in, though, he hung up the phone and turned his focus to him, "Dad's out back, he said he wanted to talk to you."

Sora nodded and sighed as he heard the phone ringing in Vanitas's hand, the boyfriend (probably soon to be ex-boyfriend) was angry now, not like his cousin really cared. He walked over to the sliding glass door to see it open, Auron sitting in one of the plastic lawn chairs with a can of beer on the plastic table next to him. On the other side of the table sat another chair for Sora, so he walked out to take a seat in it.

Yawning, Sora leaned back in his chair, staring up at the sky and sighing again before turning his attention over to his uncle Auron, but the man mostly ignored him and continued to stare up at the stars above them. The silence was light, comfortable, and let Sora feel like he could finally breath right, as the cool air was settling over them, a sharp pain on his wrist made him glance over to see a mosquito resting on him, making him worry his lip as he watched it finally take flight away from him.

Inside the house, they both could hear the phone ringing, but neither really felt like getting up and answering it, knowing who was still calling and knowing Vanitas wouldn't answer it. It just didn't matter as much as the moment of peace they were becoming lost in.