Renesmee's POV

I watched the smile crawl across his face as he woke up, we both fell asleep watching the game with Emmett, and I guess no one bothered to move us. I wiped the sleep from my eyes and gave Jake a sloppy grin; he gave me one in return and kissed my forehead. Didn't he hear my already too fast heartbeat speed up when he did that? Didn't he even realize, though it was a simple and common gesture for him, it sent me waves of fantasies and dreams? Those thoughts always came afterward, after my mind was cleared of his scent, his warmth, his smile that seemed always brighter when he was around me. I slowly stood up, stretching as I did. Jake groaned and jumped up too, he may have been sore but I was content. It seemed like I haven't had a better night's sleep in years. My Dad came striding through the door of the main house, coming back from our little house about two minutes away. I was thirsty; my throat was dry and aching. I slowly and lazily walked to the fridge and grabbed my water bottle, filled with blood, and took a few sips. My dad came up behind me and gave me a few playful shoves to hurry up; I wasn't really in the mood to use vampire speed. Jake started the stove and threw 6 eggs on a pan. Whether he was making an omelet or just random eggs I didn't know. Alice cut Jakes hair again, it still ran long but now it was cute and hot at the same time. I came and stood next to Jake, liking the warmth as he pulled me close to him. For a moment, I felt like more than his best friend. I felt like more than just a little girl he thought no different than a little sister. He dropped his arm and grabbed my hand, smiling down at me with a strange and wistful look in his eyes.

"Good morning" I said with a bright smile, glad that mine led to a smile of his own. I raised my hand toward his cheek and gave him my thoughts. Though how much I wished to give him my feelings, my actual thoughts. How I wished everything we had was going to turn into a fairytale. But no, instead I chickened out, yet again, and just showed me eating half of his eggs. He laughed and reluctantly handed over a plate of eggs, funny how easy it is to lie with your visions. How much I wish I could've told him the truth, but now I'm forced to eat eggs. I don't even like eggs. Jasper came down the stairs with Alice at his side. Alice gave me a once over and I swear I saw fire in her eyes. I was wearing one of my old shirts with my sweats. I felt Jakes humor and it was if I could sense he was rolling his eyes. "She looks fine Alice" he said with a laugh. "Says you. Really, Nesse. I thought we got over this obsession with these sweats last month?" I just rolled my eyes and gave her and Jasper a quick hug. "Good morning to you too" I laughed at her. She gave me a smug smile and I felt another shopping trip coming on. I held my hand out and touched Jaspers face, showing him a vision of me and his training with Emmett again. It looked like he was glowing with pride as he nodded. After a few more quick good mornings with the family, a shower and clothes that pleased Alice, me and Jake went to work on my car. I got my license two years ago, when I actually turned fifteen. I looked as if I was seventeen, and I haven't actually grown since. I wasn't vain, but I liked the way I looked. I liked staying seventeen forever, which I probably would do considering how much my growth rate has sped down. Jake pulled me into a hug and comically carried me into our garage. Rosalie was in their working on her car; she saw me and gave me a gentle hug. Rosalie was my second mom, she practically shined with pride on everything I did, she and Emmett built me and Jake the garage for my sixteenth birthday, on the condition that she got to work on her cars their too. It was the best birthday present I had ever gotten, up until this year. Two months ago on my birthday, Jake walked me into the garage with his hands over my eyes. I opened them to my child. My nineteen sixty-six mustang convertible. It was beat up, old and run down. But it was gorgeous. Me and Jake had put days of blood sweat and tears into this thing, I held my breath as Jake turned the key. I let out a long sigh of relief when we heard the purr of her engine. I gave a cheer and jumped into Jakes waiting arms. Something felt different, more relaxed yet tenser. And just like that it ended, and as if it was forgotten, it was me and Jake celebrating the car again. My dad came in at a speed so fast I almost didn't catch him. "It's running?" He asked in disbelief. But I saw his happiness for it. To me it wasn't just about the car, it was about the time me and Jake got. He was the only one who would let me cry, who understood that I needed to be upset sometimes. He was the only one who actually understood that I needed a balance between perfect and not. But the days went on the same, as they always do. Jasper and I trained for hours. I ate, hunted, and was happy. But as my dad's cell phone rang and his face tensed up, I gripped Jakes hand as he said the next few words into his phone. "It's nice to hear from you too again, Aro"