Chapter 5

"Renesmee, do you understand? We have to leave now." My father had just explained to me the situation. But I already knew. And Emmett is right.
I looked toward Emmett, who had his fists clenched and his jaw locked. For once, the fight in him seemed to be gone. He seemed helpless.
"I heard your thoughts" I whispered toward him.
He looked up, a little bit of hope in his eyes. A smile crept across his face, he had a plan. I heard my Dads teeth click into place as his jaw locked. He scanned through Emmett's thoughts. And suddenly he jumped up.
"We are not putting her at risk like that!" He yelled across the room. I heard a cart in the hallway stop.
"It's our only option! When he kills Aro, we all die Edward. She won't die, I have a plan, here me out!"
"NO!" He roared back, smashing his hand so hard into the bed that the bed frame snapped. Whatever. We'll pay for it.
"STOP!" Jake screamed. We all jumped and turned around, none of us paying him that much attention.
"Jake?" I stepped toward him; he had his hands on his ears. He fell to his knees.
"Get out of my head!" Jake screamed. I looked toward Dad, who had a horrified look on his face. I scanned Jasper ad Emmett's faces as well. I was about to ask what was wrong when my father answered my question perfectly.
"He's here." He whispered. Still as his heart. No one moved.
"And he's already looking for his next debt" Emmett finished.
Jake screamed in pain and collapsed. My family around me all dropped to their knees. I was about to read my father's thoughts, but he gasped.
"Don't let down your guard. Keep the shield up!" I pushed my shield out, allowing minimal protection to me and letting my family relax under the pressure. They all slowly got to their feet, but Jake was still unconscious.
"Jake" I whispered. Dropping to my knees next to him, I felt his steady pulse. He moaned and slowly sat up. I ran to the fridge and grabbed him some water. Emmett threw Jake over his shoulder and set him on the bed, while I handed him the glass. Dad stood by the door, Emmett and Jasper by the windows. I crouched in front of the bed; I let a low growl slip through my teeth.

Well well well, what have we here?

I dropped to my knees.
"Put the shield up!" Someone yelled. I had to keep it around them though; I had to keep it around my family.

Mind reader, shield, and shower. It seems as though you are one of a kind, am I not right?

I found the power to stand up. I felt heat and coolness all up my arms. I felt hands. But I couldn't see. Why were the hands pushing me down?

But they don't care about that. Because there all lying to you. When they hand you over to me, you will be forgotten. You were just created out of convenience. to be a tool in fight.

"See Renesmee? He knows nothing about our family. Think of Carlisle. Think of Esme. Think of your mother, think of me." That was my dad's voice. And he was right.
I threw my shield full circle around me and my family. I threw it out, I left nothing unprotected. They were all circled around me, asking me questions when the voice left. As if nothing happened.
My mind was exhausted though; it felt as if I couldn't keep my eyes open. I fell into warm arms before the ground connected with my face.
I smiled as I woke up. I was in Jakes arms, his musky scent was so familiar, I could've picked it out anywhere. His arms were warm and tense as I was cradled to his chest. I caught a few more familiar scents. Dad, Emmett and Jasper. They were too close to me, why were they so close to me.
Memory came crashing down. I didn't open my eyes; I could sense where they were. I spun once, giving Jake the surprise to drop me and me the momentum to spring to my feet.
"Where did he go?" I heard myself saying. And we were all running.
It was a chase, a planned out chase. But more or less, it was a big game of hide and seek.
He ran, and we followed. We were being led right into his trap, but that was the plan. He wanted just me, but if we can get all of us in his trap, we will get out of it, and we'll win. More or less. I was never left unprotected, and they were never out of range of my shield.
A race now, who can get to the next step first, who cannot be seen.
"Airport" my father whispered under his breath. It wasn't where he was, but it was where we were going. We needed Carlisle. Now.
As soon as we were there, Dad started talking to the lady at the counter for the tickets. Once we were in the air, we were safe. His power couldn't travel that far. But what could I know right, I messed everything up.

Jacobs POV

I heard the vampire's voice in my head, where I have only heard my brothers and sisters. I got beat by a vampire, by a leech that wasn't family. And all I could think about was the tear sliding down Nesses cheek.
"For god's sake. Are you going to comfort her, or just stare at her?" Jasper whispered toward me. He looked pained, no doubt feeling her pain and all our worry. I nodded at him; he gave me an appreciated glance and went to help Edward. I quickly closed the distance between me and Nesse, pulling her in my arms. She's always fit there, she always will fit there, a voice in my head growled back.
Her chest shook and her lip quivered as I sat her on my lap and stroked her hair. Just like she was a little girl again, just like she was my little Nesse again. She will be mine one day; I just have to make it the right one. She has to be ready.
"It's all my fault." She whispered into my ear, her voice breaking.
It had the most despair I've ever heard in a voice, ever. Every ragged breath hurt something in my gut, because my stomach seemed to be dying as she dried her tears into my shirt, ducking her head onto my shoulder.
"Were all safe Nesse, that's all that matters." You're in my arms, your breathing. That's all that I need. Edward finally came back, holding the boarding passes. Holding, what seemed to be, one hundred boarding passes.
"Dad. We really didn't need all of first class" Nesse talked into my shoulder. The smile in her voice brought us all a little bit of relief. That's our girl.
"Actually, pretty Nesse, it looks like he bought most of coach too" I whispered into her ear. She laughed into my shoulder and leaned into my neck. Emmett and Jasper made hand signals, trying to tell me to tell her already, but I pretended I didn't understand. I'll laugh about that one later, when she's safe and home.
"Our flights in two hours, we trailed him well enough that he's going the other direction, Alice checked. Were getting on the plane safe and sound. Don't worry Nesse, everything's fine" He pulled her off my lap and into her arms. People were stopping and staring at her, no doubt at how beautiful she was. But let them stare, hell, I'm staring too. She jumped down and gave Jasper and Emmett both a hug, whispering quick apologies in their ears, for what I didn't know, but I didn't dwell on it. I was getting her the hell home.
"Dammitt" Edward suddenly said under his breath. We all looked at him, worried looks on our faces. He just shook his head and gave a small strained laugh.
"Have you guys eaten anything?" He asked us, we both shook our heads. No wonder I was so uncomfortable, I'm starving.
"And the problem is?" Nesse trailed off, her face went blank with concentration, and then she laughed.
"What?" Me, Jasper and Emmett all said at the same time, relief coloring our tone. All's according to plan, were still getting on that plane safe and sound.
"I promised Bella I would feed them, before we got home. Come on, I think I saw an Italian restaurant somewhere around here." We all laughed at his expression.
"Someone's in trouble" Emmett laughed at him. Me and Nesse when off to find a better restaurant than the one Emmett wanted to fool around in.
After we ordered, we started being Nesse and me again. We were laughing, eating soup and pointing out funny looking strangers when her expression caught, her face went blank, and she shot her hand out to touch my cheek.
Aro, Caius, Felix, Demitri, Jane.
Their faces shot through my head, the sensation of her images were always amazing. But this one had a scared background to it, this one had startled her.
She dropped her sweet smelling soup on the table and walked as fast as she could, without bringing attention, to Emmett. She whispered in his ear, touched his arm as his face went blank. I looked over and walked to her Father and Jasper. Confrontation wouldn't win us anything in this situation. We had to let them come to us.
We both walked into a store, while Emmett and Jasper took a spot at a table, pretending to laugh about something unimportant. Edward was having a conversation with an older man, pretending to be intent. Nesse suddenly changed directions, I gave her a questioning look, but she just pointed to a rack of expensive Italian sunglasses. The rack had diamond and gold filled lettering of names that were demonstratably carved into the side.
One word. Alice.
We were spread apart to waste time. The Vulturi couldn't gather all of us at once, not without drawing attention. So while we paid for Alice's new glasses, we waited. And waited. And waited. Half an hour passed, our boarding passes rang, and we hadn't seen them. We walked over to Emmett and Jasper, and flipped them both a brand new pair of sunglasses. They gave me a questioning look, and I held my hands up in defense. Nesse raised her hand just over her shoulder, guilty. Sporting our new, Italian, three thousand dollar sunglasses, we went to board the plane.

I was close with the guess that Edward had bought out most of coach. But I was wrong; he bought out all of coach. And all of first class. Edward bought out the whole damn plane. And it wasn't a regular coach plane either, it was a nice plane. Every seat was leather, brand new mini TV's that covered all of the back headrests, and only ten seats in first class, the rest were expensive regular seats. Reaching my seat, I snorted. Edward chucked me the boarding pass with the lowest roof. Nesse laughed from in front of me, revealing her hands reached up in the air, still not being able to touch the ceiling.
Screw it; I am not sitting back here.
I strided to the front of the plane and looked down at my girl. She flipped her hair back, threw her dark sunglasses over her face, and looked out the window. I rolled my eyes and tapped her on the shoulder, she turned toward me, lifted her eyebrows before looking me up and down. Finally, with her eyebrows still raised, in the best Rosalie impression I've ever seen, she said.
"You rang?"
All of us erupted in laughter. She clicked her tongue twice, continuing the act and grabbed a magazine. She flipped her glasses down from the top of her head so they gently landed on the top of her nose.
"Excuse me ma'am. But we seem to have a problem. That is my seat." I landed in the seat behind her and started kicking the back of her chair.
"Sir, this is clearly my seat. Now, stop acting like a dog, and leave me alone" She clicked her tongue twice more and landed back in her seat, flipping back through her magazine.
A growl slipped through my throat.

Nesses POV.

"I said this is my seat sir, now stop acting like a child and leave me alone" Continuing my little game with Jake.
Another growl slipped through his throat. This one wasn't as playful. I took off the sunglasses to check out what his tone was for, when I saw. Aro stood beside my seat; a look of humor lightly traced his face.
"No, I do believe this is my seat, young Renesmee." Jake stood toe to toe with him, pushing him back from my chair. I raced at vampire speed, and stood between them. My hands on Jakes chest, for some reason I lost all power and crumpled into him. He caught me, and wrapped his arm around me as I hugged his chest, Aro backed off.
"Aro. No." My father's teeth clenched. I watched as four more vampires in cloaks claimed seats on the plane, smug smiles on all of their faces. I was about to jump in, when Jasper beat me to the punch.
"Did you lead him here?" he asked calmly. Setting a hand on my father's back, I watched before my eyes as he calmed down as well.
"Of course not" Demitri answered for Aro. "Did you honestly think we were that stupid as to-"
"I never implied you were stupid" Jasper cut him off. "I asked a simple question, and I'm asking a few more. It seems we have a right to, due to the fact that you high jacked our plane seats"
Aro nodded for him to proceed. And Jasper went on, keeping the calming vibe.
"What lead you to stoop this low? To flee your own country?" I could here too much pleasure in Jaspers voice now, he was a little too happy.
"I need help" Was all Aro said. It was a whisper. And it sounded more like it had been carried by the wind for days before it actually reached us.
"Will you follow our hunting styles, while you are on our land?" Emmett stood, flanking Jaspers side. My father straightened up, flanking the other.
Aro sighed a long sigh before he answered the question.
"Yes." I raised my eyebrows and flipped down my sunglasses. Causing everyone on the plane to giggle.
"Then we are to discuss strategy, now that we have time for it. Nesse, get some sleep. Jake, watch her."
I rolled my eyes, but liking the idea of falling asleep in jakes lap. The seats were very wide, so we flipped up the arm rest between the two and I stretched out, using Jakes lap as a pillow. He kissed my forehead and reclined his seat back, getting some sleep himself. He grabbed my hand, right before I fell asleep and rested his other hand in my hair. Some things never change.