Rating: M (for violence, sex and adult themes, alcohol and substances abuse, crime and dangerous behavior, in future chapters) Don't read this, if these things offend you and most importantly, remember this is fiction - don't do as the characters do!

Disclaimers: I don't own any part of Death Note, the characters or the original plot! Also, any resemblances to names of people and places are completely accidental! This is utterly the work of fiction. Also, I'm not endorsing any brands even though I mention brand names all the time - I'm merely mentioning brands to make writing and reading the story easier.

Most importantly, I don't endorse drinking/drugs/dangerous behavior. The story has or will have all of these, so please no underage readers!

Summary: AU – L lived an empty career driven life, unaware of how bored and lonely he was until he met Light during a case in Japan. Slowly but surely the younger man entered L's life and changed everything. Three years later, the detective has something burning that he has to say, but will he get a chance to? What happened before that? Find out!


It was going to be a long flight. L had to formulate his speech for his confession to Light. He wanted to list all his reasons in order not to appear completely crazy for saying something like that. He was probably going to sound ridiculous, but he knew Light would take some pity on him and listen through it all, even though he'd probably know from the first line where it was going.

The black-haired man leaned back in his seat, not paying any more attention to the airplane. His mind went back to day one, the time when he ate his pastries without a hint of what was about to being. One could say that it was the ride of his life, but there was nothing that preceded it to make L suspect that his life was going to change forever.

It happened on April 23, three years earlier…