Chapter 18

A Hacking Emergency





A sudden yell stirred Mello, who hadn't been quite asleep, but pleasantly musing in the wee hours of the night.

"FUCK! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck... Shit, shit shit..."

"Matt, what's up?" the Mello perched on the upper bunk bed and looked down at his red-haired friend.

It was a regular sight to see Matt on the floor with his back resting on the bed and his laptop between his crossed legs in the middle of the night. However, he rarely disturbed Mello by cursing so loud. When Matt lost to a boss, he hissed his cusses, didn't shout…

"They traced me back!" Matt screamed in a state of shock and utter despair, tearing at his hair from anxiety.

"Who did?" Mello demanded.

Matt was already pulling on his favourite pair of jeans, which hadn't been washed in god-knows-how-long, and putting on a jean vest over his t-shirt.

"Matt! Answer me, man…"

"The fucking ЦРУ!" Matt looked up at Mello. He looked so adorable with his green eyes wide in fear like that.

"The Russian CIA? I thought you were undetectable," Mello teased.

"I am! I don't know what happened! I think I went in too deep this time..." Matt grabbed his Alienware laptop under his arm and headed towards the door.

"Are you going to him?" Mello asked, brilliant blue eyes wide with sudden interest.

"Come if you like, but this is serious shit, Mells…" Matt said hurriedly as he rushed out of their room.

"Of course I'm coming! You can't do jackshit on your own," Matt heard Mello call after him and the thud on the floor, which signalled that his blonde friend had jumped off the bed.

Matt was running up the stairs already but Mello sprinted to catch up with him and the duo's feet thundered on the wooden staircase in unison as they went up to L's floor.

"Hell, we're going to L!" Mello shook his fists in excitement.

"Mells, seriously, why are you so excited about this, I'm in real deep shit right now…"

L could already hear the duo's conversation as they quite noisily made their way to his office at 3:40 am. The two teenagers were supposed to be asleep like good children, as technically none of the kids were allowed to go out of their rooms after 23:30 pm without special permission. However, Mello and Matt had never been the type to care about rules, and it sounded as if something had gone horribly wrong.

"After all I might get kicked out or be completely crucified because of this," Matt finished his thought and bolted in front of L's wide-opened door.

L was sitting with his knees drawn up to his chest on his large leather chair behind his massive, paper-covered desk. He just tilted his head to the side.

"Ermmm," Matt hesitated, face-in-face with the intimidating black-eyed man. How was he supposed to approach the matter, which unfortunately was almost entirely his fault? Surely something or someone else could be blamed…

"Is this about your hacking?" L asked unceremoniously.

"Yeah…" Matt said, cringing and nervously running his free hand through his dark-red hair.

L got up so suddenly that both Matt and Mello jumped.

"Come with me," L commanded as he moved with surprising speed, crossed the distance through the room and was brushing past Matt and Mello before the two had the time to get over their surprise.

Mello stared with huge blue eyes after L's back, as his idol had just walked right next to him!

"And leave that junk," L's eyes were narrowed as he shot Matt a look.

"Junk?" the red-head teenager looked down at his Alienware computer, which he was hugging close to his heart.

"You will need both your hands for what we have to do," L said as he was already descending the stairs. "In the very least," he added under his breath in irritation.

Matt and Mello looked at each other without having moved an inch yet.

"I said come with me and leave it!" L's raised his voice from the second floor and without a second thought Matt put his laptop on the floor by L's door and the duo ran on the command of the infamous detective.

The next morning Light woke up, stretched and turned on his laptop as he headed to his ensuite bathroom. To his surprise, after his morning grooming ritual was done, when he stirred the mouse of his laptop he found out that he wasn't logged onto the Internet.

Light's eyes narrowed.

Half an hour later, Light had tried every trick he knew. It was as if someone had manually blocked him out with an encryption. Frustrated the brunette wondered if this was a test for his hacking abilities. If it indeed was a test, then he was going to pass it.

As only Light Yagami could.

"We left only the school-computers in the workrooms online," L explained to Whammy and Roger.

Matt and Mello were sitting with their heads bowed in Roger's office as L explained what had happened the night before.

Outside the birds were chirping and it was a sunny and warm English morning. However the pair were summoned to Roger's beautiful office with its large windows that overlooked the guarden to get scolded.

They had both assisted L in pulling down the internet connection and making some "adjustments" before getting it back on. It had taken over 4 hours to do the entire thing, and Matt was exhausted from all the code typing he had needed to do in order to fix his error.

"Matt's hacking signal would appear as a bounced off signal from a house in Edinburg where I've sent an agent to arrange the scene as if someone had lived there for a few weeks and left when realizing that he was being traced back."

"So agents from the Russian CIA are going to come here to investigate our institution and find that our innocent internet connection was used as proxy by an unknown hacker in Scotland?" Whammy confirmed.

"Exactly," L said.

"So you took them to the server room?" Roger said.

"Yeah, please reset the passwords to the entrance," L said offhandedly.

"Do these two deserve detention?" Roger asked.

L tilted his head slightly to take a look at the two teenagers, who were trying their best to look exhausted and remourseful. They were the first, but definitely not the second. However, L believed that children should be allowed to experience and learn from their mistakes.

"Technically it's not my fault," Mello chimed in.

"Quiet," Roger commanded and Mello shut up, giving him a rebellious look before staring down at his feet again.

"No, I think they did enough by fixing the problem with me last night," L said.

Mello looked up with shiny eyes and a disbelieving grin. L turned away from his possible successor (greatest fan).

"However, I think Matt should take better care next time. He can't expect to hack into secret services, especially ones as big as Russia's and think their defences would be weak."

"But I hacked into UK's CIA no problem!" Matt protested.

"I don't think they have learned anything," Roger said.

"Detention won't help them learn either," L said.

"L is right. Let them continue with their studies, it's best that they don't waste time grounded in their rooms," Whammy agreed.

"Ok, run off you two then, we still have other things to discuss," Roger said.

Matt and Mello got up and shuffled out of the room.

"So you will need to leave the building," Roger turned to L and Whammy.

"Yes, I'll begin packing right now," Whammy said.

"We would be taking Yagami with us," L said.

Two sets of eyes locked on him. L decided that he didn't need to explain himself.

"Please arrange it," he said as he moved towards the door and headed to his office.

Meanwhile Light had logged into the server, and to his wild surprise he found out that it was not just one server. He couldn't quite figure out how many there were, because they were vertically connected and he had trouble finding out how many were above him, and how many on each side. He only knew that there were 32 beneath his, which were directly connected to his. There must have been more, but Light was having trouble believing it. It had to be some sort of a trick, some proxy system...

And he also found out, that on the lowest level, the workstations in the library were connected to the internet. However other student's computers, such as his own were disconnected and from the level of the first Internet server, they didn't appear to exist.

Whoever had created this network had done a pretty good job at perplexing, however Light wasn't going to give up. He'd crack it and reconnect everybody in no time!


"I didn't see that Japanese guy today," Mello commented as he chewed on his chocolate. It was late afternoon and dinner was due soon.

Matt didn't appear to hear him. He had been sitting with his Alienware laptop all day, playing games and trying to amuse himself without the Internet. However, now he just sat and stared blankly at the screen, which had gone black.

"Are you listening to me?" Mello demanded.

"It feels empty," Matt said to no one in particular. "It's almost as its soul has gone…"

"The hell are you saying, Mattie?" Mello rolled his eyes.

"Without the Internet I mean…" Matt said. "It's like the soul of the computer. Have you ever thought about that? How online gaming and …"

Now Mello wasn't listening anymore. Matt's voice turned into some background noise as the blonde chewed his chocolate in contemplation.

He had a pretty rough day even without Matt's complains. They had barely gotten any sleep since the previous night.

At first Mello hadn't slept because he had been drifting off to thoughts of all he could do if he ever decided to become a mafia leader, and then Matt had brutally pulled him away from his fantasies of the most expensive dark chocolate, big shiny guns and suitcases full of money, with his hacking emergency.

Mello had expected that their visit to L was going to be cool, but instead of it being even remotely pleasant, L had barked at them in barely masked annoyance as if they were two complete idiots (and yeah, Mello should have left Matt go and fix this on his own, because now it seemed as if Mello had something to do with Matt's mistakes, and it wasn't a case. Matt had screwed up, but Mello took a part of the blame, just for being there.)

And his idol had made them work like slaves all night in order to manually scramble up the Internet connection. He had made Matt recode the encryption, while Mello had to carry servers around an the ice-cold basement and be L's bitch for the night, changing parts around while L just kept commanding him what to do.

Then L had demonstrated his power and awesomeness by just dialling some numbers and arranging that their signal apparently came from someone in Edinburg who was using Whammy's House as a proxy to hide his identity.

Then L had said that he was leaving, because he expected the Russian CIA to send agents to check what's going on in the house, so he couldn't stay there. He also said he'll be taking everyone's personal computer and other incriminating items and dumping them in the secret server basement.

Matt had almost gone crazy and had begged that he keeps his laptop at least for offline gaming. L had agreed to that.

And finally that was it – at least a month without personal Internet browsing or L. Mello wondered what else would come out of Matt's mistake.

Suddenly Matt's head snapped back up.

"What the hell?"


"The internet is back! Someone hacked us!"

One sprint up to L's room later, Matt was panting in horror and disbelief.

"It's impossible! No one can go through what I put! I don't understand! They have to be in the house, L, they have to have someone in the house to do that!" Matt was screaming.

L stood frozen, staring at the teen, and even Whammy looked up from his task of packing up the detective's stuff for their emergency departure.

"What's all the commotion about?" Light Yagami, the brunette Japanese man appeared behind Matt at the door. He was snacking on an apple and looking all-too-important.

Matt pursed his lips tightly, unsure what this outsider knew and what would give out too much information.

"Do you have any idea why the Internet is back up, Yagami-kun?" L asked in his usual infallible calm tone.

"Of course," Light tossed the hair out of his face in one proud, arrogant gesture, tilting his chin up and giving everyone a superior look. "I turned it back on. Was that some sort of a test?"

Matt felt his expression twist into a grimace of "are-you-kidding-me-this-guy-got-over-my-encryption".

"Can you, by any chance, restore it to its original settings right now," L said in a tone that sounded more like a command than a question.

"No, not immediately, why?" Light asked and quirked up one too-elegant eyebrow. "And why are you so pissed anyway?"

"You just put into danger the fate of this whole institution," L said, the coldness of his voice gone completely as he readjusted his emotionless mask.

Matt realized that Light had been right – that had been L when pissed off. But since when did this Japanese man know L so well?

"For the second time in the past 12 hours," L added as his piercing black eyes shifted to Matt and the teenager felt cold sweat form on the skin just above his temples.

Light still looked unimpressed. Matt wasn't certain if he was beginning to really dislike the caramel-haired bastard or if he was starting to think that Light was actually pretty cool.

"Well," L said tilting his head to the side with a bored expression. "I guess that means that we'll have to do it all again now, doesn't it? Matt, you know what to do. Yagami-kun, come with me!"

It was like a deja vu seeing L quickly exit the room and rush to the underground server basement, leaving a stunned Light Yagami to gape after him.

"And leave the apple, you will need your hands!" L called from somewhere far away.

"Better do as he says and hurry after him, I'm telling ya," Matt said to Light amiably.

Light turned his sharp brown eyes to Matt and the red-haired teenager studied their intensity for just a second, in which the duo evaluated each other. The staring contest could have lasted a lot longer, but the Japanese man dismissed him and tossed the half-eaten fruit in the nearby trash bin. Then he followed L with wide, decisive strides, but without running.

'That guy takes himself very seriously, doesn't he,' Matt thought as he watched him leave.

"Who is he?" Matt turned to Whammy, the old geezer who apparently had founded the institution, raised and trained L and was now performing as the detective's butler.

"Light Yagami," Whammy said as he straightened his old back up and turned to Matt with a grandfatherly smile.

"I know his name, but where did L find him," Matt emphasized on the word 'find' as he meant how the hell did L dig something like that out.

"In Japan, during L's last big investigation," Whammy said and Matt gave up. He should have known he'd never get any useful information from L's right hand man. "Don't you have an assignment, young man?"

"Ah," Matt stared at Whammy. Had the man just told him to fuck off and do what L had told him (reprogram and reencrypt the Internet)? Yes, that's exactly what had been said in a very polite manner.

"Certainly, sir, but I have at least half an hour before the connection is ready for my intervention. L and Light have to go do the manual work first. Until then, I shall reside in my chambers," Matt said in mock-politeness and with an exaggerated bow, he left for his room.

Boy, he had so much work ahead of him…

After a series of secret doors and codes, which Light had though existed only in sci fi the duo finally descended a few flights of stairs in a dimly lit, round metallic staircase, which lead deeper and deeper underground.

They ended up in a small corridor, which ended with a large thermo-isolated door. L punched in some numbers as Light gave a small shiver behind him. It was pretty cold, however it wasn't half as cold as the room, which was revealed when the door unlocked and L swung it opened.

In front of them there was a large, dark pit-hole of a room. Light's unadjusted eyes couldn't make out anything that was in there, not the height of the ceiling, nor the walls.

L didn't bother to turn on any lights, instead produced a small flashlight from seemingly nowhere and switched it on to look around as he lead the way inside. Light followed him into the room, careful to follow just behind the detective, as he didn't want to run into any objects. However, to his surprise, the place felt rather large and spacious and as they continued walking freely further inside, leaving the small gleaming doorway behind, Light began wondering just how big this 'basement' under Whammy's House was, and what exactly was it hiding.

Light found out that his eyes were adjusting to the almost complete darkness and soon he began noticing the faint lights which were seemingly everywhere, and as he followed the small patch of illumination, which L's flashlight produced as he clicked it on and off to look about for a second before turning it back off, Light realized that what they were walking into was a large room full of rolls upon rolls of shelves, packed with server computers.

The tiny flashing light-diodes, which each machine had, provided enough illumination in order for the duo to make their way in the dusk, and when Light was completely adjusted to the pitch-dark, the tiny lights made the hall look as if it was full of multi-coloured fireflies.

As if they were in a maze of tiny, flashing fireflies.

The monotonous buzz of hundreds of inbuilt fans kind of ruined the magic, and the air was so cold and crisp that Light ruled out any possibility of that anything living could be hiding in the dark corners of this room. Which wasn't an entirely bad thing.

As they walked between the flickering shelves, Light felt a slight breeze from above and he glanced up to barely make out a dark ventilation shaft over his head. The room really felt impressively big and Light's head was beginning to spin from rolls and rolls of equipment that seemed to continue into nothingness. Just when he was beginning to feel claustrophobic and rather vulnerable despite having memorized the exact way back, L stopped.

Light focused his attention on the quick, jittery flashes which L made here and there with his flash-light, and it took the younger man a few moments of concentration to notice the small braille inscribed plates, which each server had.

The labelling system was very clever, because an unsuspecting intruder wouldn't have noticed the small inscriptions, thus would have lost a great deal of time finding what they needed in such large room of servers. As far as Light could see, there were no other forms of identification to the machines.

Furthermore, for added bonus, if someone who knew about the inscription was trapped there without a flashlight, they could easily find their way around with the use of their fingertips alone.

L read the code just by glancing at it, apparently. Light felt a bit impressed, and made a note to learn to do that as well.

"Here," L stopped. He motioned at one of the machines.

"What?" Light asked.

"We need to replace this one," L said. "Take it out, Light-kun."

Light huffed in irritation, finally realizing why L had brought him there. It was to carry the equipment of course, because no way in hell the lazy detective was ever going to do anything by himself.

"And careful," L added as Light just gritted his teeth and got round to the task without protesting. However, L's comment ticked him off.

"Why don't you help me out?" Light suggested as mildly as he could.

"I'm holding the flashlight and telling you what to do," L said impassively. "Doesn't that count as helping you out?"

"Not really," Light said as he unscrewed a few cables from behind the computer. "You are not even illuminating what I really need to see."

"Oh, I'm sorry," L said.

Chills ran down Light's spine as very suddenly, out of nowhere, L stepped just behind him and leaned over to illuminate the space behind the server computer where Light was working.

"Is that better?" L asked as if he wasn't so intimately close to Light.

"Yes," the younger man said between tightly ground teeth as he grinned insincerely and continued doing his work. "That is absolutely much better. I see a whole lot more now, L."

"You are welcome," L said just mere centimetres away from Light's ear, making the brunette shudder.

Of course, either the detective was doing it on purpose to piss Light off, or he was truly unaware of the concept of personal space. Two could play that game though.

Without a warning, Light moved backwards, pulling the server off the shelf. His elbow "accidentally" shoved the detective's chest and the man stumbled back, with a breathy groan. However, both of men pretended that nothing had occurred and Light just turned around holding the computer in his arms.

"Where do I carry this?" he asked.

"There are a few more…" L said slightly breathlessly, as he had the air punched out of him.


They walked a bit, Light carrying the heavy equipment in his arms.

"Are you sure there isn't a tray or something?" Light asked as he followed L through some more shelves.

"We don't generally do what we're doing today," L said. "And we wouldn't provide any possible intruders with trays to facilitate their ordeals down here."

"Why are we doing this anyway? I get what we're about to do, but I don't understand why do we have to do it. Why had you banned all the computers from the internet in the first place?"

"Light-kun asks too many questions," L said calmly. "Here, this one. You can put that one down, Light-kun."

L turned the flashlight to illuminate Light's face and see his expression properly for a second, managing to capture the hateful glare, which the brunette had been sending him in that moment.

"Aren't you going to illuminate for me, L," Light asked as he got to work at the back of the machine again.

"Only if Light-kun warns me before he moves back," L said, closing in on Light at the invitation.

"As long as you warn me before you decide to come breathe down my neck next time," Light said.

This time L was standing a step further than the previous time, as if he couldn't be quite so certain if Light was going to roughly shove an elbow in his gut again.

"Am I making you uncomfortable, Light-kun?" L asked.

Light suddenly abandoned what he was doing and turned around to become face to face with L, who was a mere foot away. The flashlight was still pointed to the back of the shelf, but the tiny blinking lights coming from the light-diodes of the servers around them provided enough illumination to see the detective's face in the darkness.

"Not at all, or wait…" Light tilted his head to the side a tiny fraction and narrowed his eyes. "Were you trying to make me uncomfortable?"

"What if I was," L said and suddenly Light snapped and shoved the other man back, until L hit the opposing roll of shelves, making the whole thing shake.

L carefully picked himself up and stood right in front of Light.

"Light-kun should be more careful, this is some delicate equipment that he could have damaged," L's voice was low and full of warning.

With that L couldn't resist and did something rather childish. He pointed the bright light of the flashlight straight at Light's face, succeeding to irritate and anger the brunette even more.

L could see Light's eyes cringe as he purposefully tortured him with the bright light.

"You are doing this on purpose, aren't you," Light growled and tried to grab L's wrist, but L had the advantage of seeing Light, while the brunette was blinded.

The detective easily evaded Light's attacks and circled around him, trying to get the best angle to grab and subdue the younger man.

It all happened really quickly after that, Light lunged forward, shoving L sideways against a shelve, and L, who didn't have the room to kick, punched him in the face. However, once Light's hands were on both of L's shoulders and the detective was trapped against the servers it became too easy.

"Careful! Servers!" was all L managed to say before Light head-butted him in the face.

Next thing he knew they were on the floor.

Pain was exploding everywhere in his head and his back hurt from the collision with the cold concrete floor. Light's jutting knees and bones were digging into his body and the flashlight was rolling on the floor, making it difficult to see what was happening. Light was just raising an arm to deliver another blow when L spoke.

"Enough," L said, feeling the blood on his lips fly off as he spoke.

Light stopped just a second before delivering another punch.

"We can't fight here, and there is something urgent that we should be doing," L added in a sober tone. "We can settle this later."

"Alright," Light said and got up from the detective.

It was awkward after that as they collected two more server computers, and L ended up taking one of them in his arms, but no polite words were exchanged. Finally they carried the equipment to an adjustment room, which actually had overhead lighting and they switched some parts of the serves before they were ready to return them.

L noticed the angry red patch on Light's cheekbone, which surely was going to bruise. It felt inexplicably good to know that he had left that there. For when Light looked into the mirror to see the his gorgeous features, he was going to also see the mark which L's fist had left on him. And that idea felt kind of nice.

Light also stole his glances of L's bloodied mouth. He had split L's bottom lip with his blow and when the detective talked he could see the blood on his teeth. Light wondered how did L feel. Surely the pain wasn't something, L, the great and overprotected detective had ever felt before. Light was glad that he had done it to him. This way L was really going to remember him.

Once they were done with the servers, going back to the cold dark room was even more awkward as the tension quickly escalated again. The flashlight was on again and Light felt irritated just thinking of how L had pointed it in his eyes.

L gave Light the last server and the brunette got to work as L illuminated from a distance.

The younger man had reacted rather adversely to L's closeness, which had been a very bad sign. However, at least L had tested his theory. The results had been very disappointing, to say the least, and there was always the probability that perhaps testing for any signs of possible attraction in Light, in another way or under other circumstances might have given different results. However, it had been convenient to test it the way he had, because L knew he could get away with making it seem as if he was just trying to annoy the other man.

The fight had been a bit more than he had anticipated though. It really didn't bode well in terms of Light's feelings towards him. However, at least L had learned something new about his possible partner in work.

Light was more violent and short-tempered than he let out. Light could really snap, and it went beyond the shouting and anger-fits, which the detective had witnessed before. Most people would do pretty much anything to avoid getting into fights, however Light wasn't one of them. And that suggested quite a lot more about his personality and what he might be capable of…

"Are we done?" Light stood with his arms crossed in front of his chest and looked at L as if he had been standing like that for an hour.

L had spaced out yet again…

"Yes, let's go. Does Light-kun remember the way," L said, suddenly turning off the flashlight and leaving them in the dark.

"Is that another test, L?" Light's voice was close to him in the almost absolute darkness.

L could make out Light's silhouette because of the blinking blue lights behind him, however he couldn't see the brunette's angelic face. And without that feat, something about Light could actually be rather intimidating.

However, L wasn't who he was because he was easily intimidated. He was always in control and he made the rules. He had to show that to Light.

"Yes, it is." L answered calmly.

He could see Light make small movements in front of him, but stood his ground.

"Aren't you a bit sick of testing me today," Light's voice was low. "It's been either this or that, layers upon layers of tests, and things that are not supposed to be tests, that turn into tests. How many lies do you plan to install upon me? What the hell is this place and why did we do what we just did?"

L didn't answer. His heart raced in anticipation and he lowered his stance just in case Light decided to attack him again.

"Is that your answer," Light asked, and L wondered if he was referring to the lack of such or had he noticed L's change in position despite the darkness?

"You should have known that nothing is as it seems in this field you signed up for," L said. "I thought you had more foresight than that. Or are you a child that has naively walked down a path you don't understand?"

"I understand the field very well," Light said. "However, I guess I was mistaken about something. I am beginning to understand now. This is how it's going to be, isn't it, L?"

L wished he could see Light's expression. He wished he could clap his hands and the lights would come on as they did in the type of hotels he preferred…

However, there were no overhead lights installed in the server hall, which was cold and dark for the purpose of keeping the machines in perfect condition for years. And he couldn't see Light's expression, and for once he didn't and had no assumption of what the other was thinking or referring to. What he really meant.

But, L was too proud to ask.

"Yes," he said decisively.

"Good." Light said, his tone very much like L's.

There was silence for a moment.

"Yes, I do remember the way," Light added offhandedly. "See you there, L."

With that Light turned away and lead the way through the darkness. L just followed in silence, wondering what exactly had he agreed about.

He felt that he could say something, which he could fix whatever was happening between them, but he couldn't. His ego wouldn't let him.

He made excuses for himself, how he couldn't risk their security by letting Light in and telling him more. He couldn't be honest with the younger man. He couldn't trust anybody. Even Light, no matter how much he really liked him.

Meanwhile Mello went to dinner and in the dinning hall the spaces on both his sides were empty, as usually he sat only with Matt and no other orphan dared to approach the duo.

However, to his surprise, suddenly a certain white-haired nightmare appeared out of nowhere to disturb him.

"Hi," Near said simply as he collapsed on the seat right next to the blonde.

"Piss off," Mello gave him a dangerous look and placed his arms around his plate possessively. His hostile glare should have been enough to send the little albino boy away crying, but it didn't seem to faze Near even a little bit.

"I was wondering if I could sit with you today," Near said.

"You already have sat next to me and NO, you can't sit here! Fuck off you, little piece of shit!" Mello roared.

Somewhere in the hall the canteen lady called out Mello's alias in warning.

"But I just wanted to talk to you," Near said calmly. "I think you might know more than me about something…"

"Of course I know more than you about it," Mello calmed down considerably at the flattery. "What are you talking about anyway?"

"Do you have any idea what happened to the internet servers today?" Near asked.

"Ah," Mello's smug smile stretched as he regarded the albino boy from up-high. "Poor little Near is totally left out of the loop, isn't he? Well, guess what – you ain't getting anything from me!"

"Hey Mells!" Matt appeared with a tray of food and sat down on Mello's other side. "Socializing with 'the freak'?"

He decided to eat while waiting for L to give him the signal to do his job.

"Not socializing, but the freak has come to annoy me," Mello said, turning away from Near and began gulping down food.

"Where's your food, Near?" Matt asked, noticing, as he was always the perceptive one, that Near hadn't brought a food tray.

"I'm not here to eat," Near said in all seriousness. "Perhaps you could tell me what happened today with the servers?"

"Yeah, well, that was my fault actually…" Matt didn't manage to finish off his sentence because Mello silenced him with his hand rather roughly.

"Don't tell him anything, Matt! He doesn't deserve to know!"

"I deserve to know, just as much as you do," Near said.

"Listen, you little piece of dog shit…" Mello began and then a new insult dawned on him. "Hey Near, do you know what colour does dog poo turn into after a couple of weeks? White! So what are you…"

"I had no idea about that, Mello," Near said. "However, I'm sure you would know as it sounds like a very dog-thing to do, to check on the colour of your poo overtime."

Mello turned blue and then completely red with rage. Matt could barely contain him as he tried to jump Near and break his face.

Light and L exited the door of the kitchen, which lead to the hidden doors towards the staircase to the server basement in that moment to see a few of Whammy's lecturers trying to subdue Mello. Near just stood there, a mere meter away from the ranging blonde and looking at him straight in the eye as the older boy threatened to kill him.

L gave the scene a look and proceeded to climb the stairs towards the upper floors.

"Aren't you going to do anything about this?" Light asked. He didn't really care, but he wanted to pick on the detective. "The blonde boy worships you – he'd calm down if you tell him."

L gave Light a cold stare from the stairs and then turned away, without an answer.

Light narrowed his eyes and walked away with a shake of his head.

How he hated L. He really, honestly hated him.

But why did it hurt like that?


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