Another Day In The Life of Mizore

Author's Note
For those who haven't figure it out now I'll state two things. These crossover One-shots are Off shots (Separate AU/What if stories) of my Unleashed series. The order of the stories are on my Profile so don't ask. Some facts in the Offshot like certain character details or background will be canonical in the story there are off-shooted from unless stated otherwise.
Story Start


Once more the clock on Mizore's dresser struck 6 as the violet haired woman woke up with a yawn. Pushing the sheets back she slipped on a bath robe. During the particular warm seasons Mizore took to sleeping in the nude. Opening the drawer by her bed she looked at the hundreds and hundreds of suckers that she had bought and brought with her.

'I'll go with cherry.' she thought as she unwrapped the wrapper and popped it into her mouth. Now it was time to began yet another day of stalking. After showering and getting something to eat she immediately got dressed in an altered version of the school uniform that fit her tastes; A white shirt with dark purple sleeves, a short skirt, and purple stripes leggings.

The Yuki-Onna formed a mirror of ice in her room and stepped into it. Moments later she popped outside of Naruto's room, her trusty binoculars in hand as she began peering into Naruto's room. She saw that he was listening to his I-pod as he was trying to decide which shirt he was going to wear.

'Slow down baby.' Mizore whispered to herself as she began to intensively swirled her tongue around the sucker. She was so distracted she almost forgot to start writing down her daily notes.

'6: 15' Naruto-san is trying to decide what shirt to wear. Ever since casual Friday was initiated per Naruto's suggestion everyone has been dressing anyway they wished. Of course all these little sluts are now running around with too little and revealing outfits and as such those little girls are using this tot heir advantage to try and seduce my Naruto. Note to self: Hire an assassin; blame Kurumu.'

Ten minutes later Naruto was dressed and out of the door. The thrill of the hunt was on. Before Naruto could enter the door he was glomped by Kurumu who was pressing her face into his bosom per usual.

'6: 27' Boob girl glomps Naruto-san per usual. Can't she do something more appropriate like quietly stalk Naruto-san like I do?''

A couple of hours had passed and Naruto was in the chairman's office reported yet another incident where a student tried to kill him as a stake of claim. Apparently Naruto shoved the students balls down his throat so he was given a week's detention.

'9:47' Some fool thought they could hurt my Naruto-kun. It's no longer a wonder why all these little trollops are interested in Naruto-kun, but they can't have him! Just thinking about him getting all sweaty and raw makes me want to touch my p...''

'10:01' After taking care of important business I have relocated Naruto-san again.

'1:01' During the free period spent the last two hours being tutored by Naruto-san in science. Bad news: I might flunk my next test. Good news: I got to stare into his eyes for about two hours while watching his lips. He has such the cutest look on his face when he is explaining things. I wonder if Naruto-san likes to role-play?'

During gym class Naruto was busy letting his hand 'accidentally' brush against Moka's rear causing her to react fluster to which the block laughed off and keep saying, 'accident.'

'2:10' Naruto-san apparently likes big butts. That gypsy girl said she sells ointments that make the boobs bigger. I wonder if she has anything for rear ends as well?' she thought as she continued to follow Naruto and see him going down some steps.

'2:12' Time to go 'trip' and have Naruto catch me in my arms.'

But before Mizore could put her plan in action Kurumu came out of nowhere and glomped Naruto just long enough to distract him from catching Mizore. '2: 13' Note to self: Kill Kurumu.

5:22' Nothing of interest is happening today. After a brief training session Naruto ends training for today.

Mizore decides to go and develop the pictures she took of today's events. She then goes to hallway Naruto's room was in and knocked on the door.

''Hey there...came to say goodnight?'' he asked with a grin as Mizore nodded. ''Good night...'' he said as he leaned over and kissed her cheek.

''See you tomorrow Naruto...'' Mizore said before she took off down the hallway. Using an ice mirror she popped up on a tree branch through said mirror and began peering into Naruto's room.

'8:44' I will never wash my cheek again. Oh well, time for me to turn in. Maybe tomorrow I can give Naruto-kun a 'special' morning wake up.'

Mizore shimmers down the tree as she made way for her dorm. It was getting late and like always she would have a late dinner and turn in for the night to continue the cycle.


Chapter End


I hoped everyone appreciated the fact I did a sequel for the story. Anyway I might have one for Kurumu or do another sequel for Mizore coming out soon.