Ok, I would like to thank everyone who reviewed the first chapter of OUTTAKES. Due to the chapter getting like…more than 10 reviews a day after I made it, I decided to add another chapter.

Since I did help them out during the production (not really, just paid for all the damages) they allowed me total access to the studios (I am talking about in the fan fiction world)! Enough talk, onto the videos, interviews, and more outtakes!



(Comment person and Phineas are searching for a new trailer for Perry, since the Ak-47 Phineas tossed aside shot Perry's trailer, hit the gas stove, and blew up)

"Phineas how did you get your hands on my Ak-47?" Cp (Comment person) asks.

"I don't know, I just had it, and when Candace wouldn't get on the trike, I just got angry." Phineas replies.

"Well, no more guns for you." Cp tells him.

"How come you carry guns then?"

"Since when?"

Phineas hits Cp's arm, and an AA-12 slides out. He gives a surprised look.

"I uhh…keep that for any dangers." Cp says.

"What kind of dangers could we run into?"

A mugger jumps out in front of us.

"Give me your money!" the mugger demands, and holds a pistol. Cp stares at Phineas.

"Wow…" Cp mutters. Cp shakes his other arm, a .357 Magnum slips into his hands. Raises arm and fires. Mugger gets shot.

"What the hell?" the mugger cries. "You shot me!"

"Don't worry, it's just a scratch." Cp says.

"There's a bullet in my arm! It's not a scratch!"

"Yes, yes it is." Cp says, and reaches into his inside jacket pocket. Cp pulls out a stack of dollars.

"Here, take the money and get the bullet out of you."

"No way man! You freakin shot me!"

"Take the money to pay for your hospital bill."

"Man you crazy!"

"TAKE THE FREAK'N MONEY!" Cp yells, and throws the cash at the mugger. The cash hits the mugger's head and knocks him out.

"Is he going to be ok?" Phineas asks.

"I think so, if not, the dogs will get him."

"What dogs?"

Police car drives out of nowhere.

"Those dogs." Cp says, and walks away from the mugger on the ground. Phineas follows behind him.

"You call the cops 'dogs'?" Phineas asks.

"On occasions." Cp says. A police siren is heard in the mall. Cp puts his hands on his head.

"I didn't do it this time!"

"Do what?" asks Phineas.



Phineas and Cp stand in front of two stores.

"Let's see, should we go to the Platypus Trailer Store? Or the Starbucks next door?" Cp wonders. Phineas gives a disbelief look.

"We are here for a new trailer…" Phineas starts to say, "So we are going to-"

"Starbucks." Cp says, and walks into Starbucks. Phineas just sighs.


"Wow, that was a long line for some coffee." Phineas says as they both walk out.

"Now we go to the Platypus Trailer Store!" Cp says.

The two go into the store; there are a lot of trailers everywhere.

"Phineas, you go left, I will go right." Cp says, and walks off.


Cell phone rings. Cp answers.


"Hey Comment person, did you find any trailers for Perry?"

"Yeah, I found a perfect one for Perry."

"Great, can you tell me where you are?"

"Sure, just head over towards the gunshot."


Cp hangs up, pulls out the .357 Magnum again, and shoots at the ceiling.


Every one is running away screaming, while Phineas finally makes his way to Cp.

"Was that necessary?" asked Phineas.

"Never mind, what do you think?" Cp shows the trailer. The trailer is white and shiny, with diamonds on it.

"You want to get that for Perry?"

Cp looks at the trailer.

"Oh not that one, that one over there." Cp says and points to a green trailer.

"Oh ok then."

A clerk comes up to them.

"You want to buy the green trailer?"


"It's $2000." Cp pulls out some stacks of dollars from his leather jacket.

"I meant $3000." corrected the clerk. Cp pulls out more stacks of dollars.

"Did I say $3000? I meant $5000." the clerk said again.

"Ok, now you are trying to rip us off." Cp says.

"No I'm not." stammers the clerk.

"Well, you left me no choice." Cp says, and holds the .357 Magnum in his hand. The clerk sees it.

"Ok! Take it! It's free!" the clerk says, and runs away.

"Umm, thanks?" Cp says. Phineas stares at the gun.

"Where you going to shoot him?"

"No! I was just putting it in my pocket, having a revolver up your sleeve isn't comfortable!" Cp explains. Clerk comes back with cops.

"There he is! He has the gun!" the clerk tells them.

"I plead the 2nd amendment, and I wasn't robbing anyone!" Cp exclaimed.

"Then why did you pull out the Magnum?" asked a cop.

"Hey, if you had a revolver up your sleeve the entire day, wouldn't your arm get scratchy?" Cp asked.

"You have to pay for the trailer though." the clerk said.

"You said it was free." Phineas interrupted. The cops turned and stared at the clerk.

"Sheesh, ok then." the clerk said, and stomped away. Everyone watched him go.

"Sir, I am afraid I'm going to have to take away that revolver." said a cop. Cp shrugs and hands over the Magnum. The cops take it, and leave.

"So that's it? You gave them your Magnum?" Phineas asked.

"I have another one anyways." Cp said, and pulled out another one from inside his jacket. He put it back inside his jacket. Phineas just stared with his mouth open.

"Anyways, how are we going to get the trailer out of here?" asked Phineas. Cp looks at the spot where he shot a hole in the ceiling.

"Phineas, I know what we are going to do."


"Um, Director, sir?"


"Comment person has the new trailer for Perry."


"I'd say…20 meters above us."

"WHAT?" The spot above them explodes. The Director and the staff member run away from the falling rubble. Everyone gathers around the area of the rubble, and hole in the ceiling. A green trailer is lowered through the opening, and descends down on a tow cable. Cp and Phineas are riding on top of it.

"Ok, now just keep lowering it…" Cp says on a walkie-talkie. The trailer is about 30ft from the ground, when it suddenly drops and slams on the ground.

"I said keep lowering it! Not dropping it!" Cp yells on the walkie-talkie. Phineas and Cp jump off the trailer. The helicopter above goes away. Everyone gathers around.

"Perry, this is your new trailer!" Phineas announces. Perry walks up and hugs Phineas's leg.

"Hey share some with me buddy." Cp says. Perry shrugs and hugs Cp's leg. Cp bends down and hugs Perry.

"Ok, now go check it out." Cp says. Perry runs into the green trailer. Everyone walks away, while the Director stares with his jaw open. Cp walks up to him.

"GREAT, NOW WE ARE GONNA PAY FOR THE ROOF!" complains the Director.

"I already did." Cp says.

"HOW DO YOU HAVE SO MUCH MONEY?" Director asks him.

"Hey, you do your job and make your money, and I will do mine and make my money." Cp tells him, and walks away.


Comment person: Yep, I remember that time. Perry was happy with the new trailer; the clerk got fired for giving away a trailer, the mugger survived and paid for the bullet to be taken out of his arm…I was able to pay for the damages with my money.

So the next video part…Ferb was coming back from a visit from England. I had to pick him up! It's short, but I decided to play it anyways.

(clicks remote, and second movie starts)

This is going to get interesting….


Ferb is sitting on the plane in a window seat. He has headphones on and is listening to some music with his eyes closed.


Ferb opens his eyes and turns to the window with a sleepy look.

He jumps in his seat, and his head hits the ceiling. Ferb rubs his head, and stares out the window.

Comment person is standing outside of his window.

"Hey Ferb! What's up?" Cp shouts.

(Ferb can't hear Cp, cause the plane engine is so loud)

Ferb tilts his head, and gives a questioning look.

"I said: What's up?" Cp shouts again.

Again, Ferb cant hear me. He shrugs, and closes the window shutter.

Comment person is standing on the wing of the plane with suction boots.

"Aw, come on!" Cp shouts.

Cp takes out his cell and calls.

"Hey man, I need a jet!….No not a pet! A jet! A freaking F-22 Raptor! What? How does a freaking F-22 Raptor sound anything close to a chopper! I'm 30 miles above land, how is a tank going to help me? Forget I ever called!" Cp hangs up.

Cp pulls out some head phones, straps on a parachute, and puts the head phones on. He presses a button, and a song comes on: SHOOT TO THRILL, by AC DC.

Cp bangs on the window again. Ferb slides open the screen. Cp salutes, and jumps off the wing.

Ferb just stares, blinks, and returns his attention back to the screen on the seat in front of him.

"He will be fine." he mutters.


Cp sky dives and watches the plane fly away. Cp falls very fast.

"Oh crap." Cp mutters. A bird slams into Cp as he falls.


"Hey, get out of my way!" Cp yells, and pushes the bird aside.

He spits out feathers.

"How did that even get in my mouth?"

Another bird hits Cp. He pushes it away, and spits out more feathers.

"Aw gross! Gross!"

Another bird hits Cp as he falls.

"Where are the birds coming from!"


"…so, I created: the Launch-Inator!" Doof exclaimed, showing the huge cannon that was in the driveway.

"WHAT DOES IT DO?" asked the Director.

"Well, if you have any unwanted stuff, you just put it in the compartment…right here…" Doof explained, putting another pigeon into a slot on the cannon.

"Press this button…." Doof presses it, and the pigeon is shot out of the cannon, and into the sky faraway.

"…and it will launch it into the sky! Getting rid of it! Unless it comes back somehow."


"Yep, genius huh?" There was an awkward silence.

"I LOVE IT! I GOT SOME STUFF I COULD GET RID OF." the Director said, and ran off. Doof shrugged, and launched another bird.

"I still wonder why I used birds to test it out.." Doof muttered as he watched another one launched into the sky.

"Oh yeah! They can fly!"

The Director came back with a truck pulling a crappy trailer.

"I just hope this stuff wont crash on someone when it lands." Doof muttered, and started loading the Director's junk into the Launch-Inator.


Cp kept falling. When suddenly, he saw a huge toilet fly straight at him. Cp pressed into his dive, avoiding the flying toilet.

"How the hell did that get up here?"

A huge wave of bricks flew at him. Cp somehow avoids all the bricks.

"Ah great," he muttered, and got an idea, "if only I had my jet shot at me."

A huge trailer shot at him.

"Aww, it was worth a try." Cp pulls his parachute, and the chute deploys. The trailer flies straight under him, missing Cp.

Cp pulls out his cell again, and calls.

"Hey stupid, can you hear me now? Good. Could you send something to pick me up? Thanks."

Cp slowly falls down to the ground, several miles below him.


Ferb gets out of the tunnel with his bags. He takes one step into the airport, when suddenly, everyone gasps in front of him. Ferb looks up, and sees a huge mass of girls with 'I LOVE Ferb' signs.

"There he is!" screams a girl. They all shriek, and run after him. Ferb grabs his bag, and runs down the airport, with a huge mob of girls behind him.

Ferb runs by a Disney Store, and gets an idea. He goes into the store, hides his bags, and steps onto the stand in the window. He freezes and stands still.

The mob of girls rush straight past him.

Ferb blinks, dusts his hands, and turns to his right. He sees a row of Ferb statues are displayed on the window platform.

"That's just weird." he states, and leaves the window platform.

He steps into the store, and a little girl and her mom are standing right there.

"I want that Ferb statue mommy!" the girl says. Ferb gulps, grabs his bags, and runs out the door.

As soon as he steps out of the store…

"There he is!" cries a girl. Followed by the sound of shrieks. Ferb immediately runs again, followed by the girls.

Ferb ran down the huge airport hallway, dodging people in his way. Behind him, the mob of girls ran after him.

Ferb pulled out his cell phone and speed dialed Cp.

"Hello?" Cp says on the other line. Ferb is about to answer.

"Ferb is that you?" Cp cuts him off.

"You should have sky-dived with me, you missed out." Cp continues.

"Anyways, what's up now?"

Ferb holds the phone behind him, and the screams of the girls filled the cell phone's speaker. Ferb pulled it back.

"Oh, fan girls found you again? They could be some friends I know on Fanfiction… Well, could you hold up your phone? I need your location."

Ferb rounds a corner, and holds up his phone.

"I got it now, just get on the roof of the building."

Ferb ran for some stairs, and started to dash up the stairway. The fan girls were relentlessly chasing after him.

Ferb reached the top floor of the airport, and ran for the fire exit stairway. He ran up those stairs as well.

After a continuous run up a three-story stairway, Ferb made it to the roof.

"Ok, now jump off the west side of the roof." Cp told him. Ferb just stared at the phone.

"Hey you want those fan girls on you?" Cp asked. Ferb could hear their shrieks as they climbed the fire exit stairs behind him. Ferb let out an irritated sigh, and ran for the edge of the roof. Behind him, the fan girls poured out onto the roof.

"There he is!" they screamed, and ran after him.

Ferb ran at top speed now, and gripped his bags tight. He was almost at the edge of the roof.

12 meters….

10 meters….

5 meters….

10 feet….

5 feet….


Ferb propelled himself over the ledge of the roof. The fan girls behind him gasped in horror as he fell off the edge. Ferb stared down, and found himself falling off the 10-story building, heading for the concrete road below.


A blue stream shot straight under Ferb. A millisecond later, both Ferb and the blue stream was gone, but it did leave a slick blue streak behind it. A second later, the blue stream was miles away from the airport.

Ferb found himself lying down in the back seat, face-first. He pushed himself up, and set his bag on the leather hide seat.

Cp was at the steering wheel, driving the vehicle.

"Welcome back to California!" Cp said, as he drove the vehicle. Ferb put himself in the front seat. The wind shot at his face, pushing back his skin a little. Ferb glanced at Cp, who wore black biker sunglasses, a leather jacket, and his face wasn't being blown by the wind. Ferb saw what he was riding in now. The slick blue Ferrari zoomed down the highway. He glanced at the speed meter, which read 217 MPH.

"Ferb, how are ya buddy?" Cp asked. Ferb gave a thumbs up.

Suddenly, they heard the roar of a motorcycle. They glanced to their right, and fiery motorcycle and rider were driving along side them. The rider had a leather jacket with spikes, and was completely on fire. His head was a skull on fire. He slowly turned and glanced at the two of them.

"Nice ride, Ghost Rider." Cp told him. The Ghost Rider nodded, leaned his motorcycle back, and shot forward, leaving behind a path of burned asphalt.

Cp turned to Ferb.

"Where did you get the Ferrari?" asked Ferb.

"I borrowed it." Cp answered.

Ferb raised an eyebrow.

"…from the cops?" Cp answered him. Ferb's eyes went wide.

"I'm going to give it back later!" Cp said, and slammed the acceleration pedal. The Ferrari zoomed forward.


Phineas and Candace were walking back to the studio building, when they heard a light buzzing noise. It was followed by the sharp sound of tires screeching in the distance. They heard the screech last for about 10 seconds. Suddenly, a Ferrari crashed through the campus wall, and screeched forward.

Phineas and Candace jumped back as the blue Ferrari skidded to a halt in front of them. Ferb opened the car door, and stumbled out of the vehicle.

"Ferb, are you alright?" Phineas asked, as he and Candace helped him gain his balance. Ferb held out a finger, and covered his mouth with his other hand.

Cp gets out the other side and walks over to them.

"Hey, we made it! Ferb is back!"

Ferb vomits on Cp's boots.

"Ferb!" Cp shouts. Phineas and Candace try to hold back their laughter. Ferb gives a half smile and shrugs.

"Hell, I'll just sell them on E-Bay; some crazy rabid fans would love to have Ferb's vomit." Cp mutters and steps out of his boots.

"Cool car Cp." Candace says.

"Oh Shhhh-ugar, Honey, Ice Tea!" Cp yells, grabs his boots, and jumps into the driver seat. He tosses Ferb's bag out, and Candace catches it.

"Forgot, I have to return it. I'll see you guys later!"

Cp starts the car, and drives away. He drives through another section of the wall.

Phineas, Candace hug Ferb.

"It's good to have you back brother." Phineas said.

"Good to be back," Ferb replies, "and a wall to prevent rabid fans from getting in the studio."

All of them blink, and realize what just happened. They turn to the two gaps in the wall. Fans with signs already filled the hole.

"It's Phineas! Ferb! And Candace!" they all scream, and start to pour into the parking lot.

Phineas, Ferb, and Candace run away.


Comment person: Ahh…good times…. turns out, I got $400 from Ferb's vomit off of E-Bay, and guess who the top bidder was?

Surprisingly, it wasn't Irving! It was some Fanfiction person who won it.

I did return the Ferrari, and I had to help out with getting the fans out of the studio campus….so it all worked out well.

(Door opens)

Comment person: Ferb! What are you doing in here?"

Ferb blinks.

Comment person: Oh I was just playing some videos I recorded. Care to watch some?

Ferb shakes his head, and continues to search the room.

Comment person: What do you need?

Ferb opens his mouth, and is about to say something.

Comment person: Oh, I'll get it.

(gets off couch, and opens a closet, Ferb stands at the doorway)

Cp: Is this what you're looking for?"

(is holding some cigarettes)

Ferb stares at them.

Cp: I don't smoke, I just sell them.

Ferb gives me a puzzled look.

Cp: Ummm….I sell them to people who want it?

Ferb stares at him.

Cp: Hey, that's not the only way I make money!

Ferb: That's what she said.

Cp growls, and tosses the cigarettes back in the closet. Searches some more.

Cp: You wanted this?

(is holding a M61 Vulcan Minigun with both hands)

Ferb stares at the gun with wide eyes.

"Hey, I have a permit. Besides, I love big guns that tear up stuff."

Ferb: That's what she said.

Cp growls, and tosses the minigun aside. Goes back in closet and searches again.

(comes out with a rubber duck)

Cp: I don't know why I have this….I guess I love rubber things.

Ferb opens his mouth to say something, when Cp shoves the rubber duck in his mouth.

Squeaky Squeaky!

Cp: Not one word Ferb Fletcher.

Ferb spits out duck. Cp goes back in the closet.

(comes out with a tuxedo that is Ferb's size)

Ferb takes the tuxedo and gives a thumbs up.

Cp: Ferb, random chest bump!

Cp and Ferb jump and do a chest bump in mid air.

Cp: Alright see ya buddy!

(Ferb leaves the room)

Cp: So umm, the last video is just me interviewingsome of the cast members….

(clicks remote and plays third video)


Cp: Hey Phineas, what's up?

Phineas: Hey Cp. Umm, nothing much right now.

Cp: Well that's good, cause I wanted to ask you some questions.

Phineas: Well, I was wondering why you grabbed me from my trailer, and dragged me into your storage room.

Cp: Yeah, I needed to tape a few interviews for the Fanfiction members.

Phineas: Ok then, ask away!

Cp: Ok, what did you think of the "Summer Belongs To You" episode?

Phineas: It was great; we had to travel around the world to film it! It really did bring the cast members together. Isabella and I grew closer, Candace and Jeremy became BF and GF, and everyone had fun.

Cp: Mmmm, what about those outtakes that Perry gave me? What are your ideas on them?

Phineas: The outtakes? It was funny when it happened. Like when we bounced around the world, the rubber ball somehow had a sudden burst of bounce, and we bounced up to the moon. Of coarse it took two days for the Director to get a team up there and bring us back, but bounced to the moon!

Cp: Yea…Oh before I forget, one of the outtakes showed Spongebob and Patrick from the show SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS. They were working the lights! What was up with that?

Phineas: Oh yeah…well, SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS and Phineas and Ferb are rival shows, but that doesn't mean we can hang out and chat. Anyways, the Director needed some people to work the lights that day, Spongebob offered to help us out. I guess he brought Patrick along to help him. When we filmed the island scene, they did a great job with the lighting. I didn't know we had paid them to work the lights, and that's why I pointed off screen and said: "Look! A sponge and a starfish!"

Cp: Heh, I still have that video with that part!

(clicks remote and plays SUMMER BELONGS TO YOU OUTTAKES)

(Phineas is digging the hole on the deserted island)

"Look! A sponge and a starfish!"


"No, I'm serious, over there, operating the lights." Phineas says and points.

(Camera turns, and Spongebob and Patrick are working the lights)

"Uhh, we still get paid right?" asks Spongebob.

(clip ends)

Phineas: Yep, that's what happened. No one told me they were helping us that day.

Cp: Ok, now about you and Isabella…

Phineas: Oh. Well, my part in the role was to be focused on going around the world, that I didn't pay a lot of attention to her. If I was directing the film, I would have added more parts with me and her!

Cp: Sooo…you're not really that naïve?

Phineas: No no no, that's just my role. In truth, Isabella sang really beautifully, and on the island, we both wanted it to be a very romantic part, but the Director made it half romantic as we wanted it.

Cp: So have you two gone on any dates lately?

Phineas: Actually, I'm taking her to the movies later today.

Cp: Oh that's nice. One more thing….how the hell did you get my AK-47?

Phineas: Well umm….

Cp: Never mind, but why did you pull it out on Candace?

Phineas: Well, it was getting dark, and we all had a tiring day that day….I sorta forgot that we were still filming. When Candace wouldn't get on the trike, I couldn't take it. I pulled out the gun and yelled: "GET ON THE TRIKE!"

Cp: I don't think the gun was necessary.

Phineas: Why do you think they took that part out, and had to redo it again?

Cp: Good point. Well, that wraps up this interview. You can go now Phineas….Phineas?

(Phineas is gone from his chair)

Cp: Where's Phineas?

(Phineas comes back with two lemonades in his hands)

Phineas: Just went out to get something to drink. Want one?

Cp: Sure

(Phineas steps forward, but trips, causing both glasses of lemonade to spill on Cp)

Cp: What the hell?

Phineas: Sorry!

Cp: Aww, now I smell…pretty nice actually.

Phineas: It looks like you peed in your pants though."
Cp: Hey don't be looking!

Phineas: Umm, Ok? I'm going to go now.

Cp: Ok see ya!

(Phineas leaves)


Cp: Ok, this is the second interview. This time, it is with Perry.

(Perry is sitting on the chair)

Cp: So tell me Perry…how do you feel?

(Perry writes down on a notepad)

Perry: Is this a therapy?

Cp: No, no its not. Its an interview.

Perry: So what was that "how do you feel" stuff?

Cp: Let's just get started. So Perry, what's your opinion on Summer Belongs To You?

Perry: It was a great show. To tell the truth, I didn't think it would be fun, but it was fun!

Cp: (holds back a laugh)

Perry: Ok what Cp?

Cp: You got knocked off the Tokyo Tower!

(plays another clip)

"Take…I don't know, just role!"

The purple giant water balloon swings around the Tokyo Tower.

"Oh this can't be good." Vanessa says.

The water balloon swings around, and hits Perry, knocking him off the tower. Everyone rushes over to see Perry falling.

"Oops, that can't be good."


(clip ends)

Perry: That wasn't fun at all! I almost hit the ground!

Cp: So? I jumped off a plane while it was flying, and had stuff shot at me!

Perry: Wait, did a toilet shoot at you?

Cp: Yeah why?

(Perry runs out the door)

Cp: Umm….how long it he going to be?

(explosion somewhere in the Studio, Doof yells in the distance: "Curse you Perry the Platypus!")

(Perry comes back in the room with a AT-4, tosses it aside, and sits back in the chair)

Cp: What did you just do?

(Perry writes more)

Perry: I blew up Doofenshmirtz's Launch-Inator.

Cp: Oh…hey wasn't that my AT-4?

Perry: Next question!

Cp: That was my AT-4!

Perry: I enjoyed filming in Summer Belongs to You, and I had a great time in Paris! Later!

(Perry runs out of the room)

Cp: Get back here Perry!

(Perry is running down the hall)

Background singers: PER-RRY!

Cp: That's not helping!

Background singers: Hey we are paid to do that!


Cp: Ok, this time we have Buford here.

(Buford is chained to the wall)

Buford: Why am I chained again?
Cp: For…safety reasons….

Buford: For you?

Cp: For you Buford. Before I play the clip, I didn't know you speak French!

Buford: Well, my name is Buford Van Stomm! People should really read more!

Cp: You read?

Buford: Yeah I read, just not as much as the nerd does.

Cp: The bully reads?

Buford: Seriously, I don't see why most people think I am just like my role!

Cp: So, if I show you this clip, you wont freak out and try to punch me?

Buford: It depends….play it!

(plays clip)


Buford and Baljeet are in the restaurant.

"Excuss moi monsieur, mais puis-je s'il vous plaît dans votre merde garbarge?"

(everyone bursts out laughing behind the camera)

"What did I say?" Buford asks everyone.

(the waiter whispers to him. Buford's eyes turn wide)

"What? I didn't mean that!" Buford yelled.

(Turns to the camera)

"What? Is the camera still rolling?"

Buford stomps over to the camera


(Buford is about to punch it, when it turns off)

(Clip ends)

Buford: What? They recorded that? Cp! Why did you play that?

(Buford tries to charge, but the chains stop him)

Cp: I told you they are for your own safety.

Buford: How?

Cp: Cause, if you physically punch me or knock me over, I can file a lawsuit.

Random Voice: LAWSUIT!

Cp: Hey! Knock it off!

Random Voice: DENIED!

Cp: Buford if I let you go, will you beat up the Random Voice?

Buford: Is that even possible?

Random Voice: NOOO!

Cp and Buford: Shut up!

Random Voice: O-KAY!

(Cp growls)

Cp: Anyways, how did you not know what you said?

Buford: Well, I didn't know until everyone started to laugh!

Cp: You speak French!

Buford: So?

Cp: Ok, I will say what you said.

Buford: Sure go ahead.

Cp: Ok, what Buford said was:

"Excess me sir, but may I crap in your garbage?"

Buford: I cant believe I said that!

Cp: It was priceless!

Buford: Wait…I think I mixed up a few words.

Cp: What do you mean?

Buford: I misplaced the word 'crap' in the sentence.

Cp: So you said something totally different?

Buford: No, I just realized that I mixed up the order of the words!

Cp: Ohhhh….Oh crap!

Buford: Speaking of which, I need to use the restroom.

Cp: Ok, there's a garbage can over there.

Buford: Not funny anymore!

Cp: Ok, thanks for the interview.

(chains snap off of Buford)

Buford: I think it's a big one!

(Buford runs out of the room, down the hall, and to the restroom)

Cp: Ok…well I think I should (sniffs)

Cp: Oh God help us, Amen!

(Cp stumbles out of his room)

Cp: Someone get an air freshener! Or something!

(Doof stumbles down the hall as well)

Doof: Aw man! Is Buford taking a dump again?

Cp: Yea!

Doof: I got just the thing!

(Doof takes out a ball; the ball explodes, sending green air everywhere)

Cp: (sniffs) Ah, much better.

Doof: Hey can I be interviewed next?

Cp: What do you think of Summer Belongs to You?
Doof: Well, it really did bring me and Vanessa together.

Cp: She plays her role well, as your daughter.

Doof: She is my daughter.

Cp: You serious?

Doof: Yes, yes I am.

Cp: Ah well.

Doof: What were you thinking?

Cp: Nothing! Nothing at all!

Doof: How dare you think of my daughter like that!

(Doof pulls out an MP5k)

Cp: Hey is that mine?

Doof: Ummm, yes?

Cp: Will you guys stop taking my guns?

Doof: Well its your fault for having so many!

Cp: I use all of them!

Doof: For what?

Cp: I don't know, I just like having them.

Doof: Anyways! You cant get away from havings those thoughts about Vanessa!

Cp: Why would I? She's older than me, she has a boyfriend already, even though she does have good looks, I wouldn't think that. She's your daughter for crying out loud!

Doof: Ok, fine, I believe you.

(Cp takes the MP5K away)

Doof: Ha! Sucker!

Cp: What?

Doof: I was bluffing the whole time! She is my daughter, but I was bluffing about your thoughts on her! I didnt know what you were thinking, so I just bluffed! Ha!
She really is my daughter though.

(Cp aims MP5K)

Doof: Aw come on, you're not the only one to have fun!

Cp: Fine…this section has gone on long enough!

(turns off camera)


Comment person: Well, that's all for now actually. I'm going to save the interviews and videos for the next chapter.

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Candace: Hey, why is everyone using that line now?

Comment person: When did you get in here?

Candace: Just asking if you want to get some lunch with me and Jeremy, you have been in here all morning.

Cp: Nah, I'm not really hunger right now.

Candace: I'll buy.

Cp: Deal.

(Candace and Cp leave the room)