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Oh before I forget, the song is "Ballad of the Green Berets" the one done by Miklos Rozsa. Go look it up if you want.

The End


In the Studios, employees and maintenance teams were busy working. Even though the cast of Phineas and Ferb had left long ago, the Studio was still used for other movies and T.V. shows.

In the Studio's pavilion, a group of people were walking on through, following the person in front.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN'T FIND CP?" the Director asked the people behind him as he kept walking.

"He said that he and Ghost had to go take care of some training at the military base stationed in L.A." Terra informed.


"Actually, he's just late." Darkspine corrected as they exited the pavilion, and walked through one of the filming sets. The Director craned his head and stared at Darkspine.

"IS CP HERE?" the Director demanded.

"" Darkspine answered.

"THEN HE IS MISSING." the Director said.

"Actually, he's just absent." T.S. corrected.


The group approached a man holding a clipboard, and was overseeing the workers as they moved props and clothing around the set. The man saw the Director approach.

"Ah Director," the man greeted, "the set is almost ready, we just need the casting crew and we can start shooting." The man glanced at the three people behind the Director, who gave him a confused look.

"Start shooting the movie." the assistant explained.

"Ooohhh." Terra, T.S, and Darkspine realized.

"What? You guys thought we were actually gonna shoot the cast crew?"

"With all the action we have been through, vocabulary gets a bit confusing."

"I know; it's hard enough to talk to Cp on his cell phone." he groaned.


"Hey! What's wrong with us?" Darkspine demanded.


"Alright then...I'll call him." the assistance grumbled, and pulled out his own cell phone and started to call Cp.

The group continued to walk, and exited the set. They were now in the courtyard, and the gang spotted a very good friend from the U.K. lounging around.

Emily Kinney looked up from her chair, and spotted them as well.

"T.S, Darkspine, Terra!" she exclaimed with excitement, jumped out of her seat, and dashed over to them.

"Hey Emily!" Terra greeted as Emily ran over and hugged his waist.

"I can't believe you're here!" she told them as she released Terra and hugged T.S. around her waist.

"Well, Cp invited us to help clean out the Studio." T.S. explained. Emily released T.S. and hugged Darkspine's waist, since she wasn't as tall as them.

"Where is the lad anyways?" Emily asked as she let go of Darkspine, "and where is Ghost?"

Just then, the Director's long-time assistant ran up to them.

"Cp said that he's coming around the front in about a minute with his friends." he reported.

"A minute? Tis Cp walking?" Emily asked.

"I think walking."

"WAIT, WHAT FRIENDS?" the Director asked.

"Well, let's go find out." Terra said, and they all rushed towards the front gates of the Studio, leaving the Director and his assistant behind. The Director gave his assistance a glare.

"WELL? LET'S GO!" the Director exclaimed, and ran off to join the others.

"Right behind you, sir." his assistance replied as he ran behind the Director.


The group ran out of the guarded gates and stood on the sidewalk. They looked both ways, but saw no sign of Cp or Ghost. They also heard no sound of a motor, so they knew that Cp and Ghost were walking.

"Hey, where did all the cars go?" Darkspine asked. They all glanced around, and suddenly they realized that all the cars on the empty street were gone.

"DID YOU PARK MY CAR IN THE GARAGE?" the Director asked his assistant.

"Yes, yes I did."

"GOOD." sighed the Director.

"Shh!" T.S. shushed him, "You guys hear that?"

The group listened carefully, and could hear the faint sound of boots jogging on the street, except it was becoming even louder.

They all craned their heads down the street to find the source off all the footsteps. Around the far away corner down the slope, they could see Cp, Ghost, and their 'friends' rounding the corner.

Right behind Cp and Ghost was a sea of men in green t-shirts, pants, and combat boots. Cp and Ghost were leading the endless crowd of men around the corner, and they started to jog up the hill. All the soldiers were in rows of ten, and were perfectly aligned as they jogged.

"First piece, Berets!" Ghost's voice barked loud enough for the entire division of men to hear. The men took deep breaths, and started to sing in a deep, broad chorus of voices.

Fight-ing soooool-diers from the skyyyyyyy,
Fear-less meeeeeen, who jump and diiiiieee,
Men who meeeeann, just what they saaaayy,
The brave mennnn, of the Green Bereeeets.

"Third piece, Berets!" Cp barked loudly as they continued to jog up the hill.

Trained to liiiiive, off nature's laaaand,
Trained in com-bat, Hand-to-haaaaaand,
Men who fiiiiiight, by night and daaaaayyy,
Courage deeeeep, of the Green Bereeeet

Once Ghost and Cp reached the top of the hill, they jogged their way over to the front entrance of the Studio, and stopped to catch their breaths. Meanwhile, the division of Green Berets continued to jog in their orderly fashion, and jogged past the Studio.

"Return to base, Berets!" Ghost ordered.

"Sir, yes sir!" every single one of them boomed, and continued to jog.

"I thought you were in Delta Force..." Terra wondered.

"We had some friends that were assigned to the Green Berets." Cp explained as he stretched his back. After half a minute, the last Green Berets jogged past the Studio, and up the street.

"WELL, YOU TOOK YOUR SWEET TIME..." the Director grumbled.

"You rather have us had them march through the Studio?" Ghost questioned.


"Sure, and are my metal eggs still in the hangar?"


"You will see," Cp promised, "now I need somebody to clean out my closet, somebody to move my vehicles out of the garage on the second floor, and I need someone to go and get my equipment that we left here before we moved the P&F cast back to Danville."

"Why did ya have to erase their poor minds?" Emily asked, remembering the day when Cp gathered all of the P&F casts, minus her, and erased their memories of being at the Studio.

"Well, the Director said that it would be better to film them on a usual daily basis, rather than acting out scripted episodes." Cp explained.

"How do ya record their lives?" Emily asked again.

"You know those 3rd person cameras that can go invisible and float around?"


"That's how we get new episodes on T.V." Cp explained, "now who wants to do what?"

"I'll get the vehicles." Ghost instantly spoke up.

"I'll come." T.S. said, and opened a red portal. The two stepped through, and the portal closed.

"I'll get the equipment." Terra said, and walked off.

"Wait up lad!" Emily called as she ran after him.

"I'll get your closet..." Darkspine groaned, and went off. The Director and his assistant left to do something else, leaving Cp all alone again.

"Looks like I'm going to the hangar to release the-"


Ghost and T.S. stepped onto the concrete pavement of the parking garage, and immediately found themselves among hundreds of cars.

"Great, how do we know which ones are his?"

"Simple," Ghost told her as he walked over to the elevator, "we need his vehicles."

T.S. went over to him and watched as he pressed the up and down buttons on the elevator panel.

"Really?" T.S. asked in disbelief. Ghost ignored her, and continued to push the two buttons. After what seemed like forever, there was a click, and a tiny slot slid open in the panel. Ghost pressed the blue button inside the slot, and then the whole garage floor hummed.
T.S. saw as the floor section beneath every parked car on the 2nd floor flipped over. Once the floors flipped onto the other side, every parking spot displayed the vehicles that belonged to Cp.

"How did you know how to do that?" T.S. asked Ghost.

"I helped him move them up here." Ghost replied. T.S. examined the vehicles that he had stored here. "So which one should we drive out first?

"What about that one?" T.S. suggested, and ran over to a golden colored 1967 Ford Mustang. Ghost made his way over and examined the old car.

"Now this is a classic." he remarked, and checked the underside of the car. The two opened the doors and slipped into the seats.

Ghost turned the key and started the ignition for the motor, which was pretty loud for an old car.

"Now we just have to take this outside?"

"Yep." Ghost answered as he shifted the stick gear, and drove the car in reverse. T.S. felt uneasy as Ghost just shifted the car into breaks and let out a long sighed.

"Uh, what are thinking Ghost?" T.S. asked. Ghost pressed his foot down lightly on the pedal. The rear wheels started to spin, and the motor revved up. T.S. glanced ahead, and saw the thin cement barrier that kept people and cars from falling off the floor and to the ground below.
Any vehicle without proper mantinence and spring systems would most likely crash on impact if they rode off the 2nd floor of the garage.

"Ghost, you better not!" T.S. warned, and shifted in her seat. Ignoring her words, Ghost shifted the shift to drive, and stomped down on the gas pedal.


"So what do you plan on doing with all the extra space we will be getting after Cp cleans out his stuff?" the assistant asked as he trailed behind the Director.



Both the Director and his assistant quickly looked up to find the source of the engine roar. As soon as they looked up, a golden 1967 Ford Mustang crashed out of the 2nd garage floor. The Director and his assistant brought their hands up to their heads to block the falling pieces of concrete. For some lucky reason, the concrete debris crashed down around them.

The car's wheels hit the ground, and sent the car bouncing up and down, thanks to the installed spring packs. After a few good bounces, the car rested on the pavement, and the engine died down. Ghost silently exited the car, while T.S. was shouting at him as she got out.

The Director and his assistant glanced up at the breach in the concrete barrier above that Ghost created.

"CP IS GONNA PAY FOR THE DAMAGE." the Director stated flatly, and started to walk off.


"Why couldn't we just drive the car out the normal way?" T.S. demanded as they walked towards the garage.

"Where's the fun in that?" Ghost shot back. T.S. just opened a portal and the two stepped through, and were back in the parking garage's second level.

"Maybe this should be easier." T.S. muttered as she stretched out her hand towards a teal coated Saturn Sky. A huge portal opened up underneath it, and the car dropped into the portal.

On the outside, another portal opened up beside the Ford Mustang, and the Saturn Sky dropped out of the portal, and plopped down right next to the Ford Mustang.

"I like the other way better." Ghost stated as he went off to drive a Pontiac Solstice out of the garage in the same style.


Darkspine opened the door to Cp's old storage closet, the same closet where he held the past interviews and clips of adventures. The hallway light traced over the edges of boxes and other objects that lay scattered in the room.

"Where's that light switch?" Darkspine wondered as he felt the wall for the switch. His fingers brushed against a switch, and he flicked it down. When the light above the room turned on, Darkspine's instincts took effect immediately.

Darkspine reached behind and pulled two G19 pistols from his belt holsters.

"On your knees and hands on your head!" Darkspine barked with a fierce voice.

A shriek filled the room as the owner of the shriek did as she was told.

"Don't shoot me! I didn't mean to stow away with you guys!" the teenager cried in panic. Darkspine caught a good look at the teenager, and recognized who he was aiming at.


"Darkspine?" Candace asked looking up at him, her hands still behind her head. Darkspine slipped the pistols back into his belt holsters.

"Are you crazy!" Candace demanded at once, getting off her knees.

"Sorry." Darkspine apologized as he made his way to the stuff piled in a corner of the room.

"Sorry? No, no, no, what's with pointing the guns at me?" Candace demanded as she followed behind Darkspine.

"That was instinct." Darkspine said as he wiped the dust off the top of a box.

"Instinct is when you scream and panic and wave her hands in the air," Candace argued back, placing her hands on her hips, "not pulling out..." Candace quickly glanced at the pistols that Darkspine carried, "two G18 pistols!"

"G19." Darkspine corrected as he flipped open the lid of the box. He stared in amazement at what resided inside the box.

"A colored variety of rubber ducks...what joy." Darkspine muttered.

"What is this place anyways?" Candace continued to ask questions.

"It's the Studio were most T.V. shows and movies are created." Darkspine explained, closing the box and setting it aside.

"Why does it seem so familiar?"
"Cause you've been here before." Darkspine told the truth as he picked up a 12-pack of Sprite bottles. Candace was bewildered as his answer.

"Since when?" Candace demanded.

"Well, you and the rest of your friends filmed a T.V. episode called "Phineas and Ferb Summer Belongs To You!" Darkspine told as he started to search through the pile of stuff.

"Why don't I have any memory of this?" Candace wondered. Darkspine picked up another box and started to open it.

"They had to erase your memory so you could go back to a normal life." he continued to tell as he opened the box and saw an old black and white colored picture of Cp standing with John Wayne. "Now how did he get that?"

"Ok, but one more question." Candace declared, trying to get everything clear.

"Fine, one more." Darkspine said, looking up at Candace who was taller than him, and the rest of the gang.

"Why did they erase my memory?"

"So you can all go back to Danville and they can record your lives for a Disney T.V. show."

Candace just stood in silence.

"And if you would excuse me, I have to go repair the 4th wall once again." Darkspine excused himself.
As he walked out, his foot stepped on a device with a green button.


"Oops..." Darkspine muttered. "Hope that didn't do something." He thought it over for a moment.

"Nah, it was a green button." Darkspine assumed and continued to walk off to fix the Fourth Wall.


The wind blew through the harsh and hot sand dunes as the sun glazed down upon the desert.

Suddenly, a huge mushroom cloud erupted from the sand, shockwaves moving the dunes, and sand being blown everywhere.


Darkspine was walking down the hallway, with Candace walking beside him.


Darkspine pulled out his cell phone and answered the call.


"Why did I just receive a call from the Algerian military about my N.E.3 charges detonating in the Sahara desert?" Cp asked Darkspine over the phone.

"In my justification," Darkspine started to defend himself, "you left that device lying on the floor." Cp just growled in response over the speaker.

"Oh and Candace is here." Darkspine added.

"Tell her I said "Hey!" Cp instructed Darkspine, not concerned about the fact that she knew about the Studio. Darkspine hung up the phone and turned to Candace.

"Candace, Cp says 'Hey!"

"No duh, you had it on speaker." Candace pointed out flatly.



Cp overlooked the hundred 6ft metal eggs that rested upright, perfectly balanced. Sighing to himself, he pressed a button and the main hangar cover slowly creaked open. The sun shined into the hangar, and gleamed over the slick metal eggs.

"Release the Hellions!" Cp bellowed the ancient activation code.
The metal eggs started to shift and transform, the metal shell taking form of 10ft tall metal body, with huge razor talons, and a huge 20ft wingspan with weapons embedded underneath.

On the outside, Ghost, T.S, and the Director were passing by the hangar.

"I HOPE CP GOT RID OF THOSE METAL EGGS, THEY KEEP TAKING UP SO MUCH SPACE." the Director grumbled. Ghost glanced into the hangar, and saw a flock of giant birds starting to jet out of the hang.

"Get down!" Ghost barked, and shoved T.S. and the Director down.

As soon as he did, a flock of giant metal hawks, with steel razor fangs in their beaks, jetted out of the hangar with jet engines attached to their metal feather tails, and took to the sky.
Ghost caught a glance under one of the wings, and briefly spotted an array of rockets and miniguns. The metal hawks' eyes were glowing blue from the circuitry inside.
After the final giant mechanical hawk jetted out of the hangar, T.S, Ghost, and the Director got off the ground. Cp walked out of the hangar.

"Ah, they're quite a beauty." Cp sighed as he watched the hawks gleam in the sky as they flew off to an unknown destination.

"WHAT WERE THOSE THINGS?" the Director demanded.

"Those are Hellions," Cp defined the robotic birds as he watched them fly, "created by the Judas Priest as an aerial asset to combat against the AutoTune Sky Force jets during the Music War."
(you know the song "The Hellion/Electric Eye" by the band Judas Priest?)

"What Music War?" Ghost asked, not hearing about this.

"It was a war against the conquering forces of AutoTune," T.S. explained, "the AutoTune forces took over the land of Pop by killing the King of Pop, and were bent on conquest to take over the lands of Rock, Metal, and Western."

"WHAT ABOUT CLASSICAL?" the Director asked.

"The people of Classical were the founders of the four genres," Cp put in.

"To makes things more simple, after a year of losing, the people of Rock and Metal formed the Rock-Metal Alliance, and fought against the AutoTune forces."

"And those Hellions were the air strikes?" Ghost figured.

"One of them, and they belonged to the Metal side."

"What about land forces?"

"Oh the Rock-Metal Alliance had the giant Great WhiteSnake, the mighty Def Leopard that deafened his enemies, the giant Scorpions, the Iron Man, the Kiss get the idea."

"What was the Iron Man made of out?" Ghost asked.

"A super metal substance known as Metallica." Cp explained.

"Wait, how do you two know about this when this happened so long ago?" Ghost demanded.

"T.S. opened a portal to the ancient times back then, and the Rock-Metal Alliance gave me some Hellions to look after." Cp enlightened.

"What did you do?"

"I gave them a lot of chainsaws to use as bayonets."

"Bayonet chainsaws..." Ghost repeated, wondering how that was even possible.

"Did you get my cars out of the garage?" Cp finally asked.

"Yes, yes we did." T.S. said.

"Good, now can you guys load them onto the Hauler?"


"Yeah that's the one."


"How did you even become a director when you hardly do anything?"


"At least I spend my money wisely." Cp shot back.


"Oh, like the time when you tried to use Hulk Hogan to star in Thor?"


"I am Thooor!" the wrestler Hulk Hogan bellowed and threw the hammer that was suppose to be the Mjolnir at the set's wall, which brought the whole set down.

"CUT! ALRIGHT HOGAN, THAT'S THE 155TH TIME TODAY..." the Director tried to reason with him.

"I am Thooor!" Hogan bellowed and picked up a sword, jumped up towards the overhead lighting set, and smashed down the lights, along with breaking the steel sword. Everyone around him was trying to calm him down, but nothing was effective.


Hulk Hogan descended back to the ground, and literally caused a huge crater on impact as his legs landed on the ground.

"I am the mighty Thor!" Hogan roared, and charged at the wall. Hogan literally smashed straight through the Studio building's wall, bringing down the whole midsection of the place as he ran forward.

"GREAT...THERE GOES A MONTH'S WORTH OF MOVIE MONEY..." the Director groaned. The set crew was once again starting to clean up the huge mess that was left behind. Just then, his assistant approached him with a clipboard.


"WHAT?" the Director groaned, his head buried in his hand.

"Mr. Hemsworth is ready for his audition for Thor."



"OK, MAYBE THAT ONE TIME..." the Director reasoned.

"Don't forget the time when you tried to cast Mr. T in the Last Exorcism."


"I must admit though, it would have been a good idea to cast in Ozzy Osbourne as the Prince of Darkness in the Twilight series."


"Bummer." Ghost stated. There was a moment of awkward silence between the group.

"Well, I better check on Emily and Terra." Cp thought aloud and went off. The Director, Ghost, and T.S. went off to go move the cars, again.


Terra and Emily were shifting through Cp's numerous amount of equipment.

"How does Cp afford all of this bloody equipment?" Emily wondered as she picked up a night vision helmet. She turned to Terra, but he was no where in sight.


There was a sharp click, and Terra shimmered into view, a few feet in front of her.

"This is a handy thing." Terra remarked as he checked out the metal belt he wore on his waist.

"What tis it?" Emily asked, looking at the device.

"A cloaking device; Cp used it once on a mission in Canada." Terra explained as he unclipped the belt, and slipped it off. Emily glanced beside her and picked up a big red rubber ball.

"Why does he have a big red rubber ball?" Emily asked.

"I don't really know," Terra said with a shrug, "maybe we should ask him."

Just then, Cp entered the room.

"What's up?" Cp greeted them.

"Why do you have this?" Emily asked, and threw the ball at him. Unfortunately, Cp wasn't paying attention, and the ball whacked him in the head, knocking off his Choppers.

"Ow..." Cp muttered as he reached down to pick up his Choppers.

"Sorry." Emily apologized with a faint smile.

"No problem," Cp told her, "and I got that in China."

"You've been to China?" Terra asked.

"Yep, and India...the northern Russia...Australia...Mexico..." Cp started to list out the places.

"Tis there anywhere you haven't been?" Emily said with a grin.

"Weeeelll..." Cp thought it over for a moment. "I've never been to Greenland, and I've never been to Denver...or St. Louie or St. Paul."

Both Terra and Emily were surprised; they thought Cp had been everywhere.

"Never been to Moscow..."

"What!" Terra blurted out.
"Well, not the city, just the airport!" Cp explained, "Never been to Tampa...and I've never been to Boston in the Fall."

Both Emily and Terra gave him skeptical looks.

"I'm telling the truth!" Cp told them.

"If you say so." Emily said, and continued to rummage around the stuff. Terra and Cp gave her a confused look.

"Take it easy Emily," Terra told her, "Cp just got out of Hell a few days ago."

"You died?" Emily demanded.

"Uh yeah." Cp answered plainly as he pressed a button on the wall. A panel slid open on the ceiling, and lowered a coat railing, and six leather jackets were hung up on it.

"Why so many jackets?" Emily asked.

"Different styles."

"How? They are all black, and they look the same!" Emily argued.

"No," Cp said and walked over to the first jacket and revealed what was inside it, "this one has sidearms." He revealed all the latch pistols and revolvers inside the jacket. Cp moved to the next one.

"This one has grenades." Cp revealed the next. Emily stared at all the grenades inside one leather jacket.

"And this one-"

"Has combat knives, the next has shotguns, then S.M.G's, and the last one is just for style." Terra finished up for him.

"You been going through my stuff?"

"Well, you told us to clean up this place!"


Emily picked up a small remote with multicolored buttons.

"And this?" she asked.

"Oh, that's a remote teleporter," Cp explained, "you can teleport anyone from anywhere, and send them straight here."

"Anyone?" Terra repeated.

"Anyone, why?"

"Cause we both might want to see a certain cold-hearted female..." Terra implied. Cp just tilted his head, not understanding.

"Maybe a certain crime leader?" Terra implied again, trying to get Cp to remember.

"What?" Cp just blurted out.

"Let's get Lucy over here." Terra growled.

"Oh!" Cp realized, "Ok, hand me the teleporter please."

Emily tossed the teleporter, and Cp caught it.

" to bring Lucy to us." Cp muttered as he punched in a few buttons. "There we go!"

There was a yellow flash in the middle of them, and they could see a skinny figure standing in front of them.

All their mouths dropped at the sight. In front of them, a familiar teenaged, blue haired girl stood with a soggy towel wrapped around her soaked body.

Lucy reached up and moved her long blue hair aside from her eyes, and she immediately saw Terra in her view.

"Terra!" she screamed, and clutched her towel tighter.

"Lucy!" Terra replied, still not sure what to say under the circumstances.

"Lucy!" Emily exclaimed.

"Emily!" Lucy cried, and jumped back.

"Hey Lucy." Cp said simply, his face returned to normal. Lucy turned to Cp, and her eyes instantly held fury.

"Aw hell now, not you too!" Lucy exclaimed.

"It's nice to see you again Lucy." Cp told her in a flat voice.

"You can't just teleport me whenever you want!" Lucy argued with Cp, "especially not when I just got out of a shower!"

"Hey, it wasn't my idea!" Cp defended himself.

"Says the one holding the teleporter!" Lucy pointed out.

" know each other?" Terra interrupted their argument.

"What, you're friends with him?" Lucy demanded from Terra.

"I thought you knew when you said 'a half-deaf punk who never takes off his d**n Choppers off', you were referring to Cp." Terra said.

"I thought that was someone else!"

"How do you know Cp anyways?"

"He's my freak'n ex!"

"Ex!" Terra repeated, and cast a baffled look at Cp. "She's your ex?"

Cp gave a simple nod.

"Since when!" Terra exclaimed.

"Since she broke up with me." Cp told.

"Why didn't you tell me this?"

"You never asked."

"At least I was your first date, girlfriend, and ex." Lucy stated proudly.

"'re not." Cp corrected. Lucy turned at glared at Cp.

"What?" she demanded.

"You're my fourth..."

"Who the hell are the others?" Lucy demanded, and took a step towards Cp, which he took a step back.

"You met my first one Terra?" Cp asked, looking over Lucy's shoulder.

"Who, Sally?" Terra remembered.

"Yea, her."

"Yeah, I met her."

"Then there was..." Cp started to explain, which only made Lucy even angrier.
"Hey, you asked!" Cp defended himself again.
They could all feel Lucy's rage, and they expected her to lash out at Cp and beat him to death.

"Uh Lucy?" Terra piped up.

"Yes?" Lucy turned and said sweetly.

"I think you should get some cloths on..." Terra said, and stared at the towel that she clutched around her still-wet body.

"What if I don't want to?" Lucy asked with a swayed voice.

"Then you will catch a cold." Emily stated, still a bit shocked at seeing Lucy in a towel.

"Well, I guess you're right." Lucy figured, "Cp could you be so kind and take me to go change?"
Terra and Emily held back their laughs and Lucy casted a look at them.

"I would rather not." Cp told her.

"And why not?" Lucy asked, getting closer to Cp.

"Cp hardly knows his way around now," Terra stated, "he's probably going to lead you out to the streets!"

"Yeah, I think Terra would be a better choice to lead you." Cp suggested.

"But I rather have you take me..." Lucy pouted with a puppy face, and leaned on Cp. Terra just watched.

"Why not Terra?" Cp demanded.

"I prefer you..." Lucy whispered loud enough for everyone in the room to hear, "and who knows what Terra will do."

"Cut the crap, and go with Terra." Cp stated flatly. Lucy's innocent face was replaced with an irritated expression.

"Fine, suit yourself." Lucy simply said, and swayed her way past Terra, and over to the door. Terra just glanced from Lucy, and back at Cp.

"I'll just have Terra take me; I bet he knows the way." Lucy shot back at Cp.

"He does; now go get dressed." Cp told her, and Lucy gave him a cold stare.

"You coming Terra?" Lucy asked sweetly.

"Yeah, coming." Terra answered, and showed her out. As Lucy was heading out, she winked at Cp, who just stared at her with an un-phased expression. Terra just shook his head, and followed Lucy, escorting her to the dressing room.

Emily and Cp were left in the equipment room.

"Was she coming on to you?" Emily asked, not sure what had happened.

"Far from it." Cp stated as he picked up a box of colored pencils he had stored.

"Then what was all of that about?" Emily demanded.

"She pulls that stunt to make boys jealous." Cp explained as he set the box down and picked up a SPAS-15.

"Is that why you two broke up?" Emily asked as she picked up and carried an electric guitar.

"No, she found another boy, and left me for him."

"Was it Terra?"

"No, it was another guy that she dumped long ago." Cp enlightened as he packed away the gun, "how did you two even meet each other?"

"Well, she was a few classes ahead of me in school," Emily told as she moved some boxes around, "and then she dropped out for some reason...I figure she joined the Unione Corse?"

"Yep, and could you please move those boxes back to where they were?"

"Aren't we suppose to be moving them out?"

"That was the pile I was going to move out."

"Sor-ry, you have these things laying everywhere!"


Darkspine and Candace were walking down a hallway, and Ghost and T.S. were walking down another. The two hallways crossed each other, and that was when T.S. and Ghost caught the sight of someone.

"Hands in the air!" T.S. shouted and aimed a CZ-75, while Ghost flashed out an AUG that was mounted on his back and aimed it at Candace.

"Why is everyone pointing guns at me!" Candace cried.

"Oh, sorry Candace." T.S. apologized, and yielded her pistol. Ghost slid the AUG behind him.

"You guys have issues with guns." Candace muttered as she lowered her hands to her side.

"You have issues with your brothers." Darkspine shot back.

"Oh don't you start with me chilidog eater." she warned.

"How did you even get here Candace?" T.S. interrupted.

"I don't know if I should tell..." Candace supposed.

"Just tell us." Ghost demanded in a flat tone.

"I hitchhiked in the back of Ghost's truck." Candace blurted out. Ghost just looked at her.

"What about my stuff?" Ghost asked politely.

"Oh those boxes? I put them on the curb before you left." Candace enlightened. Ghost just blinked.

"What were in those boxes anyways?" Candace wondered.


"Hey Ferb! The delivery boxes are outside!" Phineas shouted as he ran out the front door.

Ferb slid down the stair railing, and launched himself out the open door.

Phineas was busy reading the instructions manual as he rubbed his chin.

"Hmm, these aren't our blueprints for a personal robot suit." Phineas noted as he looked over the schematics. "It looks like it is a...Tactical Anti-Raid BMPT."

The young inventor glanced at the boxes, then back at the blueprints in his hand."

"Ferb? What do you say?" Phineas asked his step-brother, who wasn't standing beside him.
No sooner than he asked the question, a pre-launched Ferb flew straight past him, and crashed into the boxes, spilling some of their metallic components.

"Couldn't have said it better myself." Phineas declared with a smile. Ferb broke through to the surface of the parts, and pulled out a M2 Browning machine gun that was supposed to be attached to the side of the BMPT.

"Of course, we're going to have to get rid of that," Phineas remarked, and Ferb tossed it aside, "along with every other weapon."

IN L.A...

Candace, T.S, Ghost, and Darkspine were lounging around in storage room that was given to Cp during his stay at the Studios. The red afternoon sunlight shined through the window, and illuminated the dark, and now newly cleaned out, storage room.

"I can't believe this is over." Darkspine stated as they sat in the old egg-shaped seats.

"I'm still trying to take in all of the information you told me!" Candace complained.

"Don't worry; we will erase your memory of this happening." Ghost assured her, trying to take a nap in his egg seat.

"Wait! Why?"

"The Director's orders." Ghost simply put, and closed his eyes.

"Why do you guys even listen to him anyways?" Candace questioned.

"He's the one who produces new episodes!" Darkspine said, taking Ghost's place in the argument.

"What about Dan Povernmire and Jeff 'Swampy' Marsh?"

"Oh, those guys are a whole different story." T.S. added.

"Fine, but if you brainwash me, you guys owe me!" Candace declared, and pointed her index finger at them.

"How would you remember that we owed you if we brain wash you?" Darkspine demanded.

"I won't know, but you all will." Candace stated, and crossed her arms.

"Fine, how about I take you, Stacy, and Isabella shopping?"

"Oooh shopping!" Candace exclaimed cheerfully, "when do we go?"

"Now." T.S. said, and waved at the wall. A blue portal opened up at the spot where she gestured.
Suddenly, Cp walked straight out of the portal with Emily following behind him.

"Yeah, then you should be passing by the Flaming Cacti on your left..." Cp directed on his cell phone as he entered the room. Emily was the one to noticed where they had ended up, and tugged on Cp's shirt.

"Cactuses? Cac-tees? Khakies? You should be passing by the prickly plain plants positioned by the pharmacy! You have popcorn? Can you please save some? Fine." Cp said, and then hung up his phone. He looked up, and saw everyone staring at him.

"Whoa..." Cp remarked, "how did we end up here?"

"Candace!" Emily cried, and ran over to hug her.

"Emily!" Candace greeted as knelt down to give her a hug.

"What are you doing here?"

"I snuck along for the ride."

"Ladies," T.S. interrupted, "let's leave."
T.S. opened a yellow portal. Candace immediately dove through.

"Where are we going?" Emily asked a bit skeptic.

"To the shopping dimension after we pick up Stacy and Isabella." T.S. enlighten.

"The 14th?"

"No 19th."

"Sweet! Good luck lads!" Emily called out as she jumped through the portal. T.S. simply walked through the portal, which closed right behind her.
The three guys were left in the room.

Suddenly, the door opened, and Terra trudged in, and plumped himself down in one of the empty egg seats.

"Where you been dude?" Ghost asked.

"I just got back from escorting Lucy to the Changing Room." Terra sighed.

"How was that?" Darkspine dared to ask. Ghost and Cp stared at him as Darkspine adjusted his black fedora.

"Well, it was nice showing her around, but when we finally reached the Dressing Room, she turned around, her blue hair whipping my face, and she punched me in the jaw." Terra explained.

"Yeah, she's likely to do that." Cp confirmed.

"She punches hard!" Terra added.

"Dude, I know. You were saying?"

"When I got up off the floor a second later, she had locked the door, and wouldn't let me in!"

"Well no girl is gonna let a guy in while they are changing!" Darkspine put in.

"So I just decided to come down here, and I found you guys." Terra concluded.

"What about Lucy?" Ghost asked, "She doesn't know her way around the place."

"I'm sure she can manage by herself." Terra supposed.


Everyone present turned their heads to the window, but Ghost was the one who got up from his seat, and walked over to the window. He shielded his forehead from the sun, and glanced down below.

"What is it?" Darkspine asked.

"It's my ride for later." Ghost said, and exited the room, turning head count to three.

"Cp, I would just like to say thanks for letting us be in this." Darkspine thanked.

"In what?" Cp asked.


"Oh right, your welcome guys."

"Shouldn't we clarify some things to the readers?" Terra suggested.

"Can we?" Cp directed the question to Darkspine.

"Fine, but you guys need to seriously lay off on breaking the Fourth Wall." Darkspine warned, and made himself comfortable.

"To all the readers, I would like to say thanks for reading, and a very special thanks for reviewing," Cp stated, "and to all the haters, we thank you for taking the time to hate."

"I don't think that's a good thing." Darkspine put in.

"Well haters gotta hate." Cp stated as he drifted off to sleep.

"Hey Cp! Wake up!" Terra shouted; no use. Terra picked up an empty Sprite bottle, and threw it at Cp. The bottle bounced off Cp's head with a clunk, and Cp was wide awake.

Cp flashed out a small item from his pocket.

"Power of Christ compels you!" Cp declared.

"Who takes a Crucifix everywhere they go?" Terra wondered, looking at the Crucifix in Cp's hand.

"Speaking about 'Holy Dealings', how did you come back alive Cp?" Darkspine asked.

"Well what really happen was-"

"Hold on, let's get some light in here." Darkspine interrupted, and rose to get the light switch. When he was in reach, he stuck his hand out to flip the switch, only to realize five other switches on the wall.

"Uh Cp? Which switch gets the lights?" Darkspine called back.

"Shouldn't it be obvious?"

Darkspine just looked at all six switches. Feeling lucky, he flipped one of the switches.

Suddenly, a compartment above Terra and Cp opened, and dropped a grenade down below.

"Whoa!" Terra shouted as he jumped out of his egg seat. Cp jumped back in surprise, but ended up toppling over his egg seat.

"I got it!" Darkspine cried as he lunged at the grenade, grabbed it, and tossed it at the window. For some reason, the grenade flew to the side, bounced off the wall, and rolled back into the middle of the room.

"Who put the wall in my way?" Darkspine demanded.
Terra was the closest to the grenade now.
He snatched it up, and flung it as hard as he could at the window.

This time, the grenade soared straight at the window, but bounced off the glass surface.

"You gotta be kidding me!" Terra growled. The grenade landed right next to Cp, who was climbing out of his egg seat.

"Holy shoot!" Cp shouted as he picked up the active grenade, and ran over to the window. Cp pushed the window open, and drew his arm back to hurl the grenade.
Unfortunately, the grenade slipped as his hand arched forward, and landed right behind Cp.

"What kind of throw was that!" Terra demanded in panic.

"Not the worse throw." Cp shot back.


Ghost was returning back to the closet, twirling his car keys by the keychain. When he reached his destination, his hand grabbed ahold of the door knob.


Ghost jumped back from the door when he heard something inside go off. His eyes caught the sight of smoke oozing out from underneath the door, and he guessed what happened. He also heard the voices of his comrades inside.

"Why would you have a booby trap with a smoke grenade?" Terra coughed inside.

"You rather have me use a real grenade?" Cp demanded as he wheezed.

"My eyes! I can't see!" Darkspine hollered.

"Well open them!" Terra ordered.

"Oh right...I still can't see! Too much smoke!"

"Somebody get the lights!" Cp wheezed.

"Ok!" Darkspine answered.

"No not you!"

"Fine you do it! You're the master of switches!"

"I'm not the master, I'm just the maintenance guy!"

"Just go for the door guys." Terra coughed.

"Ok, I found the door." Darkspine declared as he coughed.

"Ah! That's not a door knob!" Cp exclaimed.

"Then what did I grab!" Darkspine demanded.

"You grabbed my knee! Now everybody out!" Cp ordered.

Ghost watched as the door flashed open, and smoke began to pour out of the room and into the hallway. Cp, Darkspine, and Terra all stumbled out of the room, and immediately froze up when they saw Ghost staring at them. The guys were all covered in grey soot, and the smell of smoke reeked off of them.

"Typical." Ghost muttered as they tried to wipe the soot off of them.

Just then, a casual dressed Lucy came walking down the hall, and stood right next to Ghost to observe the sight of the three boys covered in soot from head to toe.

"I put on a new outfit and dry off my blue hair, and when I come back, I find you three covered in soot." Lucy stated skeptically.

"It's a long story." Terra tried to explain.

"I don't like dirty boys." Lucy declared with a smile.

She leaned towards Ghost, and put her arm around his neck.

"But I do like a clean guy..." Lucy soothed to Ghost, who just looked at her, "why don't we get something to drink, just the two of us?"

Ghost took her hand, and removed her arm from around his neck.

"No." Ghost declined flatly. Lucy gave him a cold stare, which he returned with his usual look of seriousness.

"Fine then." Lucy said, and stopped leaning on Ghost. She returned her attention to the three guys in front of her.

"What happen to you guys?"

"Smoke grenade." Darkspine put in simple words.

"Who would use a smoke grenade?" Lucy wondered in disbelief.

"I would." Cp and Ghost answered in unison.


T.S. felt her back land on the floor as she entered back into the 1st Dimension.

"That usually doesn't happen." T.S. groaned as she fixed to get up. A hand was offered down to her. T.S. recognized the wishing ring on the hand's finger, and knew who it was. She grabbed the hand, which pulled her up.

"So what did you all buy?" Darkspine asked as he pulled T.S. upright.

"Candace bought a bunch of stuff I don't even know," T.S. filled in as they walked, "Stacy bought a ton of shoes; literally a ton."

"What about Emily and Isabella?"

"Oh those two bought some stuff, and Emily went back with Isabella." T.S. explained.

"Oh that's lovely." Darkspine stated, not really having an opinion. Darkspine and T.S. went over to where the gang, Lucy, and the Director were at.

"When did she get here?" T.S. asked, looking at Lucy, who seemed to separate herself from the group.

"We teleported her here." Terra explained as he came over.

"Where's Cp?"

"He's 'resting his eyes' in the corner." Terra pointed at Cp, who was in fact in the corner laying down, his Choppers covering his eyes as usual.

"So what did you get T.S?" Ghost wondered, joining in on the conversation. The Director also was interested in the conversation.

"I got a new suit!" T.S. answered cheerfully.


"Very." T.S. and her clothing tore off, and revealed an aqua-marine colored body metal suit.

"That's a nice shade of color." Terra complimented.

"Yeah, it matches the suit." Darkspine remarked.

Lucy happened to see the gang crowd around T.S., and walked over to the group to see what was all the fuss about. She then saw T.S.'s aqua-marine skin-tight metal body suit.

"Wow, looking good there T.S." Lucy complimented. Everyone turned and gave her confused expressions.

"What?" Lucy demanded, "Oh don't tell me you guys don't compliment her on how she looks!"

"Why would we need to tell her that?" Ghost questioned.

"Yeah, the only one who really gets to judge if she's 'looking good' is herself!" Cp added from his corner, "Self-beauty is really what matters, not what other people think."

"Oh, now where did you get zat line from?" Lucy requested, her French accent kicking in a bit.

"I paraphrase the Bible." Cp told and went back to resting his eyes. Lucy just rolled her eyes, and excluded herself from the group. Terra watched as she went off to the far side of the room, and just leaned on the wall with her head lowered to her shoulders. Feeling pity, Terra also quietly removed himself from the chatting group, and walked right over to the sulking Lucy.

"So how ya feeling?" Terra spoke as he leaned beside her.

"Not too good Terra," Lucy sighed and tilted her head back against the wall, "my billion euro Class-robot army destroyed, ze Unione Corse trying to recover its power and grandeur, and I appeared in front of two of my exes wrapped in a wet towel."

"Well the last one wasn't so bad was it?" Terre chuckled. Lucy just gave him a cold stare before she broke it off and returned her gaze at the ground.

"I don't see how zees couldn't get any-"

Terra's hand clasped his hand over her mouth. She started to fight back, but Terra held his hand in place.

"Don't ever say that sentence around us." Terra warned, and removed his hand from her mouth. Lucy just glared at him, before staring at the ground and sighing. Terra couldn't help but feel sorry for her, since she was new to the gang's...adventures and misfortune, she hardly knew anything that goes on with them.

"Why don't you come over and join us?" Terra invited.

"Why would you all want to have me among you?" Lucy moped in a sad tone.

"Why wouldn't we?"

"Well, I did try to kill you all."

"So? That's usual for us."

"I'm your ex!" Lucy added.

"Your point?" Terra asked with a grin.

"Uh...Cp still has a grudge against me!" Lucy quickly thought up her excuse.

"He's in the corner!"


"Really?" Terra doubted.


"Hey Cp!" Terra called out and caught the attention of Cp in the corner, "do you have a grudge against Lucy?"
As soon as finished shouting, Lucy shouldered him in his rib cage, and Terra just grabbed his side.

"Now why would I have a grudge against her?" Cp called back across the room in his corner.

"See? Now can you please join us?" Terra asked kindly. Lucy gave him a pouting expression, but Terra just smiled back.

"Ok fine." Lucy gave in, and walked towards the rest of the group, her blue hair brushing against Terra.

"Thank you." Terra chuckled, and followed behind her.

({}.O) (_O.O_) (\/\O.O/\/) ({}.{})


"WELL EVERYONE, IT'S TIME." the Director spoke.

"You talking to that 3rd person camera?" Darkspine wondered as he sat in the driver seat of a slick red Camaro with yellow flame streaks on the side.

"SOMEBODY HAD TO SAY IT." the Director reasoned.

"Alright buddy, you take care now!" Cp called out from the front of the Hauler, which was a huge blue semi truck that was hooked up to a massive cargo trailer that carried all of his vehicles and supplies in it.


"Fine, we will." Cp groaned with a laugh at the ending.

"Yeah, I have to get back to base," Ghost shouted out from his black Lamborghini parked in front of Darkspine's Camaro, "General Richard wants to see me."

"Why not me?" Cp wondered, "Well, tell Richie I said hello."

"Alright then," Ghost told his comrade, "with the coolest car, I will be there in a flash."

"Coolest car? What are you talk'n about Ghost?" Darkspine demanded, "I'm driving a Camaro!"

"So? You see the edges on that thing? Mine is aerodynamic." Ghost shot back.

"So? Camaros have more class." Darkspine argued.

"Hey don't make me pull out my custom Cadillac and go Johnny Cash on you guys!" Cp warned and pointed at both of them.


Everyone heard the roar of a car's engine coming from the other side of the Studio's outer wall. Everyone glanced at the patched up gap in the wall that Cp had drove through along time ago.


The concrete debris shot out of the wall, and revealed the outside of the Studio, as well as a purple Bugatti Veyron driving right through the wall.
Its tires screeched across the parking lot as its brakes were slammed, and the expensive car drifted to a halt in front of the gang about to roll out.
Everyone watched as the car's slick door wheeled open, and a female character stepped out.

"Cp, you have to give me better directions next time!" Maya snapped at Cp as she fixed her glasses.

"And you just smashed through a concrete wall with the most expensive car made by man." Cp shot back.

"I had Trent polish the car with his non-scratch wax." Maya put in.

"Still! You know how much gas that stunt cost?"

"Well maybe if you were helping your company design the eight cylinder hydro motor, we wouldn't have to use so much gas." Maya simply stated. Cp just grumbled.

"Maya! How's it been?" T.S. hovered over in her new colored suit that she was wearing.

"It's been pretty good, nothing I can't handle," Maya replied, "Oh nice suit T.S."

"Thanks." T.S. said as she hovered in the air.


"Why the rush?" Terra asked as he sat on his red V-Rod motorcycle. Lucy was sitting on the backseat, holding on to Terra's waist.


"Ok then. Thanks for the time Cp." Ghost called as he backed out of his parking space, and drove out the gap in the wall.

"Yeah thanks dude, we should do this again sometime!" Darkspine exclaimed as he started up his car.

"Nah buddy, this was a one time thing." Cp told him.

"Well, it was fun while it lasted. See ya around Cp." Darkspine shouted as he drove out the gap in the Studio's outer wall.

"You know, it occurs to me that not all of us are old enough to drive yet." Terra thought aloud. Everyone that was left fell silent.

"I DID NOT SEE ANYTHING...SEE YA PEOPLE." the Director said, and walked back to the Studio buildings.

"I better get back to my kingdom." T.S. figured, and opened up a pink portal in mid air with her hand.

"Be sure to come and visit." Terra reminded her.

"Don't worry, I will." T.S. guaranteed.

"Yeah, somebody has to keep Darkspine out of trouble besides us." Cp added.

"Well, see ya Cp, and thanks for all the adventures." she said, and went through the pink portal.

"Later T.S!" Cp said as the portal closed.

"Well, I should take you back to France now." Terra thought as he revved up the V-Rod motorcycle.

"I zink I might stay around for a while," Lucy told him as she held on, "see ze places around here maybe."

"In that case, I have to take you to my favorite restaurant in L.A." Terra stated, and steered the moving motorcycle out of the parking lot, and into the street, leaving only Maya and Cp left in the parking lot.

"Aw, he's taking her out for dinner." Maya awed.

"Well, we better get going." Cp figured as he reached for a walkie-talkie and clicked it on.

"Calling all truckers, this is Hell Hound. I'm about to high-tail the big 80 over to the East side." Cp spoke on the radio.

"I read you Hell Hound, this is Trucker 15" a gruff voice replied on the radio, "I'm rolling out to the Gold State. If the coin lands right, we could side swipe stories at a station."

"If the coin lands right Trucker 15." Cp added.

"Calling Hell Hound, this is Little Annie. You sure you won't be streaming down the big dime in that fancy Hauler you got?" a woman asked on the channel.

"Not this time Little Annie, I got a quarter in the East side, maybe on the recall trip."

"You better return to the West Side, Hell Hound." Maya's voice warned on the channel. Cp glanced out of the Hauler to see Maya holding a radio walkie of her own.

"Fine Sharp Shot, I'll recall to the West Side after my quarter in East Side." Cp said on the channel.

"Cheeky Monkey here, why don't you shoot for a break around the Tri-State Area, Hell Hound?"

"Cheeky Monkey, Hell Hound don't think he can shoot for a...wait, Lawrence is that you?"

"Cp?" Lawrence asked on the trucker channel.

"Lawrence what are you doing on the trucker channel?" Cp asked.

"I heard you all talking on the channel, and I thought I should ask if Hell Hound was going to be making a stop in Danville. You didn't tell me you drive a truck."

"Alright then, I'll try to shoot for Danville and stop for a drink at your place Lawrence, but I'm on a neck-tight schedule."

"Ok then, Cheeky Monkey over and out." Lawrence finished up, and got off the channel.
Just then another familiar voice came on the channel.

"Hey uh, this is Misfortune here, I was wondering if anyone could help me learn this slang...I'm still trying to learn it." a scratchy voice said on the channel.

"Dr. D? You're on here too?"

"Cp, is that really you?" Doofenshmirtz questioned in surprise.

"Get off the channel dude."

"Ok, this is going to become a back-story ya know!" Doofenshmirtz warned.

"Fine, if I pass through Danville, I'll stop by and teach you."

"You will? Oh that makes me so happy!" Doofenshmirtz exclaimed.

"IF I pass through," Cp repeated, "this is Hell Hound, over and out." Cp clicked the walkie-talkie off and started the Hauler.

Maya got back into her Bugatti Veyron, and revved up the motor.

The huge Hauler lumbered out of the parking lot, and the Bugatti Veyron zoomed out into the street. The Cp drove in one direction, while Maya drove the other way.


Cp slid open his phone, and answered the call.

"Hello? Oh hey Archie. What? You need me over there? When? I can get there next week. Ok then, tell everyone I said Hello! I'm on speaker? Hey guys! I'll be over in a week. Ok see ya guys." Cp finished and closed the cell phone.

"Finally some peace and quiet." Cp sighed. Just then, something rustled inside Cp's backpack next to him, and the zipper unzipped. Ferb climbed out of the backpack, and sat down right next to Cp, who just realized Ferb was there.

"When did you get here?" Cp asked.

"Teleporter." Ferb stated, and held his blue teleporter device.

"Great, now I have to go through Danville." Cp grumbled as he got on the I-80 highway. Ferb just simply pulled out Chopper sunglasses from Cp's pocket, and placed them on his head, just like the ones Cp wore on his eyes.

Ferb pointed at the camcorder that was hanging on the rear-view mirror above them.

"Oh right," Cp remembered, "that's all everyone, and thanks for tuning in." Cp reached the camcorder, and turned it off.


Author's notes: I'm not making a sequel to this. Any other sequels won't be an OFFICIAL sequel that I will make, some other authors might make sequels, but they won't be official ones. I would also like to say that I have given the author "I am the Poptart" my permission to use my concept of story writing...when he will make a story like this, I don't know.

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