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Sonny's POV

"Sonny!" Tawni screeched from down the hall before rushing into our dressing room.

"Yes Tawn?"

"I have a date tonight so I need you to do me a favour" Tawni smiled sweetly at me.

"Tawn I..."

"Oh good, you will? thanks!" She smiled, "I need you to write my sketch for this week."

"Tawni I..."

"Thanks Sonny" Tawni smiled again before grabbing her coat, car keys and chanel handbag before walking out the door.

Oh great, just how I wanted to spend my night. Sat at my desk writing not only my sketch for this weeks show but Tawni's to!

After about ten minutes of brain-storming ideas for sketches, I began work on Tawni's sketch.

Unfortuantly when I put my pen to paper, all the ideas I'd had in the past ten minutes vanished form my mind.

Ugh! I'm so bored. I don't want to write Tawni's sketch especially as I've got my own to write to.

I looked over at my laptop just lying there on my chair.

I'm not one to be obsessed with my laptop but I do enjoy going on it from time to time and right now just seems like one of those times.

But I can't go on it. I have two sketches to write.

I put my pen back down on my paper and got back to work but...

No Sonny! Stop looking at your laptop!

Thats it then.

I'm gonna go on my laptop.

I won't go on it for long, just fifteen minutes, so I can refresh my mind and write those sketches.

I got up grabbed my laptop and made myself comfy on my chair before clicking on to The Condor site.

The site had been made specially for the stars working at Condor studios.

We could check our email or send it. We could play games. We could check out the latest episodes from shows on the lot. There was loads to do.

Though lately there was something new on the site to do.

A chatroom had been uploaded on to the site and only people who worked at the studios, (AKA the actors - Though lots of people worked at the studio, the site was used by the actors). We could log on and decide on a screen name and no one would know who we were. The chatroom was one of the reasons why Zora had been able to pull so many more pranks recently.

I hadn't used the chatroom yet so I had to set up my account for it.

Name: Sonny

Age: 16

Show: So Random!

Please note: Your name, age and show will not be told or shown to anyone else. They are for monitoring purposes only.

Terms and Conditions: Agree

Congratulations you are now able to use the Condor Chatroom.

Username: SonshineSmiles

Password: MackenzieFalls

Yeah, I know what your thinking.

Why did I choose Mackenzie Falls as my password?

It's because it's the least obvious thing for me to pick.

I clicked on the chatroom to begin chatting.

There was only one other person online, this should be fun.

SonshineSmiles: Hey :)

Blue: Hey :)

SonshineSmiles: You okay?

Blue: Yeah, I'm good. Though I probably won't be tomorrow.

SonshineSmiles: Whys that?

Blue: Cause I have to stay late tonight a learn a whole new script for shooting tomorrow.

SonshineSmiles: I know how you feel, I've got a late night of work tonight to.

Blue: Lol, unlucky. So what about you? Other than the whole having to work late thing, you okay?

SonshineSmiles: Brilliant, kinda annoyed at my cast mate cause its her fault I have to stay late.

Blue: Oh really unlucky.

SonshineSmiles: Yeah, it is. =P

Blue: So other than talking to me, watcha doing?

SonshineSmiles: Absolutely nothing. I might go to the cafeteria and get a fro-yo later but otherwise I'm stuck here for a while.

Blue: Lol, I'd offer you mine but obviously I can't give it to you through my laptop and I kinda already ate it...

SonshineSmiles: Lol, how kind of you x

Blue: Ohhhh a kiss, somebody likes me =P

SonshineSmiles: And someones kinda full of themselves =P

Blue: Awwwr, if it makes you feel better I like you to x

SonshineSmiles: Yeah, that made me feel better =D

Blue: Good =)

SonshineSmiles: Good =)

Blue: Fine

SonshineSmiles: Fine

Blue: Were so weird =P

SonshineSmiles: What do you expect from the only 2 people on here at this time of night?

Blue: Good point x

SonshineSmles: =)

Blue: As much as I would love to stay and talk to you, I should prbably get back to learning my script x

SonshineSmiles: Yeah, your right. I shoud get back to work to x

Blue: Are you gonna be online tomorrow? x

SonshineSmiles: Yeah, are you? x

Blue: Now I know you are I am =) x

SonshineSmiles: Night xx

Blue: Ohhh two! =D Night xxx

Blue: I win! xD

SonshineSmiles: No you don't xxxx =P

Blue: Yes I do xxxxx +1 more than SonshineSmiles could ever do

SonshineSmles: Whatever =P

Blue: Lol, Night xx

SonshineSmiles: Night xx

SonshineSmiles has logged off.

Blue: I like her =)

Blue has logged off.