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Hey guys :) I know not a lot of people will read this, in fact I don't think anyone will but I'm determined to complete this fic. So here goes...

Sonny's POV

I was nervous, so nervous that I was pretty sure I was going to throw up all over my dress something which did not sound appealing, especially since the dress belonged to Tawni not me. Most people describe this feeling as butterflies, well let me tell you something - those people are liars. Butterflies flutter not attack! No, this feeling was more like woodpeckers than anything.

Placing my cell phone back into my purse, I scanned the room quickly one last time for Tawni's Cocoa Moco Cocoa lipstick before making my way out of the now messy dressing room. I sighed as I closed the door with a soft click. Not only was I probably going to disgrace myself by vomiting all over my dress but I would also have to come in early before work tomorrow just to tidy my dressing room because obviously Tawni wasn't going to do it, she would be too afraid of breaking a nail.

I was almost there, the masquarade ball was just through the doors in front of me but I couldn't move. I was rooted to the spot. The loud music from behind the doors was making my head pound and my nerves were making my stomach swirl uncomfortably. I couldn't do this. What if Tawni was right? What if just through those doors and in the middle of the dance floor Grady was waiting for me? Grady is a sweet guy but I just don't like him in that way. However, what if Tawni was wrong and it wasn't Grady? What if it was some creep or something along those lines?

The doors in front of me opened and one of the uys from Teen Gladiator stumbled out, a girl from Meal or No Meal hanging of his arm giggling crazily at something he'd just said. My lip curled in disgust. Now I had two options. Stay out in the corridor with two loved up actors or go inside and face Blue. I knew what I had to do.

"So guys, where are you headed?" I beamed at the two actors who were whispering in each others ears. In some aspects I considered this to be adorable but at the same time it was kind of nauseating. Nope, scratch that. My nerves were making me feel nauseaus not the cute couple in front of me. Darn my love of romance!

The dark haired girl from Meal or No Meal looked me up and down as if judging my appearance. "We were just headed outside for some fresh air."

"Oh, cool. Mind if I join you?" I asked hopefully.

The girl frowned and untangled herself from her Teen Gladiator before pulling my aside. "Listen, Sonny. You're a nice girl and everything but I want to hang out with Brent alone. Understand? Besides there's, a guy, inside waiting for you." She smiled knowingly at me causing me to frown. What did everybody else know that I didn't?

The girl gave me a quick pat on the shoulder before she took Brent by the hand and lead him down the hallway to the near by fire exit. I shuddered as I realised why they wanted to go outside, alone. Ew.

Taking a deep breath I stepped forward and pushed the large red doors open. what I saw before me was definitely not what I had always pictured in my head to be a ball. This was no ball it was a full blown party. There were balloons and decorations, a long table covered in different kinds of food, there was a DJ whom I recognised to be Josh the mail delivery boy. Who would have thought Josh was secretly a DJ? An awesome one at that!


I turned to see Tawni toitering towards me, Nico hurrying along behind her to keep up.

"Have you got it? Have you got my lipstick?"

"No, sorry Tawn. I couldn't find it," I apologised even though I wasn't all that sorry. Tawni really needed to learn to take care of her belongings.

Tawni shrugged. "Oh well," She opened her purse and pulled out a small gold tube.

"Tawni! You had it the entire time?!" I snapped, angry that she would make me miss out on the ball for no reason.

"What? No. this is my back up tube," The blonde explained. "But that doesn't matter right now. Your mystery guy, the one you couldn't stop talking about -"

"I spoke about him once! I hardly consider that 'all the time'," I pointed out, folding my arms over my chest in a huff.

"Whatever," Tawni waved her hand to dismiss me. "Look, the partys almost over and you were supposed to meet your guy nearly an hour ago."

"Seriously?" I fumbled about with my purse to check the time on my phone. Sure enough it was nearly eleven, the party was going to end soon. "What am I gonna do? Blue might be gone by now!"

Tawni giggled, a small amused smile playing on her lips. "Trust me Sonny, I think 'Blue' would wait for you forever. He's already waited a year..."

"What? Tawni, what d'you mean?" I asked but the blonde merely shook her head na dpushed me lightly in the direction of the dance floor.

I stumbled away from Tawni and Nico, and into the mass of dancing teenagers that occupied the dance floor. My body got pressed up against several others and I tripped over my own feet more times than I could count. I was pretty sure I was about to crash to the floor and get trampled to death when I felt someone grab me by the waist and pull me to them.

"What's up Monroe?"

I looked up into the sparkling blue eyes of Chad Dylan Cooper. "Chad?" I pulled myself up to stand erect but Chad's hands were still resting on my waist. "Um, look can we talk later? It's just I'm looking for someone and I've already made them wait for me long enough and -"

"Yeah, I know. He's been waiting since this whole shindig started."

"Shindig? - Nevermind. How do you know how long he's been waiting? You don't even know who I'm talking about."

"Blue. That's his name right? Username anyway," He shrugged. "You're supposed to meet him in the middle of the dancefloor."

"How did you -"

"Sonny where are we?" Chad cut me off, the corners of his lips were twitching upwards and he looked as though he was struggling to keep a straight face.

"We're in Condor Studios, at a party in the middle of the dance floor but I don't understand why you're - Oh my gosh! That means Blue is around here somewhere," I looked around frantically and was surprised to find that the once crowded dancefloor was now empty as was the rest of the room. In fact Chad and I were the only people still in the room. "Where did everyone go? And wy did Josh leave the music on? That is not at all environmentally friendly, I'm gonna have to talk to him about that and - Oh no! I missed Blue!"

Chad threw his head back in exasperation. "Seriously Sonny? How are you still not getting this?"

"Getting what?"

"I'm Blue. I'm the guy you've been talking to online!"

My jaw dropped. However now that I thought about it I couldn't believe I hadn't realised it sooner. In fact, it really was all kind of obvious. "Chad, you're Blue?"

The teen heartthrob nodded. "I knew you'd never go out with me if I was Chad so I figured if I pretended to be someone nicer, someone more your type then maybe you'd give me a chance but then when you didn't show up I figured you just didn't like me regardless for who I was."

I smiled. I'd never seen Chad look so anxious, it was actually kinda cute. "That's where you're wrong Chad. I like you for you." I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders, I'd never admited that out loud before and it felt good to get it out.

Chad grinned. "That's awesome!"

"I still don't understand why everyone left so suddenly though."

"Oh, that's my fault. See I got worried you'd reject me so I paid everyone to leave at exactly eleven o'clock when the party finished, that way if you actually did reject me then no one would see."

"Chad!" I smacked him playfully on the arm. "Josh must be really scared that you'd get him fired then. He left the music on in his hurry to get out."

Chad shook his head. "That's my fault too. I asked him to leave it on just in case you actually did say yes, and even if you didn't well, I really like this song."

"Say yes to what?"

"This: Sonny I've liked you for a year now and I was wondering if you'd go out with me?"

I grinned broadly at him. In fact my smile was so large I was pretty sure my smile was about to eat my face. "Of course I'll go out with you!"

"Seriously? I haven't even finished the whole speech yet, I had the Mack Falls writers help me with it -"

"Maybe it's best that you didn't say the whole thing," I said clapping him on the shoulder. "I wish I hadn't left it so late to get here though, it looks as though this was a really awesome party."

Chad shrugged. "It wasn't awesome until you got here."

"Aw chad! That was sweet."

"I have my moments. Besides the musics still playing, it would be rude if we left before the song finished."

"True, very true," I nodded knowing exactly where he was headed with this. "And there's still a whole ton of food left over and leaving it would be wasteful."

"Exactly. So Sonny, would you like to dance with me?"

I nodded, feeling a small blush tint my cheeks. "Sure thing Chad, or should I say Blue?"

Chad chuckled, his signature smirk appearing on his lips. "Which ever you prefer SonshineSmiles."