I am happy to announce that Winteraeon (my new beta-reader for this story) revised this whole story excluding what parts I have of chapter six on here. It's really nothing to be reread just alot of grammer mistakes fixed but if you want to reread it's fine with me. Tell me if it's better now.


Mustang Eyes (The Novel)

A Phantom Stallion AU


Ace bolted at the sound of the gunshot and Sam barely had time to think as she fell onto the ground and off her horse, stunned in fear.

Trying to find whoever fired the shot, she saw no one, but heard rustling leaves. She became rigid, knowing she could be in deep trouble.

Hoof beats pounded in the dirt and she looked up from the ground from her facedown position and gasped.

Suddenly, she was staring into the brown eyes of a Shoshone boy not much older than herself on a black horse. He stared at her curiously, before dismounting. Sam's eyes were huge as he came toward her. She covered her face with her hands in horror, whimpering.

The boy looked aggravated by her actions, but tried to pull her hands away from her face in a gentle manner.

Sam shrunk back in fear. He was an Indian; a savage. What was he going to do to her? He definitely wasn't the one with the gun, she noted as she took in the bow and arrows strapped to his saddle.

He finally won and pulled her hands away, making her look up at him. Sam shook in fear. Oh, she was terrified as he extended his hand out to her. She stared at it, wondering what he meant for her to do.

To Sam's surprise the boy spoke in clear English in a soft, soothing voice, "Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you." His hand was still extended.

Sam stared up into his eyes, still afraid. How could trust him after all the stories she'd heard about the Indians? He seemed gentle enough, but looks could be deceiving.

He didn't look threatening in the least. He was quite handsome with eyes as wild as a mustang's and long black hair hanging down.

Sam's eyes were wide as he suddenly brushed his hand over her cheek. Her heart started to pound in her chest and she was afraid he heard it. She closed her eyes expecting a blow but none came. Then she knew he wasn't like the other Indians. He couldn't be.

"Mustang Eyes won't hurt you," he claimed and she believed.

And just like that the Shoshone boy was gone.