Fenton Files: The Search


"If any good came out of this, it's been that the 10 years without ghost powers, gave me the chance to see what a fool I've been.", that's what Vlad Masters had said.

But the events that had made him realise his mistakes had never happened; and as such, Vlad was once again a villain. But some things are meant to be; no matter how hard one can try, they can never be permanently prevented. They will just, instead, occur at a later date. These events are known as fixed points in time; and the redemption of Vlad was one of said events.

Thus a man, who was once a villain, is set upon the unpreventable path to redemption.


June 26th 2010 – An unknown region of Space…

He sat pondering on his mistakes; from the cloning of Danielle, to creating the Disasteroid. I'm such a damn fool. Daniel would probably call me a "Fruit Loop" if he were here. He's right though, I am a Fruit Loop. Usually I could blame my failures on him. But I'm wrong. It's me. There's no-one else to blame, but myself. In fact, I regret the day I was born.

His solemn train of thoughts was understandable; seeing as he tried to take over the earth. Many would label him as a super-villain, others a nut-job and some would call him both.


June 26th 2010 – Amity Park…

Danny Fenton, better known to the world as superhero; Danny Phantom, had his work cut out for him. Since revealing his identity to the world, he had not had a moment's peace. Whether it be fighting ghosts or dating his girlfriend, he could not shake off the press. He was, in all honesty, beginning to regret ever revealing himself. Sure it was nice for him and his friends to be popular, even to be free of bullies, but there's only so much one guy can take.

He cast his mind back, to four weeks ago; when he and his friends had decided to have a picnic. It took one hell of a long time to find a secluded spot where the paparazzi couldn't find them. It was worth it in the end, though. The gang had a great day. A paparazzi free day.


June 26th 2010 – Middleton…

Depression was a deep, dark thing; and Kim was unlucky enough to be suffering from the mother of all depressions. It was only since "Danny Phantom" had revealed his true identity to the world that she'd never felt so worthless.

She slammed her locker shut with a miserable grunt, and turned around to see her boyfriend, Ron Stoppable standing only two feet away from her. "Still jealous?" he asked. "Me? Kim Possible? Jelling?" she exclaimed in mock shock and sarcasm.

Ron raised an eyebrow in response to her answer, and grinned. "Only a little bit." she said.

Ron had known Kim for most of his life, and loved her for just as long. It was only a few months ago that he had confessed his feelings to her; and a short amount of time later, they had their first non-influenced kiss. And as such they were now, as Kim would say, BF & GF.

"You can't let it get you down, Kim." Ron's tone was simple and understanding.

He looked into her eyes and smiled. "I'll tell ya what; you, me and Bueno Nacho; my treat." he offered. "I'm sorry Ron, but I can't. I've gotta give the Tweebs and their new friend a ride. Wanna hang at my place?" she asked. "Can't I'm afraid, Kim, I'm babysitting my little sister." An almost unnoticeable tinge of disappointment swept across her face, quickly replaced by a sly smile. "Well here's something we can both enjoy right now." she spoke, with a hint of seductiveness to her words, and then grabbed him by the collar of his jersey and kissed him full on; letting her lips linger for a moment. "I liked that." he breathed. "I knew you would."


Vlad was actually sitting on a small asteroid pondered his mistakes. A small tear crept down the right side of his face and froze within seconds. The pain from the ice was horrible; it was like having a sewing-needle jabbed into his eye. Not attempting to pull it off, he raised his right hand to the corresponding side of his face and used his abilities to melt the tear, and quickly wipe the moisture clean, before his face could freeze up again.

I'm sorry, he thought. Vlad knew in his heart, that if he apologized, he could alleviate some of that angst that plagued his heart. Even though his apology would not be heard, he still did it. "I'm sorry… Jack." These words, spoken aloud, caused him more angst than any of the ones he had thought.

Jack Fenton was Danny's father, and was one of Vlad's friends, one of his only friends. The only friend that stayed faithful to him throughout. Throughout it all, Jack loved Vlad like a brother. This thought stung Vlad's heart so much that he just wanted to die. I betrayed you. I tried to steal your wife, your son, and even your daughter. I wanted what you had. And above all I tried to kill you. For all of that, I am truly sorry. But it wasn't just that; for the incident in which Vlad gained his powers, was Jack Fenton related. After years of hating him and trying to kill him, Vlad's exile had finally robbed him of all the anger and hatred he felt for him. It was my fault for standing in front of the stupid thing. I should've known that it would go wrong. It's not Jack's fault, It's mine, plain and simple.


She sat in her car, waiting for her brothers and their new "friend". Truth be told, Kim was expecting to see the Tweebs with a boy of about their age. What she got, though, was almost the exact opposite. Their new friend was a girl that looked roughly the same age as them, maybe a little older. This girl had short black hair tied into a ponytail and blue eyes. Her attire consisted of a blue sweatshirt, red shorts, blue sneakers, and a red beanie.

Jim was the first one to reach the car, and playing the part of the gentleman, opened the door for the girl and let her in first. Jim then climbed in himself, and Tim followed immediately after, closing the door behind him.

"Hey, Kim; this is Danielle. She just moved here two weeks ago." Jim said, gesturing to the girl that was sitting to the left of him. "Welcome to Middleton, Danielle." Kim greeted. "Call me, Dani." The girl replied cheerfully.

"Where are you from, Dani?" Kim asked her; watching with slight suspicion as Dani tensed up at her question. Neither of the Tweebs noticed this. "Oh, all over the place really; I've never really stayed in one place too long." she answered. "Well, I hope you don't leave," Jim said nervously ", you're the only other one in our grade besides us, who knows how to make a ray gun." Unknown to him, he had begun to blush.

Kim was about to rag on them about ray guns and so forth, when she realized that Jim had only added that second bit to cover his tracks. Perhaps her little brother had a crush on this girl?


Halfway through the journey, Dani spoke up. "Kim, haven't you saved the world before?" "Yes, I have actually. But thanks to Danny Phantom, nobody takes any notice of me anymore. I haven't been on a mission in quite a while." Kim replied, her spirits lifted by this girl who had shown interest in her crime-fighting career.

"I think it was genius; his idea to turn the earth intangible." Dani spoke. Kim's good mood vanished in an instant. "Team Possible could've done that in half the time, if Wade hadn't caught the flu." Kim said, concealing what was no longer jealousy of Phantom, because it was now evolving into hate. Tim detected this, and, afraid of seeing Kim when she was angry; devised a plan to cheer her up, "But Danny does it with super-powers and high-tech weapons, all Kim needs is a few gadgets and some martial arts."

"Besides, Danny's not so bad when you get to know him." Dani added. Kim nodded silently, as she pulled into their garage. "Well, here we are." she said cheerfully.

As soon as she stopped the car, Tim leapt out of his side and slammed the door shut, running into the house. Dani silently opened her door and got out; then she held the door open for Jim. Once Jim was out, she closed the door, and they walked into the house. Kim was alone. The silence was calming.


His solemn pondering had been broken by a feeling that he couldn't quite describe. Vlad turned around, and all the blood in his veins went cold as he saw a man-sized comet heading straight towards him; it was an unusual bluish white, with a very small tail of debris behind it.

He didn't even think to move; in his mind he'd already accepted his fate. But one thing still screamed in his mind before the comet hit him, Oh, Butternuts.


Danny was sitting on top of the Nasty Burger having a small break, when that oh so familiar blue wisp escaped from his mouth. Oh, for god's sake. Luckily he was already in his ghost form, and as such he shot into the sky. It was then that he heard the scream of a young girl.

He looked down to see a girl of about ten years old being menaced by what looked like a humanoid lizard-frog. "Hey, Ass-Munch!" Danny shouted. His shouts succeeded in getting the beasts attention. The "Thing" looked at him, and he finally saw its face in full.

Its face was grotesque; around its mouth were four mandibles. It roared, and its roar sounded like something from the Predator movies. Danny glared at the creature and sent a blast of energy directly towards its face. The blast hit the creature directly in the mouth, and it roared in pain. It was then that Danny flew toward it and struck it in the gut, with his hardest punch. He looked at the girl, "Run!", He screamed. He then threw another two punches at the creature's gut, and then punched it in the face, his hand alight with energy as he did so.

He looked at his foe and then pulled out an upgraded Fenton Thermos, twisted its lid off, and aimed it at the creature. The creature was sucked in. Another enemy defeated.


Danny landed outside Fenton Works with the, full, Fenton Thermos in tow. It looked like it always did; albeit with a few upgrades courtesy of the "Guys-in-White".

Something felt wrong, something felt scary. A cold chill ran down his back. Danny knew in an instant that it wasn't his ice powers; he knew that something was up; something big, something scary.

He carefully, and slowly, phased through the door; keeping himself fully alert for any kind of danger. He surveyed the room. The entire living room was bathed in darkness. "Mom? Dad? Anyone home?" he called out. His voice filled with fear. He then entered the kitchen. No-one here either. Now he knew for sure that something was wrong.

After checking every other normal room in the house, he headed down into the basement. There was a single light in the room, a Victorian-style gas lamp, Odd; and just below the gas lamp laid an envelope. On the envelope was a name, that name was: Danny Phantom/Fenton. Upon picking up the envelope, another spell of freezing cold fear ran down his spine.

Using his ghost energy to see where he was, he turned off the light and turned the actual lights on. He drew attentions to the envelope; and very carefully opened it. He pulled the letter out of the envelope, unfolded it and read. Upon reading it his breath ran short, his blood ran cold, and he fell to the floor in panic. He reached for it and read again. Sure enough, it was still the same. His family had been kidnapped.

I am truly sorry to those of you who liked the original version, but due to changes in my style and other things I decided it would be best for me to re-write the thing.