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Chapter 1: Awakenings

June 26th 2010 – Amity Park …

Samantha Manson, girlfriend of Danny Phantom, was sitting on her bed reading a book, when a voice broke her concentration. "Sam?" the voice queried. She knew who this was: Danny. She looked up from her book, with a look of annoyance which instantly turned into one of concern when she saw his face. It was stricken with terror. "What's wrong, Danny?" she asked. Danny didn't speak. He just looked at her for a second, and then handed her the letter. The letter read:

Danny Phantom/Fenton

You may have noticed, Mr. Phantom, that you can no longer find your family. This is my doing. If you have any desire to save them, then you must simply do the following: Disappear. I recommend that you do it soon, for if you don't there shall be dire consequences. And not directed towards you.


Sam looked up from the letter, to see that Danny was now sitting on the edge of her bed. "What are you going to do?" she asked. Danny let out a heavy, depressed, sigh and looked at her. "There's only one thing I can do, Sam. I have to do what it says" he answered.


June 26th 2010 – Middleton…

"Kim? Wake up" Ron's voice spoke from the darkness. Kim instantly opened her eyes to find out that she had fallen asleep at the wheel of her car. "What, Ron?" she asked, stifling a small yawn. All her boyfriend had to say was, "You fell asleep. You O.K?" "I'm fine, Ron. Really, I am" she gave as her reply. She sat up and outstretched her arms, letting out a large yawn.

"Weren't you babysitting your sister?"

"I was, but my parents came home early. The party was cancelled" he replied.

"So, you came here to take me up on my offer?"

"If that's okay?" he asked.

"Of course it is. Come on. Let's go inside"


June 26th 2010 – Kensington, Kansas…

Young Ali Kenton sat on the front porch, of her mother's farmhouse. Looking up at the star filled sky, which was full of so much beauty and wonder, she couldn't help but smile. Oh, how she wished that she could be up there among the stars, and visit other worlds.

It was quite a relaxing night, the air was nice and cool, and not a sound was to be heard. Ali brushed one of her dirty blonde bangs out of her face, and sighed in contentment. She reached to her left, and picked up a glass of lemonade. As she took a sip of the cool and refreshing drink, she noticed something in the sky: a star that was getting rapidly bigger - very rapidly. She looked at it for a second. Whatever it was, it too, was beautiful in her eye. But she didn't know what it was. And what it was, happened to be a not very large, ball of ice and rock that was hurtling in her direction.


The walk to Danny's home was, so far, a quiet one. Neither Sam nor he had spoken a word. After about three more minutes, Sam looked at him and was about to speak when her cell began to ring. Danny looked at her blankly. They stopped walking and she pulled the cell from the pocket of her black denim jeans; she looked at the display. "It's Tucker," she announced. For a few seconds, they looked at each other. Her face still full of worry; worry for him.

"You'd better answer it," Danny spoke, gesturing to her phone. Acknowledging him, Sam flipped the cell open.

"Yes, Tucker?" she quizzed.

"God, I thought you'd never answer!" Tucker exclaimed in frustration. "What do you want, Tucker? This isn't a good time," she asked in anger.

"What are you talking about? I got the message you sent"

Her eyes went wide in realization. "Oh crap, I forgot about that," she said under her breath.

"So, what's going on? You said that it was a matter of life and death," Tucker spoke. "It is Tucker. Danny's family's been kidnapped," she said solemnly. Tucker fell silent at this. He was unable to speak, so it was Danny who spoke. With his voice raised loud, Danny spoke loud enough for his friend to hear him:

"We'll meet you at my place, Tuck,"


Ali's tranquil train of thoughts was suddenly broken by a loud, almost deafening, bang. She looked up in fright, to see that the object she was staring at earlier was about to crash, and from the look of it, somewhere close-by. She stood up and ran off of the porch, and onto the grass. The sound of the rapidly approaching "object" was beginning to sound like that of a crashing airplane, and as such, she was surprised when it dashed past her home and made little to no sound, apart from a dull thud. With her curiosity getting the better of her, she ran back to the porch, grabbed the gun that was resting on the floor, and then set off toward the smoking crater.


Sam and Danny had been standing outside "Fenton Works" for no longer than a minute, when Tucker ran up to them, out of breath. "So, are we going in or what?" he asked, insensitive to his friend's blatant fear.

Sam sighed in disapproval, and walked toward the front door. The second that she gripped the handle, a massive explosion tore through the building, sending all three of them into the street. For Sam, everything, literally, went black as she drifted into unconsciousness.


Ali made her way through the debris of the meteorite, carefully avoiding the hot rocks and the dung heap. Upon reaching the meteorite itself, she immediately aimed the revolver at the figure that was drifting towards her from out of the billowing smoke. The second that the figure had completely emerged from the smoke, she let out a scream that she hoped would wake up her mother and, even more hopefully, Mr. Montin. Turning toward the tool-shed, which she knew contained a hammer and stake, she began to sprint.

Seconds after Ali disappeared into the tool-shed, the figure fell to the ground, then to his knees, and finally, face first into the ground. He clutched at his stomach in agony, and the all too familiar change crept over him, as his vampire-like appearance shifted into that of middle-aged Vlad Masters. Lifting his head up, he looked around and saw the faint figures of two adults cautiously approaching him, followed by the figure of a child. One of the adults, a man, began to walk closer. Vlad's last thought before he lost consciousness entirely, was, "Jack?"


June 27th 2010 – Middleton …

Kim opened her eyes, to be greeted by the golden sunshine that was shining through her curtains. She looked at the brand-new digital clock on her bedside table. 6:47: it was still a little early. She had almost made up her mind to go back to sleep when she was alerted to the heavenly aroma of eggs, wafting through the air. The smell was getting stronger. That could only mean that the breakfast was hers, and it was Ron who was bringing it to her. After all, Breakfast-in-Bed was a gesture that she probably wouldn't get from her parents, let alone from her brothers. Seconds after that thought had passed through her head, the door opened, and Ron poked his head in, giving her a big goofy grin when he laid his eyes on her. "Mornin' KP", He spoke as he walked into her room carrying a medium sized tray that among other things, had what looked like the perfect fried breakfast sat on it.


He had been awake for the past ten minutes when he had heard his sister's boyfriend, Ron, arrive, and it was only then that he decided to get out of bed. And so, there he was, Jim Possible, looking through his bedroom window at the morning sun. His brother had not yet woken, but it wouldn't be long before he did. He ran a hand through his scruffy hair and yawned. It was an early time for him to get up, but he had things on his mind. Things like his mysterious new friend, Dani, and Tim and his new "project", for instance, were at the very top of his list of thoughts.

He and Tim had not told their sister or their parents what the "project" was. For if any of them found out, there would surely be problems. For the "project" would dwarf, practically, all of Kim's gadgets. Dani, on the other hand had been told, and she thought it cool. Yet another reason for him to like her.

Jim sighed heavily, and then looked at his brother, who had not yet woken up. He then turned to face the dresser that was opposite his bed. It was time to get dressed, and then maybe do a little tinkering on the "project" before breakfast.


June 27th 2010 – Amity Park …

It was more Danny's desperate pleading for her to wake up, than any of the other contributing factors that woke Sam. And so, Samantha Manson found herself staring around a hospital room that was lit, only by the morning sun, and contained only one other person besides herself. That person was her love, Danny Fenton, who had only just noticed that she was awake. Typical really.

Danny's face was brimming with tears of happiness. He could barely even speak straight as he said, "You're awake!" He was choked with tears as he began to cry.

"Danny? What happened?" she asked. Danny stopped crying long enough to look at her, "My house blew up," he spoke dryly. She was about to quiz him on the exact details of what happened to her, when a thought occurred, one which she spoke aloud, "What about Tucker?"

"He's fine. He was the furthest away, so he only ended up with a few bruises," was her boyfriend's almost nonchalant answer. After that, he began to cry again. She looked at him and then sat up and took his face in her hands. "What's wrong?" she asked him. His reply was simple and to the point, "I thought you were gonna die." Instead of replying to his answer, she instead pulled him closer and kissed him sweetly on the lips: an act that immediately stopped his tears.


June 27th 2010 – Kensington, Kansas…

The feeling of a damp towel on his forehead instantly woke Vlad, who shot up and looked around the room with the alertness of a cat before finally settling his sights on the three people who were looking at him with curiosity. The three people consisted of a woman who looked roughly like she was about 39 or 40, a girl who was about 9 or 10, and a man who looked about the same age as him.

"Where am I?" Vlad asked with caution.

The man looked at him and spoke in an almost stereo-typical southern accent, "Kensington, Kansas, my good sir. You've been here for about seven hours."

"Who are you?" Vlad asked, while looking briefly at the damp towel in his lap.

The man looked at him and gave a kind smile. "I'm Charlie Montin, and this fine woman, here, be Lucy Kenton," he said, gesturing to the woman who was standing next to him before turning to look at the girl, "and this be her young'un Ali."


The first thing that Tucker saw upon entering Sam's hospital room was Danny and her locking lips. He smiled and spoke loudly, "Let the poor girl up for air, Danny." Upon hearing Tuckers words, they broke apart and looked at him. "How are ya?" Tucker asked, his voice full of concern.

"Apart from the worst headache ever, Tuck, I'm feeling pretty fine," Sam spoke, in an almost sarcastic manner.

After seconds of silence, it was Tucker who spoke up. "Do you think the bomb was meant for you, Danny?"

Danny looked at him blankly. "Honestly, Tuck? I've no idea."

Sam laid her hand on Danny's, and Danny turned to face her, "What are you going to do?" she asked him.

"Well now that my house is gone, and the fact that I've gotta go on the run, I don't know. All the ghost tech was at my house, so I honestly have no idea," Danny said, now unable to keep his head up.

"We'll help you," Sam said, as she grabbed his face and kissed him again.

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