Summery: Camille and Logan are dating. So why is Logan kissing another girl!

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World of Chances

"I wonder where Logan is?" Camille asked herself. He is should have been here by now, plus its getting late.

Camille was waiting patiently in her apartment on the couch for Logan to arrive. She was all dolled out and ready to go wearing a sky blue sundress that Logan bought for her on there 5 month anniversary.

Camille looked over at the clock and saw it was 5:54pm. Logan and Camille were suppose to go on a date at 4pm to the beach for a pick nick, But I don't think he is coming.

Camille started to softly sob into the couch pillow knowing he wasn't coming. She got up and ran to her room, slamming the door behind her every loud. She walked over to her bed and lay down on her bed crying in to a pillow. She picked up her phone trying to calling him again for the 10th time.

ring..ring..ring..ring..ring..ring-"Hey you reached Logan leave a message at he beep" his answering machine said.

"Mitchell where are you? You're not picking up!" I said getting annoyed and teary. I put my phone down and heard the door open. My head shot up thinking it was Logan, but i was wrong.

"Dad, why are you here?" I asked sitting up wiping my tears away

"I think the more important question is why are you here? I thought you where going on a date with Logan." he said walking into my room putting his hands in his pants pockets. "Wait are you crying?" he with a question look on his face.

"No, no I-I'm fine" I trying not to cry in front of my dad, and staying strong.

"Ah, I read online that 'I'm Fine' is one of the most lies told by teenage girls" he said sitting down on my bed. "Now...whats really wrong" he asked

"Well Logan and I made plans for a date at the beach for our 1 year anniversary at 4." I started. "But as you can see its already 6 and I don't think he is coming. So I got sad started crying and ran in here and sobbed into my pillow, and planing on crying myself to sleep." I finished.

"Maybe Logan got caught up in band rehearsal or something." my dad stated.

"But that's the problem. He would usually calls or texts me if he is every going to be late or has to cancel." I said starting to cry again. I leaned over and stared sobbing into my father's shirt.

"Sweetie, look why don't you go to apartment 2J and see if he is there or maybe call his manager." my dad said lifting my head and looking me in the eyes.

"Okay, but let my redo my make because i look like a horror monster with my mascara running done my cheeks" I said getting up, but my dad stopped me.

"Before I leave I want to give you some relationship advice." he started grabbing on to my hand.

"Okay. What?" asked looking him in the eye. My father was never really good at giving my relationship advice.

"Sweetie, relationships are like glass. They shatter easily and are horribly fragile. And, sometimes it's better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting them back together." my dad said and then he let go of my hand.

"Wow that is really good advice. I didn't know you had it in you." I said walking over to my vanity.

"I try." "And remember stay strong." he said looking me dead in the eye.

"I will don't worry." I said, but the truth is I'm probably telling a lie.

I finished up applying my makeup and made my way to apartment 2J.

I made my way down to 2J and knocked on the door three times.

I stood there for awhile for someone to answer. I started to walk away thinking no one was home. I turned my head around when I herad the door open revealing James in a dark blue bath robe.

"Oh, hi I didn't think anybody was home." I said standing there all calm, but really freaking out inside. I don't know why thought.

"Yeah, I was about to get a shower. Can I help you Camille?" James asked my fixing his hair.

"Yes, you know where Logan is?" I asked looking over his showers to see if anybody else was there with him. "I was just wondering because I've been trying to reach him for about a hour and he didn't answer his phone."

"Umm yeah he said he was going out on a date with you to the beach." James said with a confused look on his face, and inviting me into the apartment.

"Well I right here and Loganless. So clearly I'm not out with him. When did he leave?" I asked making my way over to the couch to sit down.

"He left about two hours ago." James said sitting down next to me.

"Well maybe you should try calling him." I said "Because it will not say my name and will say yours."

"Sure I will give it a shot." he said taking out his phone and dialing his number.

"Put it on speaker so I can hear" I demanded.



"Hey Logan where are you?"

"I told you James, I'm on a date with Camille."

"But Camille is here, with me in 2J, looking for you."

"Oh ummmmmm..."

"Logan where are you?" James asked sounding angry.

"I gotta go."

And with that Logan hung up.

James looked over at me and saw I was starting to get teary. He gave me a big bear hung and let my cry into his shoulder. I'm surprised that I still have tears left in me. I thought I cried they all out earlier.

"Is he cheating on me?" I asked James though sobs

"I don't know." he respond and starting rubbing my back.

I really don't like to cry...but at this point I can't hold it in any more.

To Be Continued...

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