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Chapter 27

*1 month old*

Camille's Point of View

My mom was a teen mom and I guess I could have learned from her on how hard it would be, but I guess I just didn't learn well enough, and now I have to go through what she did. Getting pregnant at a young age means your life will never be the same. I made a lot of mistakes and I wish I could of listen to the people who told me right. Like Jo, she told me to not give Logan a second chance, but I did, and know I have his baby, and he isn't here.

Before I got pregnant I use to go out with my friends and just have fun. I had no pressure on me but to keep my grades up and to land auditions to become famous. I mean that is a lot of pressure to have but when you add a baby on top of everything. It just all came crumbling down on top of me, but that was just another thing I had to give up out of my life for Anna Leigh.

Now every morning I wake up at 5 am to feed Anna Leigh and change her diaper, and get her dressed and ready for the day, and watch after her all day long. I have to do all that while also catching up on all my school work, keeping the house clean, rehearsing lines, taking care of myself, and taking care of her.

This was not how my life was supposed to be. This was not how I planned my youth year to turn out.

I want to go to college. If I to so I would be the first in my family to because everybody else dropped out halfway through, or never tried to. But I have to do it. I have to do it for Anna Leigh. To show her that I am no quitter and don't give up before I even try.

My relationship with Logan is...a roller coaster. One minute we will be laughing the next we would be arguing over something stupid. I wish we could have worked something out to be parents together and raise her as one family and not at separate places. I think we could have worked out if we had time, but with his singing job, and being down in San Diego, we just have no time to sit down and talk about it. I hope we can work things out soon. I'm 99% sure that Logan might want to get back together. It's just that 1% that scares me because I want her to have both of us in her life cause that is how it should be.

People always thought I was a little miss perfect, the goody- goody type of girl. Then when they figure out I was pregnant, they couldn't believe it. They were like "You're pregnant? You never ever like got detention!" or "I thought you were a good girl?" And I'm like I am a good girl. I just had sex by accent and there was consequence and Anna Leigh was the consequence, and I'm living with them.

I had a world of chances to make everything right, but I just blew them all.

I don't regret Anna Leigh, I love her so much, but I do wish I could have waited a few more years to have her, and I think it would have been better for her too.

I just doing for what I think is the best for me and my daughter. This is just the beginning of forever.

The End

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