Bellatrix Steals Bartys Ice cream

This was for RoseWeasley123's Barty/Bellatrix challenge! This is a drabble!

Mmm! Barty thought as he took another lick of his ice cream cone. This was the first one he had since his childhood. He took another lick of his cone.

"What are you eating?" He looked at Bellatrix.

"An Ice cream cone, what does it look like?" He went back to licking. Bellatrix was still standing there, looking at him.

'What?" She turned her gaze to the cone filled with chocolate ice cream. "No!"

"Please?" She begged.


"Pretty please?"


"Why?" she whined.

"I want it!"

"Can I have one little bite?" She came closer and gave Barty eyes that would make anyone do anything.

"Fine!" Her face became happy. Barty went to give her the cone, and then took it back, "One lick!"

When she took the cone, one lick became two and two became three.

"Give it back!" Barty tried to grab it but she turned away. "Come on Lestrange, give it back!"

"No!" She went back to licking.

"Come on! You ate it all!" He looked at her very mad, and then his angry gaze turned to happy. He noticed chocolate on her lips. He walked closer to her and grabbed her face and made their lips touch. He licked the chocolate off and released.

"What was that?" She asked horrified.

"You had chocolate on your lips!"