Born Again

By Valinda Blade

Summery: Harry receives a letter from someone unexpected before his birthday.

But what does it mean, and how does it change his life?

Warning: Contains child abuse, under age sex, and strong language.

Also contains male pregnancy. Eventually Dark Harry.

Pairings: Lucius/Severus, eventually Lucius/Severus/Harry.

Prolog: Inheritance

Laying weakly on his bed late in the evening Harry was trying to get his mind off his godfather. His one and only chance to get out of this hell hole that was his summer home. He'd watched as Sirius was stunned and fell back into the vail. He still had Sirius's boots in his trunk.

Harry hadn't slept or eaten much since returning from the ministry that night. His uncle Vernon was even more unhappy with his chores than normally, so he had been locked in without food for a week now. The effects of this were really starting to show on poor Harry. He was more pale than a Malfoy and had dropped a lot of weight. His eyes were sunken and lacked that venomous luster of life. They had actually lost a lot of their pigment, now appearing to be more gray and lifeless. The skin surrounding his eyes was black from lack of sleep. Harry's cheek bones stuck out of sunken flesh giving him and even more skeletal appearance. His lips were even shrunken. The wild mop of hair had grown a little longer and wilder but it now hung down over his face to cover his eyes and scar.

Harry hardly had the energy to get himself up to open the window. His skinny and shaky arms struggled as he pushed the window open for the insistent owl. He'd been sending all owls back without even taking the letters since coming back to Privet Drive. He didn't recognize the great horned owl that was now perched on top of Hedwig's empty cage.

"I don't want whatever you have." Harry spoke bluntly in a raspy whisper. "So you can take it back." The owl simply shook it's great head and extended it's leg. The letter attached to it looked old and slightly beat up by the weather.

Frowning Harry eventually made his way to the bird to retrieve the letter. As soon as he had the letter removed the poor old owl fell over dead. Harry looked at the owl wide eyed with shock as it shriveled up. Only a few seconds passed and the only remains of the poor bird was a pile of bones and a few loose feathers.

"Wow." Harry blinked before looking more closely at the letter. The only writing on it was his name wrote in a flowing crimson script. Shrugging Harry flipped the parchment envelope over to look at the seals. He blinked again in surprise when there was more then one and he recognized them both. The first seal he was expecting to see the second scared him a little. The first seal was the Potter family crest, the second was the dark mark.

Harry opened his magic a little and felt around the letter, he sighed softly when he felt a warmth and safety rolling from it. After a long moment of thinking about what it could be he decided to open it. Inside was more of the same flowing crimson script that matched his name on the front. He sat back down on the bed pulling the thin blanket around him. He was exhausted from the small trip around the room but the first line alone made Harry want to read the letter.

My Darling Baby,

I'm so sorry that I can't be with you. I had no choice, it was the only way to keep you alive.

Harry, I want you to know a secret. A secret I discovered when I turned sixteen and put your father in St. Mungo's. You see I'm not muggle born.

Now I know you've been lied to but the only person who knows is also dead. Harry your part Fire Nymph. The change will likely happen tonight.

As magical as you were as a babe, I know you'll have more than one mate. You'll need to find them quickly. They can help you through the changes. You'll know you mates by either scent or sound.

You'll have to figure out if your a dominate or a submissive nymph though. That's not a problem though, a dominate usually gets taller after the main change while a submissive gets a little shorter. You'll get paler too, more like a Malfoy. Oh did you know Lucius is a dominate male Veela, rare but it happens. Though I don't think Narcissa is his true mate.

Look at that I'm rambling when I should be telling you important things. Your father is really rubbing off on me. Back to the point.

Harry please be careful there are many who would seek an unbounded Nymph. Find your mates, Dominate or Submissive you need to find them. They will protect you and keep you safe.

You'll get a major power boost when you change. You'll get another when you bond to your mates.

I'm sorry, I'm out of time. I wish I could have given more help. I love you, Harry.

Lily Potter

P.S. Your father loves you too.

Harry sat blinking at the only letter he had ever gotten from his parents. It didn't make sense now that he had to stay here. They weren't even his family. Tears filled his eyes as he reread the letter. The last few lines hitting him hard, his parents loved him. He had proof of it now in his mother's hand writing.

Curling in on himself, Harry slowly fell asleep clutching the letter tightly. He didn't notice the changes taking place as he slept. His hair grew even longer then it already had, it became tamer though as well. Though his hair grew longer his limbs grew shorter. The already short boy was now no more than four foot ten. The sunkenness of his malnutrition seemed to disappear as his cheeks filled out again. The color was returned to his pale skin giving him a flushed appearance. He looked much the same otherwise.

Author's Note

Hi everyone, to those who are new to my stories welcome. To my faithful reader of my Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction, I know this isn't what you were hoping for. But this has been eating away at my brain trying to escape. I will get back to my other story to get it finished up. I'd like to say that I've wrote and rewrote the letter and though this works I'm still not happy with it, but anyway.

Thank you for reading and if you want to leave a review I'll try to answer any question you might have.