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"I'll bite you to death."

Yuri snickered as she heard Hibari threaten the tardy students that were now being bitten for being late. From her seat beside the window, she watched Gokudera fight Hibari as Yamamoto laughed at what he thought was all a joke. After a few strong hits to the stomach and legs, Hibari ordered them to get to class before starting his patrol again.

"Yuri-chan~" Kyoko-chan began, leaning in next to her. "I heard from Nana-san that you and Hib-" Yuri quickly put a hand over the girl's mouth as Hana snickered in front of them.

"Don't say anything yet," she pleaded to the girls. "I don't think Hibari wants anyone to know."

Hana scoffed. "Why not? What kind of boyfriend is that?"

"EH!" A boy behind Yuri yelled. "Yuri-chan has a boyfriend!" he whined and a few more boys shared their dismay, which resulted in complaints about how they can never get any girlfriends. "Kyoko-chan's taken, so is Yuri-chan..." He turned towards Hana with a huge grin but she shot him down immediately with a glare. He quickly backed off and left the three friends alone again.

"What idiots. How easily they forget I'm taken. Almost as easily I am overlooked when not dating," Hana sighed in dismay. "Boys are so dim," she wisely stated. "You've got to whip them into shape!" she told the two inexperienced girls. "Especially you, Kyoko. Tsuna's cute and all, but he's no where near a man."

Kyoko-chan blushed with a frown pulling at the tip of her lips. "You just don't know him well, Hana," Yuri defended. "Tsuna's very dependable when it comes down to when he's needed."

Hana sighed. "I guess I wouldn't really know." She shrugged it off and Kyoko smiled at Yuri in thanks.

The bell rung announcing lunch time. Yuri separated with the girls and made her way to the staircase she and Hibari used to sit on during lunch. She wasn't sure if he would be there, or if he'd be in the office, but she thought she'd give the staircase a shot first. With her bento in hand, she made her way over in anticipation. As she rounded over, she saw the empty staircase.

"Hmm," she softly hummed in disappointment and turned around. Instead of walking forward, she turned straight into someone, burying her face in their chest. She jumped back in shock, apologising profusely. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I didn't mean too!"

The body in front of her chuckled. "It's okay, Yuri-chan," Yamamoto said. "I saw you walking around and thought I'd try to scare you a little!" Yamamoto jokes around, freely.

"Hehe," Yuri laughed slightly, relieved it was a friend. "Watch your back, Yama-chan, or you might get a surprise yourself."

"Eh?" Yamamoto grinned widely. "From you little thing?" He patted her head affectionately, his grin as wide as any idiot's. Yuri couldn't help but find him doltish. He was a sweetheart and he took good care of her, but he was either an idiot or he never let on to how much he truly knows.

"No," a menacing voice said from behind him while he was simultaneously jabbed in his lower back. "From me."

"Ow, ow!' Yamamoto whined, holding onto his back. He turned around relieving Hibari with his tonfas out and ready to strike again. "Hibari-san!" he laughed once he saw who it was. "You're still playing the mafia game? Hahaha! Well, I better go! Tsuna-kun and the rest are waiting for me!" He ran off, but not before ruffling Yuri's hair and dodging another hit from Hibari's tonfa.

"The boy's really an idiot," Yuri stated, positive now that that was the case. She put a hand on Hibari's arm to lower his weapon.

"Hn," he agreed wordlessly and pushed his tonfas back into his sleeves.

"Let's eat!" Yuri grinned at the prefect widely as she showed off her bento. Hibari smirked and the two sat side by side on the staircase, silently eating their food.

Unknowingly, a pair of eyes watched the two as they enjoyed their lunch. The eyes scrunched angrily as they watched the couple eat soundly and quietly, yet comfortably all the same. They blinked heavily each time Hibari brushed hands with the girl and a light, almost invisible blush appeared on her cheeks. Jealousy seethed inside the person as they turned away, no longer able to watch.


The eyes continued to keep watch of Hibari and Yuri. They witnessed every small exchange. The eyes greeting each other in the hallway, the lips biting as they struggles to keep themselves shut when they're near one another, the hands that brush as they pass each other, and the secret kiss they share in the seemingly empty hallway after classes.

One would have to truly be watching closely to notice all these exchanges but that's exactly what Akemi Kan was doing. She was paying very close attention. A week ago, she had been pushed away and rejected. She'd never experienced rejection and it left her shocked and hurt. But rather than cry about it or move on and become a stronger person, she set out on getting back what she had. She wanted Hibari Kyoya back.


"Is he really all that great?" a boy pestered Yuri. "I bet I'd make a better boyfriend!" He grinned widely, placing an arm around her shoulders. Lately, the boys in her class were being more and more flirty with the girls. A few in particular hit on her during their breaks and when she was alone.

Yuri sighed, slipping his arm off. He has no idea what kind of danger he was putting himself in. If he only knew who her boyfriend was. "My boyfriend doesn't like others touching me," she warned.

The boy simply scoffed. "Isn't that a bit too controlling? He must get jealous easily. I wouldn't be that kind of boyfriend."

"Well, I like that type of boyfriend," she shrugged and left the boy quickly, joining Tsuna and Gokudera.

"Yuri-chan's become a lot more popular lately," Tsuna laughed, placing a hand on her head. "Hibari-san's not going to break my hand if I touch you...right?" he nervously asked, his hand slowly retreating.

Yuri scoffed and patted his shoulder. "I wont let him, it's okay."

"Don't touch the Tenth so carelessly, woman!" Gokudera swatted her hand away and pulled Tsuna closer.

"You, however," she frowned, "I'll make sure Hibari-senpai hits you extra hard."

"I'm not afraid of him!" Gokudera denied. "I'll take him."

Yuri chuckled mockingly. "As if!"

"You don't think I can take him, shrimp?" he yelled. "I can, I'll show you!"

Yuri pinched the boy in the arm earning a yelp. "Look, don't hurt yourself. You getting bitten to death will make things difficult for Tsuna-nii."

Gokudera turned away, seething quietly. Tsuna smiled at Yuri and placed a hand on her head again. "Mama's making seaweed soup tonight. You coming?"

"Of course!" she grinned, her mouth already watering.

The usual chatter stopped in the hallway as a new person made an appearance. The trio turned around to watch a scandalously-clad girl as the centre of attention. She was really beautiful. Her long brown hair was curled lightly at the ends, and her big eyes and plump, red lips looked perfect on her light skin tone. Yuri frowned, feeling pathetic. This beautiful person was the girl that was in the closet that one afternoon with Hibari. She was the one in his office and the one the day she visited Hibari with the lotus.

"I-I'm going back to class," she told the boys. "See you later!"

Tsuna grinned and bid her farewell, his hand holding up Gokudera's jaw. "See you at dinner, Yuri-chan!"

The small girl swiftly walked back to class, ignoring all the stunned bodies. She felt really pathetic. She knew that what she felt for Hibari was love and she knew that his feelings for her weren't weak either. She was sure Hibari would never betray her and she was sure he wouldn't look at another girl in the same way he looked at her, yet she couldn't help the pitiful feeling. That girl, whoever she had once been to Hibari, was beautiful and she couldn't help but feel discouraged. She was small in stature. Barely 150 cm, she was shorter than everyone else in school. Her chest was flat and she didn't have any sex appeal. The only thing she could confidently be proud of were her wide hips. Sometimes, they were the only indication that she was female. Compared to the beautiful goddess in the hallway, she was nothing.


She walked down the hall confidently. Her skirt hardly covered her butt and her blouse was two sizes too small, her bust stretching out the thin fabric, her lacy, red bra on display for the world.

Angry eyes bore into her and the sea of gaping, hormonal boys parted to reveal the prefect that was going to put an end to the show that is Akemi Kan. Lingering students quickly ran back into their classrooms and shut the doors, leaving only Hibari and Akemi.

"Herbivore," he growled, his tonfas sliding out. "You're breaking the rules." He wasted no time jabbing her hard in the stomach.

This wasn't what she was expecting. She thought he'd "bite" her like he usually would. In a way that would involve naked bodies, sweat, and heavy breathing. As she felt the second hit to the back of her head and her vision blurred, she knew she wasn't getting what she hoped for.


The topic for the rest of the day around the school was how Akemi Kan dressed for school. The boys were running their mouths and the girls were glaring at their boyfriends and gossiping.

"That Akemi's got some balls," Yuri bluntly stated, causing Hana to laugh and Kyoko to blush.

"Akemi?" Hana scrunched her face. "More like Akuma. That girl is awful."

"Why?" Yuri curiously asked. Although she had more than enough reason to agree, she wondered what could make other people dislike her too.

"She loves picking on girls and hooks up with guys like they're nothing but toys," Hana scowled. "Yet, look at all these idiots drooling over her!" She raised her arm to the crowd of boys still gushing over the sexy Akemi.

Kyoko shrugged timidly. "I feel a little bad for her though. She doesn't have any friends..."

Yuri sighed. "I'm sure she's not all that bad. She just needs to work on her character." There's always a reason for why people act a certain way, Yuri believed. Akemi might have experienced something in her life that made her act the way she does to gain attention. Or not. You never know until someone opens up to you.

Hana shook her head. "You two are too nice."


A few days later, Akemi was back in school. She was nursing a horrible headache and she still couldn't stomach any solid foods, but she was lucky she was walking. After a few nights of crafting new strategies, Akemi decided to take a new approach at taking back Hibari. She would start this time from the core of the problem.

Akemi watched Yuri come into the girls' locker room for a drink of water. She had expected her to come back to the locker room before the rest of the girls, seeing as she didn't have to participate until her stitches came off. As the small girl tip toed herself up to a more comfortable position, Akemi kicked her ankles in. Yuri yelled, collapsing onto the ground.

"What was that for!" she demanded, glaring up at the brunette.

Akemi smirked, feeling the great advantage of their height difference. "I'm sorry!" she apologized profusely, though her face wore a big smile. "I didn't see you there!" She pulled her hand out for the small girl and jerked her up quickly, nearly dislocating her shoulder. "Well, bye!" She sauntered away from the small girl, but three steps away, she turned back, feeling unsatisfied.

She pushed Yuri's much smaller form to the ground, causing her to yelp in pain. Her leg swung into the tiny girl's side repeatedly, tears escaping her eyes and running down to her chin. She muttered under her breath, repeating every vile word she'd ever heard of. She felt wronged. Wronged that this pathetic nobody with nothing particularly beautiful about her had taken away from her the only consistent thing she held in her life. Even if it meant nothing and there were no feelings, it had been hers and only hers.

She looked at the crumbled figure on the floor. Seeing the pain etched on her face and the tears streaking down her face, she felt satisfied. She had felt like that too. More than once. Smug, the brunette straightened herself up and left.

Yuri wheezed and coughed. Through the pain in her ribs, she tried to suck in the much needed air. Forcing herself to calm down and inhale and exhale evenly, she mustered up everything that was left in her to pick herself up.

Yuri limped over to a bench and sat down. Her breathes were shallow now but still controlled. She squeezed her eyes and gasped at the pain in her ribs. Slowly lifting up her shirt, she inspected her stitches and sighed in relief. Luckily, they hadn't split and only her ribs were damaged. After all, it was easier to hide a few bruises than blood spilling out from split stitches.

The rest of the girls started walking into the locker room as Yuri quickly straightened herself out in a panic. "Kyoko-chan, Hana-chan!" she called over to the two girls as the entered the room. "I'm going to head back to class. I'll see you there!" The two girls smiled at her and nodded, waving her off.

Yuri wiped the sweat off her brow once in the hallway. She felt herself pale further as pain shot through her ribs with each step she took. The farther she walked, the more it hurt. She supported herself against the wall and wheezed. She wasn't sure if she would make it all the way to her classroom, let alone through the rest of the day.

"Yuri-chan!" At the sound of her name, Yuri suddenly jerked sideways and another shock of pain ran through her torso. This time, she couldn't hold herself up any longer and her knees buckled, her body falling to the floor as she shriveled in pain.

"Yuri-chan! Yuri-chan!" She could hear Kusakabe's voice calling her name frantically. Tears ran down her face and she fought back her desire to scream in pain. "Yuri-cha-" Her hearing faded as she finally passed out from the pain.

Kusakabe gingerly gathered her into his arms and sprinted up the stairs into the Disciplinary Office. Hibari could hear him yelling his name from down the hall. He opened the door, ready to tonfa him into the next century, until he saw the unconscious girl in his arms. He placed her gently onto the sofa and Hibari growled out an order to call for an ambulance. Kusakabe quickly followed the order and ran out of the room for the nearest phone.

Hibari's eyes quickly worked over her body, trying to find the area where she was harmed. He pulled her shirt up to make sure her stitches hadn't come undone. Instead, he could see fresh bruises the size of grapefruits forming along the side of her torso. Enraged, the prefect pulled her shirt back down and propped her head up on a pillow. He untangled her long hair and smoothed it out. He was at a loss for what to do. He knew was he wanted to do. He wanted to grab the herbivore with a death wish by their head and smash it into cement. He knew that would have to wait until Yuri was safely placed into an ambulance.

Shortly after Hibari rationalised who the herbivore that did this was, Kusakabe ran in with paramedics and a stretcher. Carefully, or as carefully as one can work with the Demon of Namimori ready to bite you for the slightest wrong move, the paramedics placed the small girl on the stretcher and ran off.

"Go with her," he ordered Kusakabe. "And call the herbivore's mother." Without any explanation, Kusakabe ran off after the paramedics, knowing exactly who Hibari meant.

Writhing in anger, Hibari set off to find the only culprit that would have the level of stupidity to sentence themselves to death.

"Akemi Kan," he growled, finding her in the girl's bathroom.

The tall, lean girl turned towards his voice nervously, but she couldn't help but smirk at him sexily. "Kyoya," she said in a low voice.

The prefect's tonfas slipped out but he threw them to the floor almost right away. Surprised, Akemi stared at the vicious skylark. His eyes showed no regret or hesitation. He was livid. He was beyond control.

It didn't take Akemi long to realise she had made a terrible mistake. He knew what she had done and he was going to make her pay for it.

The last thing she saw before squeezing her eyes shut was Hibari's fist swinging back before it made contact with her face.

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