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This is a peculiar situation the Winchesters have gotten themselves into. Both are held by an invisible force to the wall of some old lady's house, and apparently said old lady happens to be the witch they were hunting for.

Who would've thought?

Turns out the witch was very old fashioned, and she had a grudge against Dean and his…escapades with women. Called him a man-whore too. And other hurtful names that made Dean want to poke her eyes out with her own knitting needle. She seemed like such a nice old lady too. Which was why they took her up on her offer of cookies and milk (because they were chocolate chip, duh) after they finished interviewing her.

So, here they are, about to get witchified in some no name town in Missouri. Beaten by an old woman. What a way to go. The witch starts to mumble some really weird sounding words that Dean can't make out, but he figures Sam knows because he's a ginormous geek with his big nerdy brain and his handy dandy laptop.

His super smart brother who could also be the world's biggest idiot.

This witch thing is his fault. At least from Dean's point of view.

A suspicious looking light begins to form a few feet in front of Dean as the witch chants and that's when things get weird.

Cas shows up just when the light shoots at Dean and the blast outlines the shadows of the angel's wings as they stretch out, shielding Dean. Both Winchesters close their eyes at the resulting blinding light that engulfs the room. Then light brightens and disappears. They hear the witch scream and then all is quiet. They fall from their restraints into a heap on the ground, rubbing their eyes at the flashes dancing across their vision.

Dean blinks and sees Castiel's clothes in a pile in front of him. No angel in sight. The hunter scrambles to his feet, panic gripping his senses as he whirls around to face Sam, who is staring wide eyed at what is left of Castiel.

"Sam! Where the hell is he? Where –"

A light shuffling sound cuts Dean short and the brothers freeze, cocking their heads at the noise. They hear it again and realize that it's coming from Castiel's clothes. Sam's face scrunches up as he watches a lump move around under the trench coat.

"What the hell...?"

Dean frowns and crouches down in front of the wiggling object under the mound of cloth. He looks up at Sam, who nods, drawing his gun. Dean takes a small breath and lifts up the coat quickly. Both of their jaws drop.

A kitten is sitting in front of them.

"Holy crap, Dean…" Sam's voice is shocked as he looks at the tiny cat before him. "Is that…?"

Dean nods slowly, staring down at the kitty. He knows those big blue eyes anywhere.

Cas is a kitten. A kitten. A very small kitten who doesn't even look over two months old, with white fur and gray tipped ears and the same deep blue eyes.

Dean freaks.

"Dude, what the hell?"

"I don't know!" Sam exclaims.

"Seriously, dude, what the hell?"

"I don't know!"

They continue to stare at the Cas-kitten, who is staring up at them, his furry head cocked, managing to twist his feline features into a look of confusion that rivals the Winchester's. Then he opens his mouth.


Holy mother of Jesus on rye.

Dean will never admit how freakin' adorable Castiel sounded just then. Never.

Sam, however, has no problem with it.

"Dean! That was adorable! How can Cas be that adorable?"

Sam scoops Castiel up and the kitten is dwarfed in his massive hands as he grins at Dean, holding Cas up so their faces are side by side. The elder Winchester frowns, not liking the fact that Sam is holding his kitten.

Wait…well, Cas is Dean's angel, he did raise him from Hell and left a mark to prove it. So that would definitely transfer when he's a cat. Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

Having reassured himself mentally with his amazing logic, Dean scowls at Sam and snatches Cas out of his hands. Sam sputters, indignant, watching as his brother shields Castiel in his hands. Only the kitten's gray tipped ears can be seen.

"He's mine! My cat!"

"Nuh uh! You have to share, Dean!"

"Since when? This is all your fault anyway! If you hadn't started talking to that old lady about how many girls I go out with and how you think it's improper and shit, she wouldn't have tried to curse me!" Dean feels Cas stiffen in his hands and he looks down to see the kitten's ears flat against his head, blue eyes narrowed at Sam. The younger Winchester's eyes widen as Cas glares at him.

"Uh, Dean…I think he can understand us."

"Yeah, looks like it. I think he's mad at you."

"No he's not…" But as Sam reaches for Cas the angel kitten arches his back and hisses, his snowy fur standing on end. Dean laughs at the hurt expression on his brother's face. "I didn't mean to…" Sam trails off, looking dejectedly at Cas. "I'm sorry, Cas."

"Just get his clothes. I don't know what he did to the witch, but we can't ask her how to fix this. If you want to make it up to Cas you should work your geek boy stuff and find a way to fix him."

"Yeah, I guess." Sam picks up the angel's clothes and follows him out the door. In the car, Dean sets Castiel down between them. He waves a finger at the kitten, watching as wide blue eyes trail the movement. Castiel's tail twitches.

"Don't scratch my seats, Cas."

Castiel looks innocently up at Dean and the hunter has to resist the urge to scratch him behind his ears.

Not in front of Sam.

"Right. Off we go."

They reach the motel without a hitch, though Castiel frequently ended up sliding across the seat, bumping into either Sam or Dean's thigh as the Impala turned. Every time he hit Sam he'd get up and attempt to make his way back to Dean, but he kept his claws retracted and he just ended slipping on the leather because he couldn't get a firm hold. Finally, at a red light Dean picked him up with one hand and sat him in his lap, smirking at Sam when Cas immediately curled up and sat still for the rest of the ride. Dean was reintroduced to Sam's bitchface no. 9. He hadn't seen that one in a while.

Back inside the room, Sam springs into action. "I call shower first." He grabs his folded clothes off his bed and rushes into the bathroom before Dean has time to speak.

Sam so planned that.

Grumbling under his breath, Dean takes Castiel out of his jacket pocket and sets him down on the bed. Sneaking kittens into motels is very easy, he found out.

Castiel meows, swatting at Dean's finger when he pokes him.

"You're really soft," Dean comments, observing as Castiel's tail swishes back and forth. "Like a stuffed animal." He laughs at the expression on Castiel's face. Only the angel can make a cat look like that. "Just playing." He scoops up Cas and flops onto the bed, settling the kitten on his stomach. "Hmm. You're really tiny, too. What are you, like a month old? And look, you have a sock."

Castiel stares.

Dean scratches behind Cas' ear, surprised at Castiel's eyes closing in contentment and the small rumbling noise sounding from the kitten's small frame. "Hey, you're purring." Castiel blinks one eye open, purring louder when Dean switches ears.

I find this very relaxing.

Dean freezes an looks at the kitten in shock. That was definitely Castiel's voice in his head. He squints down at the feline.


Keep scratching.

Dean breaks out into a grin and sits up, laughing when his sudden movement causes Castiel to tumble off onto the bed. "Sorry." He watches as Castiel sits up, focusing his round and slightly irritated eyes on him.

And I do not have a sock, Dean. It would not fit.

Dean chuckles at the fact that he's talking to an angel cat. He must look crazy. "No, I meant the tip of your paw. It's gray."

Castiel stares down at his front left paw, noticing for the first time that it looks like someone dipped it in gray paint.

I see.

Dean taps his fingers against his stomach, peering down at Cas.

"So…you have any of your angel mojo?"

I'm afraid not. I'm surprised that I can even communicate with you. It must be because of the link that ties us together.

"Oh." Dean doesn't know what else to say, so he resumes scratching Castiel's ears, smirking when he starts purring very loudly again, tilting his head up so Dean can get under his chin. "Cas, you sound like a motorboat."

I can't help it. Keep scratching.

That's the sight that Sam is greeted with when he steps out of the shower, clad in a fresh pair of sweats and a t-shirt. He smirks, clearing his throat and grinning when Dean startles and sets Cas down, who looks confused at the sudden interruption of his ear scratching. He meows, clearly agitated.

"Be quiet. No, I'm done being your man servant. Don't get bitchy with me. Oh yeah? How about I drop kick your fuzzy ass in the toilet, huh? How does that sound?"

Sam's brows furrow as he watches Dean have a conversation with…himself?

"Dean…who are you talking to?"

Dean looks up at Sam as if he forgot he was there. He shrugs.

"Cas. He talks in my head."

Sam nods slowly, staring at his brother like he's lost his mind. "Oh. Okay…Shower is all yours."

"About time, Samantha. I swear, you're such a girl sometimes."

"Shut up." Sam scowls and goes over to retrieve his laptop. "I'm going to see if we can get Cas back to normal."

Dean nods, grabbing his change of clothes. "Keep an eye on him. Don't let him get lost under the bed or something." Dean pauses and grins, turning to the kitten glaring at him from his bed. "You can't smite anything; you're a cat. And a pretty pathetic looking one at that. Remember, I will not hesitate to flush you down the toilet." Dean steps into the bathroom, leaving Sam alone with Cas.

At first Castiel simply sits on Dean's bed and stares at Sam, but after a few minutes he curls up on one of the pillows and closes his eyes, purring softly.

In other words, he's being adorable. Again.

Sam sighs and turns back to his computer. The next time he looks at Dean's pillow, Cas isn't there. Sam closes his laptop and stands up, looking around the room.

"Cas? Where are you?" Dean will kill him if anything happens to the angel. "Cas?" Sam moves towards Dean's bed, crouching down and peering under it. "C'mon, this isn't funny." His eyes adjust to the darkness under the bed, but there is no sign of Cas. Just as he is about to get up something thumps onto his back and then sharp needles are digging into is skin suddenly and whatever it is holds on as Sam jumps up, dancing around as he reaches for his back. Even with those insanely long arms, he still can't get that spot where the pressure is.

He is pretty sure it's Cas.

"Get the hell off!"

Sam doesn't want to hurt the kitten because he's so small, but his claws are really sharp. Cas makes it worse when he digs them in further and Sam yelps and finally gets a hold of fur and he pulls the attacking cat off by the scruff of his neck, bringing him around so they are eye level. Castiel hangs limp in Sam's grip, his lower body curled up as he stares at Sam with wide eyes.

Then Dean steps out of the bathroom. He looks at Sam and the kitten dangling from his hand. Cas turns his head and looks at Dean.


"What the hell, Sam?"

Dean stalks over and grabs Cas, who seems to be able to move freely again once he's out of Sam's grip. He sits in Dean's hands, purring contentedly. Sam points at him.

"He's a hellcat, Dean! He attacked me!"

Dean laughs and shakes his head at Sam. "No, he's an angel cat. Because he's an angel. And maybe if you wouldn't pick him up like that he'll be nice to you."

Sam pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs. "No, he jumped on me first. And I wasn't hurting him."

"He wasn't even moving! You must have paralyzed him or something," Dean snaps, his tone accusatory.

"That happens when you pick kittens up like that. It's instinct. Their mothers do it so they can move them around. Try it. It won't hurt him."

"I don't want to. Just leave him alone." Sam and all his geeky knowledge. Dean scowls and walks over to his bed and sets Cas down on the left pillow. He settles in on the right side of the bed, sitting with his back against the headboard. "So…find anything?"

Sam huffs and sits on his bed. "No. Cas jumped me before I could look." He pauses, and then his face brightens. "The old lady, Dean! She said something about going a week as the dog you really are. Maybe that's what the curse was supposed to do; turn you into a dog so you would learn your lesson. Maybe with Cas it just turned out different. I guess he's is more of a cat person?"

Dean grins. "Of course he's a cat person. He hardly comes when we call him and he's always staring at things that aren't there."

Cas hisses at him.

"Whatever, Cas. You know it's true." Dean lowers himself until he's under the covers. Cas curls up on the pillow next to him. "Got beaten up by a cat," Dean mumbles at Sam, yawning. Sam scowls and gets settled on his back.

"A hellcat. He's a hellcat," he says, turning over.

"Whatever helps you sleep, dude." Dean reaches over and turns off the lamp.


Dean awakens with a jolt, his arm hanging over the side of his bed, his fingers coming in contact with something light. He looks over the bed to see Cas sitting on his haunches batting at his hand. Cas' blue eyes are narrowed and focused and Dean has to chuckle.

"Having fun?"


Dean looks over to Sam's bed to seem him snoring away. He's usually up by…Dean looks at the clock.

Three thirty-six?

Dean gapes, looking down at the kitten still playing with his fingers. He grabs Cas by the back of his neck, lifting him up to glare at him. Cas goes completely still and curls up his lower half.

"You woke me up at three in the morning!" Dean whispers harshly, not wanting to wake Sam.

Castiel purrs.

Dean narrows his eyes and shakes the kitten a little. "Why are you always so damn happy?"

Castiel continues to purr, blinking at Dean.

I don't know.

"You're weird," Dean states. "Is this hurting you?"

No. I am very comfortable, actually.

Castiel purrs some more. Just for good measure.

Dean sets him back on the bed and scoots back to watch him.

"Well…I'm going back to sleep. Don't wake me up again." Dean rolls over with his back to Cas. After a moment he feels light footsteps walking across his legs. He looks down to see Cas settle on the edge of his bed. Dean sighs.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day.

He doesn't know how much of an understatement that is.

Was that okay? I hope it was...