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Sam doesn't know what the hell is going on. He can understand why Dean was turned into a dog, but what was Cas' excuse? Was it because he was next to Dean in that creepy mist? In the end Sam supposes it doesn't matter. He just needs to fix it. He sneaks a peek at his canine brother from across the top of his laptop. Dean is sniffing around their room, stopping occasionally every few seconds. Cas is lying down with his head on his paws, keeping one eye on Dean as he rests. Suddenly, Dean's ears perk up and he wags his docked tail so hard his whole rear end shakes. He noses under Sam's bed.

I found pizza, Cas!

He pulls out from under the bed with a slice of cheese pizza in his jaws. In one gulp he's devoured it whole. Cas lifts his head from his paws.

That was disgusting, Dean.

Hey. I'm a dog, remember?

Dean sticks his head under the bed again, miraculously remerging with another slice of pizza. He pads over to Cas and drops it in front of him. Cas looks down at the slightly fuzzy pizza and back up at Dean.

I am not eating that.

Aw, c'mon, Cas! It's only a few days old. And there's some really good seasoning on it. Tastes like garlic….

Sam watches the scene with one eyebrow raised, observing as Dean pushes the pizza closer to Cas, whose nose scrunches up in response. Then he gets up and walks to the other side of the room, plopping down again. Dean stares at him for a moment before gobbling up the pizza.

Your loss, man.

Cas snorts and lays his head back down.


At this point Sam has turned his attention back to his laptop. It was a hassle finding the ingredients before, but now he has to find twice as much. It would take hours. And he really isn't keen on leaving Dean and Cas alone in the motel room. He'll just have to take them along.

A crash sounds in the room and Sam's head jerks up to see Dean sitting rather sheepishly beside the lamp that was once sitting on the night stand. Sam sighs.

Today is going to suck.


Cas, what the hell are you?

The two of them are in the backseat of the Impala as Sam drives to…wherever he needs to go. At his question Cas turns to look at him.

What do you mean?

What are you? I'm obviously a very handsome looking Doberman – he pushes his chest out and pricks his ears forward – See? Handsome. But what are you? You're not nearly as good looking as me, but you don't look like one of those little wimpy dogs that yap a lot, either. Maybe you're one of those hybrid types. You know, like Balto!

Cas stares at Dean blankly.

Dude. We need to start up your Human 101 lessons again.

That is not necessary, Cas replies a little too quickly. He can practically hear the smirk in Dean's response.

No, I really think we should. Remember what happened with Mindy? Hmm? Maybe if you had paid attention to what I was teaching you, it would have turned out differently and you and her could have had little angel babies and –

Dean! I do not appreciate you bringing Mindy into this. And I've already told you. Offspring produced by Mindy and I would be disastrous.

Cas' eyes widen and he ducks his head a little.

Not that I have thought about Mindy in…that way. The result would be…Dean! Do not patronize me.

But a teasing gleam has already entered Dean's gaze and his mouth opens in a doggy sort of grin.

Cas and Mindy sittin' in a tree. K-i-s-s-i-n-g, is all he gets to before Cas suddenly leaps on him. Dean yelps in surprise as Cas' body weight knocks him off the seat and onto the floor.


From the front seat Sam frowns and looks in the mirror.

"Hey! Cas, stop that!"

From his spot on the seat Cas stares down at Dean, who growls in response at the pleased look on the angel's face.

You know I do not like to be patronized.

You didn't have to jump me! Sheesh. You're definitely one of those hyrbrids. Freakin' psycho.

Dean clambers back on the seat and makes sure to stick to his side of the car.


"Okay." Sam stands in front of Cas and Dean on the sidewalk after parking the Impala. "Stay by me. Don't go wandering off or anything, all right?" Cas nods, but Dean is staring intently at something across the street. "Dean? Dean, what –"


Dean shoots off across the road, narrowly avoiding speeding cars in pursuit of a squirrel that catches sight of the massive Doberman charging toward it and it begins to run away like a bat out of Hell.

"Dean! Come back!" Sam yells, not in the least bit surprised when Dean continues to chase the poor creature into a park. The youngest Winchester sighs and looks down at Cas. "You should go after him."

Cas stares.

"Hey, you pulled him out of Hell. You're responsible for him too." Sam pauses. "Don't look at me like that."

Cas continues to look at him like that.

Sam sighs in defeat. "Fine. Just stay here." Sam waits for traffic to die down before he jogs across the street and to the park. It doesn't take him long to find Dean. At the sight of his brother Sam sighs. How the hell does he do it?

A small group of women are surrounding Dean, cooing at him and rubbing his head and scratching behind his ears. Sam rolls his eyes at the way Dean puffs out his chest and at the reactions of the women.

"Aren't you the sweetest thing?"

"What a handsome dog you are! Yes you are!"

Dean barks in agreement and Sam rolls his eyes.

If only they knew how much of a jerk Dean is.

"Excuse me, ladies. I really need to get Dean back –"

"He's yours?" One of the women exclaims. Sam snorts.

"Unfortunately," he mumbles to himself.


Sam jerks his head up. "Nothing. But I really do need him back." The women pout at this and Sam almost rolls his eyes. "I'm sure he enjoyed your company." He shoots a pointed look at his brother.

Dean winks.

"Okay, we're leaving now. Come on, Dean." Sam starts walking back and is slightly surprised when he looks back to see Dean trotting along behind him. It's usually a hassle to get Dean to do what Sam wants. Maybe this whole dog thing isn't that bad of an idea. That thought is immediately thrown out when they get back to the sidewalk.

Cas is gone.

He's nowhere in sight. Sam doesn't understand because he told him to stay right there and Cas isn't as irresponsible as Dean. He would sit there patiently until Sam returned with Dean and then they'd be on their merry way. Cas would never disappear on them in a situation like this. Which meant something is seriously wrong here. Dean is already sniffing around, circling outward from where Cas was sitting. Sam waits anxiously, fearing for the worst as the minutes tick by. He knows he shouldn't be surprised. Hundreds of people walk along this same path; there must be too many scents to distinguish Cas from them all. Just as Sam reaches inside his pocket for the car keys, Dean takes off down the sidewalk.

"Hey! Wait up!"

Dean was a pretty fast dude on two legs, but with four he's the freakin' Flash. It's all Sam can do to keep him in sight. Dean weaves effortlessly through the legs of the people around him, though Sam has a bit more trouble because of his size. When Dean finally stops in front of an old looking building Sam feels terrible because he made two women spill their coffee and caused a little girl to drop her ice cream.

Today just isn't his day.

While Sam mopes because he's secretly a girl, Dean has confirmed that Cas' scent stops in front of this creepy ass looking door in front of him. Dean looks to Sam, who looks like he's still moping. Dean barks and trots over to Sam and proceeds to shove him forward by ramming into his legs.

"Hey! Okay, okay, I'm going. Jerk."


When Sam opens the door and steps inside, both he and Dean freeze at what they see.

Dogs. Everywhere. All of them are in cages, lined up against the walls and some are in the middle of the room. The constant sound of barking never dulls and Sam can feel himself growing angrier by the second as he sees what state most of them are in. A lot of them are injured and are in need of medical attention. A low rumbling noise from Sam's left catches his attention and it takes a few seconds for him to realize that it's coming from his brother.

Bastard's gonna pay for all this.

"I know, Dean."

Dean looks at Sam briefly before moving forward, intent on finding Cas. The other dogs are distracting, but Dean keeps moving with a single minded focus. Behind him trails Sam, looking sadly at the caged animals. Dogs should never be treated like this. Sam has always loved dogs since he was a kid. And even though their dad would never allow them to keep one, he had always hoped that one day he'd settle down and finally get one. Bones fulfilled half of that dream, but Sam had to run away to achieve even that.

Dean's short, loud barks jolts Sam out of his thoughts. He blinks slowly and realizes that he's been staring at a dog that resembles Bones. Shaking his head slowly Sam jogs over to where Dean is and crouches down to look into the cage.

Cas looks just as he did when they left him. Not a scratch is on him. Dean sticks his muzzle through the bar, his tail going ninety miles an hour.

Cas! Are you okay? How'd you get here? Are you hurt at all? I'm gonna rip the guy that did this to you a new one, just wait –

I'm fine, Dean. My only complaint is the smell.

Dean retracts his muzzle and sits on his haunches, cocking his head at Cas.

You just got doggy napped and thrown in a cage and all you're concerned about is the smell? My God, you're a freak.

Sam suddenly returns (when did he leave?) with keys in one hand. Dean moves aside and allows Sam to unlock the cage. Cas walks out like this is the most normal situation in the world and he sits down, looking between Sam and Dean expectantly.

Well? I assume we are not leaving the rest of them here.

It takes Dean a second to realize that he means the other dogs.

Oh! Right.

Just as Dean plans to head butt his brother to get his attention, Sam pulls out his phone and dials a number.

"Hello, I'd like to report a case of animal cruelty. Connor Lee. Yes…"

See? Sammy's got it. Now tell me how the hell you ended up here.

Cas yawns widely and scratches one ear absently.

I'm not sure, exactly. I was waiting for you and Sam to come back. Then someone kicked me and I bit them. I can't remember much after that.

Dean's tail starts to wag again.

You bit someone? Dude! That's awesome! Except I'm pretty sure you bit the wrong guy.

I believe he was the right guy since he is the reason we have found this place.

I guess so.

The front door swinging open causes everyone's heads to swivel in that direction. A man walks in and catches sight of Sam, Dean, and Cas. He raises a fist and begins to stalk over.

"Hey! What are you doing? Get the hell out of here!"

Wow, he's short, is the first thing that crosses Sam's mind. And he's obviously got guts for coming right up to Sam and standing toe to toe with him.

"You listen here, buddy! I worked hard to get these dogs so's they can fight and I ain't about to let you ruin it! So get the hell out and maybe there won't be any trouble." He reaches for his back pocket, his intent obvious. Sam is already pissed at the thought of making the dogs fight each other and he clenches his fists together. Dean beats him to it.

The poor guy doesn't see it coming.

Dean leaps toward the small man and locks his jaws around the man's arm, taking him down easily. Then Dean places himself between Sam and his opponent, snarling and snapping his teeth and acting like he's fucking Cujo. Sam has to admit that his brother sounds pretty intimidating right now. The terrified look on the guy's face is priceless.

Payback's a bitch.

Sam smirks.

"Sick 'em, Dean."


Sam makes sure the cops are on the scene before they get ready to leave. The man who is responsible for all of it will definitely be spending a few months in the prison hospital. On their way to the car a little girl suddenly stalks up to Sam, her eyes narrowed. She looks to be around eleven. She points a little finger at him accusingly.

"Bitch, you spilled my ice cream!" She kicks his shin and Sam yelps, hopping on one foot as he watches her stalk away. Sam looks down at Dean, still hopping. "Shut up."

Finding the ingredients after that takes the rest of the day and it's in the late evening before they return to the motel. It is considerably harder to sneak two huge dogs into a motel than one little kitten, as Sam comes to find out. But they get it done and Sam has the antidote to turn Cas and Dean back to normal. He has them sit side by side after making them drink a special brew that is supposed to help with the process.

"Alright, guys. Here we go…"

Sam says the incantation and nothing happens for a few seconds. Then the same smoke from before appears and surrounds Cas and Dean. When it disappears Cas and Dean come into view as their normal human looking selves. Sam sighs in relief. Cas and Dean look at each other. Then Castiel's mouth drops and he points at Dean, his blue eyes wide in disbelief.

"Holy shit! I'm an angel!" he shouts.

Dean tilts his head at Cas.

"How peculiar."

Sam groans.

The end! Or is it...?

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