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iSearch for Spencer
Chapter Five: iGet a Surprise

Previously on iSearch for Spencer:

"Do you realize what this means?"

"Those hockey players are actually fairies and are going to take him to a magical land?" Sam gasped excitedly.

Carly gave her a weird look. "No!" she said. "It means Spencer was kidnapped."

"Spencer was kidnapped?" Sam asked. "How'd you get that?"

"A bunch of guys came and took him. I'd say he was Spencer-napped!" Carly said. It came out sounding like a cross between a snap and a whine.

Then she paused. "Oh my God, he was Spencer-napped!" She began fanning her face and keeping one hand on her chest, freaking out as if she was in a small space, like that space simulator. "Spencer's been taken by Canadian hockey pigs!"

"Carly? Carls, it's okay. We'll find him. Carly, it's gonna be okay," Sam and Freddie babbled, trying to calm her down, mixing their words together so you couldn't tell what Sam was saying from what Freddie was saying.

Once Carly was calmed down enough, Freddie got the number for the local police. "Well, my friend's brother left yesterday to get Canadian bacon, and he never came back," he said, "so we came to find him. A cashier at Maple Foods told us she saw him being dragged out by a hockey team—the Porkers. He was kidnapped. Have you heard of the Porkers?"

"Yeah, they practice in some old abandoned hockey rink a few miles away. They're a rogue hockey team. I can show you the place," the cop offered.

"That'd be great, thank you. We're outside Maple Foods right now, next to my truck. It's a dark blue Chevy pickup," Freddie said, giving the policeman his license plate number.

A cop car arrived ten minutes later. The guy rolled down his window and leaned out. "You guys the ones who called about somebody getting kidnapped?"

"That's us," Sam said.

"I'm Officer Wilden," he said.

"My name's Freddie Benson. This is Sam Puckett, and Carly Shay."

Officer Wilden nodded. "What was the name of the guy you're looking for?"

"Spencer Shay, Carly's older brother. Here's his picture," Freddie told him, pulling out his PearPhone and scrolling through the pictures until he found that same one of Spencer that he'd shown Ricky.

"Got it," said Officer Wilden. "Follow me to the Porkers' warehouse." He waited until the iCarlys had piled into the truck, then switched on his siren and pulled out of the parking lot, Freddie following behind.


Officer Wilden knocked on the door of the warehouse, which, somehow, was locked. A guy of about twenty opened the door, and his eyes widened.

"Officer Wilden, White Rock Police." Officer Wilden introduced himself, holding up a badge.

"Oh," the guy said. Then he slammed the door in their faces.

Officer Wilden raised his hand to knock again, but Sam cut him off. "I got it," she told him, pulling a bobby pin from her pocket and jiggling it in the lock. Within seconds the door swung open.

"How did you do that so fast?" Officer Wilden asked Sam, surprised.

"Lots of experience," Sam replied with a smirk.

"Remind me to never come to where you live," he said, giving her a weird look. Sam smiled smugly, proud of herself. Officer Wilden entered the building.

"Only you could scare a policeman," Carly commented as she passed her. Sam's grin grew.

"Uh-huh," she replied with a weird accent and a deep voice, entering. She tried to close the door in Freddie's face, but he caught it before she could and gave her a quick glare.

Sam tracked down the guy who'd slammed the door in their faces and snuck up behind him, kicking him in the back and jolting him forward. Then she flipped him around and executed a series of punches to his chest and stomach, finally flipping him over and squatting down on her knees, holding her fist to his face.

"Do you have Spencer Shay here?" she asked in a threatening voice; paired with her fake smile, she looked absolutely terrifying.

"Y-Yes," the guy gulped. "Please don't hurt me."

Sam shoved the guy's shoulders down into the floor. "Where is he?"

"In the attic. If you let me go I'll show you!" he whined. She did so, still keeping a firm grip on his left arm. He led them up a few flights of stairs and opened a door.

"Spencer!" Carly cried. For there was Spencer, sitting at a table with another guy.

Playing cards.

Uno, to be more specific.

"What are you doing?" Freddie asked, after a moment of everybody standing there speechless. "Who's the dude?"

"Oh, this is Pete. We're playing Uno," Spencer informed them, sounding all serious.

"I thought you'd been kidnapped!" Carly burst out.

Spencer nodded. "I was. But now they're my friends!" he said excitedly.

"Of course they are," all three teens sighed simultaneously.

Suddenly something occurred to Freddie. "Wait—Nevel said he'd be doing something to us soon. What was it?"

The three looked at each other, confused. Then Carly's cell phone went off, playing Miranda Cosgrove's Leave it All to Me. She jumped before digging in her pocket and answering the call.

"Hello, Carly," said a snide voice on the other end of the line.

"Nevel?" Sam and Freddie's eyes widened as they glanced sideways at each other, then back at Carly, who pressed the speaker button.

"Hello, Carly. By now I assume you've figured out my little plan," he said snidely. They could almost hear the smirk on his face.

"Did you kidnap Spencer?" she demanded.

Nevel seemed to consider the question. "Well, not directly. I hired a bunch of idiots to do it," he said. "And now, you will never get him back. Unless…"

"Unless what?" Sam asked.

"Unless I finally get that kiss from Carly." And there it was, the ultimatum. She had to kiss Carly or not get Spencer back; little did Nevel know they'd already found him. She decided to play dumb.

"What?" she gasped, faking disbelief. "I have to kiss you to get my brother back?" She laughed silently to herself with her friends.

"That's right!" Nevel replied in a sing-songy voice. "I can be at your house in a half hour. No tricks this time, Carly Shay!"

"But what if…," Carly started, "Spencer's right here?"

"Hey, Nevel!" Spencer called.

There were several loud noises on the other end of the line, along with undistinguishable words and sounds from Nevel. Finally they heard, "What? That's not possible!" Carly laughed.

"We tracked him down," Freddie said.

"You lose, Nevel," added Sam.

"Now come on, let's get out of here," Carly said. "Spencer?"

Spencer looked down at the hand of cards he held. "But we didn't get to finish our game."

"Finish it later!" Sam snapped. Sadly, he put the cards down and rose.

"Bye guys. I'll be back next time I buy Canadian bacon, I promise!" he told the Porkers. He turned to Pete. "And then we'll finish our game."

Officer Wilden looked strangely at the three teenagers. "Your brother is one weird dude," he said.

"We know," said Sam, while Freddie said "," and Carly sighed, "Yes."


And, finally, that would be the end of "iSearch for Spencer." It might've lasted longer, but I was running out of ideas, it wasn't getting many reviews, and I have other stories I want to work on. Thanks to everyone who's actually stuck with this thing; I don't feel like getting names of reviewers/alerters/favoriters and all.