Summary: Elliot comes to Rainworth manor to practice dueling with Break, and gets knocked around with more than just Break's sword.

Words: 490

Rating: PG-13

Writer's Note: This was a kink meme request. See afterword for details!

"Ah, the young master with the short temper is here to challenge me to another duel, ne?"

Xerxes Break set down his teacup, picked up his sword cane and accompanied Elliot Nightray out into the courtyard of Rainsworth manor.

Elliot turned to face his opponent with a look of extreme earnestness, his sword at the ready.

"This time…." Elliot said, jaw set firm, "I will win."

"Hoho, in order to win, you have to defeat me, and that is easier said than done," Break said, unsheathing his sword.

Elliot scowled, his eyes shooting the proverbial daggers.

"That look on your face, Elliot-sama…" said Break, smiling, "could melt a candle. How did you ever get so…hot under the collar, hmm?"

Elliot gritted his teeth, then took off his jacket and handed it to his servant Leo, who stood nearby.

"Mmm," murmured Break, "I love it when people take off their clothes in front of me, especially when I know I was the one who…"

"Shut up!" yelled Elliot, taking an angry swing at Break with his sword.

They parried for a moment, but Elliot was quickly knocked into the dirt. He stood up, panting, and pointed his sword in his dueling partner's direction.

"Oh, ho, Elliot-sama, you're getting breathless now! You must be really hot and bothered! And look how stiff your sword is…oh my…"

Elliot's angry face crumbled ever so slightly into embarrassment and he rushed toward Break, who knocked him easily asunder.

"You are so eager to penetrate me, aren't you?" teased Break, chuckling into his sleeve.

"Shut up!" Elliot scowled, his face as red as it could be, thrusting his sword toward his opponent.

"Oh, please thrust harder…." cooed Break.

Elliot lunged forward and Break knocked the sword out of his hand with a sturdy blow. The sword went skittering across the dirt, and Leo retrieved it for his master.

Before Elliot could get his sword in hand again, Break grabbed his arm and pulled him close…so close Elliot could smell the earl gray tea on his breath.

"Do you want to continue…locking horns with me?" the older man whispered. "Mmm?" Break's lips were so close. Elliot started trembling, his face flushed.

"Elliot," interrupted Leo. "I think we should be going now."

At the sound of his servant's voice, Elliot relaxed and pulled away from the other man's grasp. He put his serious face back on, shook Break's hand and said,

"Next time…I will win."

"I look forward to it, Elliot-sama," Break said, caressing Elliot's hand with both of his. "I love it when you unsheathe your sword in my presence." He licked his lips and grinned.

Elliot pulled away, blushing fiercely, and quickly took his leave.

"That man is such a weird old pervert," muttered Elliot, as they walked down the path toward their carriage.

"It's mostly your fault," Leo declared. "You're so easily flustered, it just eggs him on."

"Grrr…" Elliot grumbled, knowing his servant was right.


Fulfilling a request on the PH Kink Meme:

"According to one of the newer omake pages Elliot has come to challenge Break to sword duels continuously over the years and lost every time. One of these times at least, when Break is in a better mood, I want him to drop a bunch of innuendo and lewd comments in for all of the "sword" handling and competition. Does not have to be pairing, can just be Break embarrassing Elliot to no end, but pairing is fine too. Go wherever you want with it. So: Break/Elliot sword duel with tons of teasing and innuendo and Elliot harassment."