A.N.: Kay, so I was bored again, so I decided to try one of those music drabble challenge thingies. Be warned, I listen to a lot of Owl City and Paramore… It's going to be Lee/OC, cuz it's just fun to write…. Read and Review PLZ!

P.S.: Ayaka (The OC) means "Flower", or "Petals".

WARNING! Sakura Bashing!


1. Owl City: On the Wing

Lee wanted to take Ayaka somewhere special for their first date. He had finally got up the nerve to confess his feelings to her, and was rewarded with a like-wise confession from the blushing girl. Lee knew that he would give his best friend turned girlfriend all the stars in the sky if he could. He settled for talking her star watching instead.

2. Paramore: Misery Business

Ayaka was jealous. Of who? Well, Sakura. She –that tramp- had decided that if she couldn't have Naruto or Sasuke, she would play around with Lee's emotions. Lee, the sweet, loving boy that Ayaka was in love with. But, the shy brunette was too scared to do anything about it. She only could wait until Sakura broke Lee's heart, so she could pick up the pieces.

3. Owl City: Tip of the Iceberg

Ayaka shivered. The 17 year old cursed the cold weather to herself. Ayaka preferred summer, with its warm breezes and sunshine. A strong arm suddenly wrapped around her shoulder, making her jump in surprise. She looked up to the boy- no, man- beside her, who was blushing slightly, but grinning in a familiar way all the same. "You looked cold."

4. Paramore: Halleluiah

Lee grinned at his close friend, Ayaka. The kunoichi was getting her gear ready for the mission they were being sent on. Lee's thoughts drifted to when Sakura dropped him like a hot rock, almost making him shatter. Ayaka was there for him, helping him forget the cruel girl that played with his affections. Now, looking at the brunette, Lee realized that he was falling for her. Hard.

5. Kelly Clarkson: Since you been gone

Ayaka smiled. She was finally out of her abusive relationship with her long time boyfriend. It was scary how guys would take advantage of shy girls. Lee, her new best friend, had found out about the beatings she had been receiving. Lee had helped her get out, for her to be able to breathe easy again. She was eternally grateful to the hyper boy.

6. Owl City: Vanilla Twilight (FTW! HECK YES!)

Lee was sulking in his room. Ayaka was gone on a solo mission, and wouldn't be back for another month. Month! Lee didn't even want to go train; which worried his team and friends. He just missed his girlfriend so much… it hurt. He occupied himself with thinking about every detail and memory about her, because when he did, he didn't feel so alone.