It's a known fact that when someone young dies a tragic death, everyone forgets and forgives their past misdeeds. After all, it's hard to despise someone six feet under. People only ever remember the good, and the departed are labeled as heroes and loyal friends. They are remembered kind and good, beautiful in soul and body. B students become A+ students overnight, and their teachers, coaches, and principals are quick to remark on the bright future they could've had.

Only the good die young, they say.

Blair Waldorf had wished Jenny dead many times.

When the backstabbing little girl had stolen her crown and poisoned Nate's mind against her, Blair had wished Jenny dead. Gone. Forever.

When little J had convinced her own mother to choose Serena over her again, Blair had wished Jenny dead. Gone. Forever.

When the raccoon eyed blonde had warned William van der Woodsen about their perfectly executed plan, Blair had wished Jenny dead. Gone. Forever.

When the manipulative girl had sent Gossip Girl that tip about Serena and Dan, Blair had wished Jenny dead. Gone. Forever.

And on the final night she saw Jenny Humphrey, when she watched those black tears run down that once-pretty face, watched little J tremble under her wrath, and watched Jenny's face crumble when she exiled her from New York, Blair had wished Jenny dead. Gone. Forever.

She had screamed it out into the night as she fell in a heap against a building, whispered it into the quiet confines of her bathroom that reeked of vomit, and sobbed it to her best friend as the blonde helplessly stroked her hair.

I wish Jenny were dead. Gone. Forever.

Blair Waldorf's wish finally came true.

She would think this as she watched Dan Humphrey slump against a hospital wall, powerless against the sobs that shook his frame. She would think this as she watched the life seep out of the broken little seventeen-year-old girl.

She would think of how her words could've caused that accident, could've been an omen, a death wish that she'd handed down to the fragile-looking girl.

And so she sat, clothed in black attire that she quite disliked and clutching Chuck's hand as he whispered small words of comfort. She sat and watched as the mahogany casket was lowered, the sun glinting off its hardened veneer.

She watched as Rufus cried against Lily's silk-clad shoulder; as Dan did the same against Vanessa's shoulder; as Jenny's mother simply sobbed into her hands.

There was only one thought in her head throughout all of this, a thought that did nothing to alleviate the guilt that threatened to consume her.

I didn't mean it.


AN: Yes, I killed Jenny Humphrey. However, this story will not be a celebration of that-but rather, a darker, more angst-y tale. Rest assured that CB will be endgame. Many thanks to bethaboo for the beta and JosieSwan for helping with the storyline.