Before I start this complete utter crack-fic drabble, I'd like you to know, it's based off a dream I had. (I have the weirdest dreams ever)

Now, disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon, Super Mario, or to be safe, Coraline.

The young, nameless brown haired male sprite was wandering around the halls of the internet with his nameless girlfriend; they'd just been to an internet wedding where they'd learnt some shocking news.

Mr. Nameless was sitting in front of the weddings choir, as he heard the people speak, he blanched;

'You see that guy in front of us, I'm gonna kill him'


Mr. Nameless ran out to his girlfriend after

'HON, HON, help me, people are going to try and kill me!'

They'd been walking for ages and were getting tired. They whited out.

When they woke up seconds later, they were in a small town that appeared to be Pallet, however, when they went inside the lab that they were laying by, it was actually Professor Elm's lab, but with Professor Oak inside it.

'Uh... would you help us, we have no idea where we are?'

Professor Oak laughed for a few seconds before morphing into a Gastly, the Gastly morphed into several more Gastly.

Ms. Nameless screamed as the Gastly morphed into Boo one by one, all the while singing 'We are small but we are many, we are many we are small, we were here when you rose, we will be here when you fall.'

I know, it completely fails, but it was an epic dream.