Title: The Terminator: The Gibbs Chronicles 1/1

Author: JustJenn Fandoms: The Terminator and NCIS

Disclaimer: Not mine.
I was watching T2 tonight and this popped into my head. Feedback is loved.

"Do you understand your mission?"

There was a silence and several scientists looked at each other nervously. All their hard work would be in vain if this didn't work. It had taken them several precious months to reprogram this robot.

"Of course I understand my mission," the robot said in an indignant voice. All the scientists breathed a sigh of relief.

"Good. Get him ready, we have 30 minutes before our window closes."

"Yes Sir!"

The man walked away and ignored the hasty salutes has he marched down the corridor and into the private office of General John Conner.

Conner looked up with a grim smile. "Done?"

Uninvited the man sat down on a sofa that had seen better years and ran his hand through his short cropped hair.

"Yeah, it's done."

"If there had been any other way..." Conner said uncomfortably. The General knew that this mission had brought up too many ghosts for the man sitting across from him. Conner knew all to well how badly those particular ghosts could hurt. His own ghosts haunted him every night.

"I'm here aren't I?"

"And for that, I thank God everyday. The East Coast would have been a right off if you had died." Conner replied in a serious voice. The Eastern Seaboard had almost been wiped off the map and the few bands survivors had been to scared to fight back against Skynet.

The man shrugged clearly uncomfortable and Conner dropped the topic and went back to work.

"General, Sir, we're ready," a voice called through the intercom. "Fifteen minutes and counting."

Ten minutes later, they were standing in the most heavily defended part of the base. Armed soldiers with guard dogs watched them closely. The war had taught them not to take anyone at face value. They had to go through three check points with full DNA scans just to get into this particular room. Several men and women carefully watched the computers oblivious to the drama that was unfolding around them.

"Where is he?"

"Right here Boss." The robot, no, the man, was wearing a tattered grey robe.

"What is your name?" Conner barked glaring at the robot.

"Anthony DiNozzo Junior Sir!"

"What is your mission?"

"To save the life of Leroy Jethro Gibbs regardless of the cost."

"Even if it costs you your own life?"

"Yup. Gotta protect the Bossman even if he is stubborn bastard."

That earned him a sharp laugh and DiNozzo grinned.

"Three minutes and counting Sir."

The air started to hum has the energy started to build up and the scientists started their countdown.

"I need a minute with him Sir, please?"

Conner nodded and stepped away giving them the illusion of privacy.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry for everything I'm going to put you through," DiNozzo said in a rushed voice.

"It's not your fault Tony, none of this was your fault," Leroy Jethro Gibbs said in a tired voice. Without warning he pulled the robot, no the man, into his arms and held him tightly. "Go and save me Tony."

"Got your six Boss," DiNozzo gave him a watery smile and stepped backwards. His robe pooled to the ground and he stepped onto the platform.



"I love you."


"I know."

There was blinding flash and Tony DiNozzo was gone.