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Title used from the song New Heights by A Fine Frenzy

You're Sprawled Out Like A King

"So when will you stop ignoring me?" I could feel Arthur's breath on the back of my neck as he leant towards me. I turned around with a startled expression written all over my face. "It's been over a day now. Surely you cannot hold me accountable for what to Merlin. It was all his doing, love." I narrowed my eyes at the taunting remark and bit my tongue to keep my from snapping. Instead, I forced a smile and turned my back again at him.

I knew that he hated it when I took it upon myself to ignore his very presence. It was the worst kind of insult I could give Arthur and I did that most ardently. The fact he had fought with Merlin at the market again angered me. He was a self-righteous prat that was so eager to prove himself arrogant as much as he could. I doubted he sincerely felt bad about what he did to poor Merlin.

What did it proof anyways, his constant persistence. The fact he was so bent on making me talk again. It shouldn't mean anything to him, so why did it? And what does it proof?

That he was a determined arse? Yes.

I smiled. Yes that was it. He wasn't used to not getting his way. Uther always granted him everything. The fact I wasn't impressed by his title –though it did intimidate me somewhat- meant he couldn't get away with anything at all. Of course that put a damper on his spirits and Mr. Spoilsport loved putting me down. Remember the way he patronises people, even his knights. I mentally scoffed at him, sending him a minor glance. Through my peripheral vision I could see him raise his eyebrows a bit.

The chatter of the people at the banquet rose till the very ceiling of the Great Hall. Every sound reverberating that sometimes you would catch a sliver of a conversation, not knowing who or what they were talking about.

"...and there were so many spiders crawling all over-"

"...I told her she'd be lucky if she didn't get caught-"

"...George, why do you always have to make such a mess while eating, look at your tunic-"

"I don't understand why you're so upset anyways. Merlin's out of the dungeons, though I wouldn't mind knowing whether he's partial to them-" Arthur continued this chatter throughout the whole banquet, at some point my ears were buzzing with Arthur, Arthur and even more Arthur. Because if there was one thing he loved talking about, -besides humiliating others, would be...Arthur!

Don't snap at him. Do not make a scene, Lorraine. Uther would have your head. But I wasn't quite sure whether I could keep up this charade of ignoring him. I was doing a rather pretty brilliant job at it before. But it was so much easier to ignore him when you have the room to steer clear. Right now, I was cornered by him. And as lovely as that would sound, it truly wasn't. I felt I couldn't breathe with Arthur this near me.

"You honestly think you can keep this up?" He questioned, from my peripheral vision I could see the smirk on his face. I suppose I did reach the end of my rope.

"I will if I must." I hissed at him and then froze. Arthur sent me a triumphant grin and I felt the urge to hit him.

"Ha!" He exclaimed. "And she speaks." I muffled my incoherent cursing and turned my stare back to the Great Hall.

"You're a self-centred prick, Arthur." I muttered at him and Arthur scoffed.

"How many times have you said that already?"

"Probably not often enough because you're still behaving like that." I countered and I crossed my arms over my chest when suddenly the doors opened and I was forced to move to the great table where I would be seated next to Arthur. Another thing I couldn't do anything about.

As Uther introduced the Lady Helen I couldn't help but notice the fact that I was sitting so incredibly close to Arthur. At least I wasn't being smothered right now. I let out a loud sigh as I sat down for the performance. From the corner of my eye I could see Merlin and I gave him a weak smile, one that bordered on the line of being a grimace. He merely chuckled before turning his head back to Lady Helen who had started to sing. I swiftly looked at Arthur and was glad that his efforts had not put our seating position closer than necessary. I let out another sigh and collapsed into my seat, feeling a blanket of fatigue settle over me.

It came swiftly, like a wave, it was gone before I was able to recognise the symptoms. A heavy coat of energy draining words were murmured and I found myself sinking into my seat as the corner of my vision blacked out.


There was something prickling at my sub-conscious and a sudden shake pulled me back where I was. I gasped as my eyes snapped open and I looked at my left, feeling Arthur's hand on my shoulder. There was a sticky substance clinging to our clothes and chair. I let out a shriek realising it were cobwebs. Cobwebs involved spiders and if there was one thing I was truly terrified of it would be spiders. I raised my hands and pulled at the cobwebs, trying to get them off of me. Suddenly the sight in front of me made sense. There, underneath a fallen chandelier was no Lady Helen. There was the mother of the man that had been executed only a night ago. I blinked and got out of my chair, swiftly moving behind it, hiding behind it as Arthur stepped in front of me. Right then she stirred. Letting out a groan before raising the knife near her hands.

Aiming it at Arthur whose face resembled shock.

In a split second my vision blurred as Merlin stepped forward and grabbed hold of Arthur's arm, pulling him out of harm's way as the knife imbedded itself into the chair. The one I was oh so conveniently standing behind. I took another step backwards and glanced at Arthur and Merlin with a shocked expression. Slowly, the whole situation dropped down at me and I raised my hands to my mouth.

Someone just tried to kill Arthur.

I glanced at Arthur who was still staring at the body beneath the chandelier, feeling a sharp tug of concern in the pit of my stomach. Before I knew it my hand had reached out to his arm and I found myself expressing my concern. I wasn't sure what it was, though I had a strong feeling that Arthur, too, was still shocked at what had happened and was only to respond in half sentences.

Or it was the fact that Uther had rewarded Merlin as Arthur's manservant.

"That wasn't really how I had expected the banquet to go." I confessed to Guinevere and Morgana. My handmaid Ilene was ill so I had dismissed her till she had recovered. The three of us were being escorted by guards back to our respectable rooms. Even though I had insisted that they were not necessary since the obvious sign of threat was now gone. But Uther was not one to take chances, hence the fact I lost.

"I can't believe that she actually manage to fool us all." Gwen voiced her thoughts and Morgana murmured an agreement.

"Can't imagine how Arthur must be feeling, knowing that he was a target." I shrugged, there was a nasty feeling still harbouring my stomach.

"I guess it won't change him at all." I responded to that. I hadn't actually meant to say it out loud but when I exchanged looks with Morgana I knew that she knew I was right. "It's Arthur." I continued. "What doesn't hurt him won't change him." Not ever. I let out a sigh.

"I suppose I will see the two of you tomorrow." I said as both Morgana and Guinevere had reached their chambers.

"Sleep well." I smiled as I let the guards escort me further on.

The castle was still bustling with people. I suppose the whole banquet had rather taken its toll when it came to cleaning it all up again. Those cobwebs. I shivered. If there was one thing I would never ever be caught doing, it would be cleaning cobwebs. Anything that had to do with spiders terrified me. No matter whether spiders were present. The thought was enough to rob me of my sleep.

"Thank you." I mumbled to the guards as I entered my chambers. There was a slight chill in the air as a I realised I had left the window open. I quickly closed it and grabbed my cloak. Wrapping it around my shoulders before sitting down in the chair. My desk was still littered with books about herbs and my studies. Never had I thought this night to turn out to be like this.

Though why was I bothered with it that much?

It turned out to be alright. Arthur was fine, Merlin was rewarded a position in the Royal household. Though I reckon he did not truly like that as much as any other would. But at least I would be able to keep an eye on him. Even if it meant seeing Arthur more often. I blinked.


How would he be feeling?

An impulsive feeling took hold of me and I quickly got to my feet, shuffling them till I reached the doors and slipped through the crack. Arthur's chambers weren't truly that far away, the end of the same hall in fact. But for some odd reason the walk there felt to be drawing out. As if I had been walking for ages before I reached his chambers.

As I stood in front of the wooden door I wondered whether I should knock. Or should I just go inside. I decided to go with both. I knocked as I opened the door. Arthur was standing near the window. His room was much more warmer than mine. I blinked.

"Arthur." His name felt foreign today.

"Lorraine." Arthur looked startled and I entered the chamber, shutting the door behind me. "What are you doing here?" I didn't come here often. When the two of us were younger we used to play, but that was always under the constant scrutiny of one of Uther's maids. We were no children though. Much older and perhaps that's why I felt so naked beneath his gaze.

There was no one else to witness it.

"Wondering whether you've abused your new-found power yet." Arthur frowned at my remark and I gave him a small grin before elaborating. "Merlin. I was wondering what you've done to Merlin." Arthur let out a small gust of air through his teeth, shaking his head in the process. I let out a small laugh before resting my elbow against the chair.

"I'm sure Merlin must be relieved to know that you are concerned for him." I nodded quickly at his respond. There was a flicker of something I still had to indentify as something worthwhile.

"I'm sure he must be." I retorted back. "After all, who will now you actually have the consent to make his life miserable." Arthur scoffed.

"Do you truly think that badly of me?" Arthur shot back and somewhere in our banter I realised that he was being serious now. This was no joke to him anymore. I dropped the smile and moved to him.

"I don't know." I admitted honestly. "There are times I would love to wring your neck. But." I cut myself off.

"But?" Arthur insisted. I let out a sigh.

But I wouldn't want you to change.

"But someone has to keep your ego in check." I recovered. Arthur rolled his eyes but I could see a smile tug at the corner of his lip.

"Let me guess." Arthur responded. "That person would be you."

I laughed. "I suppose you're brighter than you seem."

Silence engulfed us and that's when another hit brought me to my knees. I was in Arthur's room. Alone. My eyes snapped to his and was surprised to see him staring at me. I suppose I wasn't the only one realising the fact that we were in an incredible delicate position.

I suppose it was time for me to pull myself out of this position.

"I'll leave you to it then." I said moving back to the door. "Good night."

My back was turned against him when he responded. "Good night Lo!"

I rolled my eyes. "It's Lorraine." I emphasised before shutting the door behind me. I suppose he would never learn as I heard the muffled sound of his laugh.

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