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Chapter 23

Alice suddenly came running out of the house, followed closely but Edward, Carlisle and Esme.

"Bella!" She cried out as they all came hurtling towards us.

"She's here."

Jasper and I exchanged looks, all types of emotions passing between each other. This was it. What we had been preparing for. This is what I've been running from. And now the time is here to end it.

"We're ready." I stated, looking around at the others.

"We need to get back to the house and tell the others. Then we need to put our plan into motion. Now let's move out."

The major was defiantly in fine form and we all followed his lead. We were back at the house in a record. Peter, Char, Rose and Emmett were waiting for us on the porch.

"Alice, do you know where they are." Jasper ordered.

Her eyes glazed over as she focused on a vision before turning and pointing to the trees directly opposite the back porch.

"They'll be here in 30 seconds. There are roughly 15 of them; including Victoria."

"15 is a decent number. We can take that."

We descended from the porch, taking a defensive stance. Jasper and I were in front, flanked by Peter and Char, then Emmett and Rose, Alice, Edward and finally Carlisle and Esme.

I could hear them running through the trees; I could smell them.

"Bella, you are the strongest one here. The key to your power is rage. Use it." Jasper murmured just as the first row of vampires came into view but staying slightly hidden in the trees. They all began to line up in formation.

I looked over to Jasper who was frowning.

"Not all of them are newborns. Those who are, are at least a few months old. You're the youngest here Baby." Peter said from behind me.

I focused my attention once more as the red head who had been hunting me for the past six years strolled through the trees.

"Isabella, it's so good to see you again. However, I didn't expect to see you looking so….undead." She taunted with a smile.

Why wasn't she attacking?

"Why's is she not attacking?" Rosalie growled out to my left.

"She want's Bella to suffer first. I'm so sorry Bella." I turned back to look at Edward, who had a look of pity and sympathy directed at me.

I looked back at Victoria, a sick feeling spreading in my stomach a she laughed manically.

"Oh Edward! You had to go and spoil my plans. No matter, I'm sure it will still be a surprise. Why don't you take a closer look at my friends Isabella."

Victoria and her army started moving from out of the shadows and into the sunlight. Slowly, as the light hit their faces, my throat became tight, almost as if I couldn't breathe.

"Oh shit." I heard Peter whisper.

Danny, Tom, David, Kelsey, Harry, Tiffany. All those whom I met within the past 6 years. I knew every single one of those faces. She turned them all. Brought them over to damnation. Just to hurt me. She ended every single one of those lives just because they knew me. It was entirely fault. If I just kept to myself and hid away then none of them would be in this situation.

"Oh and of course you know my new mate…Riley."

Riley stepped up beside Victoria, holding her hand and placing a kiss on the back of it.

I didn't need air but the contraction feeling in my lungs caused me to panic. He had been in our house. I had invited him into our house. I dropped to my knees, crawling at my chest. There was a pressure building. I put my mate in danger.

A scream erupted from my chest, echoing around the field. I could hear Victoria's screeching laugh as Jasper dropped down beside me. He grabbed my face and made me look him in the eye.

"Fight the pain Isabella. This is NOT your fault. She's just some sick bitch with a twisted vendetta. Use the pain; turning it into angry. Anger for what she did to your friends. Anger for how she destroyed your life."

His red eyes gleamed with his love for me, his determination. He fed me his strength. I pushed the guilt down, turning into hate.

As I stood, I turned back to look at Victoria who was still cackling. I looked at each and everyone one of the faces. All now painfully beautiful; but filled with blank stares. None of them knew who I was. None of them knew what my actions have done to them.

Well…it should make it easier to kill them all.

Unknown POV

I was burning with rage. A heat overtook my body unlike anything I have ever felt before; stronger than the flames that consumed my change.

Looking out over the field, I gazed at my enemy. My mission was to destroy them. All of them.

My rage was fuelling my powers. They flowed around my body, each one of them in different forms. My shield was a blue bubble; electricity acted blue strings in my hands. My emotions were gathered together in my centre, each its own unique colour telling me what emotion it was. Finally, my telekinesis was a dark yellow bubble. I could control each of them with ease.

It was my time to toy with them. I stepped forward, away from the soldiers behind me. This was my fight. I took hold of the dark blue grief and projected it forward unto the unsuspecting enemy. They buckled to their knees, crying out in emotional pain. Then I sent them a dark pink wave of self-loathing out causing their screams and cries to intensify.

It was my time to laugh. I fed off of their cries.

Lastly I hit them with a large dose of pure dark green terror. Then all hell broke loose. Some continued to cry and cower on the floor, whereas some others began to come to their sense and run.

I turned to the Major standing next to me.

"After them." I said with a nod in their direction.

Himself and two others, the Captain and small blonde female ran off in the direction of the fleeing vampires. I slowly relinquished my effects on the remaining vampires, including the red head and her companion.

Then it was as if time seemed to slow down. I made my way across the field as her army crouching in preparation for battle.

"I've got the red head and her friend; you take the rest." I said to those who were still stood behind me. They weren't what I had in mind for an army but they would have to do. They were too soft.

I looked back to the red head whose face was full of fear, all of her doing. She was mind…and I was going to destroy her. She looked to her vampire army and sent them to attack. They came at us with full force; however those in my direct path pounced off the physical shield that was hidden underneath my blue bubble.

She didn't know about this of course. She was too weak to ever reach it. She would always need my help.

Red looked startled as vampires went flying in every direction, bouncing off my shield. Fear filled her eyes and she turned to run. But I was anticipating this. I pushed the dark yellow bubble out and surrounded Red with it. She couldn't move. I was saving her for last.

Turning to her companion who was looking at me with such hatred, he was crouched ready to attack.

"What are you?" He growled out in anger and amazement.

"I'm you're worst fucking nightmare."

With a growl, I used my anger and pushed the blue strings towards him. He fell to the floor in pain, screaming out as his body convulsed on the floor. I continued to push more and more onto him, his screams getting louder and louder until he suddenly burst into flames. They consumed his body, burning him until he was just a pile of ashes.


Red screamed from her trapped position.

"This was never supposed to happen!"

I walked over to where she was standing, an able to move.

"You were supposed to suffer! I've spent the last 6 years planning my revenge. Revenge for James! It's all your fault he's dead!"

"She did suffer. For the past 6 years she has suffered. She has been alone for all those years, constantly running from you! She lost both her families, all her friends. Then you decided to torture her by killing everyone she has met within the time she was living in fear; believe me when I say, she has suffered. At least you can die with the satisfaction knowing that."

I realised Red from her trap, causing her to run back through the trees. I followed, allowing her to escape a mile or two before I threw her into a tree. She split the trunk in half making the top half fall to the ground, trapping her underneath it. She pushed it off and stood, crouching ready to fight instead of flight.

If she wanted a fight, she was going to get one.

She lunged first; out of fear and desperation. I easily blocked her attack landing a kick to her chest. She flew into another tree, but grabbed hold of a branch spinning around on it and landing on her feet. I ran into the tree, my force knocking it over. Red started to loose balance so she jumped to the floor.

Before she could realise, I pounced on her grabbing her by the throat and slamming her to the floor. She squirmed under my hand as I leant down to her ear.

"She's not going to suffer anymore."

Red's eyes went wide before I dug my fingers into her throat and ripped it out. She convulsed as venom began pouring out of her gaping wound. I placed my foot on her chest, gripped hold of her fizzy red hair and pulled her head from her body. Her mouth was open in a silent scream and her eyes wide in terror.

Pulling a zippo from my pocket, I lit it up dropping it on her limp down. Flames engulfed her, purple smoke rising. Once the fire was truly ablaze, I tossed her head on top of the pile.


It was over.

She could finally start healing. But I would always be here. To protect her. Everyone needs a little help every now and again.


I was stood in the middle of the forest with my chest heaving with unnecessary breaths as I watched the last of the smoke rise from the pile of ashes which was once Victoria.

I was finally free. No more hiding; no more worrying about who was coming after me. I was able to live the rest of my existence with Jazz.

Leaving the smoking pile, I made my way back to the clearing. There were several smoking piles dotted around the field. Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Edward, Rosalie and Emmett were all converging over by the porch again, with Emmett on the floor.

Running across I greeted them but couldn't help but laugh as I literally saw Emmett licking the wound on his wrist.

"What happened?"

Rose rolled her eyes, her arms folded across her chest.

"This doofus got too big for his boots and got his wrist pulled off. That's what happened."

"Where are Jasper, Char and Petey?"

"We don't know. They haven't come back yet."

I spun around, looking out into the forest.

Where were they?

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