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The redhead rolled her eyes, glaring down at the incapacitated men on the ground in front of her. The group of four had attacked her as she was returning home from an assassination she was sent on.

"Pathetic." She scoffed, sheathing her blade. "Four men against one girl and yet you still failed."

One of the men stirred. "We were only following orders," he managed, coughing up blood. "He said to capture you."

"Your leader," she said with obvious disdain. "Be sure to give him my regards." She had a slight smirk on her face, "and thank him for providing me with today's entertainment." With that she continued on her way home, eager to report the success of her mission.


"Madara-nii-baka, deep calming breathes." The petite, dark haired girl lounging in a chair in her oldest brother's office reminded him.

"Silence Mikazuki." She rolled her eyes, twirling a bit of her long bangs around a pale finger. "Care to explain to me, Hikaku, how you managed to fail to capture the girl and lost two men in the process?"

The shorter man gulped as his clan chief glared down at him. "Sh-she wasn't at all w-what we were expecting."

"How so?" Uchiha Izuna questioned from his place beside his elder brother.

"The reports of her didn't match up with the girl we fought." Hikaku rushed to defend himself. Madara sighed rubbing a hand across his eyes.

"Are you saying our information on her appearance is incorrect?" Mikazuki asked sharply, making her way over to stand by her brothers. The siblings were an imposing threesome; lesser men had pissed themselves when interrogated by them.

"N-no, she looked exactly as described in the files, it was her actions that didn't fit with what we had been told. We thought the girl would be weaker, less blood thirsty and not as alert." He paused contemplating passing on her message. "She mockingly asked me to pass on her regards to you as well as give you her thanks for the entertainment."

Izuna and Mikazuki froze momentarily and glanced at their older brother, who was shaking in fury. "She what?" He raged causing his subordinate to jump. "Just get out of my sight."

The man fled, leaving the siblings alone. "You do realize that after this failed attempt to kidnap her he won't be sending her off on solo assignments for a while." The younger male informed them as the elder took a seat at his desk.

"Yes, being the over protective fool he is he'll keep her by his side." Madara growled in annoyance, this would set his plans back considerably.

"That is if she tells him of the incident." The only girl said, gaining inquisitive looks from her brothers. Rolling her eyes she turned to Izuna, "Aniki, hand me the file on her." He complied, raising an eyebrow as she perused the documents in front of her. "To me it seems the last few missions were her trying to prove herself to her brother, to show she's not the weakling he seems to think she is."

"Mika-chan, we weren't talking about you." Madara reminded her as Izuna suppressed a laugh.

She didn't look up at either of them calmly replying, "I'm aware of that Madara-teme."

"You will address me with respect little girl." He growled deadly calm. "Or do you wish to spend some more time down in one of my jail cells for your impertinence?"

"Nii-sama let her finish." Izuna requested.

Sighing at her brother's stupidity she continued. "As I was saying, while it may help her cause to brag that she bested four Uchiha single handedly it would also force him to reconsider if it is wise to send his 'baby' sister out on her own, you know how they are."

"I see. We'll give it sometime before pursuing this again, let things play out on their own for now." Izuna nodded at the order from Madara.

Mikazuki decided to poke a bit of fun at her least favorite brother. "Why are you so interested in her anyway?" A smirk forming on her face as the implications sunk in to his thick skull. "Finally considering marrying? And here I would have thought you would have picked one of the girls in the clan, you know the ones that are always throwing themselves at you." Izuna visibly paled at the tactlessness of the comment.

Madara shuddered briefly. "I would sooner destroy the clan than think of aligning myself with her clan, besides she's not my type."

"Right, since you have never actually seen her yourself." She mumbled.

Izuna, ever the mediator between the two decided to turn the tables on his imouto. "Since we are on the subject, Mika-chan, should we have Madara-nii-sama arrange a marriage for you? You are old enough after all." She froze as the brothers exchanged an evil look.

Senju Tamako skipped down one of the numerous hallways of her family's base, looking for a particular person. Turning a corner she spotted the white haired figure she had been searching for. "Tobi-nii-chan!" She cried happily.

Tobirama, cracking a slight smile, turned his red eyed gaze onto his sister. "Seriously Tama-chan, sometimes I swear you are still ten instead of eighteen." He said affectionately tugging on one of her pigtails. She pretended to glare at him, pouting.

"An odd mistake to make Tobirama-kun." The pair turned to see a dark haired woman approaching them. "Considering she's taller than most men." A coy smiling playing on her lips. The younger woman rolled her eyes, her height was a subject most avoided.

"Ah, you mistake me Toka-chan, she certainly looks her age but she doesn't act it."

"Hn. If I'm ten what does that make you, aniki? Thirteen?" She smirked at the man who was just barely taller than her. "After all you are only three years older than me."

"She's got you there, you don't act twenty-one." Toka laughed at her good friend.

The male groaned. "You are so cruel to me." Turning his attention back to his sister. "What did you want?"

She stared at him blankly for a second before remembering. "Oh, I wanted to ask if you have anything planned for nii-sama's birthday tomorrow." She gave him a dazzling smile, aqua eyes shining.

He froze. "Damn it! That's tomorrow?" And without waiting for confirmation ran off. "I'll see you later, Tama-chan, Toka-chan."

"He can be so forgetful sometimes." The brown eyed woman commented as he disappeared from sight.

"I have to go file my mission report, good afternoon, Toka-san."


She paused outside the Senju clan leader's office, taking a deep breath she knocked. "Enter."

"I'm home, nii-sama." She said closing the door behind her, bowing.

"Ah, Tamako. I wasn't expecting you quite yet." He looked up from his paperwork, smiling at her. "Sit." He gestured to a chair before his desk.

The young woman was nervous, well that was an understatement, the mission she just completed was supposed to determine if her brother would allow her to continue to be a ninja. It's not that he thinks she lacks the skills but he worries if her disposition could prevent her from completing some assignments. Sitting down she keeps up a calm facade as she went into her report.

"The target is dead. I found him just across the border of Land of Earth in a small village yesterday morning." Pulling a scroll from the pouch at her hip she handed it over to her brother. "His head is in there if you wish to see it."

Hashirama glanced down at the scroll briefly. "I'm, as of yet, still undecided on this matter, so I would appreciate it if you tell me how your training is going while I think."

"Alright, I would like to thank you once again for the new sword, it is a work of art and very receptive to my chakra natures. I'm still trying to get it to channel both wind and lightening at the same time and I've gotten pretty close to achieving it." She noticed that he wasn't looking at her but writing on the letter he was working on when she came in. Sighing she wondered if he was even listening. "Toka-san has been working with me on my genjutsu as you requested and says I am improving and I can now see through all but the highest level jutsus cast and can release myself from them as well. Akihiko taught me a new wind jutsu last week and promises more ninjutsu training when he returns from his mission. Tobi-nii is supposed to be helping me with my speed and taijutsu but he has been very busy lately."

"I know and I apologize for having to take him away from you, but there are some things I can only trust him with." He rolled up the scroll, now finished with writing and sealed it. "I'm glad that you are improving at such a steady rate and you completed all the missions assigned to you quickly and efficiently. I have decided to give you one more test before listing you as a Senju shinobi, you will accompany me on my next diplomatic trip." She nodded in understanding. "Alright, see if you can locate Tobirama for me. I have a new job for him."


Mikazuki was pacing outside her brother's office, frustrated that she was being left out. About an hour ago a man she had never seen before showed up with a message for the Uchiha clan leader and now her two brothers were shut up in the office with him. Being who she is she despises being left out of clan matters like this, the fact that she found the stranger attractive had nothing what so ever to do with her disappointment that she wasn't included. Or at least that's what she kept telling herself. So lost in her thoughts she didn't notice the door open.

"Thank you for your time, Uchiha-sama. I'll pass your message on to my brother." The tall man backing out of the room said with a bow, knocking over Mikazuki. He turned around and caught her before she hit the ground. "I am so sorry miss."

"Ah, yes this is our younger sister, Uchiha Mikazuki." Izuna said indicating the girl.

Scarlet eyes briefly met cool onyx before the man bowed. "A pleasure to meet you, Mikazuki-san." She gave a brief smile.

"Mika-chan, come in here please." Madara's calm voice issued from the room. "Izuna, please see our guest out." Izuna nodded and lead the white haired man away.

"Nii-baka, who was that?" Mika asked taking her customary seat.

Madara's eyes narrowed briefly. "No one you should be concerned about. Now care to tell me why you were eavesdropping on a private conversation?"

She thought for a second, biting her lower lip. "Um, I was worried about you?"

"Wrong answer dear sister."

"Fine, I thought he was good looking and was hoping to find out more about him." She conceded glaring at him.

He scoffed. "Senju are never good looking."

"Well then he is definitely not Senju." She said with a slight smile. The guy was beyond good looking in her opinion, easily 180 centimeters tall with white messy hair and his creepy red eyes. Yep red eyes, not Sharingan but still red. Not that that would bother her, she likes creepy.

"That was Senju Tobirama, the younger brother of the Senju clan leader." Madara replied looking at his sister like she had lost her mind, which, given who she was related to, wouldn't have been too surprising.

She looked slightly perple xed. "Why would a Senju have been here?"

"Hashirama, for some reason, wants to bring all the fighting to an end and form an alliance with us." Sighing he rubbed his temples. "He and two others will be coming here to discuss a treaty in a week."

A smile graced Mikazuki's face. "Cool, will his fine younger brother be one of these 'others'?"

"No, and we don't call Senju fine."

"But Madara did you see him?" She sighed, having one of her very rare 'girly' moments.

"Yes, I saw the guy, I see nothing exceptional about him."

"Well, that is a relief I must say." Izuna said entering the room. "Otherwise I may have to question your preferences, Madara-sama." A smirk on his face.

"Izuna, please explain to imouto that we are not to consider Senju attractive." He says resuming his paperwork and ignoring the comment his little brother made.

"But teme, you make it sound like they are their own species. You are constantly going on about how inferior they are even though I have been informed that their leader is just as strong, if not stronger than you." She never did understand her brother's hatred for the other clan. "Besides I didn't know he was a Senju until you told me and I have never seen anyone from that clan before."

"They are inferior to us, we are the stronger clan and we possess the Sharingan. Hashirama is, I admit, strong by the standards of his clan, but he would never stand a chance against me." Madara scolded her. "As for his brother if I hear you make one more comment on his appearance there will be recompense."

"I think it would do you some good to go train with..." Izuna started.

"Don't even use his name in my presence." She shuddered. "And I don't care what you said yesterday, I will not marry that man who is almost as much of a fool as you, nii-teme."

"I see nothing wrong with a match between you and Hikaku." Madara calmly stated. "And as your clan leader and legal guardian you will do as I say."

"Blegh, Hikaku equals gross." She pouted. "And if we are going to say there is nothing wrong with Hikaku and me I will continue to say that you are either gay or into that Senju girl that you insist on having stalked for you."

"Mika-chan, why don't you go help out with dinner? I'm sure Usagi has been missing your company." Izuna tried.

There was a suppressed cackle from their older brother. "More like complaints."

She glared back and forth between the two. "I don't want to spend time with your idiot of a girlfriend Izuna."

Izuna stood there stunned. He had always assumed that the two of them were friends, well at least the way the older girl talked about his sister gave that impression. "She's not my girlfriend, and I know that she is the only female companion you have since you tend to scare most of the clan."

"Mikazuki, you aren't a ninja, you aren't a leader so I expect you to be working with the other women who also don't fight."

"I only don't fight because you don't allow me to, despite all the time you force me to train I am never good enough for you to send out on missions." She complained.

Madara didn't even bother to look at her as he replied, "That's because the first mission you go on will more than likely be your last. With how clumsy you are, why would you expect otherwise?"