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Silence. All-encompassing silence. It hung heavy in the air between the three, a war of wills raging in the small space. Izuna had no idea why Mikazuki was in the room, but that wouldn't stop him from getting answers from their older brother.

Madara had been ignoring the pair invading his office, but for Mika to have been staring him down for five hours meant that she really wanted something. Sighing he pushed the scroll he was writing on away and leaned back in his chair. "What, imouto?

"You know what I want Mada-teme." She scoffed.

He grinned a bit at her angry tone. "Let's say that I really have no idea why you are lurking in my office giving me what one can assume are supposed to be death glares."

"Bastard! I hate you!" She screamed at him. "Why do you have to turn my problems into your entertainment? I just want Hikaku back."

He looked over at her, pretending to think about it. "Are you going to marry him?"

She made a strange grunting sound. "No."

"Then that is your answer, now leave."

"I don't want to." She pouted. "I won't until you give me what I want."

Izuna entered the fray now. "Mika-chan, the Senju will be here in the morning, so why don't you go make sure there are rooms prepared for their use."

"An excellent thought Izuna. Mikazuki I want you to take three others with you and inspect the rooms we had set aside for Hashirama and his company." He had gotten to his feet and propelled her towards the door. "I want those rooms spotless." He told her slamming the door in her face. "Nice one, I was just going to send her to her room."

Izuna cracked a smile briefly. "I know I probably am annoying you as much as she is, but I still want to know what your plans are."

Madara's eyes narrowed as he stared down his brother. "I have told you already that when I am ready to act on it you will know."

"I just don't want to end up accidentally doing something that could interfere with your plot."

The elder brother chuckled lowly. "Highly unlikely you will mess it up, anyways you also better prepare for the Senju's arrival tomorrow." Izuna nodded before leaving the room, and with that Madara was left alone in his office, the way it should be. Stretching his arms over his head he leaned back in the chair putting his feet up on the desk.


Tamako was very concerned about Mito's thought processes. After she was going on this mission as a body guard, how was she supposed to fulfill task in what her sister-in-law insisted that she wear. "Nii-sama." She voiced, he slowed his pace so he was next to her. "We are far enough away now that I can change without Mito-chan finding out and getting offended.

He smiled at her. "That won't be necessary. Akihiko-kun and I aren't going to take off and leave you if that is why you are worried."

She sighed, he wasn't getting it. Hashi-nii, I'm not afraid of being abandoned. I am however concerned about the fact that this is taking way too long." They had left the Senju base and on their way to meet with the Uchihas. "These infernal clothes are slowing me down and it is prolonging our journey. Please nii-sama let me change."

"But Tamako-san, Mito-hime wanted you to be, as she phrased it, an example of Senju grace and refinement." Akihiko spoke up, matching their speed.

The girl released a groan. "But how am I supposed to fulfill my mission like this!" She cried out as she once again tripped because her kimono gave her no room to move. She managed to catch herself on Hashirama's arm to stop her fall.

"Tamako-chan, I know you dislike it, but you will be there representing the Senju kunoichi, or at least how Mito wants them portrayed." He laughed lightly to himself. "Please keep in mind what this alliance would mean to the shinobi world. A merger between two such powerful clans is unprecedented and might just change everything; as such Mito is hoping to have many inter-clan marriages to completely tie the clans together."

She rolled her eyes, having already heard this all before. "I understand Mito-chan's wishes; I just fail to see why I am the one who must be, for lack of better words, showcased as the ideal Senju kunoichi."

"Maybe we can convince them that all our women are as pretty and strong as you are Tamako-san.

She scoffed. "I am hardly like the others, having Tobi-nii and Nii-sama as my brothers I am not very feminine in the least."

"Tamako, I'm sorry but trust me it is better this way." Hashirama told her, holding a branch out of her way. "Mito only agreed to let you come under these circumstances; she resented the idea of you being my bodyguard so you are being used as a diplomat. She wanted you to stay and go over your tea ceremony training more thoroughly." He received silence and a slight shudder from the red head as they got closer to their destination.

"Hashirama-sama, she does have a point about how long this is taking us, isn't it rude to make them wait for us like this?

The clan leader paused momentarily. "I never specified a time for our arrival." He thought over how much farther they had to travel and the slowly deteriorating condition of the pale blue kimono on his sister. Nodding his head in conclusion, he scooped up Tamako. "Very well, let's pick up the pace Akihiko."

"Hashi-nii! I can walk on my own!"


"There it is." Hashirama said setting Tamako down and pointing at the three massive buildings before them. "The Uchiha stronghold." Not that either of the other two needed him to tell them that, it was quite obvious what it was. He turned to his little sister and smiled. "You should be okay on your own for the rest of it."

She nodded. "Yes, it would be a very odd sight for them I'm sure, Senju Hashirama carrying one of his escorts."

"Well, given your apparel it wouldn't be that surprising Tamako-san." Akihiko laughed.

"Come on you two." Their leader called back to them, having already taken off.

Tamako stumbled a bit before chasing after him as best she could. "Hey, nii-sama wait up!"

Akihiko laughed, grabbing on to her wrist and following after Hashirama. She stumbled occasionally, but had her friend there to help her.

Hashirama stopped just out of sight of the gated entry to the compound. Tamako bumped into him and he turned to face the pair. "Let's get you straightened up a bit." He gently brushed a loose strand of red hair out of her face.

She hastily righted her clothes that had gotten a bit out of place at some point, dusting off her sleeves as her brother picked the twigs and leaves out of her hair. She giggled, "And this is why I should have gotten to choose my own clothes."

"Come now Mito always dresses like that and she has no problems with keeping up or keeping her appearance neat." Hashirama reminded her.

She gave him a look of skepticism, "Right, well onee-chan is a bit odd isn't she, must come from being Uzumaki."

"Tamako-san that isn't true!" Akihiko proclaimed. "I'm sure that just like with most things it is something she learned to do over time."

"I'm sure if you asked her she would teach you to do the same, Tamako."


The din followed after him as he fled the kitchen. "Madara-sama! Wait!

"Please meet my daughter! I'm sure she would be a perfect match for you."

He had had enough of this; he hated leaving his office for this very reason. Any time he was out in common areas he got ambushed by rabid girls and their mothers trying to capture him. He had sworn never to leave his office again except when the situation demanded it.

Sadly, it did seem to be necessary at that moment in time. Mikazuki was nowhere to be found, his summoning of her to his office never answered and no one he had sent looking for her had found her. He needed to speak to her with her before those damn Senju arrived, as his closest female relation it was her job to play hostess when their guests showed up and he had failed to inform her of this yet.

He still didn't even fully understand why he had gone looking for her in the kitchen, it was common knowledge that Mikazuki was not a fan of food and that her brothers had to practically force her to eat. He sadly though had run out of conceivable places she would be. He had of course noticed that his office had oddly been Mika free so far today; she wasn't in her room or the gardens she frequently inhabited.

Being the calm and collected person he was Madara had stormed all over looking for her when he had finally snapped. He stopped in the middle of the corridor he had been searching in and bellowed, "Mikazuki!"


Izuna had spent his morning so far doing everything he could to not be in his brother's office, knowing that Madara would be in a very foul mood today. Having found nothing else to do he escaped to the main gate to wait for Hashirama's group to arrive. He hoped Madara would have time to collect himself before coming face to face with the Senju head and was expected to carry on a civil conversation, Izuna also planned to send Madara a bit of warning before he was actually faced with that.

He could see that the guards, Kyo and Nami, were getting restless and smirked. "Calm down." He said throwing an arm around Kyo's shoulders startling him.

"Easy for you to say," Nami spoke up, his eyes constantly scanning the forest line."You stand a small chance against him; neither of us would even be able to get a good grip on a kunai before he'd finish us."

Izuna burst out laughing and they both stared at him in confusion. "Izuna-sama, I fail to see what you find so funny."

He stopped laughing instantly; after all he was the brother of the Uchiha clan leader and an excellent shinobi in his own right, both of which meant that he was a master at controlling his emotions. "No one has anything to fear from the Senju head during this meeting." He smiled reassuringly at them. "Hashirama is an honorable man, he wouldn't come here under the pretense of peace just to attack us." Kyo scoffed at that causing Izuna to roll his eyes. "I kid not; it isn't the Senju clan's head whose temper you should cower before but his sister's."

Now it was the guards turn to laugh. "I don't believe you, after all Hashirama's known to be a force to reckon with and no one has ever seen his sister in battle." Nami managed past his humor.

Izuna gazed at them for a second before turning away mumbling, "Tell that to Takeshi."

"Wait, are you implying that she did that to him?" Kyo paled.

Nami turned to him. "But that means that she killed Hideki."

"Does it really matter, after all you claimed to not believe me."

The both gazed at Izuna in shock. "Izuna-sama I …."

"Never mind Nami, they are here." He nodded towards a bit of movement on the forest's edge, the small spot of red very visible in the tree line. "Now one of you had best run along and inform Madara-sama that he needs to start his relaxation breathing exercises now." He called over his shoulder as he made his way down to greet the new arrivals.


Tobirama had been acting a bit odd, Toka was beyond puzzled by his mood and was getting tired of it. His foul mood had been going on for several days before she confronted him about it. She had found him in the forest, just leaning against a tree staring into space and took up a bit of tree next to him.

"Is that really it?" She asked after he had explained what was upsetting him. "Tobirama-kun that is juvenile."

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "I… It's just I am the only one she has ever allowed to call her that. It almost feels like she is trying to replace me by allowing someone else to address her as 'Tama-chan'."

Toka shook her head at him. "She would never replace you, you are her brother, she loves you."


"So you don't want her to ever fall in love?"

He shrugged, jumping up to sit on a branch. "I know she is going to have to marry someday and that it would be best if she cared about her husband, but…"

Toka nodded, getting what he meant. "Tobirama, she will always love you, but just as Hashirama-sama she might one day find someone she loves a bit more." She tossed him an apple. "Next time don't skip a meal just because you can't act your age." She scolded him before stalking off.

He gazed at the apple for a second, a slight smile appearing on his face before he started eating it. She was right it was a childish thing to be upset over, he would always be Tama-chan's favorite person.