Return of the Miko Kagome



Hi, my name is Kagome Higurashi. I am nineteen years old and I am currently attending Shikon no Tama Academy for my first year as a college student. I would have been in the feudal era at this moment, but let's just say, things didn't go according to plan.


It all started when I turned fifteen. My brother could not get our cat, Buyo, out of the well house. When I went down the steps to prove how much of a baby he was, the seal on the well broke and a demon named, Mistress Centipede, pulled me down into its grasp. The demon wanted the Shikon no Tama, also known as the Jewel of Four Souls, which resided in my body. Before my very eyes, I was traveling five hundred years into the past.

I was bewildered and frightened. It seemed like I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. The air was free of pollution. No ashen clouds rose from above the trees and apartment buildings were invisible to my eyes. (Here we have the scenery acting as a visual background in the reader's imagination)

As I ventured into the forest, I came across a boy pinned to a large tree full of vitality. His silver locks reflected the sunlight that leaked through the leaves of the trees. I then noticed the two furry appendages on the top of his head. I had to admit the first time I met Inuyasha; I couldn't take my eyes off him.

Not long after I found him, the village priestess, Kaede, cautioned me to keep my distance from the said Inu-hanyo. Kaede was the younger sister to the late priestess, Kikyou, who was also Inuyasha's lover.

As the day progressed, Mistress Centipede came back to steal the Shikon no Tama from me. It was when I yelled for help that Inuyasha awakened from his deep sleep. When Mistress Centipede attacked me and ripped the Shikon Jewel out of my body, Inuyasha persuaded me to release him from the arrow that pinned him to the sacred tree and in return, he would fight off the demon.

When I released him, he easily killed the demon and after threatened my life if I did not surrender the jewel. Thanks to Kaede, I was saved from Inuyasha's wrath with the subjugation necklace. Little did I know the incorruptible necklace was the very thing that connected me to Inuyasha?

The following day, I was naïve to believe that no demons would be in search of the jewel. Inevitably, a crow demon managed to steal the jewel away from me and in retaliation I shot through the demon to the heart of the jewel with a bow and arrow, which had his own foot tied to it. The jewel shattered on impact and thousands of shard fragments spewed across feudal Japan that was what began our journey to collect as many shards as we could before, Naraku, our enemy could come in possession and use the jewel against us.

On this journey, we met many friends, four of which, are still my friends presently. Shippo, who was the first out of the four that I meet, he is a cute and cuddly young fox demon who teases Inuyasha constantly. The perverted yet kind monk, Miroku, was the second to encounter. Lastly, the brave and yet shy demon slayer, Sango and her two tailed demon neko, Kirara, were the last to conclude our pack.

Also among the list of friends is the lovable, courteous wolf demon, Kouga, who is in love with me but it is only one-sided. He is the wolf prince of a wolf tribe in the Eastern Lands. Unfortunately, for him, my heart already belonged to another.

Lord Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru is the strong, bull-headed Taiyoukai half brother to Inuyasha. He is the Lord of the Western Lands and the reason my heart pounds within my chest.

He and Inuyasha both try to kill each other every time they meet. Sesshoumaru travels with his stupid imp demon, Jaken, Ah-Un the two-headed dragon demon and Rin, the cute and kind human girl.

Out of all this, I have traveled there and back to my own era for four years. We managed to complete the jewel, but its vulnerability to selfish desires remained.

Fortuitously, the jewel acted on its own accord and sent me forward five hundred years into the future ─ my era. I tried to get back to the past, but it would not allow me. I tried for a whole month to get back and every time it denied me entrance. I then just gave up; I would never see my friends or one true love ever again.


So here, I am, I have a steady job and I have moved away from my family shrine to a very rich neighborhood house.

I got into Shikon Academy with help from my mom. Life would seem perfect to any normal girl my age, but I was missing the other half of my heart on the other side of the well.

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