Hey guys, I know I've been really off Fanfiction writing for so long now but it has become difficult for me to write since I started uni.

I think I'm blocked, I can't find the right words to write anymore. I'm sorry if it offended anyone who would have liked to read the story continuously. Not that I think of myself as this great English writer or anything. It's really the contrary, this to me is, I think more difficulty, because it's not my mother language and consequently it is hard to find the right words (without repeating yourself) to write a good long story.

I hope you can enjoy this bit I've been working on for a long time. I don't write often, cause most of the time I find myself blocked and/or not liking what I just wrote.


Logan awoke with a start and surely it didn't feel good, all his senses were widely awake and responsive, he was astounded by all the humming and the other perceptions his body could feel.

He heard some more vivid voices, everyone seemed to be talking –shouting really- all at once and the music could surely blow up his ears.

He quickly gathered himself and started away from the Lockwood estate.

Ever so slowly he regained his senses and his orientation, and went in direction of his house. He ran full speed down the moonlit lanes, he slowed down when his house rounded view.

Not remembering what happened to him, he however drew out a conclusion rather quickly when it downed on him that he was stuck on his doorstep. Poor guy lived alone.

Bonnie couldn't clearly contain herself anymore, surely the first part of the plan went as good as it could have but now all that was on her mind was the future downhill dear Logan Fell would soon go down. She was glittering inside, humming songs to herself, bordering doing the victory dance. Creepy, how some incidents in life, decided by fate or by coincidence, can turn you into a whole different person. That's how Bonnie was after her grandmother's death, it ate her inside, and made her become this cold, cynic person. Logan Fell was turned into his worst nightmare and she was glowing inside, she felt alive with his death. It was two and a half in the morning when she finally managed to fall asleep. A familiar crow perched on a nearby tree. Always the protector.

That night something stirred in Damon insides, though he quickly pushed it away, there was no denying that he wasn't totally immune to Bonnie Bennett. She had grown on him a lot and seeing her with all that sass and maturity tonight, was definitely hard to resist.

As early as the next day, Damon reached his full gauge of satisfaction one ever could get at nine in the morning. Stefan was in the living room, watching the news when Damon jogged down the stairs.

DAPHNE MILLER FOUND DEAD, POSSIBLE ANIMAL ATTACK read the headline. A wide smirk spread across Damon's features as he read the headlines, his plan was taking form.

"What better way to start a day, don't you agree Stefan?"

Stefan sharpely turned towards him, and looked at him, apparently this hit some nerve, he was beyond furious if his red eyes could be any indication.

Stefan zoomed in front of him, shoving him in the nearest wall, " What is wrong with you! You killed somebody?" he asked.

Damon shoved him off and walked away, " A) don't touch me, B) if I had I wouldn't be so obvious about it" he turned around "and C) there's another vampire in town".

"That's impossible" Stefan offered naively, " Obviously not" Damon countered, sighing.

"And who would it be?", Stefan asked again.

"Ah what do we care?" he added in sheer annoyance.

"How are we supposed to find this person?" he asked sheepishly,

"Let the adults handle this, Stefan" Damon said as he strode away down to the kitchen.

Elena received a text in the morning, 'There's another vampire in town, be careful. Love, Stefan'.

Days past and more animal attacks were declared, the fear began to rise within Mystic Falls population, Elena became even more protective of her younger brother and friends, although she had a little tad bit problem with the Bennett witch who seemed to be oblivious to it all.

WELCOME TO CAREER NIGHT read the banner held up the front building. Students were gathering along with their parents and teachers, she spotted Stefan waiting in the entrance. " So I guess you're not here it find the path of your future? No, you're looking out for me," She threw a worried glance at him, which he responded with an apologetic look.

" You know I haven't heard of Bonnie a lot today, I'm worried" She said with a sad smile.

"Actually, I always wanted to be a doctor but—" he stopped mid sentence when he spotted Damon chatting up with Caroline. He forgot about Elena in this moment and the fact that he was completely out in the open.

"What did you do her?" Stefan shoved Damon hard (well the hardest he could) into a locker.

"Who?" Damon said, for once truly not getting what they were talking about, Stefan banged him once again. "If you're referring to the nice little jogger I got this morning…"


"Well, nothing! I was looking for the judgy witch and-" his sentence was cut short for a high-pitched fearful cry broke the night.

Bonnie was late, again, she sped up to the school in her silver Prius. Arriving on the grounds, she parked her car in front of the school, she shut off the radio and reached out for her bag. One missed call from Elena read the screen.. she put her phone away and swore she heard a noise outside. Feeling suddenly the gloomy atmosphere, she quickly exited her vehicle and hear shuffling.

She closed her door and locked the car, as she spun around a tall hooded figure stood before her. She didn't have time to react, she lost all her practice in that moment, she froze and waited for the pain.

"Hello, charming Lady", he sung. A scream roared in his throat as he showed his sharp fangs and lunged for Bonnie.

He pierced her skin with his fangs and viciously attacked her carotid, Bonnie felt herself grow weak in the legs, her hands gripping Logan as she drifted into unconsciousness.

Damon sped off without thinking of being discovered and threw Logan all across the parking lot. Bonnie dropped to the ground, and Damon lunged to cradle her and get her safe. Stefan sped over Logan and blocked him on the ground, finding a branch he immobilized him planting it in his stomach.

At that moment, Sheriff Forbes took it all in. "Liz, over there!" Damon pointed at Stefan and Logan on the lawn.

She took out her gun and approached the scene, as she took every step, her heart raced even more, she dreaded the outcome of the situation. A lot of 'what ifs' scenario taking place in her mind, 'what if it's not quite dead and starts attacking me?', 'what if I suddenly can't kill it?' but her thoughts were cut short when she recognized what used to be her fellow council member's face.

"It can't be", she stayed rooted in her tracks, as if time had frozen and that the situation at hand wasn't worth hurrying. She took it all in, the fangs, the stake, the hungry reddened eyes mostly. And it made her want to puke in her mouth. And run for her life.

Damon, who was still caring the badly injured Bonnie, shook her out of her daze, " Do something !" he sounded exasperated to say the least. Her head spun towards him, and she saw her daughter's best friend lifeless. She was so stunned she couldn't utter a word. She simply turned around and shot Logan in the ribs, he cried in pain. 'That was good' they all thought. She crouched next to him, and plunged the stake into his no longer beating heart.

"Thanks I'll take it from here, Stefan" she thanked him, still not believing her sight. "Go take care of Bonnie," she said, but Stefan was already out of sight.

In the confines of the boarding-house, Stefan and Damon were arguing in the kitchen as Bonnie laid on the couch in the living room. She lost a lot of blood in the attack, and was coming in and out of consciousness.

"Damon, we've got to bring her to a hospital, you don't know she'll react..plus you know what the consequences would be." Stefan warned, he took a look at Bonnie, his eyes showing genuine concern about her condition. They ought to do something, but acting without thinking first wasn't an option, they did it many time and it brought them nothing good in the end.

"I couldn't give a shit, brother. Try and imagine what you would do if it were Elena."

Upon hearing this last word, Stefan remained silent, nonetheless thinking about his brother's retort. "You know, hospitals are safe too right?"

The older Salvatore only puffed in response, the little Stefan morals were securely getting on his nerves. "Yeah, right, like you've never wandered in a hospital in broad daylight, and snuck in Vicki Donovan's room, compelled her, when no one was around." He returned to the living and crouched beside Bonnie and just stared at her for a moment. He had nearly killed her, he just almost killed his friend… his only friend. What was wrong with him? He should have known better than to fuel on Bonnie's revenge plan. Now, what did revenge brought him? Absolutely nothing but despair.

His choice was made but really there wasn't a choice to begin with. Giving her some of his blood in order to save her. There was no hesitating concerning her.

He took a bite out of his wrist and pried open her mouth, he gently slid his bloodied wrist in between her lips. She started moaning, and suddenly began slurping the coppery liquid. "Drink up, drink it up, witch" He didn't need to tell her a third time. She instantly felt addicted to it, it's no secret that Damon too was quite fond of the feel of her lips making wonders on his wrist. God, getting aroused out of a – what to call it?- lipjob? She got him good, didn't she?

He reluctantly pulled away his wrist and proceeded to carry her to one of the five guest rooms, he sat on a armchair and contemplated her sleeping form.

The next morning, she woke up to three pair of eyes directed at her.

Caroline's "Oh my goodness! She's awake" could now clearly be heard, and then four arms went to hug her.

"Oww, girls! Calm down!" Bonnie tried to get out, but her mouth was still dry from the long previous night.

"We're just so relieved to see you're all right! We were so scared" Elena chirped in, tears welling in her eyes.

"Where am-?" she inquired, but Stefan's voice cut her short " The boarding-house, a guest room" .

"Where's Damon?" she asked tentatively, her voice only a whisper.

"He's sleeping, you know he stayed awake all night, to watch how you were doing". He must have changed indeed.

Bonnie was doing fine and everyone was great but she still felt a little groggy from the events of the previous night.

" It's all my fault, we shouldn't have…" Bonnie trailed out, her eyes closing a little more with each word. Her eyes were completely closed now. "We shouldn't have tried to trap- Logan…I had it coming. Vengeance …nothing good".

Had they heard her right? Caroline, Stefan and Elena looked incredulously at each other, trying to process the meaning of Bonnie's last words.