Miracles Happen

Chapter 11


It's been four weeks since the twinsare born, and the two lovers were having a tough time taking care of them. They've put up with vomitting, dirty daipers, and nonstop crying. Akihiko is taking most of the impact from the twins. Katsuro peed on his shirt so many times while changing him, and Chiyoko has puked on his shirt a bunch of times. Akihiko had to change his shirts every time he recieves a gross mess from his babies. Misaki had to do loads of laundry every two days, and he's tired of it. Misaki had to show Akihiko how to take care of a baby WITHOUT getting puked or peed on. Once Akihiko got that down, he no longer has problems taking care of them, which gave Misaki a break from doing loads of laundry.

One morning, Misaki is making breakfast while Akihiko is sitting at the table, typing away on his laptop. Chiyoko and Katsuro are asleep in their crib back in their bedroom. Misaki finished making breakfast and served it on the table. Misaki and Akihiko said," Itadakimasu", and proceeded to eat. In the middle of the meal, they heard crying from upstairs.

Misaki placed down his chopsticks and got up from his chair, saying," I'll get them. They must be hungry I'm presuming."

He went upstairs and to their bedroom, where he saw their twins crying. Misaki carefully took hold of them both, shushing them as he made his way back down to the kitchen. He glanced at his lover and asked," Could you fill up their milk bottles, please?"

Akihiko nodded and went to go fill the twins' milk bottles. He took a carton of milk from the fridge and poured the milk into the two bottles without spilling any. After he did that, he gave the twins their bottles, and they happily drank them. When they're done, Akihiko pulled the bottles away, making them smile in satisfaction. Then Chiyoko started to reach out for Akihiko, whimpering as she did so.

Misaki said," Awww looks like our little Chiyoko wants her daddy."

Akihiko sighed and took his daughter out of his lover's arms. He pulled her close to his chest, trying to calm her down and she did. Chiyoko looked at him with a smile on her round face, reaching out to touch his face.

Akihiko questioned," I just don't get it. Everytime she wants something, it's always me that has to give it to her. Why me?"

"That's because you're her daddy. She loves you!" Misaki replied, rocking Katsuro. "Remember when they were born, they were all excited to see you? Did you know that you were the first person the twins ever smiled to? It's true."

Akihiko looked at Misaki in surprise and then back at his daughter. He agreed," So I was the first person they ever smiled to, huh? Well, that's interesting."

Misaki smiled in response.


The two lovers arrived at the Mitsuhashi University in Akihiko's brand new sportscar. Akihiko parked it along the sidewalk by the entrance and got out of his car. He went over to the other side and opened the door for Misaki, who then got out of the car, being careful not to drop their twins. Misaki made sure that the twins are in perfect position in his arms.

Akihiko slammed the car door closed, and he said," Let's go. Whatever you do, please be careful."

"Usagi-san, you know I will. I've been careful throughout my entire pregnancy while you were in coma." Misaki replied calmly.

Akihiko questioned, "True, but there's one thing I don't understand. Since you've visited me a lot, why didn't you visit me in the last three months?"

Misaki sighed and explained," It's a long story but I'm going to make this short. I've gone through three incidents so far during those nine months. First, your brother tried to rape me. Second, I got flipped over by Sachi Ryo in literature class, which is why I'm taking my classes online now so that I could learn things and take care of our kids at the same time. Third, Sumi almost took a stab at our children while I was visiting you at the hospital. Because of all the incidents, Aikawa got so overprotective of me and made me stay home. She had me bedridden so that I won't risk having a miscarriage."

Akihiko responded," Now it all make sense. For once, I agree with her. Like you said before the accident, you are a walking disaster."

"Hey, at least I'm fine." Misaki defended. "Look at our babies, they're fine too!"


As they made their way across the campus, they were earning stares from students and teachers. Girls are giggling and sqealing at the sight of the twins while they boys just stare, whispering amongst themselves. Misaki, who is still self-conscious, held onto his babies tighter, making them whimper. Misaki silently apologized to them and lessoned the tightness of his hold. They went towards the office where Hiroki would have his meetings with Miyagi. When they got there, Akihiko opened the door and allowed Misaki in.

Hiroki turned his head when he saw those two arrive, and he greeted," Akihiko, I'm glad to see you're awake. I heard about what happened at the hospital four weeks ago."

"Yeah, I woke up three months ago. I didn't get the chance to see Misaki because I have to gain most of my memory back, and that my brother locked me away in my room." Akihiko explained.

"Oh... I see." Hiroki turned to Misaki. "Congratulations on giving birth to those twins, Misaki. How are you?"

Misaki smiled and nodded. "I've been doing fine, thank you."

"Everything alright? No problems?" Hiroki questioned.

Misaki shook his head. "Nope, no problems. Except when we have to take care of the babies. They've been crying non stop and kept waking us up every night. But we got that under control."

"That's good. Here's something I like to give you." Hiroki went over to his desk and pulled out a gift basket from the bottom drawer. He held it out, saying," I would have given it to you earlier, but I've been busy. Since you're here, I might as well."

Akihiko took the basket from Hiroki's hands. Misaki said," Thank you so much, Hiroki-san."

Akihiko placed his hand on his childhood friend's shoulder and told him," Thank you for looking out for him while I was in coma."

Hiroki shrugged and replied," You're welcome. I'm glad things turned out okay at the end."

Misaki offered, "Would you like to hold one of our twins?"

Hiroki hesitated at tgis. "I don't know... I never held a baby before..."

"Just try."

"Well, okay." Hiroki gave in, holding out his arms, waiting for Misaki to hand him one of his kids.

Misaki carefully handed Hiroki his son, telling him," When you hold him, please be careful not to drop him."

"Yeah yeah yeah." Hiroki rolled his eyes in response. Once he got the little boy cradled in his arms, he noticed how beautiful he looks.

Hiroki looked up at the two lovers and asked," What did you name them?"

Before Misaki would respond, Akihiko jumped in. "Their names are Katsuro and Chiyoko. Misaki's the one who named them."

Hiroki nodded. "Good choice in names, Takahashi-san."

"Thank you." Misaki replied, bowing his head.

Hiroki went back to observing the boy's features, noticing that everything about him reminds him so much of Akihiko. Katsuro has his father's nose, lavender eyes, and lips. Hiroki commented," He looks just like you, Akihiko."

"Thank you, he does." Akihiko responded. Then he glanced at his daughter. "Our little daughter looks Misaki as well."

"Usagi-san!" Misaki cried, blushing.

They turned their heads when they heard the door open. Entered the room came a man with black hair and a teenage boy with blond hair.

The black-haired man greeted," Hey Hiroki! How's it going?"

"Hello Miyagi." Hiroki greeted back, feeling annoyed.

"I see you have friends here." Miyagi observed. Then he glanced at the babies. "Aww what cute babies you have there."

"Thank you." Misaki smiled.

The blond boy, Shinobu, stared at Misaki for moment, recognizing the boy. Shinobu asked," I know you! You're Takahashi Misaki, aren't you? I heard you got knocked up by Usami Akihiko."

Misaki replied," Yeah, that's me. The guy who got knocked up the BL author. I know what you're thinking, I'm a freak."

Shinobu looked at him funny. "What are you talking about? I was going to tell you that's very brave of you to let the world know that you're dating a guy and carrying his children. I never say this to anyone, but you inspired me."

"Wow, thanks." Misaki responded. Then he held out his daughter. "Would you like to hold my daughter?"

"Sure." Shinobu carefully took hold of Chiyoko, observing her features that match her mother's. He said," By the way, my name's Takatsuki Shinobu. You probably heard of me."

"Actually, I don't. Sorry."

"That's okay. I don't care if anyone knew me or not." Shinobu observed the baby girl he has in his arms. "Your daughter looks very much like you, only she has her father's hair."

"Yeah, she does." Misaki agreed. "My son, on the other hand, looks like his father only with my hair."

Hiroki and Shinobu handed the babies back to Misaki, who then carefully rocked the two.

Miyagi questioned Akihiko. "So how long did you know that Misaki was pregnant?"

"For three months. I didn't know that Misaki was pregnant because I was in coma. But when my brother explained it to me, I was very shocked." Akihiko answered.

The men quickly rushed over to the window when they heard sirens outside. There were ploice cars parked out front, blazing their sirens. Misaki gasped when he saw two cops dragging away a college student.

Shinobu asked," I wonder what the guy did to get arrested?"

Akihiko narrowed his eyes. "I think I know."

Akihiko walked out of the room with Misaki following. Misaki called out," Usagi-san, what's the matter?"

Akihiko didn't respond and kept walking. Soon as they got outside, they watched the guy struggling to get free from the cops. The guy shouted," I didn't do anything, I swear! If I did, I don't know what I did wrong!"

Akihiko walked up towards the two cops and the college student, saying," Perhaps I could answer that and you should too, Sachi Ryo. Your words are nothing but lies."

Ryo glanced at Akihiko, and asked," How would you know? You're the auther who knocked up Takahashi."

Akihiko narrowed his eyes more, making the boy flinch in fear. One of the cops explained to him, "Sachi Ryo, you are hereby charged for assault. Usami Akihiko pressed assault charges against you for hurting his lover, who pregnant during the incident."

Ryo's eyes went wide and said," Oh crap! Usami-sama, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to flip him over, I didn't think he was going to get hurt from this!"

"Why are you apologizing to me? It's Misaki you need to apologize to!" Akihiko replied. "Like I said before, your words are nothing but lies. Misaki told me everything. You called him a slut and flipped him over... ON PURPOSE!" Then he picked him up by the shirt. "If you messed with my lover again, I'll make sure you get the death penalty next time."

After he said that, he placed Ryo down.

Ryo begged," But at least he can forgive me, right?"

Misaki walked up to where Akihiko stood and chimed in. "That I don't know."

Ryo told Misaki," Takahashi, I'm sorry for flipping you over. I didn't mean to do that. I didn't know that it could cause you so much pain."

Misaki placed on a glare, stating," I can accept your apology. I know this isn't like me but I don't think I can forgive you for what you did. You called me a slut and flipped me over. How am I forgive you for something like that? After you did that, I felt intense pain physically and mentally. Not only did I almost lose my babies, but I almost lost sanity. My children's godmother got so overprotective of me that she had me bedridden for the last three months because of you. After I told Akihiko about the incident, he took out his cell phone and made a call outside our bedroom. I didn't know who he was calling until now. He's pressing assault charges against you for your crime. Take him away!"

The cops dragged Ryo away from the two lovers and shoved him in the cop car. Once the cop cars are away from the campus, Akihiko patted Misaki on the head.

He asked his lover," How about we go home and have lunch?"

"That sounds nice." Misaki replied. "But how about we visit the cafe first?"


"There are some people I haven't seen in a while."


Misaki and Akihiko arrived at the cafe, the place where Misaki quit his job because he was pregnant. They entered through the doors of the cafe, earning stares from many people, making Misaki nervous. The two lovers sat down at a table, ignoring the stares.

Lena walked over towards their table, greeting," Misaki, you're back. How are you? Awww, I see you have your little babies here."

"I'm doing fine, and I'm glad to be back. These are my twins, Chiyoko and Katsuro." Misaki greeted back.

Lena stated, "I heard about all the events that happened to you during all those nine months. I'm glad you're okay."

"Me too! I thought I was going to miscarried them but I didn't." Misaki agreed. Then he turned to Akihiko. "Akihiko, this is Lena. She was one of my coworkers back when I use to work here."

"Nice to meet you, Lena." Akihiko nodded towards the girl, making her smile.

Then a man, who looked to be in his thirties, walked over towards the table where the two lovers sat. The man greeted," Hey Misaki. How have you been?"

Misaki looked up at the man, greeting back, "I'm doing fine, Hata-san."

Hata-san asked," Misaki, when you quit your job, why didn't you tell me that you were pregnant?"

Misaki shrugged. "I didn't tell you because I was afraid that you won't believe me or act hostile towards me 'cause I was carrying another man's children."

"Misaki, you know I wouldn't do that. After hearing about you on the news, it all makes sense." Hata-san assured him. "Now I understand why you quit working here. It's all because you were expecting twins and feared that you will have a miscarriage. I totally understand. Well, good luck taking care of them. By the way, what are their names?"

"Katsuro and Chiyoko." Misaki simply replied.

"Ah, Chiyoko as in 'Thousand generations child' and Katsuro in 'Victory son.' They do seem like good choices in names." Hata-san commented. "Alright, I'll leave you two alone. Good luck raising those babies."

With that, he walked off.

Lena folded her hands together and asked them," Could I get you anything?"

Akihiko and Misaki replied with nothing. Then the twins started crying, wiggling in their little blankets. Misaki rocked them, shushing them, trying to calm them down. People are staring at the two as they listened to the sounds of babies crying. Akihiko offered to hold one of them and Misaki handed him Katsuro. As they tried to calm them down, Lena giggled and said," Looks like they want something."

"Yeah, I don't know what they want. We've already changed their daipers before we left, and we fed them during breakfast." Misaki replied. "I don't know what they want. As their mother, I'm suppose to know things. But being a mother is not as easy as it sounds."

Lena pointed out," When I took care of my baby cousin, he cried nonstop like the twins are doing right now. I tried to figure out what he wanted. But when I gave him my old teddy bear, he calmed down. I think I know what the twins are missing as well."

"Maybe you're right." Misaki stood up. "We have to go. Nice seeing you, Lena."

Akihiko and Misaki left the cafe and went back to their car.


They arrived at the Usami penthouse, still carrying crying twins. Misaki carefully set them down on the couch next to Suzuki-chan, saying," I don't get why they are crying all of a sudden. They were fine back at the university."

"Who knows." Akihiko replied.

The twins stopped crying when they saw a teddy bear sitting by them. They reached out for it, squealing in delight. Misaki noticed this and moved them closer to that bear. The twins tugged on the ends of the ribbon, loosening the bow tie.

Misaki chuckled. "Usagi-san, look! Our little babies love Suzuki-chan."

Akihiko went to the couch and saw his children playfully tugging the bear. He said," What do you know? They do. I'm going to order each of them a bear."

"Usagi-san, let them have Suzuki-chan. They already love bears like you do, and I think they're already attached to Suzuki-chan. Come on, be fair. If you want to be a good father to them, you have to share your things including Suzuki-chan." Misaki cried.

Akihiko sighed in defeat. "Alright. Suzuki-chan is all theirs."

"Thank you, Usagi-san." Misaki turned to the twins. "Did you hear that? Daddy is giving you his teddy bear."

The twins yawned and soo they fell asleep on that bear, making their mother look at them with adoration.

Misaki asked," Aren't they adorable?"

Akihiko took off his jacket and placed it over his children like a blanket, watching them curl up in it. He smiled and replied," They sure are, Misaki. Now that they have a friend."

Akihiko petted his son's brown locks and kissed his forehead. The two lovers moved away from the couch and went to the kitchen. Akihiko wrapped his arms around Misaki, hugging him from behind, saying," I love you so much. Misaki, can I ask you something?"

Misaki turned his head towards him. "Sure. What is it?"

Akihiko reached into his back pocket and pulled out a small black box. He held it up to Misaki's face, making the boy curious. Misaki gasped when Akihiko snapped it open, revealing a gold ring with a purple diamond.

Akihiko asked," Misaki, will you marry me?"

Misaki blushed in crimson, tears welling up in his eyes. He turned around to face his lover and kissed him on the lips. He pulled away and hugged him, saying," Yes, I want to marry you."

Akihiko hugged him back, stroking his hair.


"I feel silly in this." Misaki commented, looking down at his dress.

Manami placed the veil on Misaki's head, saying," Come on, Misaki, you look beautiful."

Aikawa joined in. "Yeah, you really do. I never thought I see this day coming. Nine months ago the car accident happened. Two months ago the babies are born, and today, Misaki is going to become Usami-san." She hugged him. "Misaki, I'm so proud of you for being so strong. Not only to your kids but to yourself. You made it through your rough journey and this is where it's going to end."

"Thank you, Aikawa-san.' Misaki responded, hugging her back. "Now be a good godmother to twins, alright?"

"Alright, I'll try not to let my inner-fangirl influence them." Aikawa sighed and looked at her watch. "Oh my gosh, the wedding is going to start in two minutes."

Manami and Aikawa quickly made sure Misaki is perfectly dressed for the wedding. Wedding dress, check! Veil with baby romantica roses, check! white flats on his feet... Aikawa quickly pulle dup his dress for the ballet flats which there were. Check! The women finished their inspection and rushed Misaki towards the alter, handing him a boquet of roses.

Aikawa whispered," Good Luck, Misaki."

Once the piano started to play, Misaki walked down the isle, his heart beating faster. He could hear Aikawa and Manami sighing in content. As he walks down the isle, he saw Akihiko standing by the minister, smiling. He noticed how handsome he looked in that black tux with a red rose in his front pocket. When he made it to the groom, Akihiko took Misaki's hand in his own, whsipering," You look beautiful in a dress, Misaki."

"Usagi-san..." Misaki responded, his cheeks turning red.

They already said their vows and exchanged rings. After the minister said," You may now kiss the bride", Misaki threw his arms around Akihiko's neck, pressing his lips against his. Soon the crowd cheered as the newly wedded couple left the alter. In the ballroom, Akihiko and Misaki waltzed to a slow dance song. Takahiro was watching them, holding their twins.

He smiled and thought, 'Misaki is all grown up. He's no longer Takahashi-san... now he's Usami-san. I'm proud that he made it through a rough journey.'

He looked down at the sleeping twins in his arms.

Misaki and Akihiko waltzed to a slow song, gazing at each others eyes. Misaki said," I can't believe we're married... and I'm now Usami-san."

"I couldn't believe it either. I was suppose to propose to you before the accident, but I guess fate decided to take a turn. Now, we're beginning a new chapter." Akihiko replied, gently kissing his husband's lips.

Misaki smiled and rests his head on his chest, closing his eyes. Misaki opened his eyes and stated," You know what I don't look forward as the twins grow up."

"What?" Akihiko asked.

"Katsuro and Chiyoko becoming teenagers. They're going to be rebellious as soon as they turn 13. Next, they're going to be boy or girl crazy and have such raging hormones." Misaki answered, feeling worried. "What if they do something reckless or-"

Akihiko assured him, "I doubt anything like that will happen when they turn into teenagers. I'll make sure of it. Everything else, been there. I've even put up with a growling teenager myself."

Misaki understood what he meant and responded," Usagi-san, I'm not that bad. I'm only 19."

"But you're still a teenager."

"Shut up."

Akihiko stated," You know what's worst?"

"Like what?"


Misaki almost cringed at the thought of his children dating. He shook it off, thinking that he'll worry about that later. They stopped waltzing when they saw Takahiro went over to them and handed them their twins, who woken up from a nap.

He said," Here you two are. Are you ready to set off for your honeymoon?"

Misaki looked at Akihiko and nodded. "I think we are."

Takahiro hugged his brother from the side, saying," I wish you good luck raising two mini-usagis!"

"Thank you, Nii-san. We'll try our best." Misaki replied, returning the hug.

Takahiro waved at the two as they leave the ballroom. Then a group of fangirls saw the two leave and one screammed," OH MY GOSH, THEY'RE LEAVING FOR THEIR HONEYMOON! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!"

Akihiko looked over at his shoulder to see a group of fangirl running after them, whispering, "Shit!"

He took hold of Misaki's hand and dragged him towards their car. Then more people started to chase after them. Manami and Aikawa were laughing as they were running with the crowd. As soon as they got outside, Akihiko and Misaki are already in their car. Misaki rolled down his window and threw his boquet, only to be caught by Shinobu, who blushed in crimson. Misaki waved good bye to everyone before getting back in the car to roll back his window. Akihiko pressed his foot on the accelerator and drove towards their destination, which is a beach resort where he and Misaki will ahve their honeymoon.

Misaki couldn't have been more happier. Things are going to get better now that his rough journey is over. His babies are born, he's now married to Akihiko, and Haruhiko is now in jail. All he could now is raise his children and finish his college courses. He gazed at the twins, who are buckled in the backseat, and smiled. He can't wait to experience the life of being a parent.


This is where it ends. There will be a sequel and this time, the twins will teenagers and will try to do one thing their father fears... dating. I already decided what their personalities be like. Keep an eye out for whose traits they inherit from their parents. Thank you guys so much for reading this. You really encouraged me to keep going and here I am done. Thank you!