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Stargate: Mass Effect

Chapter1: The Martian Legacy

June 25th 2003
Uncharted System
Northern Continent
Stargate Alter

"This is ridiculous," Colonel Jack O'Neill sighed as he looked around at the barren wasteland around them. "Find anything?" he called to his team.

"I have found no evidence of civilization anywhere O'Neill," Teal'c responded in his own way.

"No ruins, no energy signatures, no life whatsoever," said Doctor Daniel Jackson.

"I don't understand, the atmosphere has all the markings of an Earth-like planet but I can't find any organic life anywhere," Major Samantha Carter said confused.

"Well it's giving me the creeps," Jack said finally and turned away. "Daniel, dial the gate," he ordered.

The archaeologist nodded and started pressing the keys on the DHD (Dial-Home-Device). The large ring-like object spun and locked in the first six keys before a large swish of blue energy erupted on the seventh key and created a stable wormhole. Jack entered their identification code into his transmitter and waited for a few seconds for those on the other side to open the iris that protected the gate on Earth from intruders.

"Okay, let's go," Jack spoke again and the four stepped through.

The gate shutdown a moment later...

June 25th 2003
Sol System
Promethei Planum
Ancient Ruins

The room was dark save for the light coming from the gate as the members of SG1 stepped through. The gate shut off behind them and the entire room suddenly went dark.

After a few seconds of silence Jack asked, "Daniel?"

"I dialled Earth," he answered as the three turned the flashlights on their guns.

"Carter?" Jack asked as the four looked around the room, using the flashlights to see.

"I don't know sir...maybe it was another solar flare," Sam mused.

"...Let's hope we haven't been sent back or forward in time...again," Jack added the last part after a pause. Suddenly blue lights flickered on all around them and the room could clearly be seen, "Carter?"

"That wasn't me, sir," Sam answered as they turned off their flashlights.

"This is definitely Ancient design," Daniel commented as he looked over the architecture of the room.

"This is too small to be the Lost City we have been searching for," Teal'c informed them.

Sam nodded in agreement and stepped towards the DHD. "I'm going to try dialling Earth," she said as she pressed the seven keys to activate the Stargate. When it didn't activate she shook her head, "it's not working."

"Any idea why?" Jack asked her.

Sam frowned at the question, "could be a number of reasons but until we have a better understanding of where and when we are I only have theories."

"There is an exit over here," Teal'c called from the doorway.

"You have really good eyes buddy," Jack commented light-heartedly.

"Indeed," Teal'c responded as the four cautiously exited the room and into the corridor beyond.

"Over there," Daniel said when he saw light shining through a nearby window. They all stepped over to it and looked out, "we must be underground somewhere." The scenery beyond the glass (if it was even glass) was frozen in what looked like ice, "maybe we're in Antarctica again."

"We can't be on Earth," Sam responded simply as she checked the small pad in her hands.

"How can you tell?" Daniel asked her.

"Because the gravity is almost a third of Earth's natural gravity...you can't tell me you can't feel it," Sam replied. The three males looked away, "never mind."

"Daniel," Jack spoke up.

"Yes Jack?" inquired the archaeologist.

"You dialled the wrong planet," Colonel O'Neill said with a sigh.

"It wasn't my fault," Daniel raised his hands in defence.

The pad in Sam's hand suddenly beeped a second later, "I'm picking up an energy reading down the corridor on the left."

"...Lead the way," Jack motioned for her to take point as the rest raised their weapons in different directions.

They soon arrived at a large red chamber with a throne-like chair sitting on a platform of some kind and consoles dotting the room. Sam moved over to the nearest console as Teal'c stood by the door, watching for threats. Daniel looked over the symbols on the console screens and looked confused.

"It reads as 'Terra Atlantus'," Daniel stated.

"What does that mean?" Jack asked as he stood on front of the chair.

"Terra means Earth; Atlantus however..." Daniel trailed off.

"As in the lost city of Atlantis?" Sam asked for once in disbelief.

"Is this it?" Jack asked gesturing around them.

"No I don't think so; it's too small," Daniel replied simply.

"What about this chair?" Jack asked right before he sat down.

"Wait Jack-" Daniel started only for the platform below the chair to glow and the chair's backrest to fall back slightly.

"...Carter?" Jack asked simply as a holographic image of the solar system appeared above them.

"I think the chair must have interfaced with you," Sam mused as she walked around the chair. "Ask in your head 'where are we?' for me," she asked. Suddenly the image of the solar system above magnified in on the fourth planet, "well...at least we got our answer."

"Are we on...Mars?" Daniel asked hesitantly.

"It would explain the gravity," Sam replied with a nod.

"Yeah well," Jack spoke up as the backrest slowly rose up allowing him to sit up straight. "How do we get back home?" he asked them.

"I...think I might have an idea," Daniel spoke up from the console. "If I'm reading this right then this entire complex is a landing pad for Ancients' ships; there isn't a lot here but...if I'm reading this right they have two bays full of ammunition and a something they called Element Zero. If I'm reading this right...its Neutronium"

"...As in weapons?" Jack blinked. "As in a big honking space gun?" he asked with a widening grin.

"Err...I don't know; according to this they called them 'Mass accelerators,' a 'Thanix cannon' and something called 'disruptor torpedoes'," Daniel replied as he tried to translate.

"That's great," Jack said happily as he stood up. "Teal'c and I will head down and see what we can find. Meanwhile you two contact the SGC," he said.

"According to the schematics the bays should be one level down," Sam informed them as they left.

"We'll be back," Jack said as he and Teal'c exited the room.

A few minutes of silence fell on the room as the two remaining members of SG1 worked.

"This can't be right," Daniel said finally.

"What is it?" Sam asked him.

"According to this; there is a massive space station above Pluto," Daniel answered shaking his head. "And it says there are only two moons in orbit of it," he continued.

"Pluto?" Sam asked confused. "Pluto has three moons," she stated matter-of-fact.

"I know," Daniel nodded in confusion.

"One second," she responded and walked over to the chair. She sat down but nothing happened, "it's not working."

"Jack used it just fine," Daniel added. "What are you trying to do?" he asked her.

"Hey kids; how is it going?" Jack asked the two as he and Teal'c re-entered the room.

"...Sir, can you sit back down the chair again?" Sam asked him.

"Why?" Jack inquired.

"I want you to think of Pluto while you sit in it," Sam answered confusing him more as he sat down. She stood beside the chair and watched as the platform glowed and the hologram reappeared but this time zoomed in on Pluto.

"There are only two moons there," Daniel stated.

"Two moons and the space station you told me about earlier," Sam added as she pointed to the image of a large cannon-like machine in the dwarf planet's orbit.

"What is that?" Jack blinked as he stared up at the image. Suddenly the machine looked like it became covered in ice and formed to shape a large ice rock.

"It's Charon; Pluto's third moon," Sam deduced upon seeing the image. "Take into account the thousands of years of space ice and it would become like that," she added a moment later.

"If I'm reading this right the Ancients called it a 'Mass Relay' which they built as a means to travel across the galaxy in a matter of minutes instead of hours and days through hyperspace. I'm going to need more time to translate the rest of this though," Daniel explained from the console.

"Take your time," Jack told him before turning to the Major. "How long until you can contact the SGC?" he asked her.

"I can't without an understanding of the OS," Sam answered shaking her head.

"What if I just use the chair?" Jack asked while pointing down at the chair he was sitting on.

"You might end up broadcasting the signal to everything and everyone in the system. Everyone on Earth would be able to hear you," Sam responded and again shook her head.

"Could we not dial the Alpha Site to relay a message?" Teal'c suggested in his tone.

"...Maybe," Sam nodded and looked over at Jack.

"Go," the Colonel O'Neill shrugged and she left a moment later with Teal'c at her side.

Sam dashed through the corridors until they reached the gate room again and she stepped in front of the DHD. She dialled the coordinates into the device and the Stargate activated in a swirl of energy a moment later.

"Alpha Site this is Major Samantha Carter of SG1, please respond," Sam said into the radio.

Static filled the channel for a few seconds before someone replied, "this is Colonel Pierce responding. What is the situation Major?"

"We need you to relay a message to Stargate Command for us Colonel; during our last mission we dialled Earth but were redirected to an Ancient outpost beneath the southern pole of Mars. We can't connect to the Earth gate," Sam replied.

There was a few moment of silence, "...understood Major. We'll relay the message to Earth as soon as the gate shuts down; contact us in one hour."

A second later the gate shutdown and the room went silent.

"Now all we have to do is wait," Sam sighed.

"Indeed," Teal'c agreed with a nod.

June 25th 2003
Sol System
In orbit above of Mars
USAF Prometheus
Main Bridge

The Prometheus was Earth's first attempt at creating an interstellar warship designed to fight the Goa'uld on even footing but even with the technology she was outfitted with it was clear to all that she wouldn't win in a prolonged fight against anymore than a single Goa'uld Ha'tak-class mothership.

Not that it mattered right now; Colonel William Ronson had commanded the prototype battlecruiser for little more than a few months and was finally getting used to the job. When he received word from Stargate Command saying that SG1 had ended up gating to an underground complex on the neighbouring planet Mars he had found it surprising that there in fact had been aliens living on Mars at one time.

"Entering orbit now," informed Major Peter DeLouise.

"Thank you Major," Ronson sighed and sat back in his chair. "Begin scanning for thermal signatures beneath the ice cap," he ordered.

Minutes passed before DeLouise responded, "we're not picking up any thermal readings however we are detecting seismic activity near the center of the Promethei Planum."

"Anyway for us to punch a hole through?" Ronson asked.

DeLouise shook his head, "we'd need a big drill to reach them." A window opened on his screen and he reported, "sir. We're picking up a transmission from the complex, audio only."

"Put it on," Ronson ordered.

"This is Major Samantha Carter to USAF Prometheus, are you receiving?" Sam asked through the comm.

"We read you loud and clear Major," Ronson responded. "Unfortunately we're having some difficulties trying to get you all out of there," he added.

"Because of the ice?" Sam asked knowingly.

"Yes," Ronson confirmed.

"Standby," Sam spoke and the channel died a moment later.

"Sir, we're picking up a large energy spike from the surface," DeLouise reported. Suddenly a beam of blue energy stream out of the ice below, lightning up the viewport at the front of the Bridge.

"Status?" Ronson asked.

"No damage...sir, it looks like whatever that was burned right through the ice all the way down to the Martian complex," DeLouise informed him.

"Major Carter come in," Ronson said into the comm.

"Sorry for scaring you; we just used one of the weapons they have down here. Something they called a 'Thanix Cannon'; there are a set of rings down here so you should be able to stream down now," Sam responded.

"...Please warn me before you do something like that again Major," Ronson sighed.

"Sir I need to ask you to land and mount the Thanix Cannon onto the Prometheus. It will be needed for what we have planned," Sam continued.

"Planned?" Ronson inquired.

"There is a large, highly advanced artefact buried at the center of Charon, a moon of Pluto. I think we just made the greatest discovery of the 21st century," Sam answered truthfully.

The entire Bridge went silent at the declaration...

"Understood, we're landing now," Ronson agreed and nodded towards DeLouise who quickly set the ship on a course down into the atmosphere. "Has this discovery got a name?" the CO asked.

"The Ancients called it a Mass Relay...apparently they used it to create something they called...the Mass Effect."

June 26th 2003
Sol System
In orbit above of Pluto
USAF Prometheus
Main Bridge

The Prometheus slowed into orbit near their destination, the largest moon of Pluto, Charon. The reasonably large ice moon seemed to be nothing more than that, a moon but the crew of the Tau'ri battlecruiser along with many back on Earth new that wasn't the case as they had been led to believe.

"We're in position," DeLouise informed.

Ronson leaned back against his chair and gave the order, "bring the new Thanix Cannons online and prepare to fire." He then turned to Sam who was sitting at the weapons station, "are you sure this is going to work?"

Jack looked at him funny, "Colonel I'm not sure you know this but Sam has actually blew up a star before. Compared to that, de-icing a moon is child's play."

"If you say so," Ronson nodded before turning to Sam. "You really blew up a star?" he asked couldn't help but ask.

"It was just the one," Sam responded defensively.

"They always say the first one is the hardest," Jack added with a chuckle.

"Charging sequence initiated," Sam spoke again, suddenly turning serious.

"Open gun ports," Ronson ordered and two small but deadly looking cannons appeared from the hatches connected to the warship's nose.

"Charging complete," Sam reported.

"Fire," Ronson gave the order.

Twin beams of blue energy lanced out of the two cannons and slammed into the two separate locations on Charon, melting the ice in moments. The beams kept going, melting several square miles with seconds and carving into the moon.

"This might take awhile," Sam said with a sigh.

"Maybe not," DeLouise spoke up. "Thermal readings just went off the charts; Charon is melting," he informed them.

"It's the Mass Relay, its Mass Effect Field has reactivated and his melting Charon from the inside...shut down the Thanix Cannons," Sam declared and the two beam weapons disengaged.

A few seconds later the remaining ice shattered into a debris field as light shone out from its center and the ice was blown away to reveal what hid beneath it. It was massive, at least five kilometres long with two circular mechanisms spinning in order to sustain its mass effect field.

"Okay, now that is impressive," Jack admitted with a wide smile.

"Ready a boarding party," Ronson ordered.

June 27th 2003
Sol System
Stargate Command / Cheyenne Mountain
Briefing Room

Deep within the Cheyenne Mountain complex General George Hammond sat down at the table as did the members of SG1 and spoke, "I just got off the phone with the president and he has informed me that the Mass Relay and the Ancient ruins on Mars fall under the Outer Space Treaty which prohibits any single government from exploiting them."

"So we're just going to leave them there?" Sam asked in disbelief. "Sir those artefacts could give us the advantage we need against the Goa'uld."

"Both the president and I agree with you Major. That's why the president has put forth a request for the creation of a multinational organization which would oversee everything to do with off world activity. They're calling it the Terran Systems Alliance," the General explained. "So far the main members are the United States, Great Britain, the Russians, Canada, France, the Chinese and the Japanese."

"Well that'll certainly help us for when the Goa'uld decide to remove the stick from their-" Jack started.

"Colonel," Sam interrupted, stopping him from saying it.

"-And decide to pay us a visit," Jack finished.

"...How are things going on the salvage?" Hammond asked them.

"Reasonably well, it will be another few months before we can start mining Element Zero and even longer to start construction on new weapons so for now we're just using the stock we found in the Martian ruins. The good news is we can accelerate the construction of the 304s thanks to the construction tools we found on Mars," Sam answered.

"How long until the new ships are built?" Daniel asked curious.

"Given how many construction units we have available and how many more that is on the way. Add in the industrial might of most of the major nations on Earth and I'd say we could have something to call a fleet within a year," Sam replied with a smile.

"Major, the Alliance currently has six 304s planned for construction at Area 51; are you saying that they will take a year to build?" Hammond asked her.

Sam nodded in confirmation, "yes as long as we have enough Naquadah to power them, Trinium to build them and Neutronium to sustain them but we're running out of the latter fast."

"Options?" Hammond asked knowing that she must have thought of something.

"We've already discovered a few planets with Neutronium on them," Sam explained her reasoning. "The Ancients called it Element Zero but the Asgard call it Neutronium, it's the base element used for the construction of new Replicators, especially their human form Replicators. We've never needed to actually mine it to the extent to install on our ships."

"What do we do about it then?" Daniel inquired.

"We use the Stargate to transport it to Earth after we've mined it out," Sam replied. "We could construct mining outposts in the asteroid fields of a dead neutron star but that would take time and money."

"We'll worry about that later," Hammond said finally and stood. "Stargate operations are still in affect so get some rest and ready for your next mission at 0800 hours."

"Yes sir," Jack gave a salute along with Sam which the General returned.

Author's Notes:

Well this is my other new story; I've been wanting to take a leap from my usual stories for awhile now like I did with Halo: Cylon War and this is what I came up with. Unlike the other Stargate/Mass Effect crossovers out there already, this one is based solely in the Stargate Universe. It's set right after episode 7.03, 'Fragile Balance' so they're still searching for Atlantis and will incorporate Mass Effect technology and two very distinguishable enemies you know as the Reapers and the Collectors but not for awhile yet.

Next chapter will involve a time-skip to the end of season 7 during the episode, the Lost City and will deal with Anubis' attack on Earth and more importantly how the new Earth ships handle the situation. If you have any suggestions please feel free to submit them for consideration, I may even add them in if I can work them right. And for the record there is a reason that the Goa'uld haven't come across a Mass Relay yet so that will be explained in detail at a later date.

For the record Neutronium has an atomic number of zero and is used in Asgard and Replicator technology so why not Terran technology?

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