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Sonny ran to her and Tawni's dressing room after quickly shut the door and went to her opened the drawer in her vanity that contained all of her lip gloss.
"Let's see,"she said searching the drawer,"cherry,apple,cinnamon,
choclate,strawberry,watermelon...Aha!"She exclaimed happily."Just the one I was looking for!"Sonny gabbed the pineapple lip gloss then continued searching for the other.
"Where is it!"She yelled frustrated."Oh yeah,check your pockets."Sonny brunette checked her red skirt pockets."Nothin'"She mumbled trying to dig deeper into the hands moved up to her waist to check the pock-
ets of the red cardigan she was the left pocket,Sonny pulled out some change and a few pieces of mint the right pocket she pulled out even more mint gum and,"Coconut lip gloss!"
Sonny yelled then proceeded to walk over to her radio and turned it end of Teenage Dreams by Katy Perry was playing.

Sonny walked over to the seat at her vanity and sat down happilly,
with both lip glosses in hand.
She began to uncap both and started applying them to her lips (coconut on top,pineapple on bottom).

My First Kiss by 3oh!3 &Ke$ha was playing,one of Sonny's favorite song,she loved dancing to this song,so she just got up and danced all around while still applying the lip glosess.

Somewhere near the middle of the song,Sonny had sat back down to rest from her stupid looking dancing.
A moment later,someone had walked through Sonny's door.
That certain someone,was a certain jerkthrob,named Chad Dylan Cooper,
that she "didn't" want to see."What do you want,Chad?"Sonny asked but since she was still applying the lip glosses it sounded like this,"Whadd da ya wand,Chab?"
Sonny was trying to sound like she thought he was hell of annoying to her,but it was liked Chad.A lot.She was only mean to him because of the feud between their two shows,So Random!
and Mackenzie Falls.
"Nothing much,"he answered cooly,"Just wanted to see what you were doing,so what are you doing?"He asked looking at took the pineapple lip gloss away from her mouth."I'm using cocunut lip gloss,"She moved the cocunut lip gloss off her mouth and showed it to him."and pineapple lip gloss,"she showed him the one in her nodded."To make a piña colada flavor."She told him.

"Is it working?"Chad asked.

"Um,I'm not sure..."She answered,putting one last coat of both lip glosses on her lips,then began smacking them together to find the piña colada flavor.

"Can I try?"Chad asked.

"Wha-"But before Sonny could finish that"What"Chad's lips were on hers,giving her a passionate first Sonny was confused,"What the fuck!"she thought,but she slowly closed her eyes and began to kiss back.

He lightly bit Sonny's bottom lip,causing her to smirked pulling back from the kiss."Damn,that does taste like piña colada but better!"Sonny blushed at his comment.

"See ya."Chad said backing out of the room and winking at her.

Once Chad was out of the room,the end of My First Kiss began to play:"She won't ever get enough once she gets a little I had it my way,you know that I'd make her say..."

"Oooooh."Sonny finished.

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