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Quinn (1/3)


When Brittany says her name its kind and friendly and even though she's pretty much kind and friendly to everyone it still puts her at ease. Sometimes she just smiles at her with a special smile, because Brittany's got many different smiles, and says, "Quinn." She can't help but smile back even as the other blonde is dragged away by a certain Latina.


When Puck says her name, it's only when he wants something. Usually it's Q or MILF or Fabray because he's Noah Puckerman and he's too badass to feel things. So she's only really ever heard her name come from his mouth twice.

The first time he kept handing her wine coolers and she could see Finn talking to another Cheerio on the other side of the room. Puck's standing next to her and she asks him, "Am I pretty?" Somewhere in the back of her mind she knows it's a bad idea as he looks her up and down before kissing her softly on the lips, whispering, "You're beautiful, Quinn."

And then she's pregnant. That's when she hears him say it again. They're fighting because she's just told him she's giving up the baby.

"Why can't I help?"

"You already did. You got me pregnant!" She collapses on the floor and begins sobbing uncontrollably.

"Just let me help, Quinn," he whispers this against her hair; holding her tight as she begins to calm down. "I don't wanna be some dead-beat dad."

She nods and names the baby Elizabeth Fabray Puckerman. He's helped her through the entire process and the look in his eyes holds so much emotion. She knows that he's thankful she allowed him to be there, even if it was for such a short time. He holds her hand tight as she signs the adoption papers and hands her child to Shelby Corcoran.

He doesn't say her name again.


When they say her name it's always her name and mostly in gossip. She doesn't mind because it's actually her name, but she'll have to get used to it. Somewhere along the line they became her friends.

Then it's a lot more "Hey Quinn!" and almost never "Guess what I heard about Quinn."

She smiles in return and thinks that she can get used to this.


When Santana calls her name, she more or less calls her names. Before she was pregnant it was Q or Fabray like Puck would say; while she was pregnant it was Juno, Tubbers, Preggo, slore (slut/whore); after the pregnancy and when she's lost all her baby weight it's just Q or the newly added, but somehow affectionate, bitch. It's not bad, because Santana and her are close (again), but sometimes she wishes S would just say her name.

So when the Latina finally does it comes as such a surprise it actually makes things awkward.

The blonde doesn't know how or when it started but they're talking about feelings and Santana is wringing her hands like she doesn't know what to do with them. The brunette keeps playing with her pinkie and looking around like she expects Brittany to pop out of nowhere and grab the small digit so she can relax. But she knows she won't because Brittany's sick, she's got the flu and both of their parents banned visiting until the taller blonde gets better.

"Quinn… I think I love her."

Quinn pauses and Santana thinks it's because of what she said. She almost takes it back, but Quinn shushes her.

"No, no," She laughs. "I've just never heard you say my name before…" The look on the Latina's face is priceless—her mouth is wide open and her face is turning red—and it makes Quinn start laughing harder. Santana stomps her foot and growls.

"I tell you that I'm in love with a girl and all you can hear is me saying your name!" The brunette throws her hands up and mumbles something in Spanish, it's quick and it makes Quinn upset she can't understand the other language that well.

She stops laughing suddenly and looks at the Cheerio with a serious expression on her face. "I'm just glad you're finally admitting it. You guys are good for each other, just don't… don't hurt her. I'll kill you." It's kind of a joke, but the blonde's serious about it.

Santana's no longer scowling and her eyes have softened considerably, "I'd probably kill myself if it hurt her."

She's happy that S's finally said her name, but she's not sure if she can deal with the Latina and the feelings she has when she says it. She thinks she doesn't mind when she hears a familiar voice say, "See ya later, bitch," as Santana walks past with her entire hand in Brittany's grasp, or the small smile that the Latina throws over her shoulder when they're almost down the hallway.

She smiles. Names are overrated, anyway.