The Next Day

It was the day of the Big Event and Stu was more excited about it than anyone else in the city of Los Angeles. The clock on a drawer next to Stu and Didi's bed went from 7:44 to 7:45. But instead of the annoying beeping sound usually on alarm clocks the alarm was the original version of the Rugrats theme song. Even though the sound was quiet, it some how woke everyone up.

Stu: It's now only 12 hours until we find out what the Big Event is.

Didi: What makes you think that?

Stu: Because I read on the computer that Reptarland officially opened on September 12th, 1980 at 7:45 PM. Right now it is September 12th, 2010 at 7:45 AM so it's likely that the Big Event will happen in exactly 12 hours because that's when this theme park turns 30 years old. Now let's go on some rides.

Didi: Not right now Stu.

Stu: Well if there's anybody who is actually in the Reptarland spirit, raise your hand.

Chas, Kira, Betty, the babies, and the penguins raised their hands. But Stu didn't see the penguins because the lights were off and it was hard to see black things.

Stu: Well come on you guys.

Betty: Come on Howie.

Betty tried to pull her husband out of bed but he was so tired that not even she could get him up.

Betty: I surrender.

Stu, along with everyone who raised their hands, walked out the front door of the hotel room. They got in the elevator and went down to the first floor.

Kira: Oh Chas, can you believe we're in the closest thing to the place we first met.

Chas: That reminds me, I saw that the Japanese restaurant from the Paris Reptarland is here too.

Kira: Really?

Chas: Really.

They all went on rides until 3:03 PM and then they got hungry. They decided to go to the Japanese restaurant for lunch. The adults sat at a table while the babies and penguins stayed on the floor.

Waiter: Here's your food and your fortune cookies.

The waiter gave each of the grown-ups a tray of Japanese food.

Stu: I thought fortune cookies were from Chinese restaurants.

Waiter: They are, but most people go to Chinese restaurants just for the fortune cookie and we're trying to compete with the Chinese restaurants.

The waiter walked away.

Chas: I even know some people who eat fortune cookies just for the fortune.

The grown-ups ate their lunch and when they were done they opened their fortune cookies.

Kira: Mine says "Your former leader shall soon return."

Stu: Mine says "Your son or sons will soon be in great danger."

Betty: Mine says "Two of your relatives will get you on the news."

Chas: Mine says "Your ex-fiancé is about to walk up to you."

A tall French woman walked up to Chas.

Woman: Hello Chad.

Chas: Coco!

Coco: That's my name, don't wear it out. How long has it been Chad?

Chas: First of all, my name's Chas. Second of all, it's been almost 10 years since you know what.

Private: What's your dad talking about Chuckie?

Chuckie: I don't really like talking about it.

Private: Ok then, Tommy what's Chuckie's dad talking about?

Tommy: When our Mommies and Daddies took us to Paris, that mean lady wanted to become Chuckie's new Mommy.

Lil: But we stopped her.

Private: Interesting. I wish I could've...

Skipper: That had to have been a dream you babies had.

Phil: Why?

Skipper: Because you're all either 4 months, 1 year, or 2 years old. So none of you were even born yet ten years ago.

Kimi: Actually, we were born before then. Thanks to the magic of cartoons, we get to stay babies forever.

Skipper: That's ridicules.

Kowalski: It does happen on the Simpsons though.

Skipper: Good point.

Coco: Come on Chad let's forgive and forget.

Chas: No!

Coco: What? Me trying to marry you just so I could get a promotion was so horrible that you can't forgive me?

Chas: Yes but I was talking about the forget part.

Chuckie: I'm gonna show that princess not to mess with my Daddy.

Skipper: Princess?

Chuckie rolled up his shirt sleeves.

Chuckie jumped on Coco and wrestled her down onto the floor.

Coco: Aaahh! Get this filthy thing off of me!

Kimi: You can't talk about my brother that way.

Tommy: You can't talk about my bestest friend that way either.

Kimi: But your bestest friend and my brother are the same person.

Tommy: Esaccly!

Kimi: Anyway, I'm gonna help Chuckie show Coco whose boss.

Tommy: I'm in.

Tommy and Kimi jumped on Coco and helped Chuckie wrestle her.

Coco: Aaahh! I hate children!

Rico vomited up a chainsaw that was already on.

Skipper: Sorry Rico, but we won't be chopping off anyone's head.

Rico got a depressed look on his face and he put the chainsaw back in his mouth.

Skipper: However you can help Chuckie, Kimi, and Tommy with their little issue.

Rico: Yeah!

Rico spit out a plastic baseball bat and started whacking Coco with it.

Skipper: That's not the issue I was talking about but you can help them with that one too.

Phil & Lil: Chuckie! Kimi! Tommy! Rico!

Lil: Oh Chuckie.

Kowalski: Coco gargles!

Private: Gargles?

Kowalski: I heard it's a nicer way to say sucks.

Coco couldn't take anymore and yanked Rico, Tommy, Chuckie, and Kimi off of her.

Coco: You see, that's why I hate children! Now I hate penguins too.

Stu: What do penguins have to do with it?

Chas: I don't know.

The grown-ups didn't notice Rico because Stu was too focused on Tommy, Chas & Kira were too focused on Chuckie & Kimi, and Betty was such a big wrestling fan that she never even paid attention to who the wrestlers were.

Coco: I'm getting out of here.

Coco ran out the restaurant and was soon out of sight. Everybody who saw the fight cheered for the babies and Rico.

Tommy: Thank you. Thank you.

About 4.5 Hours Past That Particular Point

The penguins and Rugrats were somewhere in the theme park and looking for Angelica. The babies were in their strollers and this time Chuckie was too. The penguins were just walking around though.

Skipper: It's only 15 minutes until the Big Event, if that whole 7:45 thing was right, and we still don't know what today's challenge is.

Tommy: What you just said reminds me of my Grandpa. I wonder why.

Phil: Well I'm sure Angelica knows what it is by now.

Kowalski: But where is this Angelica?

Angelica walked up out of nowhere.

Angelica: What's going on over here?

Tommy: You need to tell us what today's challenge is or else the Big Ebent will be guaranteed to happen.

Angelica: Ok, just let me think.

Angelica walked over to the other side of the Rugrats and penguins and saw something that totally was to have something to do with the challenge.

Angelica: I know what you dumb babies and less dumb penguins have to do. You have to climb...that.

Angelica pointed to a giant Reptar statue. The sky became really dark and alot of thunder and lightning was there.

Lil: That doesn't look too easy.

Private: I'm starting to think that Angelica is making these challenges up.

Angelica: Oh Private, oh Private Private Private.

Angelica walked over to the penguin whose name she kept repeating.

Angelica: You may be much older than me Private, (notice I said may) but I however am a Big Ebent expert.

Private: You call yourself an expert. You were wrong about the challenges twice and it took you 3 days to figure out what today's was.

Angelica: Nobody's perfect, not even experts.

Angelica walked away.

Skipper: Now what do we do to get the adults to take us over there?

Chuckie: Simple.

The babies started complaining like they were upset. They constantly pointed at the statue until Didi figured out what they wanted.

Didi: Looks like the babies want to go see the Reptar statue.

The parents started pushing the strollers over to the statue and the penguins each hid under one of the strollers just in time. Private was hiding under Tommy's stroller, Kowalski was hiding under Lil's, Rico was hiding under Dil's, and Skipper was hiding under Phil's stroller.

Kowalski: I just realized, 3 of us are hiding under the strollers of people with rhyming names.

Rico: Cool.

Everyone came up to the statue.

Stu: This statue looks alot bigger than it did when I came here 25 years ago.

There was a megaphone a few feet away.

Megaphone: Ok everyone, it's 7:33 PM and only 12 minutes until the Big Event.

Stu: I told you guys.

Megaphone: So until then, let me tell you about some Reptarland history.

The grown-ups got too distracted by the story to watch their kids. The babies got out of their strollers and the penguins got out from under them.

Kimi: How are we gonna climb up this fake Reptar? There's barely anything to hold onto.

Kowalski found a rope with a hook on it behind the statue. He twirled the rope three times and the hook hung to the statue's eyelash.

Kowalski: Like that.

Chuckie: I don't know you guys, I don't think this is such a good idea. So maybe next year.

Chuckie started to walk away.

Skipper: There won't be a next year if you don't come here and do it.

Chuckie came back.

Chuckie: You're right. But I just think it sounds a little dangerous.

Skipper: But I like danger.

Chuckie: But what about Dil? He's not gonna be able to climb.

Tommy: Chuckie's right. I don't want my brother to die.

Skipper: Well I happen to know a very safe way for him to climb the statue.

Rico opened his mouth very wide and swallowed Dil.

All the babies but Tommy: Gasp!

Tommy: Dil!

Tommy dropped to his knees.

Tommy: No! You've been eaten!

Tommy fell on his belly and started crying. The other babies started crying too.

Private: Skipper, they're crying.

Skipper: It's OK Private. That challenge was yesterday.

Private: I know, but crying babies are really annoying.

Tommy: We may never get to see you again, but we'll never forget you Dilly. You were a good little brother even though you would never stop crying and I once wanted to give you away to monkeys. It's so sad I'm gonna have to be an orphan again.

Kowalski: But Tommy, an orphan is someone with no parents not someone with no brothers or sisters.

Tommy: Does anyone else have anything to say about Dil?

Chuckie raised his hand.

Tommy: What do you have to say Chuckie?

Chuckie: Even though he chewed on my hand when I was trying to be nice by feeding him some watermelon, I wish Rico never would've eaten him.

Lil: I have something to say too Tommy.

Tommy: Ok Lil.

Lil: We were the only two members of The Names That Rhyme With Swill Club and I was the leader. I wish I had let him be the leader.

Tommy: Why?

Lil: Then I wouldn't have to do whatever he says once he got eaten.

Lil dove into her brother's arms and continued to cry even more.

Tommy: Well Dilly, I guess that's the end. The end of you not being outside of a penguin.

Skipper: Oh brother.

Tommy: Comfort me Chuckie, comfort me.

Tommy hugged his red-haired friend and closed his eyes.

Skipper: You were right about the crying thing Private. Rico, spit out the little one.

Rico spit out Dil.

Dil: Tommy!

Tommy's eyes opened up as much as they possibly could.

Tommy: That voice, I know that voice.

Tommy turned around and saw Dil sitting on the ground.

Tommy: Dil! You're alive!

Tommy hugged his little brother and the last tear left in his brain trailed down his head.

Skipper: Enough of the mushy wushy stuff. It's time to get down to business.

Kowalski: You mean it's time to get up to Reptar's head. Heh heh.

Skipper: Not funny.

Tommy: But Dil still doesn't have a way to get to the top.

Kowalski: Oh yes he does.

Kowalski elbowed Rico's belly and a glue container came flying out of his mouth.

Kowalski: I brought Forever Glue.

Kowalski poured some glue on Dil's back and stuck him onto Tommy.

Tommy: Does this mean Dil's gonna be on my back for the rest of my life?

Kowalski: No, the glue doesn't actually last forever.

Kowalski grabbed onto the rope and started climbing up the statue.

Skipper: Oh I almost forgot.

Skipper started climbing the rope too. Soon all the penguins and babies except Dil were climbing.

Megaphone: So that's the story of how Reptar International Inc. decided to have this theme park be in California instead of Wisconsin. And if you're wondering why the statue looks a little bit taller then it did yesterday, that's because every year that statue gets replaced with a new one that's 12 inches taller.

Chas: Wasn't that an interesting story Chuckie?

Chas looked down at the strollers and saw that none of the babies were there.

Chas: Oh-no. Where are the kids?

All the parents started running around looking for their children. Even Angelica's mom was looking for the babies even though she had to talk to Jonathon. They had been looking for a few minutes until Kira just happened to look at the statue of Reptar.

Kira: Look, the kids are over there. They're climbing up that 3-story statue along with 4 black things.

Drew: Phew, that's a relief.

None of the parents worried for a moment until they realized that there was a problem.

All the parents: Aaahh! They're climbing up a 3-story statue.

Didi: Stu, call the fire department.

Stu: I'm on it.

Stu dialed the fired department's number on his cellular phone.

Fireman: Hello, you've reached the fire department.

Stu: My sons, their friends, and 4 black and white things are climbing up a 30 foot Reptar.

Fireman: Is there a fire?

Stu: No.

Fireman: Then I have no reason to come over. Good bye.

The fireman hung up. The Rugrats and penguins were half way to the top when Kimi tried to start a conversation.

Kimi: Good idea having Rico go on the bottom. So than if he gets sick, none of the deadly stuff inside of him will land on us.

Skipper: If you're trying to start a conversation it's not working out too well.

Kimi: You can't blame a girl for trying.

Megaphone: Even though it may seem very thrilling and exciting, 6 babies and 4 penguins climbing up a giant not the Big Event. But if you wanna see what the Big Event is, you're gonna have to wait another 5 minutes because it's only 6:40.

Kimi: The guy using that Hi-fi can count up to 5! He has to be the smartest person on the planet.

Skipper: You see that's one of the reasons why I can't wait for these little Rugrats to be All Grown Up. But what was it that made Kimi start talking about 5?

Private: The megaphone said there's only 5 minutes until the Big Ebent, I mean Event.

Skipper: Only 5 minutes! Let's pick up the pace men.

Kimi and Lil both gave Skipper angry looks.

Skipper: And girls.

The penguins and Rugrats tripled their climbing speed. Down below a newsman was talking to Phil and Lil's parents.

Newsman: Are you two worried that your twin son and daughter are almost to the top of a you know what?

Betty: Absolutely.

Howard: If only there was something we could do.

Newsman: But there is. You could go up the rope they're climbing.

Howard: Good idea.

But it was already too late for that. The penguins and Rugrats were at the top.

All of them: Yeah!

Tommy: It may not be Mount Neverest, but it's still pretty high.

Kowalski noticed something unusual in the statue's nose.

Kowalski: Well look at that, there's a water bottle in the right nostril.

The penguins formed a chain of themselves and got the bottle.

Kowalski: Now to get your brother unglued.

Kowalski poured some water on Tommy's back and Dil started to come off. Dil fell straight for the ground but Tommy caught him before he fell to his death. Tommy pulled Dil up to safety.

Megaphone: OK everyone, this is it! Only 10 seconds until the Big Event. 9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1!

Everyone heard some stomping coming from 100 miles away. Through the clouds they could see that it was green, but not many people could tell what it was exactly.

Lil: What is it?

Kowalski: Is it Godzilla?

Skipper: Is it a dragon?

Private: Is it a giant badger covered with green frosting?

Tommy: No, it's Reptar.

The green thing walked 100 miles in only 2 steps and now everyone could see that Tommy was right.

Kowalski: Whoa.

Some people started running for their Mommies and others didn't move a muscle because they were amazed with what they saw. The babies started jumping for joy to see their favorite monster movie character right in front of them.

All the babies: Reptar!

Reptar came over to the statue and had to crouch down because he was 20 feet taller then it. He reached his hand out and Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Dil, Kimi, Kowalski, Rico, Private, and Skipper all jumped on it. Reptar lifted his hand up and started walking towards the babies' parents.

Skipper: I can't believe the Big Event is just some live appearance by a big stupid lizard. (That's Skipper's opinion not the author's)

Reptar flicked Skipper off his hand.

Skipper: I take it back I take it back.

Reptar reached down for Skipper just in time for him not to hit the ground.

Skipper: Good catch.

Reptar came up to the grown-ups and let everyone on his hand go. All the Rugrats ran up to their parents and hugged them. But Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private had nobody to hug because they were the only Penguins of Madagascar characters in the entire West Coast.

Skipper: Hey, what about us? Don't we get any love.

Skipper started crying.

Private: I guess penguins can cry.

Megaphone: That's right everybody. The Big Ebent, I mean Event, is a live appearance by Reptar. And it's not a robot or some guy in a costume, it's the actual real life Reptar. Why do I keep saying Ebent instead of Event?

Skipper was now crying on Kowalski's shoulder.

Kowalski: Just let it out Skipper, let it out.

Skipper: It's not fair. Are the babies the only people in the world who like our show?

Private: Skipper, you'll get the answer to your question if you turn around.

Skipper turned around and saw 3,296 teenage girls wearing Penguins of Madagascar t-shirts.

Teenage girl #1: Oh my gosh! It's the Penguins of Madagascar.

Teenage girl #2: Let's toss them up in our arms.

4 of the girls each individually picked up one of the penguins and all 3,296 of them were tossing them in the air.

Kowalski: The answer is definitely no!

The next thing the penguins knew, they were all tied up together. They looked up and saw that they were being held by Alice, the zookeeper back in Central Park. So, I guess that means I was wrong when I said they were the only Penguins of Madagascar characters in the West Coast.

Alice: There you are. All the kids coming to the zoo in the last 3 days have been saying the zoo's real boring without you.

Alice put the penguins in the back of her car and untied them. The penguins waved good-bye and the Rugrats did the same as Alice drove off.

Private: I'm gonna miss them Skipper.

Skipper: Like I said before Private, enough of the mushy wushy stuff.

The End

Skipper: No no no, wait wait wait, this isn't The End. I just realized, if Reptar coming here was the Big Event...

Kowalski: Than that means we didn't stop it when we did those challenges. Meaning that the first two challenges were wearing glasses and not eating food.

Private: Or I was right about her and she was making the challenges up.

Skipper: If I ever see that Angelica person again, I'm gonna do something so horrible it's gonna have to be rated T.

Kowalski: So can it be The End now?

Skipper: Sure.

The End