The Pain Within

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Author's Note: In this story, Sam is ten and Dean is fourteen.


Sitting in the back booth of Peggy Sue's Roadside Diner in Huntsville, Alabama, John sighed as he thought about the long trip ahead of him yet. His boys were already at each other's throats because of having spent two long days cooped up in the car and they still had another couple hundred or so miles to go before arriving at their next hunt. Needing a break from all the bickering that had been going on between his boys, John had decided to make a pit stop at the eatery, hoping a full stomach would be enough to put an end to all the squabbling…but apparently, it just wasn't to be.

"Ow Sammy, stop it or I'm going to pound your face into the table." Dean growled as he reached down under the table to rub the sore spot on his shin where Sam had just kicked him.

"What, I didn't do anything," Sam intoned as he threw his hands up into the air in a feigned look of innocence.

"Boys, unless you want me to take off my belt and tan your behinds right here in front of everybody, you better stop picking at each other right now. Am I understood?" John asked heatedly, as he glared at his belligerent sons. He knew things would only escalate if he didn't put a stop to it now while he had the chance.

"Yes Sir," Dean and Sam responded in unity, knowing their father meant every word he had said by the tone of his voice. It didn't stop Sam from sticking his tongue out as his brother however, which in turn, earned him a mild slap to the head from his father who sat beside him.

"Serves you right, brat." Dean snickered with a laugh at the stunned look on his baby brother's face as Sammy rubbed the back of his head.

"I'm not a brat," Sam snarled, throwing his hand forward in an attempt tp smack the smug look off of his brother's face.

"Damn it, I've had about enough of this sh…," John's voiced trailed off as he watched the waitress finally approaching with their order. He couldn't help but think the waitress had just saved his boys from a very painful lesson to their derrieres. Forcing a smile as the waitress placed their orders in front of them, John prayed that they could at least eat their meal in peace, but somehow, he doubted he could be that lucky.

"Hey Sammy, pass me the ketchup," Dean voiced as he took the bun off of the top of his burger which was laden with extra onions."

"Get it yourself, jerk." Sam retorted as he picked up his burger and placed a slice of tomato and some lettuce on it before biting into it. "Ew, Dad, they didn't cook this one good enough," Sam complained upon seeing the meat inside was still somewhat rare.

"Stop whining bitch and just eat it. It ain't going to hurt you," Dean groused as he reached out to grab the condiment bottle and poured a liberal amount on his plate for his French fries before putting some on his burger also while Sam sent him a heated glare.

"God help me to keep from throttling my own children." John thought as he took a big bite of his own burger, noting that his meat hadn't been thoroughly cooked either since the burger was still pinkish inside. "Oh well, better undercooked than burnt," he murmured as he raised the burger to his mouth once again. There was no sense in wasting food when they didn't have a whole lot of money to spare until he could hustle some pool or cards.

Breathing a sigh of relief as his boys indeed stopped their quarreling long enough to eat their dinner, John hoped that truce would continue until he could at least find a place for them to stop for the night. At least then, his boys would be within his reach if he needed to apply a firm hand to their behinds to make them listen. Sure, he knew Dean was too old to be spanked, but with the way he was acting right now, the fourteen year old was asking for it.

Once they had all finished their meals, John paid the tab as his boys made their way outside and over to the sleek black Impala. Exiting the diner himself only moments later, he groaned upon seeing the two of them already shoving each other. No way was he allowing them inside the vehicle until he had them work off some of that excess energy. Spotting a park across the road, he grinned as the perfect idea slipped into his mind. Walking over to his children, he wrapped an arm around their shoulders. "Ya know, you boys have been a proverbial pain in my ass for the last few hours and I think it's time you two learned a lesson."

"But Dad, I didn't…" Sammy started to whine, but then clamped his mouth shut instead upon seeing the look of consternation in his father's eyes.

"What kind of, uh, lesson were you talking about Sir?" Dean inquired as he backed up just a little, making sure to keep his backside out of his old man's reach.

"The exhausting kind," John answered bluntly as he nodded his head towards the park across the road. "I want you and your brother to do twenty laps around the perimeter of the park. Maybe by then, the two of you will be too exhausted to start your bullshit once again."

"Yes Sir," both boys groaned in unison before making their way across the road. They knew they had gotten off lucky with just the run.


Driving down the highway a few hours later, John felt it was time to stop for the night when he glanced into the backseat to see his youngest struggling to stay awake. Sam had been more exhausted than Dean after the run earlier and he felt a little guilty for making the ten year old do as many laps as his older brother, He definitely hadn't been fair with his punishment.

"Hey Tiger, what do you say we stop soon and get a room for the night?" John asked as he noticed Sam staring back at him through the rearview mirror.

"Okay, I guess," Sam mumbled as he wrapped an arm around his stomach which had been bothering him for the last ten minutes or so.

"Sammy, you feeling alright son?" John questioned in concern at the slightly pained look he saw on his baby boy's face.

"Yes Sir, my stomach hurts is all." Sam answered, a sharp pain shooting through his stomach just before a sound of flatulence rumbled through the car, an odiferous smell following shortly afterwards.

"Damn kiddo, you smell like shit," Dean declared obnoxiously, waving his hand in front of his face to chase away the smell. "No wonder your stomach was hurting."

"That's enough Dean, leave him alone," John growled upon seeing the mortified look upon his youngest child's face in the rearview mirror. Sam was obviously embarrassed by what had happened.

"Why are you getting onto me? It's not my fault Sam decided to cut the cheese," Dean groused, a wry grin crossing his face at the humorous remark.

"DEAN." John warned, ready to pull the car over to the side of the road to take the teen in hand.

"Jeez Dad don't get your boxers into a wad. I was only trying to have a little fun," Dean complained as he crossed his arms in front of his chest. His Dad was such a nerd.

"Yeah, well I don't like it, not when it's at your brother's expense." John voiced sternly.

"Yeah, guess I didn't think about that," Dean said as he turned around from his shotgun position in the front seat to face his sibling in the backseat. "I'm sorry kiddo, I really didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

"Whatever," Sam whispered just before emitting a big yawn. All he wanted to do was climb into a nice warm bed, forget about what just happened and go to sleep. He wasn't feeling all that great and figured a good night of sleep would help whatever was bothering him.


Exiting the highway approximately twenty minutes later after having spotted a sign advertising a Days Inn, John pulled up to the registration office and left the car running while he went inside to check them in. He knew Sam couldn't handle going much further with the way his child had been softly moaning over the past few minutes and he wanted to get him situated in a nice clean room as soon as possible instead of their usual crappy ones. And if truth be told, he was starting to feel a little off himself.

Obtaining the keys to their room, he went back out to the Impala and drove it around back to room 145 and parked directly in front of the door. Tossing the keys to Dean, he said, "Get your brother inside while I get our things."

"Yes Sir," Dean replied, snatching the keys out of the air before throwing open the door and climbing out of the muscle car. Opening his brother's door, he said, "Let's go, princess."

"M'not a princess, jerk" Sam grumbled as he wearily climbed from the car.

"Sure you are, bitch" Dean retorted as he wrapped a supportive arm around Sam and led him over to the door where he quickly unlocked it before pushing it open and naturally escorting Sam over to bed furthest from the door. Throwing back the blanket and top sheet, he urged his brother to lay down and then pulled off Sam's shoes, before removing the kids jeans also.

"Get some sleep Tiger," he encouraged, ruffling his baby brother's hair with affection as he stood and pulled the blankets over his slumbering sibling.

"He doing okay?" John asked, depositing their duffle bags just beside the door as he entered the room.

"Yeah, he's just tired," Dean answered, amazed at how quickly the kid had fallen asleep.

"Okay, then go on ahead and get your shower while I put down the salt line," John ordered his oldest as he pulled the canister from the small weapons bag he had carried inside.

Walking over to his duffle and bending down to get his sleep pants so he could do as instructed, Dean groaned when his stomach cramped up from the movement.


"I'm okay Dad," Dean stated before quickly making his way to the bathroom to relieve the pressure building up inside of him. "Damn, must have been something we ate at the diner," he thought as he stripped down to climb in the shower. Now, he really felt bad about picking on his baby brother. Showering quickly so that he wouldn't use up all of the hot water, he dried himself off and then exited the bathroom so his father could bathe also.

Sitting on the edge of the bed to check on his brother after he heard the shower start up again, Dean was concerned to see the slight sheen of perspiration covering Sammy's skin and hoped the boy wasn't coming down with something. Lifting the covers, he crawled in beside his baby brother and pulled Sam close just in case the kid became feverish throughout the night. He'd know right away if Sammy needed him.

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