The Pain Within Ch. 13

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Previously: "You're got that right Doc," Bobby informed the doctor as he escorted the physician to the door. "Sammy and Dean share a bond that will last them through whatever life chooses to throw at them."

"Yeah, I can tell that," Dr. Gordon voiced with a smile before walking out the door. It felt good knowing that the young man he was treating would be so well taken care of once he was released from the hospital.

Sitting on the edge of the bed a couple of days later as Dean helped him to get his shoes on, Sam was extremely glad to be finally getting out of the hospital. His stomach was still a little tender from all the trauma the E coli poisoning had put him through, but at least he was finally able to keep food down, something he was eternally grateful for since it meant he was finally being released from the doctor's care.

"All done kiddo," Dean stated with a smile as he finished tying Sam's shoes for him. "As soon as Dad and Bobby get back from signing your release papers, we can finally blow this joint."

"Thanks Dean," Sam responded with a dimpled smile of his own. He could have easily tied his own shoes as he had informed his sibling, but the mother hen in Dean wouldn't allow him to perform the small task since it would have "put way too much pressure" on his sore stomach muscles according to big brother.

"Anytime, Princess, You know I am at your beckon call," Dean jokingly stated with a bow, before reaching out to ruffle Sam's chestnut colored locks.

"I'm not a princess, jerk," Sam grumbled as he swatted his big brother's hand away and smoothed down his tussled hair.

"Sure ya are, bitch," Dean retorted, just as John and Bobby came walking back into the room followed by a burly orderly who was pushing a wheelchair before him.

"So, you boys ready to roll?' John queried with a smile of his own as he held up the release papers that were in his hand. He had been waiting for this moment since the day they had all been admitted. He hated hospitals with a passion and tried to avoid them at all costs, well, that is unless it came to the welfare of his sons.

"Do you even have to ask?" Dean replied with a sarcastic lilt to his voice.

"Watch your mouth, dude," John reprimanded lightly with a soft swat to the back of Dean's head.

"Yes Sir," Dean voiced automatically before turning his attention to his baby brother once again and motioning towards the wheelchair with a nod of his head. "Your chariot awaits Princess Samantha."

"Shut up, Dean" Sam mumbled, his cheeks tingeing slightly with embarrassment as he pushed himself up off the bed and swayed slightly from the dizziness that assaulted him upon obtaining the upright position.

"Whoa kiddo, let me help you," John said as he wrapped an arm around his youngest son's shoulder and steadied him before guiding Sam over towards the waiting wheelchair.

"Da'ad, I can do it," Sam complained, though he was secretly grateful for the help. He wasn't sure his were strong enough to support him for the walk just yet.

"I know you can Tiger, but how about you humor your old man for a change huh?," John retorted, lowering Sam gently into the chair before reaching down to place his feet on the foot pedals. He had come way too close to possibly losing his son and was going to coddle the kid whether Sammy liked it or not.

"Yes Sir," Sam replied, sitting back in the wheelchair with a relieved sigh as the orderly began to push him out the door and towards freedom.


Glancing into the rearview mirror as the sleek, black muscle car made it's way down the highway, John couldn't help but smile at the sight of his two boys in the backseat sleeping. Sam had fallen asleep leaning against his big brother's shoulder after only about an hour on the road and it hadn't take long for Dean to join him in slumber land. John knew the past few days had been pretty rough on his boys and it showed on their faces, even in sleep. Sighing audibly as he noted the dark smudges that still adorned Sam's face beneath his young eyes, John wondered how long it would be before his youngest was completely healthy once again.

"They're both going to be fine John. You heard Sam's doctor. A couple of weeks rest and the boys will be fit as fiddles, so stop worrying," Bobby asserted knowing John still blamed himself for the boys getting sick.

"I know, it's just that they never should have gotten so sick in the first place, Bobby. I should haveā€¦"

"It's time to put the should have's behind you, ya idjit. They'll only serve to drive you crazier than you already are," Bobby rebuked lightly with an amused tone to his voice to lighten the moment.

"Gee, thanks. I love you too," John retorted with a snort.

"John, what's important now is taking care of those boys and you're doing just fine with that," Bobby informed his hunting friend. "So quit being so hard on yourself."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," John stated, glancing into the rearview mirror once again to see that his oldest was now awake and returning his gaze through the mirror. "Dean, is something wrong kiddo?"

"No Sir, I'm fine. You think we can find some place to eat soon? I'm starving!" Dean answered, carding his fingers through Sam's hair as his baby brother began to stir also.

"When aren't you starving, Dude?" Sam questioned with a yawn as he sat up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes with his fists as he glanced out the window to see where they were.

"He's got a point there, Ace," Bobby smirked with a wink as he turned in his seat to visually assess the boys. He wanted to make sure the ride wasn't being too hard on either one of them, especially Sammy.

"Hey, it takes a lot of work keeping this prime looking body in shape," Dean voiced, as he motioned to his lean sinewy form.

"I guess we better pull off at the next exit then and feed that prime body before it shrivels up and scares away the girls," John returned, much to the delight of Sam who was now giggling loudly at the comment.

"Wow Dad, I can feel the love. Thanks," Dean pretended to pout, relishing in the sound of laughter coming from Sam. It had been much too long since he had seen his little brother so happy.

"There's a Denny's up ahead. Is that okay with everyone?" John asked, ignoring Dean's comment as he slowed down and prepared to make the turn onto the off ramp of the interstate.

"Yeah, that sounds good," the others answered in unison knowing the restaurant served a big variety of food and that everyone could find something to suit their tastes.


Pulling into the full service restaurant's parking lot a couple of minutes later, John parked the classic back Impala as close to the restaurant as possible so Sam wouldn't have to walk far and turned off the engine. Opening the door, he watched the others do the same and wasn't a bit surprised when he saw Dean dash around the back of the car to stand at his baby brother's side.

"Come on, Tiger. It's time to chow down" Dean voiced, wrapping a supportive arm around Sam's shoulder as he started leading the small group toward the front door of the restaurant. He knew Sam was still petty weak and he didn't want to chance his brother falling and injuring himself.

Holding open the glass door, John ushered the others in before him and then followed behind Bobby as he led the small group to one of the booths near the back part of the restaurant where they could keep a close eye on everything going on. They had no sooner sat down when they noticed a waitress with shapely curves and a dazzling smile approaching.

"Good afternoon gentleman. What can I get for you to drink?" Kandi, the waitress, asked with her most cheerful smile as she handed each person a menu. Writing down the answers as each hunter responded in turn, the waitress left to get their drinks so that the group of four could peruse the menus.

Returning with the drinks just a moment later, the waitress sat down a cup of coffee in front of both John and Bobby and then Coca Colas in front of both Dean and Sam. "Are you gentlemen ready to order yet?"

"Yeah, I want one of your biggest burgers smothered in onions and a large heaping of fries," Dean answered quickly, his mouth salivating at just the thought of the food. He listened in then as Bobby and John both ordered a steak cooked medium well with a baked potato smothered in sour cream and butter and a garden salad on the side.

"And what can I get for you Sweetie?," the waitress asked looking at Sammy who had just placed his menu down on the table and glazed up at her with dewy blue-green eyes.

"I'd like a grilled chicken salad," Sam answered, to the total astonishment of Dean.

"Wh-what? Since when did you become a health nut kiddo?" Dean asked as the waitress sashayed away to place their orders, knowing that Sam usually ordered whatever he ordered when they ate out.

"Since now," Sam responded, shuddering at the thought of ever eating another hamburger again.

"Oh," Dean replied as he suddenly realized why Sam had ordered the salad. He couldn't blame Sam one little bit for being wary of hamburgers, especially after everything his younger sibling had been through because of the undercooked meat from that last eating establishment. Of course, he couldn't help but think it would be just a passing phase with his little brother.

Waiting for their food to arrive, John couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction in having his family together and back on the road once again. He was together with his boys and they were going to spend some down time just enjoying themselves as a family at Bobby's place. Life couldn't get any better than this.


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