The Magic Man Strikes!

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Magic Man, Magic Man... yet another character on Adventure Time voiced by the great Tom Kenny. Geeze, Adventure Time literally seems to have over nine thousand recurring characters, I swear. Anyway, I'm off. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to their owners.

The Magic Man was soaring in the clear blue skies, wearing his yellow coat and his yellow hat as he was looking for victims to terrorize. He gazed down, to see the red colored Hotdog Princess feeding on a bone.

"Fufufufu... it's time I work my magic..." The Magic Man stated slyly as he placed a dark brown coat on himself, concealing his face as he landed right behind the Hotdog Princess, pinching her tail.

"What, who's there?" The Hotdog Princess exclaimed as she turned around, gasping in shock.

"Little miss, can you help a strange old man with some... sugar?" The Magic Man said in a deep toned as he coughed, slowly approaching the Hotdog Princess.

The Hotdog Princess gasped as her eyes opened wide, feeling frightened as the Magic Man approached. She screamed as she attempted to flee, but the Magic Man zapped blue magic at her, turning her into a giant ball of red strings. Several cats came nearby, playing around with the ball of yarn that the Hotdog Princess has been transformed into as she screamed for help, while the Magic Man flew away, laughing evilly.

"And now, to find more victims to terrorize, for the joyness of beying a big, fat jerk! With magic!" The Magic Man exclaimed as he sung his name in a high pitch voice.