"Right, it's time to save the world of Adventure Time," Uncle Grandpa proclaimed as he got suited up.

"...you don't need to be suited." Mr. Gus pointed out.

"Yeah, you solve things the way they are." Pizza Steve added.

"You're right." Uncle Grandpa said in agreement as he ate both Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve, spinning around like a tornado as he disappeared in a flash.

Meanwhile back in Ooo, the Magic Man continued flying as he laughed evilly, wondering who to zap next. He hid behind several yellowish trees as he spotted the Lumpy Space Princess chatting with the Slime Princess.

"And I was like, go lump off you lumping loser. Gosh, he was, like, so dense and such," LSP stated as she waved her arms about.

"Oooh, that does sound rather childish," The Slime Princess agreed in her sexy, tenderized voice.

The Magic Man chuckled as he snooped amongst the green bushes. "Fufufu, now these two ladies shall feel my magic spell!" He jumped out of the bushes, scaring both LSP and the Slime Princess, causing the two princesses to hold each other.

"Oh Lumpy Space Princess, why did it come to such consequence?" The Slime Princess asked as her lips trembled with fright.

The Magic Man's eyes gleamed brightly as he waved his arms, firing green bolts from his fingers as the Lumpy Space Princess and Slime Princess were formed into one purple-green lumpy slime princess, a combination of the lumpiness of the Lumpy Space Princess and the slimeof the Slime Princess. The two princesses screamed as they ran off in the eastern direction, failing to get each other seperated. The Magic Man only laughed with evil glee as he flew into the sky once again.

"Now, to spread more magic! Magic!" The Magic Man proclaimed as he flew higher.