She laid her hands on the shiny smooth fallboard but gradually turned shaky apparently due to the overwhelming emotions rising within her. Gasping in awe, she could not simply come to the realisation that she finally got to touch such a deeply-admired instrument at this moment. Studying the lustrous black surface, she was even much more concerned that her plain hands would leave any sign of blemish on it. In less than half a minute, she quickly drew back her hands, "Oh sorry, I touched without asking..."

A girl with long tresses and donning a classy school uniform came over with a slight smile showing on her face, "No worries...So I heard that everyone in school calls you by your nick, 'Gui Gui'...Am I right?"

Stepping a little further away from the piano, she nodded well-manneredly and bowed her head to acknowledge, "Yes...My real name is Wu Ying Jie, but I go by 'Gui Gui' the whole time. Happy to meet you, Senior Rong Jia..."

Offering her hand good-naturedly, this widely-respected student appeared to have taken a liking to this extremely modest junior of hers, "It's nice to know you too...'Gui Gui' is a cute name..."

Gui Gui felt rather privileged as they shook hands warmly, "Thank you..."

The soft-spoken senior added, "I am glad that you have an interest in this old piano of ours in spite of the fact that it has been owned by me for many years..."

Gui Gui was somewhat surprised, "It's old? Oh, I see that it's as perfect as new..."

Rong Jia smiled knowingly, "It's been with me for as long as I've been a member of the school's band...Can you imagine that?"

"Wow," Gui Gui's eyes widen in amazement. "Then, sorry...I'm just judging a book by its cover..." She laughed sheepishly to dispel the awkwardness of the situation.

The long-time music talent smiled at the girl's innocence, "I understand and can tell easily that you like this piano just as much as I do, if not for many times more...So Gui Gui, we'll keep in touch. Hopefully, by the end of next week, I can quote you a reasonable price for it..."

Gui Gui was immediately excited upon hearing so. She quickly nodded, "Thank you very much, Senior Rong Jia..."

"It's my pleasure," she bade.

Gui Gui took leave with her heart brimming with pounding anticipation. She never thought of being able to find favor in the eyes of such a graceful upper-class student. She has a much more pleasant, charming personality that she had originally thought. Added to that, she was rewarded with high hopes of owning a classic piano of her dreams after so many years. Just the fleeting recall of the sight of the elegant instrument made her simply wanted to shout for surging joy. She quicken her pace to race down the path away from the music school's block for she could not wait to break the great news to her family back home.