Next morning, Gui Gui was awaken by the loud sounding of the doorbell. Dragging herself lazily out of bed, she marched out of her room to answer it in a rather groggy state.

"Who's there?" she mumbled weakly upon opening the door without bothering to look straight ahead.

Out of the blue, a pair of hands strongly grabbed her arms before the person frantically cried out, startling Gui Gui fully awake in an instant. "Gui! You're on the headlines!"

She rubbed her eyes to make out clearly the meaning of such words, "What, me?"

The other girl patted Gui Gui's forehead in agitation to shake her back to senses, "Alert! Alert, okay? You're now the most talked about young lady in town...But, sad to say, certainly not the luckiest..."

She was still immensely blur, "Xin Yu, what on earth are you referring to?"

Digging out some papers from her bag, she thrusted them rashly into Gui Gui's hands and informed, "Alright, here they are...Just read and read and read...But! Like I said, you're no longer the luckiest girl on earth...All those Wang Zi's fangirls and members of En Li Journalism society are presently rallying against you...So make sure you keep off our school's territory for the time being!"

Gui Gui's face turned pale immediately, "Huh? Against me?" Looking down at those large print features and huge full-colour pictures on each frontpage of the newspapers given by Xin Yu, inexpressible shock was all she displayed.

Before she could have the nerve to calm down, her good old pal yelled out again upon glancing at her watch. "Oh, sorry...I've got a midterm review to attend in half-an-hour's time...This is all I can do for you at the moment, okay sweetie?...Be brave, talk to you later!" Xin Yu scurried off in lightning speed the next minute, leaving the dumbfounded Gui Gui staring on distraughtly.

Bombarded with such grueling discovery, Gui Gui was not sure how she should react. Were these all for good or bad? Unable to bear with the intense dread she was feeling right now, Gui Gui slumped down in all weariness onto the floor, only to land on a piece of hard stuff hurting her bottoms.

"Ahh! What's that?" She exclaimed in pain. Forcing herself to get up once more, what met her eyes was a considerably-sized box labelled, "First-Class Courier Delivery...Recipient: Miss Wu Ying Jie...Special Message: Please open without delay..."

"For me? Strange..." Filled with curiosity, Gui Gui figured that she might as well find out what kind of thing was inside the mysterious package.

After some tearing and removal of layers of protective tapes, she finally gathered that it was a widescreen television.

"With just one cable connection and a plug?" She was more baffled. "And a remote control..."

She decided not to wait any further so simply turned it on. The screen flashed up at her clueless pressing of a random button and showed, 'Connecting...One moment please..."

Gui Gui sighed as she sat down on the sofa, "Just who sent this? With not a single name and address..."

"It's me..." The sudden appearance and verbal response on the screen successfully scared Gui Gui out of her wits yet another time. She gasped.

He hid a subtle smile, "Sorry..."

Gui Gui's eyes widen in total disbelief, "Young Master? Wait a this all recorded?"

He was slightly amused by her innocent reaction, "Well,'re now watching a live wireless tv and now interacting with me in real time..."

"Huh?" Gui Gui was stunt, to say the least. "But why do I need this?"

He has no reason to suppress a chuckle now, "That's because, I know your laptop and handphone are out of well as to save you from flipping through an instruction manual..."

Gui Gui could attempt to compose herself a little after hearing his logical explanation. She cleared her throat sheepishly, "So, is there something urgent or important you want to let me know?"

He nodded to affirm her guess, "It's about Liu Rong Jia's age-old musical instrument..."

Gui Gui wondered why so, "You mean that precious piano inside the studio? You know how to play it?"

He regretfully shook his head to deny, "No, I don't..."

Learning his answer, Gui Gui was surprised and could not help but break into laughter, "Then, it's funny...We both don't know music, but still painstakingly vying for that priceless piano!"

He acknowledged with uneasiness, "You're right..."

Hearing him, Gui Gui was astounded and quickly asked, "Wait, you mean you really want that piano? Is that true?"

He nodded again, this time in much more earnestness, "Yes, but Liu Rong Jia seems to harbour a strong sense of apparent aversion to me...I need you to be my middle person, to help me obtain that brilliant masterpiece piano. In sincere appreciation of your effort, I had transferred a seven-figure lump sum of funds into your account..."

Gui Gui literally jaw dropped, not even daring to pinch herself hard to attest if all these insensible perceptions were reality or figments of her wildest imaginations.