Erm…*sheepish smile and tiny wave*…hi.


(I have put this AN on all my stories, so if you are following all of them, don't bother to check the others.)

All righty…. So I know that I haven't updated in forever, but I have good reasons:

1. I had to take a test that determined whether or not I would get to graduate high school (I passed!).

2. Sports.

3. I'm taking an online summer class for ACT prep (ugh!).

4. My poor thumbdrive broke. :'( We've been friends for many years, too.

5. Life.

6. I'm now what you would call the unpredictable or unreliable writer. One day, I'm on a roll and writing like crazy. The next, I'm like "Enh…". So basically, now I write in spurts.

I've been really upset/angry over my thumbdrive, as it contained all my future chapters that I had written and my story plots, poetry, and whatnot, but I really have no one to blame but myself for it. It was my fault that it broke. It was getting kind of old, though, and I should've had the sense to save my files to my laptop instead, considering the fact that no one else uses it.

I've sort of adjusted into this strange summer with an extra class, no thumbdrive, etc. etc., so now I'm planning on coming back to the FF world yet again.

I will update as follows:

1. I will finish writing Paparazzi.

2. I will finish writing either The Blood Slave or His Secretary, Love, and Obsession – not sure which one will be completed first.

Ok, lemme apologize because I'm updating this way, but it really is the best way to update. I shouldn't have taken on all these stories at once, I think it sort of drove me away from updating.

Why will Paparazzi be finished first? Well, I'll be wrapping that one up like a taco first because a) it's the easiest, least complex plot, and b) it's the shortest of my current stories.

I originally planned for The Blood Slave to have about 60 chapters with an epilogue. But unfortunately, I only remember the basic plot. So, what I'm trying to say is, there might not be 60 chapters. It'll be more or less, depending on what I come up with for the new plot. My best friend has been really encouraging throughout the whole thing, saying that it'll be ten times better than the original plot, or something like that. :D

As for His Secretary, Love, and Obsession… I've lost the original 'feel' for the story, and I was so caught up in the fun of updating my first-ever story, that I chucked my original plans for it. Now that I'm a more experienced FF writer, I'm missing my original plans for it. So at the moment, I'm not too enthusiastic about the story, but I will finish it because I can't stand it when people don't finish their stories and don't have the courtesy to delete it for whatever reason. It's annoying. If my feelings on the story continue, I might have to actually chuck it, re-arrange things to my liking, and then re-start it. That'll be my last option, though, so if you like the story just like it is, don't worry!

Why am I finishing up one story at a time? I'm doing that because it's less confusing, and I'll be able to finish stories more quickly in the long run. One Bella has this personality, that Edward acts that way…yeah.

Also, I'm kind of losing my interest in Twilight. I'm beginning to realize stuff about it that I didn't…3(?) years ago.

When I've finished up all my stories, I'll be starting on and then finishing Played by His Own Game. After that, I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing. I might write another one of my stories that I have under "Future Stories" in my profile, or I'll possibly do a small, on-the-side Carlisle/Bella fic. Or I could post one of my one shots! Oh wait…damn, no thumbdrive. Ugh, this is so frustrating. Oh well, forget I mentioned it because I'm going to have to re-write them all. Ugh…

At any rate – oh! By the way, I almost forgot to mention – I'm not sure when, but I'm going to post a Harry Potter fic written with my best friend. I'm not going to mention the plot or anything – it's top secret. ;)

WARNING: I understand that you're all probably furious with me at the moment, but writing stories can be difficult. Writer's get writer's block, have other duties, and besides that, this is just fan fiction. So, I suppose I won't be too upset if I don't get any reviews for my next new chapter (I probably deserve it after leaving y'all hanging for so long, and then bringing your hopes up with this AN, thinking it was an actual chapter), but if I don't get any reviews at all after a few chappies, I'll just move on to the next story and delete that story, or delete all my current stories and start with Played by His Own Game, and plan on re-doing all my current stories.

If I have to delete and re-do ANY of my stories, I promise to make it much better than the original AND be at least five chapters ahead so you can get regular updates despite my writing irregularities. :) I pinky promise even (and all my friends know that I never go back on a pinky promise!).

Phew! That was a long AN (2 pages)! Well, at any rate, it's great to be back, and you should be expecting you're new update of Paparazzi within three days. If you don't get the next installment within four days, start bombarding me with PMs. M'k? Ok. :)