It was one of those days. A day where Drew and Adam made no plans with anyone else; choosing to rent some movies and just spend a day with themselves. Mrs. Torres had always made sure her date nights with her husband were scheduled on those nights so the brother's could bond. It made her proud to know that her two children were so close, while others chose to fight and lock each other out of their lights.

And as she was forced out the door by her husband she called good bye over her shoulder just as the door slammed. Both boys lounged on the couch; Drew shirtless and wearing his boxers while Adam was in his boxers and a tank top with his wrap. Drew had felt a tinge of remorse when his brother had trumped down the stairs, knowing his brother wouldn't be allowed to walk around shirtless until the surgery.

He quickly pushed it away before Adam could see the sadness in his eyes, and blaming himself for his brother's upset mood. Once the door was closed and they couldn't hear the engine Adam launched himself off the couch and snatched a movie hidden under the pillow. A rated R movie their mother had not wanted them to see.

"Get the popcorn." Adam said simply before flopping down on the couch. Drew's eyebrows rose slowly, but after a second he complied.

It was tradition.

Once everything was ready the two brothers made themselves comfortable and started the movie. In no time at all the two boys were into the twisted plot. That is, until, the topic of woman's—err—time of the month, came up in the movie.

Drew's eyes flashed to his brother when the blood trailed down the girl's leg. Adam didn't pay any attention to Drew. Instead he chose to lean forward, elbows on knees, and stared directly at the TV screen. Drew could tell the movie had grabbed his little brother's attention but ever since the mention of a girl's daily cycle Drew had been out of it.

How did his brother deal with the time of the month? What was it even like to have a time of the month?

"What's it like to have a period?" Adam hadn't heard him at first so Drew nudged him. Adam's eyes narrowed and he swatted Drew's arm away, completely into the movie. Drew sighed and tried again, successfully getting Adam's attention.

"What? It was just getting good!" Adam grumbled, scrambling for the remote so he could put the movie on pause. Drew smiled at his brother's childish complaining before he grew serious again. He knew it was a touchy subject but curiosity had gotten the better of him. Since Adam was a guy, between the ears, it would be better to broach the subject with him rather than his girlfriend. He really didn't care to think about Alli getting her monthly gift. "What is it Andrew?" Adam snapped, finally able to pause the movie.

"What's it like to have a period?" Drew blurted, cursing the mouth vomit. He was supposed to approach the subject with caution and sensitivity; knowing anything related to Adam's femininity was off limits. Instead of glaring and growing stiff, something Drew had expected to do, Adam just shrugged.

"Completely and utterly disgusting." He said simply, grabbing the remote again. "Now that you've asked your stupid question can I start the movie again?" Drew's eyebrows furrowed as his brother's casualness. After a second he shrugged it off; realizing all his questions could be answered.

"But I mean… how do you know you have it?" Drew repeated and Adam held back a snort.

"You never paid any attention in Biology did you?" Drew just glared. "A bloody, disgusting waterfall is falling from your-"

"Not curious anymore!" Drew exclaimed, realizing Adam might've been the wrong person to ask his questions to. His brother was still his brother, and there was only two ways guys' dealt with a girl's time of the month. Shivering in disgust and avoiding the subject or being overly dramatic and disgusting with it. It seemed Adam was the latter. Adam chuckled and snatched the remote up again, shrugging as he leaned back as well.

"You're the one that asked." He pointed out and Drew wrinkled his nose in disgust.

"Something I'll never do again; you're so disgusting." Drew teased, shoving his brother playfully. Adam scoffed and rolled his eyes.

"You and Eli are exactly the same." Adam said, making Drew confused.

"What?" he asked, not seeing how he was anything like Eli. Adam sighed and paused the movie again, wondering if he was ever going to see who the killer was.

"He asked me the same question. Probably curious because Clare was on her period." Drew's eyebrows rose. "And before you ask; I knew Clare was on her period because she asked me for my tampons. It was so not cool and completely awkward." Adam shook his head at the memory and Drew's eyebrows rose.

How could he talk about something so disgusting so casually? Drew still had a hard time saying tampons and pads… out loud that is.

"And what did you say?" Drew persisted and Adam let out a frustrated sigh. Once his brother started asking questions it took a while for him to stop.

"The same thing; he stopped me sooner then you though." A slow smile crept onto Adam's face at the memory. Eli had been extremely disgusted and couldn't look at his best friend or English partner the entire day. "That'll teach the both of you to ask me about periods." Adam chuckled and kicked his legs onto the coffee table, hitting play at the same time.


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Author's Notes:

If Eli and Adam can have guy's nights then Adam and Drew can have brother nights. That is my logic XD and I can just imagine them chilling in their boxers and watching some scary movie that their mother wouldn't approve of.

And the whole period topic came from my good friend. We were just lazing around my house when I finally got home from the snowy city and he asked how I knew I got my period. I thought it was funny so I decided to put it in a fic XD

Well; here you go! (=

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