Drew sat on the couch, staring at the bag of clothes in front of him. He already knew that his Grams was coming in for a family dinner that was happening the next day and that his mom went out to by something new for them to wear. He and his little brother already talked about it and they figured it would be a good time to tell their Grams about Adam. Judging from the white blouse that was poking out of the bag; that was not going to be happening anytime soon. Not able to handle it anymore he snatched the ugly blouse from the bag and stormed towards the kitchen, where his mother was making dinner.

"What is this?" Drew demanded to know, holding up the disgusting piece of clothing as evidence. Mrs. Torres glanced up and returned her gaze to the spaghetti she was stirring.

"A shirt, Drew." She dead panned. "I know you're not doing well in school but-" Drew cut his mother off because she could turn this conversation into how horrible he was doing with his schoolwork.

"I know it's a shirt, mother, I am just wondering what it's doing here. Last I checked there are no girls in this household." Mrs. Torres' eyebrow shot up.

"And last I checked, Andrew, I am a girl." Mrs. Torres shot back.

"Yes; but I highly doubt you'd be able to fit into a medium." Mrs. Torres' eyebrow rose and she looked slightly offended.

"Excuse me?" she challenged and Drew winced at his choice of words. Something about weight always made girls so defensive.

"You know what I mean." He said, returning to the matter at hand. "Didn't he tell you we're introducing Grams to Adam tonight?" it didn't take a rocket scientist to realize who he was talking about. Mrs. Torres turned her back to her son and shut off the stove.

"He brought up that idea, yes, but we can't do that tonight." she said and Drew's eyebrows shot up.

"Can't?" he picked that word from her sentence, "I think we can you just don't want to." Mrs. Torres slammed the pot down and whipped around to face her son.

"Enough with your attitude Andrew Torres," she said in a commanding tone. Normally Drew would back down immediately, but this time he didn't. He was sick of seeing his brother go through so much pain for not being accepted by his peers or his own mother.

"Why 'can't' we tell Grams, mother?" she could sense the air quotes around the world can't.

"Andrew," she warned, her eyes narrowed threateningly.

"Enlighten me, mother. Is it because you are such an uptight bi-east that you can't even accept your own son?" Drew plowed on, deciding best it would be easier to not curse in front of his mother when she was this pissed off.

"That is enough Andrew; we are going to have a normal family dinner tomorrow night and I will not have you using this type of attitude." Drew's eyes narrowed even more.

"A normal family dinner without Adam? I doubt that's going to happen. If he's going as Gracie-"

"He's not going at all!" Mrs. Torres cut him off and Drew froze. Adam wasn't going to the dinner at all. "Now drop it and go to your room." With that she turned around again and proceeded to drain the water. Drew stared at the back of his mother's head for a few seconds, growing angrier and angrier.

"You told him he couldn't go if he didn't go as Gracie, didn't you?" from the way she stiffened he figured he had hit the nail on the head with that one. And, for once, he couldn't be happy with being right. "How could you do that to your own son? Telling him not to go to a family dinner when he's apart of the family as much as the rest of us? Can't you see you're killing him?"

"Enough Andrew!" Mrs. Torres cut him off, "I will not have you disrespecting me anymore!"

"I won't have you treating Adam like he's not a part of the family anymore!" Drew countered, his hands clenched into fists at his sides. He'd never been so angry at the woman in front of him then right now.

"Maybe if he'd stop making things so hard then it would be fine!"

"So it's his fault he was born in the wrong body?" Drew said, his voice rising even more. "It's his fault that you, his own mother, can't accept him?"

"Andrew-" she warned again but Drew cut her off.

"You're nothing but a selfish bitch; I hate you!" before she could stop herself her open hand slammed into the side of his cheek.

"Don't you ever use that tone with me again." She warned, breathing heavily as she glared at the boy in front of her. After a second of controlled breathing she realized exactly what she had done. She had smacked her own son.

"I'll use whatever tone I want with you." Drew growled, the side of his face where Fitz had punched him throbbing in pain. "Because a person that treats Adam like crap is definitely not a mother to me." With that he stormed from the room.


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