Gabriella's New Idenitiy By Mylissa

At the end of College Gabriella Montez now stood at the New York Station as she now looked at her watch as she walked to the front of the entrance as she walked and waited for a taxi.
"Taxi!" called out a man .
"Thank you sir" said Gabriella as she now entered as she now sat inside the taxi.
"Where to Lady"
"Lady Esmeralda's Manor please" said Gabriella as she sighed as she now looked up to the top buildings as the driver drove all the way to the City Busy streets .
There she closed her eyes as memories flew thru her mind.

"Kathleen is dead and Gabriella is dead, the whole house is destroyed.
"Alright. now come back to The Ranch and come get your money" said the man as Gabriella held her tears back seeing her mother's dead corpse now hid in the brown casket before her. there she saw Troy as his head was now held down with Sharpay holding onto his hand. ~*~*~*~*
"Im so sorry Troy" she whispered as they now "Sharpay, sorry but we can't do this not any more," said Troy as he now walked away with his parents.
Sharpay was now left alone as Ryan joined her.

* end of memories *

The taxi now took a hault infront of the Manor as Gabriella look out sixty dollars. " No need, I work for your Aunt" said the driver.
Gabriella now moved out of the taxi as she walked upstairs and took her belongings with her. there she knocked as a young Girl opened the door.
"GABI!, Aunt Esie! she's here!" she screamed.\
" Come in we have been waiting for you " said the Little girl.
"My name is Callie by the way,"
"Nice to meet you Callie" said Gabriella.

"Gabriella, come my sweet, the lawyers are here and so is the judge, come" said her Aunt as she now walked her to the quarter's of her office.
The judge and Mr Timpleton now turned seeing Gabriella as they took a good look at her.
"she's the splitting image of katheleen, she will have to change her name, her hair color, and her clothes. " said the Judge.

Within the weeks Gabriella went thru the process of dying her hair and new clothing and last of her name change.
"Well have you decided on a name?" asked Esi.
" I was thinking of Carlie Anna MacCombre" answered Gabriella.
"Your Great great Grandmother's name " said Esi.
Gabriella smiled as she signed the form to change her name.

Three weeks Later:
Troy looked at his office as he now sighed.
"Excuse me Sir, there is Chad Dansworth on line one" said Shelley.
Troy picked up the phone as he now answered.
" This is Bolton" he answered.
" Hey Buddy this is Chad, Just calling to make sure you be ready by Seven, Taylor and I are going to Dinner and you are coming with us tonight" said Chad.
"Nah, no thanks I'll pass" said Troy.

"Ah come on Troy, we are going out to the night club tonight, Countess is performing tonight as Taylor wants to see her" said Chad.
Troy sighed.
"Well, alright,I'll go but one condtion" said Troy,
"Whats That" answered Chad.
"No Sharpay, she's been trying to get me to sleep with her since Gabi died" said Troy,

"Done deal" said Chad as he now hung up the phone.

Meanwhile Danforth Residence:
"Chad, Please hurry up, Countess sould be performing Soon" said Taylor.
"I'm coming, besides we will get there on time, we have to pick up Troy at his place" said Chad as he now walked out of the bedroom wearing his armani suit.
"Wow you lookin slick hunny" smiled Taylor .
Chad smiled as he now walked out of the bedroom as they now walked out of the apartment. there they walked over to the door as they now walkled out.
there they walked as they made their way to the car and drove off to pick up Troy from his apartment.