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Summary: Super(?) Harry. Evil Dumbledore. Bratty Ron. Nice Draco. Elves, Time-warp, Spiders, Monarch heir, Duke of Magic, London School of Magic, AU, Elements. HarryxOC. Harry learns how to learn fast. With it comes knowledge that helps him succeed in his new school. But school isn't the only player in town. He also has a corrupt Ministry to deal with. And a dark lord named Voldemort. And a village of elves. And a monarchy on his back. And St. Mungo's to save. Is he really eleven?

"Harry, breakfast!" Petunia Dursley yelled at the top of her lungs. It wasn't meant to call Harry into eating breakfast. It was meant to order Harry into making breakfast. The eleven year old green-eyed boy was used to it. He woke up hours before. He couldn't sleep. He was celebrating his birthday with the spider in his cupboard since midnight.

Happy birthday Ciruwen.

Who's there? Harry asked. He thought he was hallucinating since he didn't think he actually heard anything.

It's me kid. I think you call me spider?

Sorry. I wasn't aware you could talk to me. Thank you for the greeting. Why Ciruwen? The boy said meekly. He was surprised and afraid of the new find. It was even freakier that they were talking in his head rather than with sound from his mouth.

Ciruwen means treasured child in our language. We haven't talked to you before because it wasn't time yet. At your eleventh birthday, some of your powers were unlocked. You'll continue to unlock them over the next few years. I do know that even before this you have unlocked powers. Right?

Powers? And what should I called you Miss? Harry asked. He assumed it was a she because of the voice.

Melina. And yes powers. Don't you ever wonder why you're able to do things other people can't do?

I thought they were just my imagination or some freak accident. Is that why my relatives hate me? He asked childishly.

Oh Ciruwen, your relatives are despicable beings. They have no right to hate you or treat you the way they do. You're very special, said the spider.

Thank you.

I'm sure one of these days, someone who knows your kind better will come and explain things. Harry and Melina spent the rest of the night talking about life, spiders, humans, magic and family.

Harry smiled while he cooked as he remembered Melina's words. She made Harry feel loved and that was the best present he could ever receive.

Around lunch time several black cars arrived in front of the Dursley's home. Harry was out gardening, occasionally talking to the garden snake named Eve when he was sure no one was looking. He was now working on the small vegetable patch in the backyard.

"Vernon! There are a bunch of official looking people outside our house." Petunia Dursley shoutedly whispered.

"What did the freak do now?"



"I'll take care of it." Vernon said. He walked to the door and answered.

"How may I help you gentlemen?"

"We are looking for a Harry James Potter? Reports say he's in your care?" The man spoke formally. His face was impassive, made ever more so by the sunglasses that he wore. He wore a simple black tie to accent his business attire. He looked like he came out of the muggle movie called Men in Black. They looked like trouble to Vernon. Then again, anything related to Harry Potter looked like trouble to Vernon.

"We've never heard of a what was it you said? Harold Potts?"

"Harry James Potter."

"Yes. Him."

"I see. We'll if you hear anything please call us. We're sorry for the inconvenience."

"Thank you. Have a good day gentlemen."

"You as well, good sir."

The men in black left the Dursley premises and once Vernon was sure they were gone, he roared and called the boy.

"YOU! What did you do?"

"I don't understand Uncle. I didn't do anything." Harry protested.

"We'll see about that!" Vernon screamed angrily and proceeded to beat Harry. At first it was only spanking. It eventually escalated to harsher beatings once he was sure that Harry would never tell. That happened after Harry's teacher noticed Harry's inability to seat on his chair uncomfortably. She called child services and somehow the Dursleys were left off without any penalty. Harry, however, was soundly beaten for the trouble. He never told after.

After dozens of bruises and cuts from being Vernon and Dudley's punching bag and a sore red behind from Petunia's caning, While he was cooking that evening, Dudley pushed him causing him to stumble towards the stove. He tried to stop himself but unfortunately, in an effort to stop his inertia, his hands landed on the iron coils that conducted electricity. He yelped. Petunia did not take pity and did not allow him a reprieve from cooking. In fact, Harry was given another round of spanking for 'wasting' bacon and for yelping. ("The neighbours could have heard you!"). It wasn't his fault he lost hold of the pan. It was Dudley's. Harry gratefully went to his cupboard after cooking. He didn't want to be hurt anymore. It no longer mattered to him that he wasn't allowed any food and was to stay in his cupboard for the next three days; all this for something he probably didn't do.

Why? He thought as he cried himself to sleep.

Oh Ciruwen. Melina wanted to help but she couldn't. She was a mere spider. Right?